Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 98

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“My daughter. Your voice is so low I can’t hear you.”

“Hey… … .”

A mean and fearful word. Lymira couldn’t get herself up, so she pushed off the ground with both hands and crawled forward on her knees.

“please… … Please, Black Dragon Master… … . Please, that human… … .”

Lyzakia grinned and reached out her hand to Lymilia. ㅡHwaaaak! The outstretched hand changed its shape. Her arms became huge, long necks. His hand became a giant head. The dragon attacked Lymirah with her mouth wide open.

There was no time to scream or run away. The dragon’s head attacked in an instant and swallowed Lymilia whole.

“Your existence is for me.”

Raisakia smiled brightly and raised her arms. ㅡGulp. After his throat snarls, the dragon’s head becomes a hand again and his neck becomes an arm.

“Don’t worry, daughter, you won’t digest it here. for you… … There are things I expected even before I was born.”

After escaping from this damn place. Her daughter will bear an army for her father. She will lay as many eggs as she can, and catch and eat them when they are no longer usable.

Raizakia smiled all over her face and looked back at Eugene.

The smile disappeared from Raizakia’s face. It was because of the truly insignificant existence standing in front of Eugene.

A familiar created by magic. But that look, that face, gave Lyzakia a terrible displeasure.

A familiar that closely resembles Senya Merdein.

“my… … Give it up.”

Mer squeezed her voice. right behind your back. Eugene couldn’t stand up yet.

“you… … swallowed… … That stupid kid… … ! Spit it right now… … !”

What is that little familiar talking about? spit it out? Are you ordering me? Lizakia was dumbfounded and stopped her steps.

“and… … And, don’t come any closer. When it comes… … When it comes… … .”


Raizakia opened her mouth. He slowly raised his finger and pointed at Mer.

“What the hell can you do?”

Quarrrrr! A gust of magic hit Mer. Mer stretched her hands forward as she screamed.

The defensive barrier that had been prepared could not block the gust of magic even for a moment. The barrier was shattered, and Mer’s body flew backwards and landed.

“Something like an incompetent familiar who imitated your master. Real bugs that are insignificant than humans. Block me, command me? Indeed it is. Don’t you laugh well when you’re really funny?”

Raizakia glared at Mer with red eyes shining.

didn’t kill It seemed like it would be a fun entertainment to rip off the familiar’s limbs, dismember them, and throw them in front of Senya Merdein.

But Hamel kills. Yes, I don’t know if I can recognize the reincarnated face. You can chew and swallow them all and leave one head.

“closely… … don’t go… … !”

Mer staggered and tried to stand up. She could not get up on her own. It was because her leg was completely ripped off.

There is no pain. The familiar, Mer, does not have the sense of pain. But, but it felt like her heart was breaking. Mer swallowed his cries as she crawled on the ground.

Lyzakia approached Eugene with a feeling of full joy.

It looks like he’s not dead yet… … will die soon The sound of the heart is getting weaker. If so, you should hurry up. Before you completely lose consciousness, before you die, you have to put it in your mouth and chew it and swallow it.

Raizakia smiled and stretched out her hand toward Eugene.

That moment.

A gap in an unknown dimension. A ray of light came down in this black darkness. The light split the darkness and divided this space in two. Lyzakia was blocked by the light and could not go further.

“This… … ?”

Laizakia’s eyes widened in astonishment. I went through unbelievable things one after another, but now, the absolutely impossible was about to happen.

light piercing the darkness.

In the meantime, someone slowly fell down. The light that reached the ground pushed away the darkness.

Eugene felt the warm light wet his fingers. A bit of vitality returned to her motionless body.

I raised my head and looked up.

“You said you would come to rescue me. What is it like?”

Light purple hair swayed.


The archmage who landed on the ground put both hands on his waist and looked down at Eugene.

“That’s why I came to save you first, Hamel.”

Senya Merdane.

She smiled with tears in her eyes.


eyes that did not see well. The sight that had been engulfed in black and red was illuminated by light.

Eugene didn’t say anything and looked up at Senya’s face.

‘This… … Is it a dream?’

I didn’t understand. Senya is sealed in the World Tree. You can never come to this place, the gap between dimensions.

Lizakia. Even though I pushed him to death, I couldn’t kill him. Rather, Eugene ran out of strength first.

But why is Senya here? It looks like there are no wounds… … . With a face Eugene knew well, he was confused as to whether he was crying or laughing. How did you come here and look at yourself?

“Are you surprised?”

Senya smiled and said. As her hand stretched out in front of her pointed at Eugene, the light that enveloped her Senya was guided to Eugene. Hwaaak… … ! Light enveloped Eugene.

It was a warm, cozy light. Light penetrated the twisted, broken, scarred, dying body. Eugene felt the light penetrating the blood vessels and turning them into blood, dwelling in and connecting each fragment of the bone, and reweaving the torn muscle fibers.


In my head, no, the existence of Eugene was filled with clear laughter. The brightening vision clearly saw the ‘light’.

The light that permeates Eugene now is not the light of divine power. The light of a pure and clear spirit. Averting Senya’s death, she was the light of the World Tree that had guarded her and her elves for hundreds of years.

The body began to heal. It wasn’t just trauma. Internal organs that were torn and burst. In particular, the heart and core, which had been completely destroyed due to the cost of using ignition twice, were restored by the light of the World Tree.

Eugene no longer felt the taste of death in his mouth. Eugene was no longer in the firing line. The despair that I couldn’t shake off had already disappeared, and my vision, which had been so dark that I couldn’t see anything, was completely bright.

“… … This… … ?”

Eugene stuttered and asked. The body healed, but the situation still did not make sense. Senya wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, and she walked past Eugene with light steps.

“Can’t you see?”

I saw Raizakia blocked by the light. The guy tried to break through the light with a face that he couldn’t believe, but he couldn’t even come close. The spirits of the World Tree are bound. And it was because of Senya’s magic.



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“It’s me, Hamel. Senya Merdane.”

