Eternally Regressing Knight Chapter 355

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355. Scold and tease

“Never stop practicing.”

Rem decided that Encred would become stronger through actual combat.

It was clear to anyone that Encred’s talent had its limits. It’s the same in Rem’s eyes.

It seems natural to stop growing at any time.

Have you ever seen someone, whether a knight or something, go up and then stop?

The limits of talent come and stay silently and eat away at a person.

So is there a way to break the limit?

there is.

Rem thought the best thing to do was to risk his life.

Limits are not given.

One of the best ways to avoid becoming complacent was to risk your life no matter what.

It is not necessarily limited to swinging a sword.

Whether you write poetry or sing, you grow by doing that. That was Rem’s theory.

“Gourche risked his life on the battlefield.”

It was the best advice Rem could give to a man who was constantly trying to move forward.

Encred thought about his conversation with Rem and thought about it.

This is not a battlefield.

Nevertheless, in Encred’s eyes, he saw someone struggling for his life.

Krang seemed to do that.

It looks like he’s rolling for his life.

That gave Encred something similar to enlightenment.

More than anything, it made me want to watch more.

“Just take a look at the royal palace.”

Marcus said.

“If I make a request here, wouldn’t I be too much of a thief?”

He then said something like that, but Encred completely ignored it.

Are you busy just watching Krang right now?

Esther narrowed her eyes and looked inside the palace.

His intuition as a wizard sensed the magical and spell tools scattered throughout the palace.

Esther had a strange feeling.

Since it is the royal palace of a country, there would naturally be a lot of spell objects and relics. It’s natural.

Therefore, it is not just because of the relics.

The wizard is not surprised to see something within his prediction range.


There was something sinister about it. It is something that stands on the other side of order.

Although magic does not naturally conform to order, a certain malevolence was felt.


Esther cried as if in a whisper.

The unusual shape caught my interest.

Above all, the palace was full of danger on the outside, but from the perspective of a wizard who had reached a certain level, it was extremely sloppy.

I don’t know how this happened, but there was a lack of defense facilities in many places.

No, it looked like someone had intentionally created a gap.

“Are you looking for a place to die?”

Guard, the only one wearing a dark gray helmet. He said. This is the road to the royal palace.

They did not pass through the center of the capital. I headed to one corner.

Combined with the road we were taking, those words sounded like a threat.

The number of people around me gradually decreased.

Matthew responded to those words.

“Do you know who the person in front of you is?”

“If you are a fool who believes in your lineage and goes on a rampage, you will be angry. Otherwise, you will be able to tolerate it well.”

That’s clear, Encred thought to himself, and also thought that the author was not easy.

Instead of making an overt assessment like before, he was secretly examining the Royal Guard.

The soldier who came as an escort is twenty.

Some of them gave the impression that they were quite well-trained elite soldiers.

I am at a level where I know how to stab the spear in my hand no matter what surprises me.

But some are just as bad. I didn’t even know how to walk with her steps.

Rituals are the basics of the military.

Those who can’t even do that can’t be called elite.

Is this the level of the Royal Guard, the spear that protects the royal family?

Nevertheless, the person wearing the dark gray helmet walks in front of everyone while maintaining proper balance.

Encred highly appreciated that stance.

It is an attitude of taking responsibility for everyone, regardless of skill level.

‘I wish I could attack you.’

Looking at his posture now, he is a person who would never do something like that.

There are people who can feel something just by looking at them walking.

The author is the type that insists on fighting head-on.

A person who speaks directly instead of back and waits for the other person to turn around even when there is an opportunity to hit them in the back.


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Traces of that were visible in his steps, posture, tone of voice, and attitude.

A person who will not fight if there is no cause.

‘It’s the opposite of Saxony.’

While thinking, I glanced at Saxony and our eyes met.

“You seem to be having unpleasant thoughts about something.”

Saxony said.

“No, not at all.”

Encred turned away. It was a specialty.

This isn’t even a lie. It is not harmful to beliefs.

It’s just a consideration of sparing words for the other person.

“It’s not.”

“That’s how I see it.”

“The eyes are lost.”

Saxony slightly tilts his head and denies Encred’s words, followed by Rem and Ragna’s words.

“But will you provide me with a meal?”

Dunbakhel placed another horse on top of it. Encred quickly received those words.

“I will take care of it.”

“You’re not going to attack me like this?”

“Probably not.”

Will their conversation not be heard by those on the left and right? Of course I heard it. It sounded very good.

“You’re arrogant.”

A member of the Royal Guard whose skills were lacking said this. He’s a guy who can’t even be polite. He seemed to act like he wasn’t doing it on purpose, but even that was just proof that he had poor mental strength.

This is a group of strangers, meeting each other for the first time. When I see people like that, I have to do the right thing for the sake of the organization’s status.

But I don’t do that. So you are an asshole.

The idiot said as if he were going to argue. En Creed was worried about his group’s reaction.

