I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 102

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encounter (1)

······It reached.

It was almost the same time that a purple aura bloomed around him and Ditrodemyan’s body staggered.

It was an instant death that killed even an ancient archmage with a higher level than this. No matter how original it was, it didn’t make any difference.

As soon as I confirmed his death, I immediately unfolded the floating curtain without a moment’s rest.

The flames that spread around did not immediately die down when the owner died.

It would be best to get out of the space jump right away, but it was impossible.

It was because it was a surprise attack that I barely attempted as soon as one count was charged after running away. And now I couldn’t see any more.

The skin and muscle of the arm that was visible just before the field of vision was completely covered in darkness, and only bones remained.

It was a short time enough to blink an eye, but even during that very short moment, the body exposed to the flames of extinction became so miserable that even the expression “mansingchang” would not be enough.

Did I say that the greatest pain a person can feel is the pain of burning?

Even in the midst of this, useless information I heard somewhere flashed through my head.

It may not be the real flame burning my body right now, but I was sure of one thing. Even the burning pain would be nothing compared to the pain I was feeling right now.

Right now I was literally wandering between death and death. It was probably the emperor’s soul that allowed him to hold on to his consciousness, which was on the verge of flying away in pain.


It was a time when I really wanted to die at this rate, but held on tightly to myself, saying, “Let’s hold on a little longer.”

To make matters worse, I suddenly felt the pressure pressing down on the floating curtain.

It was the first time this had happened, so I couldn’t help but be terrified at the moment.

‘What else?’

I couldn’t tell what was going on because I couldn’t see anything, but I could definitely feel the shock transmitted to the curtain.

Could it be that the floating curtain is pierced?

I was wondering why I was doing this after I had been blocking the attacks well, but a thought flashed into my mind.

The purple aura that spread around the moment it came into contact with Ditrodemyan.

Right before his breath was cut off, he had a narrow space cut.

‘no way······.’

So, is it the space cutting ability that is pressing the veil now?

The more I endured, the stronger the impact was transmitted to the curtain, to the point where I wondered if my body would collapse like this.

But even so, the veil could not be released. At that time, it will disappear in an instant without any time to do anything.

My body is still burning in the embers that have not faded, and outside, the twisting space is emitting light to consume me.

I was completely immobilized, barely holding on to my consciousness that was slowly reaching its limits.

It was a moment in the eternal hell where one second felt longer than an hour.


At some point, the pressure pressing on the curtain disappeared as if evaporating.

Exactly what happened was unknown, as the burnt eye had not yet regenerated. Did the energetic one disappear first before the veil was pierced?

I couldn’t just stay like this forever, so after a while, I finally lifted the curtain.

“······Chehe up!”

Fortunately, as soon as the curtain was opened, the whole body was crushed and there was no end.

I collapsed as if throwing myself to the floor, letting out the breath I had been holding.

As I was panting so unsightly, my sight, which had been in the dark, began to slowly return.

The flames had almost died down, and the arm, which was regenerating as red bubbles bubbled up, came in first. The whole body was almost like that, half a corpse.


It was to the point where I felt astonished that I hadn’t lost my breath in this state.

While lying on the floor, he barely breathed in and out, waiting for his body to regenerate.

It was after quite a while.

The burned muscles and flesh were put back on top of the bones, and the skin was regenerated to some extent, albeit imperfectly.

I groped my eyes and got up, completely exhausted.


He propped himself on the ground with his trembling arms and barely raised his upper body.

I couldn’t help but feel a sense of alienation while looking around blankly.

It was because the forest that had been ruined in the aftermath of the battle was nowhere to be found, and the scenery in the forest was reflected in the sight as if something had happened just now.

And even the corpse of Ditrodemyan, who should have been in front of him, was gone.


Did his corpse get caught up in the space jump and disappear?

······No, that’s not it.

I looked around slowly again.

In the first place, the scenery itself was different. This wasn’t the forest I had just been in, it was a completely different place.


A completely different place?

I tried to stand up in confusion, but my body gave out and I collapsed again.

I could feel the aftermath of the flames still remaining. The body was regenerated, but the internal wounds were not healed.

And, as if he had used up all his stamina to regenerate, his body had no strength at all.

I didn’t really have the energy to lift a finger anymore, as if the little move I had just had was the last handful I had left.

Soon, consciousness began to rapidly become hazy.

If you miss it, you will die, so the beggar’s spirit, which was barely holding on, was already at its limit.

I don’t know what it is… but I can’t stand it anymore.

I slowly closed my heavy eyelids. Consciousness faded.


dark space.



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A woman is sitting with her eyes closed.

In front of him was a sword, emitting golden light, stuck in the ground.

The golden aura, where you can feel the sacredness somewhere unknown, was covering the woman around like a spherical tent.


Suddenly, the woman’s eyes opened. She very slowly, as if waking up from a long sleep.

