I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 101

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‘What is that…’

Feeling bewildered, I stared at the scene unfolding before my eyes.

An unknown, unknown aura continued to emanate from the body of the dead Mage Tower master.

······horsepower? Although it is magic, there is a subtle sense of heterogeneity.

An ominous and disgusting aura that makes you feel uncomfortable just by looking at it.

I wondered if it was the final outburst of the Master of the Magic Tower, but he was clearly dead.

The energy wriggled in the air as if it were moving with its own will.

I reflexively looked at the wizards of the Mage Tower again.

However, they were also dumbfounded, as if they had no idea what was going on.

What was even more surprising was the next moment.


The energy, which had gathered in a huge way, stretched out like a tentacle and pierced the corpse of the owner of the mage tower.

The red energy wrapped around the dark stem like a vine and was absorbed into the center of the energy.

Then, the body of the owner of the Mage Tower slowly began to wither. It was as if every remaining life had been sucked away.


Could it be that he absorbed life force?

I was able to realize it in a flash as I watched the bizarre sight. What is the identity of that unknown aura?

Those who made a contract with the demons pay the price in various ways.

It could be power, it could be soul, it could be life force, or it could be all of it.

The demons greedily take everything they can take from the contractor the moment their life ends.

That’s why it was not difficult to see that the source of the energy in front of me was the power of the demons.

I thought that the Magic Tower Master hadn’t signed a contract yet, but that wasn’t the case.

At the same time, I felt a slight goose bump up my spine.

Because I knew very well who the demons had made a contract with the Flaveros mage lord.


Wonma, the supreme leader of the demons.

7th in the rank of demons, 7th strongest demon among all demons.

That guy was the true identity of the demon who made a contract with Flaveros’ tower lord.


The energy spread its stems in all directions this time. Also on the side where Ashelle and I are.

I spread the antifreeze barrier to block contact, and Asher immediately drew his sword and cut it.

However, the wizards on the other side could not escape from the energy attack.

The energy lightly pierced even the shields they had spread out and pierced their bodies.


The magicians who were engulfed in energy instantly dried up like mummies and died, just like the mage tower master from before.

The aura that had absorbed all of their life force was mixed with the original jet black and red colors and swayed.

I just watched the scene vigilantly. Because I didn’t know what to do in this situation.

‘Should I just stop caring and get out?’

I killed the target, the owner of the Magic Tower, and I didn’t care what the demons who contracted with him said. There was nothing he couldn’t do in the first place.

Soon, the energy that rose high in the sky began to fly in a certain direction.

For a moment, the thought crossed my mind that if I followed the direction of that energy, I might be able to meet Ditrodemyan. It would be possible if I rode the belt and chased after him.

But it was such a risky idea that I gave up immediately.

‘······It’s still too early.’

Demons were more dangerous than any other race.

Although the source of their power is magical power, their unique abilities are mysteriously chaotic and unpredictable.

The demons, especially the original demons, their greatest strength, are all enemies that will have to be dealt with someday. But it was not yet time.

Everyone knew about Ditrodemyan’s ability, but there was no need to take risks and deal with him in an incomplete preparation state.

“Go back.”

I spoke to Asher, who was standing still as if waiting for an order, watching the energy recede.

And it was the moment when I was about to approach the place where Tiyong was.


I suddenly felt a huge flow of magical power.

I hurriedly spread the floating curtain wide.

I thought darkness was wriggling from far away in the direction the energy was blown away, and the next moment, black flames covered the entire area like a tidal wave.


The place where the flames passed was completely ruined and nothing remained.

“This, what is this…”

Asher and the informant looked around in amazement.

An attack that suddenly flew in without warning.

It was so powerful and overwhelming that even the magic that the Mage Tower Master had used before could not be compared.

The two were protected by a curtain, and Tiyong was fortunately out of range because he was far away from where I was standing.


Terrified, he flew over and landed next to me.

I looked to one side with a stiff face.

‘······This is completely unexpected.’

Since the last emergency call, tension and a sense of crisis rose in my heart for the first time in a while.

I never thought he’d be right around here… but why?



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Soon I saw a man walking slowly out of the darkness.

Tall, one head taller than the average person, with grayish skin that felt pale.

【Lv. 96]

Wonma, Ditrodemyan.

The guy who appeared in front of me calmly looked at me with cloudy eyes.

The mighty and ominous energy that radiated from it was more than that of monarchs. I could tell just by looking at the level.

The gaze of the guy who was making eye contact with me moved to the corpse of the dead mage master.

Soon the man’s mouth opened.