Senya’s voice trembled slightly after passing Eugene. Her steps stopped right in front of the collapsed Mer.

The bloody dragon fear that Raizakia gave off. And the magic she shot to ravage her made a mess of Mer’s little body. Senya directly lowered herself and supported Mer’s body, hugging her.

“… … Fortunately, it’s not too late.”

Senya muttered softly and restored the damaged spell. She breathed her mana into the helpless Mer.

“… … Senya… … sir… … ?”

Mer did not lose her mind. Her body was not moving properly and she couldn’t even make a single sound out of her voice, but she kept her eyes open and saw all her ‘miracles’. Senya smiled and stroked Mer’s cheek.

“You worked hard.”

“Senya-sama… … Senya… … !”

“Yes, yes.”

Mer buried her face in Senya’s chest and shed tears. Senya hugged the crying Mer tightly in her arms, raised her body, and returned to Eugene.

The fully restored vision allowed her to see Senya’s figure straight and precisely. … … miracle. As Senya said, her existence now was nothing but a miracle.

Now Senya did not have a body. The Senya in front of me was a spiritual being created by the light of the spirit and the world tree.

“It’s an inevitability created by conditions.”

Senya opened her mouth.

“Lizakia connects this space with the Great Forest where the World Tree is located. That’s how I connected the ‘road’. And in this space, Hamel, you and Akasha are there.”

Senya’s magic remains in this necklace, a keepsake from her previous life. And Akasha was owned by Senya before Eugene, and from the beginning, Akasha was a magic wand made for Senya.

“I found you again, Hamel. you… … give it for me You, stupid, stupid, asshole you. For running amok without sparing your own life. For pushing that f*cking Raizakia. And, because you tried to die again.”

A slowly outstretched hand grabbed Eugene and raised him up. Yujin staggered and looked down at Senya, who stood right in front of her. Senya took a deep breath, then raised his fist and lightly tapped Eugene’s chest.

“I couldn’t help but watch. So, this Senya-sama came to save you on time.”

Strictly speaking, the ‘light’ that saved Eugene now was not Senya’s power, but the power of the World Tree.

But does that really matter? It was Senya’s soul that brought the light of the World Tree into this black darkness, and it was possible because Senya longed to save Eugene.

Senya thought so and gave a confident smile. Then he turned his head and looked ahead.

Lizakia. A demonic dragon that has been entangled in evil for hundreds of years. He was looking this way with bloodshot eyes and was writing something evil. The breath and mana it emits are shaking the light that has isolated this side and that side.

“It’s too dark here to solve Hae-hu’s regrets.”

Senya grumbled in a small voice and lifted Mer, who was still buried in her arms.

“Mer. Now I’m not perfect enough to hug you and fight. therefore… … .”

side. Senya lightly kissed Mer on the cheek.

“Go to Hamel.”

“Yes, Neet.”

Mer managed to close her wide open mouth and crept inside Eugene’s cloak. Senya immediately put on her slightly slanted hat, turned around and stood in the direction of Lyzakia.

“… … hmm.”

Senya cleared her throat once and reached out to Eugene.

“… … What?”


Right now, Senya’s existence itself is in an incomplete state. Her body is still sealed in the World Tree, and most of her mana remains in her body. She was able to manifest as a spiritual body here by means of a miraculous power, but even that power was wasted in blocking Rizakia’s advance and restoring Eugene.

but. If you hold Akasha in your hand, you can fight even with this imperfect existence. Eugene understood that meaning and handed over Akasha to Senya.

“long time no see.”

Senya murmured with a bright smile. She spoke of the Akasha she had held in her hands for the first time in hundreds of years—and also of the friends who, after hundreds of years, were on the battlefield together.

“What about the body? Can you move?”

“It’s much better than before, but honestly, it doesn’t work very well.”

did not die His heart healed, his broken limbs, and his damaged internal organs were restored. However, the miraculously recovered body did not move as well as expected.

“Are you moving for now? That’s enough. Oh, I told you in advance, don’t use ignition. If you do, I will beat you first.”

“Do you know who writes because he wants to write? I write because I have no choice but to write.”

“So, don’t use it now.”

Akasha came forward.

ㅡQuarreung! The breath shot by Raizakia penetrated the light that was isolating the space. The scattered light was guided in front of Akasha according to Senya’s will. The magic shield thus created blocked the breath.

“I’m by your side, Hamel.”

Not alone. Right now, by Eugene’s side is Senya Merdain, the only sorceress who can battle dragons or demon lords with magic.

Senya smiled, showing her white teeth. Eugene smiled involuntarily at that clear smile.

“Not even a normal body.”

His fingertips trembled slightly. She trembled, and with just a little force, she was able to hold on tightly. As before, Eugene held the moonlight sword and holy sword in both hands.

Maybe because my consciousness became clearer, the blurry memories were reconnected.

Dragon Princess, Raimirah. It shouldn’t have been necessary, but I walked out of the cloak myself. With her bloodshot eyes, her tears dripping, she stood in front of Lyzakia.

-If the original woman gets swallowed by something… … .

=At that time, I will pull you out of the mouth of that something.

This is a story we shared just a few days ago. Even until that moment, Raimirah refused to admit that the ‘something’ swallowing her was Laizakia.

However, the truth is that Raimirra must have felt it as well. All the nightmares she has are inevitable, and what is the backbone of those nightmares.

The ruby ​​in the middle of the forehead showed Raizakia’s thoughts. The very existence of Lymira inscribed ‘how’ it would be used in Lymira.

Even so, Lymira came out of Eugene’s cloak and blocked her father, who was sure to eat her. He couldn’t possibly let Eugene and Mer die.

[yet… … You’re still alive, Eugene.]


The reason Laizakia gave birth to Lymilia was to use it as a seedbed. This is to allow them to grow to a certain extent and continue to lay eggs.

That is why Lyzakia did not chew Lymyria, but swallowed it whole. Lymira lives inside Lyzakia’s stomach.

“That was a promise, too.”

Eugene glared at Raizakia and twisted his lips.

It was all over.

