I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 100

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Assassination of the Tower Master (2)

As I approached the scene, what came into my field of vision was the scene as if the battle had already ended.

A woman lying down and a man standing in front of her, people standing around and dead bodies.

I checked the level of the man among them and narrowed my brows.

【Lv. 90]

Level 90.

As soon as I saw it, I had no choice but to guess what the man’s true identity was.

‘······Flaveros Magic Tower?’

It was only natural that he would come to mind if he was at that level and was in the immediate vicinity of the city where the mage tower was located. The appearance also matched known features.

Are you really Flaberos’ mage lord? What are you doing over there?

I wasn’t sure, but I increased the flight speed.

If he really was the owner of the Mage Tower, he couldn’t just pass by.

“I’m going down there.”

Soon they reached the air directly above where they were located.

Without hesitation, I got up from the saddle and kicked Tiyong in the back.

It was because I thought that he might get hurt if an attack came flying while riding Tiyong.


As if she hadn’t expected to jump as it was, she heard Asher’s voice mixed with embarrassment right before she fell.


When I got close to the ground, I used Space Leap to land lightly on the ground.

When I raised my gaze and looked ahead, a woman and a man were staring at me with a look of astonishment.

“7······ monarch?”

These were the words muttered by the man presumed to be the owner of the Magic Tower.

I looked back and forth between him and the unknown woman, then looked up.

oh oh!

With a huge roar, I saw Tiyong spinning around.

Then, in an instant, a dot moved all the way down and landed on the ground with a roar. It was Asher.

She calmly came to the side and stood, and Tiyong followed suit and landed right nearby.

I turned my gaze back to the owner of the tower and the woman. There was silence for a while.

“The Master of the Magic Tower of Flaberos.”

When I opened my mouth like that, the man flinched and twisted his eyes.

From that reaction, I was certain that he was the master of the mage tower.

‘What kind of coincidence is this?’

Even if it wasn’t, I ran into the guy I was contemplating on how to deal with right before I even entered the city.

I guessed the situation while feeling doubt and absurdity.

Just looking at the unfolding scene, it seems that the woman was chased by the owner of the mage tower and eventually caught…

“The 7 Lords of Calderic are right.”

The Mage Master’s mouth opened again. He, too, seemed certain of my identity.

I asked the fallen woman.

“Who the hell are you?”

The woman who had been fascinated by him suddenly came to her senses and seemed to be trying to say something, but she couldn’t open her mouth as if her voice was not coming out.

The mage lord muttered while frowning with a puzzled expression.

“······We don’t know each other? But why······.”

When I heard that murmur, something flashed through my mind.

I couldn’t believe it and asked her again.

“Are you an informant from the Mage Tower?”

The woman immediately nodded.

As expected, her identity was an informant sent by the overlord.

So what you’re doing right now… is it that you can’t hide your identity until the end and at least get caught? Is that why you were being chased by the Mage Tower’s power?

‘It seems that way.’

Only then did I get a rough idea of ​​what was going on.

At the same time, I sang joy in my heart.

It was because, completely unintentionally, a situation was prepared on its own so that it could quietly deal with the owner of the mage tower according to the purpose of coming here.

I checked the signs around me. Currently, those in the nearby forest were the owner of the mage tower and a few of his subordinates in front of him.

‘I’ll deal with it right here.’

A truly perfect opportunity. There is no reason to hesitate any longer.

The owner of the Mage Tower, who seemed confused as if he had read the airflow, distorted his expression in a savage manner and let out a sharp killing blow.

“Did you come to kill me?”


“Why? Is it because of the experiment? Is this also the will of the overlord?”

He seemed to have a lot of questions, but he had no reason to answer them.

I told Asher.



“Would you like to face it?”

Asher looked back at me and nodded calmly.

“Yes, of course.”

It wasn’t just to give her a chance to test her growing powers.



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I looked at the Master of the Magic Tower.

A translucent green force field shimmered vaguely around the body of the master of the mage tower. It was a defensive magic he had been using for a long time.

‘Anyway, because wizards are picky.’

Almost the only counter to the Instant Kill ability was the shield.

It was impossible to take care of him with only my own power, whether it be blood magic or space leaping, because I was wearing a shield like that.

So, when Asher is fighting that guy, you can intervene by taking advantage of the gap in the middle.

Otherwise, if Asher wants to be able to do it alone, there is no need to intervene. At that time, she only needs to prevent the bastard’s escape.

“There is no need to subdue it. Kill it with all your might.”


Ashel drew her sword and stepped forward.

The mage lord glared at me with a displeased expression.

“You looked down on me quite a bit, Lord 7. What are you doing without directly stepping out?”


Asher immediately used her racial trait as if she was going to go full force from the beginning. Her whole body was dyed white.

The magic tower owner’s eyes widened as he watched it.

“······You were the White Moon tribe who fought a duel with Changseong at the meeting in Earth Hill!”

It seemed that Asher’s presence had already spread to some extent in Saintea.

