Descent of the Legendary Archmage Novel – All Chapters

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Description: Shin Hayul was a genius mage who found out he could not be implanted with Artificial Intelligence, the culmination of modern magic technology.
This news was essentially a death sentence for his life as a mage, but that was when a book appeared.
“To my successor who has the same constitution as me and can hear this voice, I, Ray Vell Bytenor, shall leave this book for you.”
With the book left behind by the legendary archmage, the genius’s life was put back on track towards greatness.

Alternate Names: 신화속 대마법사의 재림
Genre: Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Supernatural
Author(s): JoonSol 준솔
Status: 466 Chapters (completed)
Original Publisher: Globurn Kakaopage

Read all chapters in chronological order.


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