Hamel’s fearful flame faded, and his body sprawled to match the words of an insignificant human being.

one step.

If I had only taken one more step forward, I could have finished it all. I couldn’t walk that one step.

Priority was given to swallowing the flesh and blood that stood in the way and did not feel a handful of warmth.

Priority was given to knocking out the insignificant familiar than a human who stood in their way.

“Senya Merdein!”

Raizakia exclaimed frantically. One delayed step. Senya was able to manifest without being able to take that one step.

“That, with an imperfect appearance… … ! Are you trying to cast magic in front of the dragon!”

I saw that Senya’s existence was incomplete. It is the power of the World Tree that can manifest a soul in this space. What can you do with power that is far from perfect? Nothing, nothing must be done.

Raizakia raised her hand while grinding her teeth.

“You shouldn’t have come here. You shouldn’t have shown that imperfect existence to me. Do you think your presence can stop me now? can’t stop Absolutely unstoppable!”

He, of course, had to. Hamel’s wounds have healed, but he won’t be able to fight like before. Raizakia saw that Hamel’s mana flow was uncomfortable. In that state, it would be impossible to make the heart and core run wild like before.


Nothing is changed by one step not reached. It was only one step too late. Laizakia was not exhausted yet.

The Lord’s Dragon Heart that he chewed and swallowed 300 years ago. That much increased mana gave Laizakia leeway. If necessary, it can take power even from flesh and blood that have been swallowed whole.

“Does it look scary?”

Senya whispered.

“To you, my existence would be a nightmare itself.”

“Don’t be cocky, human… … !”

“I deserve to be cocky in front of you. is not it? Because I was the one who threw you into this pitch-black darkness, obsessed with arrogance. Lizakia, you’re not even a dragon, you’re a cowardly son of a bitch. Targeting the moment when I was fatally wounded, he tried to kill me and usurp ownership of Akasha.”

Eugene was also unable to use Akasha until Senya transferred ownership of it. Despite transferring ownership of her, Senya is able to use her Akasha because her Akasha is her wand made for her.

Raizakia coveted such Akasha. He wanted to kill Senya and have Akasha intact.

“You couldn’t tolerate my presence.”

Said Senya with a sneer.

“It’s not just Akasha that you’re obsessed with. it’s me A human, but a wizard who was superior to you. You couldn’t tolerate my existence, so you came to kill me when I was weak, right?”

When I came to the great forest.

Senya didn’t have Akasha. At that point, Akasha was enshrined in Akryon. Nevertheless, Lizakia found her Senya and came to the elf’s estate to kill her.

Senya smiled all over her face and waved her finger.

“Lizakia. Do you know what I was thinking when I found out your name? you are a coward A coward who betrayed the dragon because he did not want to die, because he was afraid of the demon king. A coward who has fallen from a great existence, but instead of challenging the position of the demon king, he settles for dukes.”

Light rose from the shaking fingers. non-existent spirits. In the middle of it, Mana began to whirl.

Eternal Hall. A circle magic-style drama that Senya has dedicated her life to. Akasha’s pouring mana drew an infinite trajectory in Senya’s Eternal Hall.

“I’ll admit it, Rizakia. you can kill me anytime It has that much power. But you can’t get me over with magic. Didn’t you know that and didn’t come to me? That’s why they call you a coward.”

Words not worth refuting. But how can he dig into his heart so deeply… … ?

Lyzakia shuddered with anger and humiliation. He glared at the infinite trajectory swirling in Senya’s chest.

Eternal Hall.

I have never heard After the war, that human mage settled down in Arot. By inventing the circle magic formula, human magic has been greatly developed. only… … That’s the ultimate in magic, created after only decades of research.

I can’t admit it. Raizakia tried to understand and comprehend the Eternal Hall, but even he, a dragon, could not understand its infinite trajectory.


Raizakia screamed and kicked the ground.

If you can’t understand it, just destroy it. If you destroy it without leaving a trace, you won’t even need to understand it.

“I must have been angry because I stabbed you in the middle.”

Senya giggled and looked at Eugene. Yujin smiled and raised the Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword.

“Let’s go, Hamel.”

A magical wind rose from Senya.


Senya’s wind wrapped around Eugene.

nostalgic feeling. 300 years ago, when Eugene was Hamel. Whenever there was a battle, Senya’s wind used to wrap Hamel in this way. To protect Hamel from the magic of enemies. And, to help Hamel fight more freely.

Hundreds of years have passed. He died once, reincarnated and changed his body. But Eugene thought that nothing had changed. The reincarnated person was Eugene Lionheart and Hamel Diners, and now—that Senya Merdein was by his side.


Moonlight Sword and Holy Sword. I raised two swords in front of me.

“let’s go.”

The force that had driven Raizakia had already disappeared. I can’t use ignition again. Even Prominence’s rampage must be used cautiously. Looking at the unstable output and flow of mana, I don’t think I can make a good sword or Eclipse.

Lyzakia looks better. He crushed and slashed the scales at random, but he managed to cover most of the damage in the time given to him. He will be weaker than before as he used his mana, but he will be able to afford much more than Eugene’s weakness.

It’s not a situation I’d say is particularly advantageous. However, there was no premonition of defeat in Eugene’s head right now.

Even Raisakia felt that blatant expression. Even earlier, Hamel’s face and eyes were filled with despair.

In the series of battles, even when he had the upper hand, Hamel’s despair did not disappear. It was because he was wary of not knowing when this advantage might be overturned, and because of the premonition that inevitable death was approaching.

But now there is not even a remnant of despair left.

‘Nothing changes.’

nothing. Raizakia recalled a thought she had repeated several times.

Woo woo! The magic power that enveloped Raisakia boiled and roared. A flashing light appeared in the wandering magical power.

“Never mind the magic.”

Senya sighed as she lifted Akasha forward.

Eternal Hall. Countless circles appeared in the ring made by weaving infinity. Circles split, intertwined, scattered, split, and so on.

Mana management method optimized for circles.

Amplification of the magic power caused by it.