Everyone was wondering what would happen if he had a seizure, but there was someone who stepped forward before him.

“Are you going to turn me into an asshole with just those words?”

Krang raised his voice from the front.

“That’s not my intention.”

The dark gray helmet answered.

“Then shut up.”

Krang spoke before he could finish his sentence.

It was hot.

“And that guy who’s talking about being arrogant and all that behind your back, you’d better shut up before I cut out your tongue.”

The Royal Guard’s shoulders flinched. Because you’re scared? no. I was angry. It shows it again. This was a guy who could easily see the bottom.

By the way, even though Krang said he was royalty, no one seemed to treat him as such.

“The people who are in charge of guarding the royal palace are soft-spoken and light-handed. “It is deplorable.”

Krang continued to scold them by speaking.

“You are not qualified to discuss our stance yet.”

said the captain.

Krang snorted.

“I am speaking as a member of the royal family. “Not the king.”

“So, shouldn’t you prove that you are the royal family?”

“That’s not something for a single swordsman to worry about! “If you come out with an order, just carry out the order!”

Krang suddenly shouted. scold again. Because what he said was correct, the captain could not continue his words.

He thought about those words a few times and then closed his mouth.

Encred had to look back.

“hemp cloth.”

Rem was sticking out her tongue and teasing the Royal Guard from earlier.

Ah, you hot crazy bastard.

What can I say, I never even thought about this. Moreover, Rem wasn’t the only one who did this.

Saxony clicked his tongue and shook his head.


“You have to know how to read the constellations to know where you are going. “You have to look at your seat before lying down.”

Gave advice to the other person.

Encred was so embarrassed that he couldn’t even speak.

Where has the bastard who mumbled that he was looking north while looking south gone?

Of course, that wasn’t wrong.

This means that you have to look at the place to lie down and stretch out your feet.

It was a proverb that compared those words.

However, because of Ragnar, the weight was lost.


The Royal Guard ground his molars. Her face turned red. It seemed like if I left it alone, it would transform into a ripe tomato.

‘If I turn into a fruit or vegetable, what should I call myself instead of a beastman? Gwaine?’

Encred muttered, thinking about random things.

Tomato people.

Of course, I adjusted my voice appropriately so that only the Royal Guard could hear it.

“It was a mistake.”

He then pretended that he made a mistake by showing his true feelings.

At those words, it was natural that the Royal Guard cub’s grinding of its molars doubled and its face became even redder.

Matthew was actually walking on a cliff as if he were walking on a tightrope, but he could not hide his bewilderment at the noise coming from behind him.

Those crazy bastards. What on earth are you doing?

Krang held back his laughter and Marcus was in a similar state to Matthew.

I didn’t expect something like that to happen even after coming to the capital and being surrounded by the Royal Guard.

Did you know that a water bottle that leaks on the inside will also leak on the outside?

The lunatic was not normal even outside the Border Guard.

“you guys.”

The leader looked back for a moment and was about to say something, but then closed his mouth.

The group reached the outskirts of the city and boarded a carriage.

To be exact, Krang, Matthew, and Marcus got into the carriage.

Marcus’s escort tried to follow, but he sent his own guard away.

“I am with the hero who made the Royal Guard and Border Guard cry. “Is there anything dangerous, especially in the middle of the royal palace?”

There seemed to be a bone in those words, but it was none of Encred’s business.

The rest got back on the horses they had been riding on.

If I just walked, I would have arrived around sunset.

For that reason, carriages and horsebacks advanced at a moderate pace.

The road leading to the palace ran along the outskirts of the city.

There were guard posts built here and there, and of course there were a few soldiers inside them, and there were also doors and obstacles to block the path leading to the palace if they were to fail.

Of course, it was wide open now.

As I climbed on horseback, I could see the light-absorbing city wall on my left and a part of the city on my right.

It is not a market, but an area lined with mansions.

“The capital is big. Have you ever been here?”

Rem asked and Encred nodded.

When he previously came to the capital, Encred’s situation was close to that of a beggar.

There were various things happening there.

There were also people who ignored themselves.

There were also people who tried to kill themselves.

If I were to talk about it in detail, I would have to talk about it for half a day, and if I were to write it down as a book, it would be half a volume.

So I condensed it briefly.

“When I came here before, I was so busy squeezing it that I couldn’t take a look.”

“Well, he’s like a leader.”

Rem chuckled and nodded. Ragna quietly looked to her left and right.

It was also his first time in the capital.

In a big city, it would be easy to get lost if you make even the slightest mistake.

The alleyway was twisted like a maze.

‘It must be hard work to get from the palace to the castle gate.’

In reality, all you had to do was follow the road, but Ragna was already fascinated by the maze-like alleys.

I thought about how to get through that road.

Saxony quietly followed. He had been to the capital and had also visited the royal palace.


This is the name of Azpen strategist. He came to mind. There was no lie in what the author said.

