Dark and Light Martial Emperor Novel – All Chapters

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Title: Dark and Light Martial Emperor

Description: Yeon Hojeong, the first to unite the dark factions as the Grandmaster of the Underworld, collaborates with the orthodox sects to overcome the chaos of the Three Sects. However, he meets an untimely end, entangled in the schemes of the Martial Alliance Leader.

“This is really my home!”

When he opens his eyes, he finds himself in the prestigious and once-destroyed Yeon family, a place he never forgot.

“I won’t make a mistake this time. Never.”

Determined to prevent the fall of his family and the future upheaval caused by the Three Sects, he embarks on a relentless journey! The struggle of Yeon Hojeong, the eldest son, to unite the martial world.

Alternate Names: 흑백무제, Monochrome Sovereign

Genre: Action Adventure Wuxia

Author(s): 현임

Status: 1166 Chapters (Ongoing)

Original Publisher: JK Media, Kakaopage

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