Efficient simplification of the formula.

Omission of the incantation.

Multiple manifestations of magic with separate rituals.

Enter magic into the subconscious and save it.

In the past in Akreon, Mer explained the advantages of the Eternal Hall like that. Eugene made a phantom salt ceremony based on the Eternal Hall, but he still couldn’t fully understand the Eternal Hall until now, quite a while later.

In fact, it was even more incomprehensible. The mana she felt from Senya, who was in an incomplete spiritual state, was very weak. However, the magic that was manifested was by no means weak.


A sphere of flame appeared in front of Akasha. When it comes to magic, everyone easily thinks of the representative 1st circle attack magic, Fireball.

However, the fireball created by Senya had an absurd enthusiasm that could not be imagined as a 1st circle attack magic.

Dozens of fireballs appeared. As if they were connected as one, they drew a huge circle and became a wheel of flame.

The line of flame started spinning. The hot air that was emitted did not spread outward and accumulated inside the wheel.

Kwagwagwang! Magical light radiated from the darkness surrounding Raizakia. Countless offensive magic swept through the space, trying to devour Eugene and Senya.

At that moment, the hot air that was bound to the wheel of the spinning flame was released. Wow! The heat wave interrupted the magic. The spinning wheel started galloping.

now. Eugene kicked the ground without hesitation. A gap in which the wheel rips horsepower. Jumping into the middle of it, Eugene twisted his waist and swung two swords.

slower than before can be avoided Lizakia got out of the way of the twin swords and raised her hand. The arm of the dragon that has changed greatly. The huge blunt instrument landed on Eugene’s head.

caught along the way A magical restraint orb, secretly completed, gripped the scales that covered his arm. The holy sword severed her arm before she could shake off the applied braking, and the moonlight sword dug into Lizakia’s chest.


Lyzakia forcibly twisted her body using magical powers, and quickly changed her body into a giant polymorph. Quadduk! As Eugene’s power decreased, the moonlight sword’s light also faded.

I couldn’t pierce it with the moonlight sword. Eugene had no regrets and didn’t stick the sword in anymore, and pulled out the moonlight sword. If he had been fighting alone, he would have had regrets, but he didn’t have to do that now.

Dozens of colors of light shone behind Eugene’s back. They passed by Eugene like animated fireflies and reached Laizakia.

fireflies? bug. However, the light that pierced Laizakia’s heart was not that insignificant firefly. ㅡ Kwurreung! The falling light caused an explosion and blew Raizakia’s body backwards.

“Cheuk… … !”

Dragon scales are immune to most spells. However, the magic bullet that had already penetrated the rift hit the scaly roots.

Even if Senya’s own magic is superior to Raizakia’s, everything that the dragon race is born with makes it impossible to die even if you want to die from magical attacks.

That’s why Senya can’t kill Raizakia.

If Senya was alone, that would be natural.

There is no need to think about such matters now. The reason why the five people were strong 300 years ago was because they were harmonious and perfect, putting aside their individual strength. If you can’t kill it with magic, cut it to death with a sword. If you can’t slash them to death, beat them to death with your fist or something else. If you can’t beat it to death, purify it with light and kill it. If it cannot be killed by purification, it can be killed by any other means.

In that respect, Eugene and Senya now can do most of the things that the five of them did 300 years ago. Instead of being unable to use divine magic, there is a holy sword that emits light, and destruction that is lacking with a holy sword can be done with a moonlight sword. There are archmages that even dragons can abhor.

what it means

Raizakia felt it directly with her body. It’s hard to fight. The fight doesn’t turn out the way you want it to. If Eugene from earlier had been tearing apart most of them with overwhelming force and driving them forward, now the two of them were literally disintegrating Raizakia.

Magic is hard to pierce the scales. If so, first cut off the scales with the Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword. The burrowing magic bursts the scales from the root, tearing the flesh and causing blood to spill. And again, the Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword penetrated.

Raizakia did not stop resisting.

defense magic. Continuous attack magic weakened it. attack. The magic took hold. I felt frightened by the slashes coming from all directions. The breath shot from close range was blocked by the holy sword and the moonlight sword before it could properly explode. Both arms, which should have been swung coolly, floundered uglyly, being hit by various obstacles.

All actions are subject to restrictions. Even stepping forward, let alone stepping back and keeping a distance, is not working as intended.

What should I do? Before he could squeeze out an answer, Rizakia’s body flew backwards. His left arm was missing. Over 10 magics hit Lizakia’s body in a brief moment, taking away his left arm.

I can’t do this. Raizakia’s eyes shook. How long does it take for her arm to regenerate?

ㅡIt’s late. It is faster for that sword of destruction to cut through than for a new arm to grow. Lizakia screamed and swung his right arm. Kagagagak! The scales were split in the moonlight.

Senya knows that the moonlight of the moonlight sword rejects magic. So he didn’t place magic directly behind the moon lightsaber. Her magic was thoroughly assisted and hovered around Eugene.

“I missed you.”

Senya whispered.

Bubbuck! The magic that had been swirling around Eugene exploded on Lizakia all at once. His left arm, from which he had grown new bones, flesh and scales, was destroyed again. The magic didn’t stop there, but penetrated the inside of his mangled left arm.

The blood was mixed with impurities. Senya’s mana reconciled to a small size like an invisible parasite and plunged her head into Lyzakia’s blood vessel.

Dare, dare, dare. Lizakia gnashed his teeth and aroused his mana.

Do you think you can ruin the dragon’s blood with this magic? The blood that reacted to magic burned the mixed impurities.


The explosion started from Laizakia’s left shoulder. A series of explosions exploded the body from the inside, scattering scales. The moment the magical energy was generated, Senya’s magic adhered to the magical energy according to the given essence and caused an explosion.

Power itself is not great. Even if it explodes inside the body, blood, bones, flesh, and scales, everything is a dragon that has resistance to magic.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t kill it. The clear gap that Senya had hoped for had already been created. Even Raisakia knew that. My body stiffened from the shock inside. The reflexes of thought went out of order for a very brief moment.