However, the eyes revealed from the closed eyelids were extremely clear and clear.

The woman who had been staring at empty space or something else for a long time stood up.

As he stretched out his hand and drew the sword, the golden energy soon dissipated and gradually faded.

The woman’s low voice echoed through the room.

“… I can’t help it.”


Sister Ganesha of Lobelgio Monastery rubbed her forehead and sighed.

It was early in the morning when I was about to start my work with a godly heart after the morning service.

A troublesome lamb in the monastery was disturbing her from the beginning of the day.

“So Elika, I want you to explain why you broke Rex’s nose this morning.”

The girl who was standing in front of her with a troubled face answered calmly.

“I didn’t specifically mean to break it. I just punched him in the face, and that weakling’s bones were softer than my knuckles.”

Ganesha asked again, bearing patience in his heart.

“Yeah, whatever, why did you punch Rex in the face?”

“That bastard…”


“······That idiot keeps getting on my nerves. Sister, you know that he goes around talking to me and the kids around me that he’s a lowly bloodline, right? I’ve only ignored him once or twice.”

Ganesha let out a small sigh.

Rex was a boy who had recently joined the monastery.

He was a child who came from a noble family in northern Saintea and was brought here by chance after his family collapsed.

Anyway, most of the children would understand and move on even if they were in a similar situation, but not all of them had such a gentle personality like the girl in front of them, so it was unavoidable that conflicts would occur from time to time. Today, it was particularly severe.

“I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that you will listen to me. But didn’t I say that you should never use violence?”

“I tried my best too.”

The girl, Elika, looked at Ganesha’s stern gaze and said, avoiding her gaze.

“And it’s also in the scriptures, isn’t it? Love your flesh and blood, love your fellow men, and love yourself.”

“······Yes, but why?”

“But if I stay silent even after hearing words that insult my bloodline, wouldn’t that mean loving my flesh and blood and myself? That’s why I followed the doctrine faithfully…”


“I’m sorry. I’m reflecting. I won’t do that again.”

In the end, as soon as Ganesha exploded, it was Elika who immediately changed her stance and bowed her head.

Ganesha let out a few deep sighs and then spoke as if admonishing.

“Anyway, this time it was too bad. You know it yourself, right?”


“Go to the woods by lunchtime and pick up some wood. If you do violence again, I won’t end up punishing you this much. Okay?”

I didn’t think it was harsh at all, but Elika didn’t respond further and nodded her head obediently.

“Then let’s go out. I’m sorry for yelling at you.”

“Yes, I’m sorry too.”

After leaving the room, Elika scratched her head and moved on.

When I came out of the monastery, a boy wielding a wooden sword in the yard stopped moving and waved brightly.

“Hey, did you escape?”

The boy quickly caught up with her as she passed by ignoring her.

“That’s how I should have adjusted my strength. No matter how hard it was, wasn’t it harsh? How harsh was that to an ugly guy?”

At that time, another boy who was sitting on a nearby rock and reading a book came up and asked.

“What did the nun say?”

Elika shrugged and replied.

“Go and wait until lunch.”

“Ah, what is it? I didn’t receive any discipline. Anyway, the nun takes care of me a lot. I’d have to lock her up somewhere for half a day before she would listen to me…”

“shut up.”

Elika raised her foot as if to kick her ankle, and the boy, who had been fidgeting again, flinched back. It was a reflex action, as if he was kicked a lot as usual.

The name of the boy who was messing about was Tom, and the name of the boy who was reading was Heron.

“Well, anyway, then let’s go. I’ll help you.”

Elika was the only one to blame, but the other two also took their axes and moved into the woods as if it were natural.

The three of them had grown up together in the monastery since they were children, and they were like the three musketeers of the Monastery of Lobelgio, who were always attached to them no matter what they did.


As we sat down and fell trees for a while, Tom said, wiping his sweat.

“But did you guys hear that? This time, Clendom Paladin-nim said he was going to the church in the capital of Saintea.”

“I heard. He’s such a great person, so there’s nothing strange about him.”

Clendom was a young paladin who excelled among the paladins in the monastery.

“Hey, I want to become an official paladin someday and be called by great people.”

“Awake. You?”

“What about me? Other than Elika, is there anyone my age who can wield a sword better than me?”

Tom asked Elika, who was silently chopping wood.

“Rather than that, Elika, what about you? Don’t you want to become a paladin?”

“take no interest.”

“Ah, he always says that, but he trains harder than I do in swordsmanship training. He’s not honest anyway.”

Elika clicked her tongue, stopped chopping wood, and threw the ax to the ground.

“Hey, where are you going?”

“Go get some water.”

She left the two of them and walked to the place where the stream flowed.

I was walking alone in the woods when something came into my field of vision.


She narrowed her brows and looked at the figure in the distance. And she couldn’t help but open her eyes wide.

It was because a man was lying naked in the middle of the forest.

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