Then, the work you need to do will be somewhere in that palace.

Saxony’s eyes caught the sight of a tall spire at the end of the road.

The three high spiers represent the three swords symbolizing the royal palace.

Three knights who protected the previous king and wrote the founding myth of the country.

Afterwards, when the next king took over, a national crisis occurred, but a divine beast called Sunsoo came and protected the country.

It is a founding myth, a legend, and actual history.

Dunbakhel was starting to get hungry.

Encred was secretly looking forward to meeting the knight inside the palace.

I also worried about what I would ask if we met.


The commander of the Royal Guard said:

It was as he said.

This is the entrance to the royal palace. I saw people guarding the inner city gate.

They are soldiers wearing the same uniform.

The troops guarding the castle were collectively called the Royal Guard.

There were a total of four soldiers guarding the door, and all of them looked at the commander and showed military courtesy.

Then, he scanned the group with his eyes and exchanged greetings with the Royal Guard who had accompanied him here, but Encred felt a strange sense of discomfort there.

‘The sides are divided.’

When I saw them greeting each other, they seemed close to some, but I felt distant from others.

I heard that internal divisions were in full swing, and it seems that the Royal Guard side was also affected.

“We’ll see.”

Just before they parted ways, the soldier who had been teased said, clenching his molars.

“This friend made fun of me.”

Encred took the lead with Rem.

“Wow, I feel unfair. You tell me. “Was it just me?”

Rem instead asked the Royal Guard and touched the string of reason he was barely holding on to with his blade.

Nevertheless, he persevered in the end, probably because he was selected for the Royal Guard because of his patience.


The commander pulled the subordinate’s shoulder.

“Do it in moderation.”

he warned. Encred still pointed only at Rem.

It seems like this is the only problem.

“No, I feel unfair.”

The commander turned around without hearing the answer, and the person who greeted the group was another new person.

“The Queen has called you to the throne room.”

It was my first time seeing this face.

He glanced at Krang and the group and announced his name.

“I am Viscount Bantra.”


Encred knew that name.

A nobleman below Count Molsen.

The guy who sent the troops that erased the emblem as a border guard.

He had blond hair, a neat face, and broad shoulders.

It was a well-trained body.

“Marcus Weissar.”

“A long time.”

Marcus is also officially a Baronet.

It was also a title given arbitrarily by the Marquis of Weissar.

It is one of the rights of the marquis under the permission of the royal family.

However, this did not mean that the title was given to just anyone.

Marcus was someone who proved his abilities.

Viscount Bantra and the two were familiar faces.

To be exact, these are the people who have been fighting on the stage of the royal palace.

Viscount Bantra completely ignored Encred and his party and only showed them the way.

Except for Marcus and Encred, I didn’t even look at the faces of anyone else.

On his way, Krang spoke again using ventriloquism.

“A queen must not be teased.”

What does this bastard, no, this bastard of the royal family, think of himself?

Making fun of the queen is tantamount to insulting the royal family.

Why don’t you know that you shouldn’t do that?

From the beginning, I had planned to wait in front of the throne room.

“You come in. “The rest wait.”

That’s what I thought, but Viscount Bantra grabbed Encred.

“Your Majesty wishes to see the face of the hero who saved the Border Guard.”

I heard about etiquette before going and thought I would change clothes, but the situation was different.

It is a plate where a bastard from the royal family suddenly pops out.

In fact, only the major nobles probably already know this, but shouldn’t they pretend not to know on the outside?

I don’t want to say that I was the one who sent the assassin.

So, I am assuming that we met in a hurry because we were surprised.

As a side note, I also decided to see a border guard hero called Encred.

“I’m afraid I might do something unethical.”

“Don’t worry, I will personally guide you by my side.”

The Viscount spoke, and Encred became even more anxious at those words.

I don’t feel any emotions at all. So I didn’t feel any malice, but I felt uncomfortable.

However, there is no reason to refuse it.

But does Viscount Bantra not wash himself often, or does he have a taste for chewing raw meat?

A faint stinging odor stung my nose.

It seemed like she had already taken charge, as Dunbakhel was holding his nose behind her.

To a person who was not sensitive, it would have been an unpleasant smell, but to a person with a trained sense of smell, it was a stinging smell that would not only be unpleasant but also nerve-wracking.

Encred frowned for a moment before answering.

“Thank you for your consideration.”

They soon arrived in front of the throne room, and Rem gave a hand signal from behind to tell them to come out of trouble.

To put it in Southern parlance, did they mean hit and run?

The rest stopped in silence.

Encred stepped into the throne room.

Doors with various patterns on them open to the left and right. The eyes of the guard in front scanned the entire body.

The armament has already been disarmed.

As I entered, the door scraped against the floor and closed with a clang sound.

Before the queen arrived, there were only six nobles in the throne room.

Since it was a hastily prepared place, only nobles who were worthy of attending were there.


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