It was an extremely short moment, but it was enough time for a warrior who had trained to the limit to swing his sword dozens of times. I didn’t listen to the words in advance that I would swing the sword at this moment. I didn’t even share my gaze.

It has been done hundreds of thousands of times. Eugene threw the moonlight sword and the holy sword at Laizakia’s body.

can not avoid. Die. really die body? Still not moving properly. Defense by magic—-this too is too late.

what to do right now At this moment, the old demon dragon figured out the only and best option he could.

Quadd! The moment when the moonlight sword and holy sword penetrated the chest. Lyzakia’s body swelled.

Quaggagak! The piercing sword pierced his chest completely, but as Raisakia’s body grew in an instant, the sword became shallow as a result.

abandoned the human form. After releasing the polymorph, she returned to her dragon form. … … He couldn’t completely avoid it. Although she was shallow, the light of her moonlight sword and holy sword pierced Raizakia, and struck a blow to the dragon heart.


Lyzakia screamed, opening her gigantic mouth. He was almost rags, but he tried to fly into the sky flapping his huge wings. Eugene pulled out the sword stuck in his chest.

“Is that right?”

Eugene snorted and kicked Laizakia in the chest.

Hwaaak! A storm of magical power poured from the wings. There was no need for Eugene to defend. Senya’s magic protected Eugene in a violent storm.

“I know.”

Senya in the back laughed the same way. Raizakia’s chest that had been pierced by the Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword. recovery is delayed The rushing mana was also much weaker than before.

Because of Dragon Heart’s injury. He escapes death by disarming the polymorph, but these injuries prove fatal. Besides, even Lyzakia knew all too well that this gigantic, dragon’s body had little advantage over two tiny humans.

But this was all I could do. Raizakia looked down and opened her mouth wide. Wow! A black poisonous breath poured towards Eugene and Senya.

“Go, Hamel.”

Senya whispered.

ㅡFajik! Behind Eugene’s back, prominence soared. Senya’s magic was added to the fluttering feathers. Eugene felt that the magic of Raisakia, which had been dominating this space, was destroyed by Senya.

Wow! Feathers scattered in all directions. At the same time, Eugene also disappeared. Dozens of fluttering feathers became a path for Eugene. Black lightning trails escaped from the trajectory of the breath and flowed back into the sky.

Left alone, Senya stretched Akasha towards the falling breath. It is that black breath that drove her to her death 200 years ago. However, Senya couldn’t feel the slightest emotion of fear in that breath.

Her green eyes did not see the pouring darkness. She saw the light breaking through the darkness.

‘Yes, light.’

Senya Merdane.

After the war, she left Hell, but her life continued to be Hell. Since she had no light to shine, she was always dark wherever she was. She burned her memories, long gone and never to return.

The light that Saenya had longed for and drawn for decades after returning from the demonic realm that was like hell. That light was to Senya the midday sun and the moon and star in the dark night. It was her own light that she thought she would never see again while she was alive.

“It is not swallowed.”

Raizakia’s miasma, darkness, and mana were too weak to swallow the light Senya longed for. Senya muttered quietly as she listened to Akasha.

Hwaaak! A huge magic circle appeared in front of Senya. It was the same with Senya that was not swallowed. The breath that Raizakia fired was blocked by Senya’s defense magic.

Raizakia twisted her head to change the trajectory of her breath. Because she felt death approaching her.

However, no matter how much he changed the direction of his breath, death did not back down. squeezed the magic If he didn’t back down, it was to prevent him from approaching any further.

It was a futile attempt. Black flames broke through the defenses and entered. Polymorph couldn’t even try. I couldn’t afford it.

Unexpectedly, I felt a warm feeling at first.

The light of destruction that pierces the throat… … Even though it was such an ominous color, it was warm unlike the previous time it was cut. Warmth passed, and everything froze. The hot blood that spurted out could not warm the penetrating cold air.

My eyesight began to drastically tilt. He couldn’t correct him. His enormous magical energy drained away like an ebb tide that he couldn’t even fathom himself. Even a handful of dispersing mana was not captured by Raizakia.

“Cer… … .”

everything disappears What I longed for until I became a demon. what I wanted to achieve.

… … Was there such a thing from the beginning?

The only thing Laizakia wanted until she fell was life. Honor, glory, things like that have all been lost since the fall.

I was obsessed with losing it. I wanted to rebuild everything I had lost. He had no choice but to do so in order to protect his arrogant ego. Regardless of his fall, he is still great, absolute, and noble. Everyone who doesn’t understand me is insignificant.

But now, all of that has been lost.

“It was like that from the beginning.”

I didn’t feel anything like seething anger. I didn’t even feel any doubts about myself.

which has already been fully determined. It was corrupted and offended once, but now there was no means to go against Raizakia anymore. It was only at the moment when the demon dragon was decapitated and the dragon heart was destroyed that he was able to come to a dragon-like thought and conclusion.

“It’s not insignificant.”


“Rather, I was insignificant.”

If I had led my life, I would have continued to be an arrogant existence.

However, having died like this, I could no longer be arrogant. Rod killed by Raizakia, and compatriots killed by the Demon King. Everyone died as a dragon. died for the world

But for Raizakia, her current death is not that kind of death. The fallen demon dragon pays for its sins, albeit belatedly. Lyzakia laughed without pity at her pitiful and miserable death.

“It is an ugly death… … .”

Raizakia let out a long sigh and moved her eyes. I could see Eugene in the darkness. He saw the sword of destruction in his hand.

I’d rather die in that light 300 years ago.

Raizakia closed her eyes feeling the last regret.


“See X’s baby, the emotional arm is doing.”

Kaak, twi. Eugene grumbled as he spat down the blood from the end of her throat.

Killed. It was not an undead like a lich or death knight that had a separate life vessel, but it cut the dragon heart of a living demon dragon in two. No matter how much it is, this will never survive.

Not taking the old dragon’s dragon heart that has been around for this long? It was nothing to be sorry about.