The master of the mage tower immediately raised his mana.

A blue spark crackled in his hand, which was stretched out to the informant who was lying in front of him.

Seeing the prevalence of trying to take care of her and go into battle, I leaped into space.

The ferocious electric shock was blocked by the immobility curtain and dissipated.


The Magic Tower Master couldn’t pay any more attention to this side and had no choice but to retreat in a hurry.

It was because Asher, who leaped the very next moment, poured sword energy toward him.


I looked at the battle that had begun, then turned and looked at the fallen informant.

His condition looked serious, so he took out a healing potion from his pocket and handed it to him.

“Cure it first.”

“······Yes, yes. Thank you, Seven Lords.”

She accepted the potion with a very sad face and poured it on the serious wound.

On one side, I could see the servants of the Mage Tower Master who were in a half panic and were at a loss for what to do.

“If you want to risk your life for nothing, run away.”

They froze at my warning, unable to move.

I looked away from them.

As the battle between the two, Asher and the Magic Tower Master, intensified, the surroundings were becoming ruins.


The magical power of the mage tower swayed in all directions, and the magic unfolded. Several gigantic pillars of fire rose one after another like a whirlwind.

Its terrifying power could turn a small village into ashes in an instant.

Asher quickly got out of the catastrophic firestorm and fired his sword. The master of the Mage Tower also fired a beam of green magic power. Two huge energies collided in the air, causing an explosion.

The aftermath of the energy reached the spot where I was standing, so I opened the curtain to block it.

‘······Is Asher a bit more superior?’

Still, since Asher had just reached level 90, he expected that the mage master would gain a bit more advantage with his skill.

However, the aspect of the battle, on the contrary, felt closer to Asher pushing the Mage Master.

Even if they are at the same level, there will be a slight difference in level, so is Asher reaching a higher level than the Mage Tower Master?

Or it could simply be that she was more adept at fighting than the owner of the Mage Tower. Either that, or the compatibility was more advantageous by chance.


The mage lord, flying through the air, couldn’t shake off Asher, who was relentlessly following her. The distance between the two became unstable and became closer again and again.

As the magical powers of Asher and the Magic Tower Master intertwined and collided, five-colored lights flashed in the darkness of the night sky.

The mage master’s magic was diverse. He spread a ring of thorny vine-like magic power like a net, or spread or condensed a force field as if the patterns spread in the air exploded, and launched a time difference attack.

Asher pierced through all of the magic attacks that were rushing without rest and continued to hit the defense shield that the owner of the mage tower was spreading.

The mage lord kept regenerating and maintaining the depleted shield even while he was busy spreading magic and widening the distance, but in the end, if it was pierced at once without a chance, that moment would be his end.

Of course, Asher also had moments of danger, but she still seemed more relaxed than the owner of the Mage Tower.

‘Is it okay if I don’t come out?’

It seemed that if the shield was broken anyway, Asher would be able to finish it right away, so there seemed to be little chance for me to intervene right away.

But I watched the battle without letting go of tension.

It was unknown what kind of trump number the guy who had been researching on demons was hiding.

And that was the moment that followed.


In the end, Asher’s sword attack shattered the mage’s defense shield.

Frightened and backing away, he tried to adjust his stance, but there was no way he could give it a go. In an instant, the man’s eyes widened in shock.


Asher’s sword, which had a pure white brilliance, cut through the head of the mage’s master like a ray of light.

That was it.

Asher landed on the floor, followed by a corpse whose head and body were separated from the air.

She took a deep breath and brushed off the blood on her sword. She then retrieved her scabbard.


The informant, who was still sitting and watching the battle, let out a small exclamation with a dazed face.

I nodded once at Asher’s gaze, which turned and looked at me.

‘······It ended more blandly than I thought.’

Even if Asher won, I thought it would be a bit more difficult, but the duel ended simply in an instant. A perfect victory without a single injury.

A little proud and satisfied with her growth, which was much more than expected.

“Good work.”

After handing over the trouble to the woman who came closer, I checked the corpse of the owner of the mage tower.

It looked like he died instantly because his head fell off without having to look further. He became a dead man and could no longer see his level.

After confirming that he was dead, I relaxed.

‘Is it still at this point?’

In the future, Flaveros Magic Tower appeared as a villain who not only conducted research on demons but also contracted with demons.

And that’s not the usual stupid demons, but with one of the ‘Wonma’, the top leaders of the demon camp.

‘That’s why, right before I died, I exerted the power of the demon tribe and fought until the end.’

However, seeing that it wasn’t like that, at this point, I wondered if the contract with the demons was still there.

Anyway, since I killed the mage lord with this, the work entrusted by the overlord is over.

It was much easier than I thought and it ended safely, so I looked away feeling relieved.

It was the moment to look at the remaining wizards and think about how to deal with them.



Startled, I turned my gaze back.

A jet-black energy suddenly rose from the corpse of the owner of the mage tower and gathered in the air.

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