Five Time Regressor Walks the King’s Path Novel – All Chapters

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Title: Five Time Regressor Walks the King’s Path

Description: With only a few days left of my military service, a rosy path was laid out in front of me as the youngest son of a wealthy family. But before I knew it, I ended up trapped in this tower, Crown Road, with others beside me. And if we fail to clear it, we regress all the way back to the very beginning every 5 years…?! [The ‘Creator of Crown Road’, ‘Celestial’, delivers a message.] [Conquer this tower, and you will be able to escape your fate of death.] I wasted twenty years just like that. This is my fifth regression, and I refuse to let history repeat itself. I’ll clear this tower no matter what it takes… even if it means walking the path of king.

Alternate Names: 5회차 회귀자는 왕의 길을 걷는다

Genre: Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Supernatural

Author(s): 화란

Status: 269 Chapters (Completed)

Original Publisher: Dream Books, Kakaopage

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