A dragon heart corrupted hundreds of years ago and tainted with magic. It may be a treasure that a black magician or other demons want to acquire even at the risk of death, but to the human Eugene, it was nothing but poison.

Yujin turned her sore neck and slowly fell down. The dragon’s huge body leans, his throat deeply cut.

For ‘cutting’, the Holy Sword was more comfortable and easier to handle than the Moonlight Sword. Eugene roughly estimated the location and raised the holy sword high.

Kagagak! The holy sword split the dragon’s stomach. The light that penetrated deep cut through the scales and flesh, and even slashed the stomach as large as its size.

The only thing Lyzakia had eaten for hundreds of years was Lymilia, which she had just swallowed whole.

I thought that gastric juices might be pouring out along with it, but surprisingly, Lymilia looked clean. Eugene crouched down from the inside of his stomach and pulled out Lymirah, who had passed out.

There were no melted clothes or anything like that, and there were no scars. It wasn’t smooth. It was because she cried in a cold sweat. Eugene closed her eyes and clicked her tongue as she looked at Raimirah who was fainting.

‘I almost died from being swallowed whole, so I won’t say anything about killing Ji’s father.’

I was also a guy who couldn’t be called Abbie. Didn’t he have no fatherly love or filial piety in the first place? Eugene woke up Raimirua and explained the situation one by one. So he tucked the stunned Lymirah inside her cloak. Later, when she comes to her senses, Mer will explain the situation on her own.

Mer was overjoyed at Lymira’s return, but she didn’t wake her up by hugging her right away. For her now, Senya was more important than Raimir.


Mer jumped out of the cloak. Since Raizakia also died, it was to finish the meeting with Senya, which she hadn’t been able to do before.

However, Mer couldn’t run straight to Senya and froze on the spot.

Senya’s body was slowly disintegrating. Mer felt great anxiety at the sight and wept.

“Why are you crying?”

Senya asked with a mischievous smile. Mer couldn’t say anything and swallowed her tears with a hiccup. Senya looked at Mer with her sweet eyes, clicked her tongue and waved her fingers.

“It is inevitable that this will happen. As if the fact that I was able to come here was a miracle that was brought about by necessity.”

“Senya-sama… … Senya-sama, are you really going to disappear?”

“huh? It disappears now.”

To be honest, Eugene was also worried about that. He went through this hardship and killed Raizakia.

however… … But, what if Senya came here to save Eugene? What if it was a miracle obtained by overdoing it without taking care of oneself? What if he gave up his comfort and sacrificed himself to save Eugene?

“… … I’m asking just in case Are you going to die like this?”

“Are you crazy?”

Eugene asked in a sad and trembling voice dripping with anxiety and melancholy. Then, Senya looked at Eugene with a sad expression.

“You, do you really want me to die and disappear like this?”


“Then why are you talking nonsense? Why am I dying!”

“just… … uh… … I wondered if you were prepared to die to save me… … .”

“I was prepared for something else, but I wasn’t prepared to die.”

“What resolution?”

When you rushed at me without being able to overcome my emotions, hugging me and trying to take my lips away, I did not resist and calmly prepared to take my lips away, son of a bitch.

Senya managed to suppress the words that were filling up in her throat. Yes, today is not the only day. she thought, staring at her disappearing hand.

“… … Hmmm, you don’t need to know about my resolution. Everything went well, right?”

“It went well.”

“I don’t have to worry, Hamel. It was a bit overbearing, but well, I went back to where my body was… … .”

Senya paused for a moment and stared at Eugene.

“I tell you in advance. You, just come to the World Tree for no reason, hoping to come and meet me. I will be really angry.”


Eugene tilted his head, unable to understand what he was saying.

I met him and got help. Even the world tree’s territory is not far from Eugene. It can be reached by traveling for a day, no, half a day.

Then wouldn’t it be better to meet Senya there? Isn’t it a beautiful picture to welcome Senya, who has been released from the seal and resurrected? Eugene sincerely thought so, but Senya’s attitude was adamant.

“If you can’t, then no. You really die.”

It was for a simple reason. With Lyzakia dead, the miasma would have been cured, so it would be okay to escape from the protection of the World Tree and restore the body. Senya did not want to show the process to Eugene.

In fact, even though he showed a hole in his chest before, wasn’t that, strictly speaking, force majeure? I have to fill the hole in my chest, reconstruct the body that is broken as it is about to break, and prepare for something else. But, I didn’t want to show Eugene something I didn’t have to show.

“Then what do you say to me?”

“What the heck? that… … Hey, we can make an appointment and meet. Okay, how about in a month?”


When Eugene asked with a furrowed eyebrow, Senya took a deep breath.

… … Where are you? There was only one ‘place’ that came to Senya’s mind right now. where she spent most of her life. The place where she wrote her memories of her happy and splendid life, so as not to be pierced by loneliness.

The forest is close and the air is good. Where the sky is high and blue. A place full of stars at night. A place where gentle rivers flow, not the sea where the salty wind blows.

“My house. Aren’t you still there?”

The house was built with Senya’s ideals intact. One outbuilding was used as a study entirely. There was also a large fireplace to light the study. There was also a chair that swayed softly.

“Meet me there.”

There were fatal problems.

Senya’s mansion was in such a place 300 years ago, but too much time has passed. In other words, the land was developed. The forest had already been cleared to become Merdein Square, and the river line was also filled in. Fortunately, the mansion remained undamaged, but the mansion Senya envisioned had already disappeared 300 years ago.

Of course, Senya didn’t know that.

“I only half kept my promise. I said that next time I see you again, I would call you by your current name, not Hamel.”

Senya rubbed the tears in her eyes with the back of her hand and laughed.

“I remember? I told you not to come pick me up. I’m going, so you wait.”

“It was.”

“… … thank god. Because I’m not late. to be able to save you Because you can come.”

Even though I wiped it carefully, the tears flowed. Senya stared at Mer without bothering to wipe the tears running down her cheeks.


“Yes, Neet. Sir Senya.”