“You are the 7th Lord of Calderic.”


“I need to hear the reason why my contractor was killed. Is that the overlord’s will?”

I stared blankly at him without answering the question. No, I observed.

Around him, something like a black flame that had just swept the entire area was swaying, but he knew what that ability was.

the flame of extinction. One of its unique abilities that destroys anything it touches.

“If you don’t answer, I will kill you.”

I opened my mouth with a blank laugh at the sound of his dry voice.

“If I answer, will you just go the way you were going?”

The boy raised his eyebrows slowly.

“Of course not. You die here.”

It was an expected answer.

The unpleasant aura I felt from him mixed with the murderous intent and became even stronger.

I cursed myself and prepared for battle.

“Back off.”

Asher, who had a slightly pale face at my words, looked back at me and nodded.

She put back the sword she had drawn and backed off meekly. She realized right away that she wasn’t going to step out.

No matter how much she had grown, she was no longer a force, but a hindrance. Because the opponent was the opponent.

‘Why the hell is that guy here?’

Did he even come to see the Master of the Magic Tower? But did the timing coincide?

Whatever the situation, the battle could not be avoided. It seemed that he was already full of will to kill me.

I moved my gaze to Tiyong.

Due to the nature of the wyvern, normally he wouldn’t ride other people on his back without me, but now wasn’t the time to argue about that.

“Take these two and get out as far as possible.”

Being a clever guy, he nodded his head without being stubborn, perhaps recognizing the seriousness of the situation.

Ashelle took the informant and immediately jumped onto Tiyong’s back.

I was wary of an attack coming from Ditrodemyan, but he just stood there as if he had no intention of stopping it.

Tiyong, carrying the two people, flew up with all his might and flew away across the night sky in an instant.

“Rest to your heart’s content. Everyone will die anyway.”

I abruptly used blood magic to shoot drops of blood at him.

However, the drops of blood burned as soon as they touched the dark flames that covered him, and it was useless.


It’s impossible to activate an instant kill unless you have that flame around you like a shield.

He waved his hand and, just like before, released a huge wave of flame.

I opened the floating screen and blocked the attack again. Then teleported backwards.

It was to increase the distance because it was difficult to defend when an attack was too fast to react.

“It’s not magic, it’s a mystery?”

The guy who muttered that, this time opened his hand and then squeezed it tightly.

At the same time, a purple aura suddenly appeared around me and shook like a haze.

Feeling terrified, I made another narrow leap into space.

Wood deok!

The moment after teleportation, the distorted and compressed purple energy immediately swallowed the place where I was standing.

Parts of the ground and bushes that were within the range of the purple aura disappeared as they were, leaving them cut off smoothly along the border. A sight as if space itself had been severed.

‘······space cutting.’

In addition to the flame of extinction, it was another ability that Detrodemyan had.

Since it is literally the ability to cut out space itself, the reaction is a little slow, so if you were swept away by it, you would have disappeared as it is. That was an attack close to instant death in the game.


The next attack flew right after giving no time to rest.

He just stood still in place, waggling his hands and launching attacks, but I didn’t have the slightest margin.

I frantically blocked and avoided the rushing flames and purple energy that suddenly appeared.

Even now, when I was barely holding on, I knew very well that he wasn’t using his full strength.

I knew that he had several other abilities besides the annihilation spark and space cutting.

‘What should I do?’

The problem was that I didn’t have the means to counterattack him.

It only takes one contact. Instant death would work for him, of course.

But that contact was impossible. There was no way to contact him unless his blood arts were completely blocked by the flames.

The only way I could think of was to contact him directly using space jump instead of blood magic, but…

‘That doesn’t deserve it either.’

In that case, there was no choice but to be directly exposed to the flames of the guy.

In a word, it was a method I had to risk my life to try.

However, it was a predestined result that if you dragged out time like this, you would eventually be defeated someday.

I need to see the match as soon as possible before he uses his other abilities to power up…

‘······Can’t help it.’

I have no choice but to believe in super-regeneration and try it somehow.

Having made a decision, the moment I stopped the rushing flames, I leaped into space.

I was teleported right in front of him, into the middle of the burning black flame.


A pain he had never experienced before surged through his body.

What spread out in front of my eyes was an arm that was instantly burned by black flames and no longer visible. Even the white bones were exposed.

However, the floating curtain cannot be opened yet.

Even his vision was immediately blurred by the darkness. I barely held on to my fading consciousness and reached out my hand as intended.

The moment after the astonishment passed in his eyes, my hand finally touched his body.

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