“Come on. I’ll be gone from here soon, but I want to hold you while I’m still there.”

Mer rushed at Senya with tears running down her face. Senya smiled as she patted Mer’s head as she held her arms.

“I heard you had a hard time while I was gone.”

“I am… … are you okay.”

“You’re fine, but I’m not fine. It’s funny to say now that I’ve irresponsibly disappeared… … many… … Were you tired and lonely?”

Mer didn’t answer and only shed tears.

“Sorry. I’m really, really sorry. I should have left you with the exact reason… … .”

“me too… … I heard the story from Eugene. Senya-sama couldn’t come back because of an unexpected accident. I do not resent Senya-sama.”

It was sincere. Mer only worried about her Senya, but never once resented her. Senya felt her sincerity and hugged her little body tightly.

“Thank you for helping Hamel instead of me.”

“Black… … .”

“You are a proud child, Mer Merdein.”

Mer felt the joy that filled her heart at those words. But she couldn’t be absorbed in just one of them… … . As Mer was conscious of Senya’s disappearing body, she whispered in her ear in a small voice.

“Shouldn’t Eugene hug you too?”

“… … huh?”

“If possible, I would like Yujin-nim and Senya-nim to hug each other with me in the middle.”

It was unexpected. Senya couldn’t say anything because his head went blank, only his lips pursed. Mer looked up at Senya’s face with her narrow eyes open.

‘Eh… … .’

I didn’t expect it, but I never thought I’d be so ashamed! Mer decided that shock therapy was necessary.

“It’s a big deal if you’re so shy, Senya-sama.”

“What, what? are you talking What am I?”

“You have to eat heartily. Foxes around Eugene right now… … No, there are hungry wolves on the prowl.”

A wolf? what wolf Senya shook her head vigorously in embarrassment and confusion. Mer sighed and stepped away from Senya.

“Well, it would be easier for Senya to understand it if she saw it herself than if I said it.”

“for a moment… … Mer, wait, you come back here. Speak so I can understand!”

Senya stepped back and tried to catch Mer, but her body didn’t move well… … . Her body had already half disappeared, and her soul had left the dimensional rift and returned to the world shroud where it should have been.

… … Eugene overheard the conversation between the two.

A hungry wolf, not a fox… … Eugene recalled the soft weight that had weighed down his head before he entered this place. He recalled the ‘two’ he was courting while looking at him with teary eyes. Certainly, the two of them were better suited for wolves than foxes.

“Kuhm… … .”

Eugene couldn’t say anything and just coughed. The time left for her now was too short to explain all of that to her Senya. So, Eugene decided to leave the catastrophe and trouble to her future self, not to her now.

“Then, a month later today. Let’s meet at your mansion in Arot.”

“… … Make sure to set the exact date. I hate waiting for me or making you wait. Noon in 30 days. okay?”


Eugene smiled and raised his hand to Senya.

“See you then, Hamel. no.”

Senya stared at Eugene, feeling a thump that made her soul tremble.

Gray hair different from Hamel. Clean skin without a single scar. Golden eyes shining like jewels.

There was no resemblance, but the man in front of him was Hamel, whom Senya longed for and loved.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

Senya called that name, not Hamel. Because the name of a previous life is not terribly important. The only thing that mattered was that the soul dwelling in the completely changed and changed body was the person Senya loved. Feeling ashamed of herself for thinking that way, Senya giggled.

“Only after one month… … .”

before the body completely disappears.

Senya looked at Eugene’s raised hand.

left hand. ring finger. why? ring? why? why? Senya’s eyes widened. The light was dimmed in the swaying green eyes. A wolf? was starving?

“Hey dog… … .”

Senya’s desperate cry didn’t even come out until the end. Hwaaak! Her body completely turned into light.

Yujin tilted her head as she watched the scattered light. Senya had disappeared, leaving only Akasha floating in the air. Eugene grumbled as he held Akasha in her hands.

“What was he just trying to say?”

“I don’t know.”

“I didn’t look serious… … .”

“I couldn’t see well because it was so bright and dazzling. Could it be that he made that expression because he felt sorry for his brief breakup with Eugene?”

It was true that Merga did not see Senya’s face. She saw the mermaid Senya just before her, her face flushed and ashamed like a puberty girl. So, she thought, the moment she disappeared, she might be so emotional that she could scream something.

“is it… … .”

Eugene was in a hesitant mood, but he was convinced.

He turned his head and looked behind him. The dragon heart was destroyed by a deep slit in his throat, but Ryzakia’s body was still there.

Originally, dragons do not leave corpses unless they wish for them. Most dragons do not leave their corpses in the world and return everything they had and enjoyed to mana and the world to ashes.

However, this place is not a world, but a gap in a dimension, and Raizakia is a fallen demon dragon. The world will not return his corpse, even if Raizakia wishes it.

“I have a present to take home.”

It’s the dragon’s corpse. However, since the dragon heart that had magical power was completely destroyed, it could be used as a material if purified properly. bones, hides, and scales. With a corpse as large as that, it could arm all of Lionheart’s knights.

Eugene smiled and placed his hand on Laizakia’s corpse.

Akasha opened the dimensional door.


Ever since Eugene entered the dimensional rift, Christina knelt in the dirt and prayed. She prayed to the god of light so that Eugene could return safely.

Next to Christina, Xian also knelt down. Even though he was not a follower of light, isn’t it possible to pray for his brother’s safe return without necessarily being a member of the church?


The first to notice the abnormality was Loberian. He wandered around with a face full of anxiety and worry, and noticed a distortion spreading in the clear sky.


Melchis, who had been sitting on a rock and communicating with the spirits, also jumped up from his seat. He raised his head, where Christina and Cian had also bowed, and looked up at the sky. The distortion that appeared suddenly became a crack as it grew larger and larger.

A crack opened without a sound, and Eugene fell in the middle.


Cristina let out a startled noise. It was because she didn’t think it would come out this soon. It’s been a little over an hour since Eugene entered the dimensional rift, so is it possible to kill Rizakia in that short time?

Any doubts about it soon dissipated neatly. A giant dragon’s corpse falls after Eugene. Demon dragon Raizakia. The deeply cut neck looked dangerous as if it would be cut off at any moment, but not a single drop of blood flowed from the wound.


It was Melchis who let out a high-pitched scream. She closed her eyes and stretched her arms out over Lizakia’s corpse. She looked like she wanted to die, being crushed by her falling corpse.

Of course, Melchis had no desire to be crushed by the dead dragon’s corpse.

The beautiful curves of that body, the black smooth scales. A bone reminiscent of metal that can be seen in the cross section of a severely cut neck!

The White Mage Tower of Melchis handles not only spiritism but also alchemy. Because of this, Melchis also had some knowledge of alchemy. —-No! Even if you’re not an alchemist, but just a wizard, you’ll be dazzled with excitement if you see the corpse of an old dragon that’s been as old as me.

“What are you doing not getting out of the way?”

Eugene, who came down first, glanced at Melchis and criticized him. Loberian approached quickly and pulled Melchis’ body, but Melchis did not back down and struggled while being held by Loberian.

“I will give you my everything! So give that to me!”

“Stop talking bullshit and go.”

Yujin grumbled and stretched out her hand toward the sky.

Kurrureung! The mana raised by Eugene made Raizakia’s corpse pause in the air for a moment. Eugene let out a long breath as he set the huge corpse down on the ground.

“It’s filthy big.”

The dimensional gap was a dark space with nothing. That’s why I didn’t realize the size of Raizakia. But now, I was able to contrast it with the surrounding landscape, so I was able to truly appreciate its enormous size. Lyzakia’s corpse was huge enough to be compared to any royal castle.

‘I’m a crazy person too.’

I tried hand-to-hand combat against that size. Eugene looked at Lizakia’s huge tail and shook his shoulders. He remembered the first time he was hit by the tail. To be honest, it was so powerful that it wouldn’t be strange if he died with that one shot.

‘The body… … It wasn’t all better.’

Yujin scrunched up her expression and examined her body. She was barely revived by the world tree and the spirit’s light. If it was just a little bit late, Eugene would have really died.

miracle. As Senya had said, what happened to Eugene could only be called a miracle. The broken heart and core were restored, and the bones, flesh, and organs were also restored.

But it couldn’t be said to be complete. Seeing that her mana did not flow as smoothly as she wanted, it seemed that she should rest quietly for the time being. It was a miracle that it ended like this. Even if I use it once, I have been sick for several days. I wrote two consecutive ignitions, but I should think that there is almost no recoil at this level.


Yujin’s body shook greatly as she looked at her injuries. It was because of Christina hugging him from behind. Eugene cleared his throat, trying not to be aware of the soft, soft feel on her back.

“Musa, are you safe? Are you unscathed?”

“for now… … hmm. I almost died, but how did it end safely?”

“yes? What do you mean by that?”

Eugene wriggled away from Christina. She turned around and saw that Christina was already shedding her tears.

“Wait, wait. I will explain everything to you.”

It’s not just Christina. Xian also approached Eugene, and Loberian also looked very curious. What about Melchis? She was creeping toward the corpse of Lyzakia.

“If you would like to receive even one piece of scale, please be gentle.”

“How come you seem to be getting more and more rude, kid.”

“It’s because Melchis is becoming more and more someone I can’t respect.”

No, was it like that from the beginning? Eugene glanced at Melchis, who lacked the dignity of a great wizard. Melkis made a graceful turn as usual, and he returned to Loberian’s side.

“therefore… … As for what happened… … .”

The identity of the moonlight sword… … Suspicions about vermouth. Of course I didn’t mean to say that. That story was to be shared with Anise and Senya.

Battle against Lyzakia. Lyzakia took possession of the magical power that Edmond had gathered for the sake of magic. And getting help from Senya in the middle of the battle.

“You mean Senya-nim helped Eugene-nim?”

Loberian asked with a surprised face.

“He received the help of the World Tree. Honestly, if Senya-sama hadn’t helped me, I would have died.”

If Raizakia had been as weak as he had thought, it wouldn’t have been impossible to win no matter how hard he struggled.

“I wonder if that son of Balzac was playing tricks.”

Eugene wrinkled his expression and grumbled. At that, Loberian thought for a moment and then shook his head.

“… … That’s not going to happen. Didn’t the demon dragon say it first? Edmond said that he first coveted the dragon’s magical power. As Edmond died, both his consciousness and magic collapsed, so it wouldn’t have been difficult for a demon dragon on the level of Lizakia to take away his master’s lost magic power before the connection with himself was severed.”

“Loberian secretly takes care of Balzac a lot.”

“I just think that accusations and suspicions with little basis are not right. To be honest, I don’t really like black pagoda wine either… … His earnest wish touched my heart quite a bit.”

Loberian said with a wry smile.

Eugene thought that this one thing was clear. Throughout his past and present life, among the wizards Eugene had ever met, the one with the greatest personality was Loverian.

[What’s Senya’s personality like?]

‘Honestly, he doesn’t have a great personality.’

[I will tell Senya.]

‘Tell me, Illumbo.’

Yujin smiled like that and adjusted his expression.

“Whatever. Well done. I almost died, but I didn’t. I killed Raizakia and saved Senya. He said he couldn’t come back right away, but he said he would come to Arot after taking care of himself.”

“Oh, to Arot?”

Loberian’s face went pale.

Back in the day, when Eugene revealed ownership of Akasha in Akreon. Arot’s monarch held a hearing on whether Eugene should be acknowledged as the owner of Akasha.

-Senya told me that later, when I return to Arrot, I will turn this country upside down.

-Senya is alive, and she is angry with Arot.

-I don’t know how his anger will come true… … hmm… … As far as I know, the royal palace Abram is a gift from Senya-nim… … . The lake that surrounds the palace was made by Senya-sama, and isn’t the seal of the palace also Segna-sama’s? So, maybe the entire royal palace will be flooded… … .

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