I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 105

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“Um, they found a man who had fallen in the woods and brought him back. Elica and the children.”

“Yes, a young man. He says he was just a traveler who happened to be passing by.”

“How did it happen?”

“I don’t know. They say they don’t remember right before they collapsed, but they seem to be hiding something because there are a little questionable parts.”

At the priest’s explanation, Abbot Dihod stroked his beard.

“He said he wanted to stay at the monastery until he recovered because his condition was so bad that he couldn’t even move…”

“Then there’s nothing much to do. Make accommodations so you don’t have any inconveniences. Since you’re a foreigner, just pay attention and look around.”

At the cool acceptance, the priest nodded as if he knew that.

There was no way that he, who was more faithful than anyone else, would just throw out an injured and difficult person.

The priest glanced at the stack of papers on his desk and said:

“Why don’t you take it a little easier than that, Director. I’m afraid it will harm your health.”

This time, the priests and paladins who were leaving for other denominations were also busy, so he was the director who was only buried in his recent work.

Dihod grinned at the worried words.

“It’s not even a day or two, what. And now that it’s almost over, don’t worry.”

The priest went outside, and Dihod, who was left alone again, continued what he was doing.


After reading the papers for a while, he glanced down at the storage cabinet under the desk.

The bottommost compartment locked with a padlock.

Taking the key out of his pocket, he unlocked the lock and opened the cabinet.

Inside was a translucent black jewel the size of a knuckle.


Dihod, who picked up the jewel, fiddled with it and looked at it strangely.

There was no gentleness on his face, only cold heartlessness.

At the sound of footsteps approaching the room, he put the jewelry back into the drawer and straightened his face. Soon a knock rang.

“Come in.”

The door opened again and another priest entered.

“What’s going on?”

“Yes, Director. There is something you need to confirm regarding the arrangement of the scriptures you mentioned earlier. Are you busy?”

Dihod gestured with a gentle smile.

“It’s okay. Bring it here.”


When I explained the circumstances and said that I wanted to stay at the monastery until my body recovered, I was pleasantly accepted.

I spent most of that day and the next day lying in bed.

Occasionally, priests came and used recovery magic, but it didn’t help much.

Seeing how slow the recovery was even with super-regeneration, it seemed that Ditrodemyan’s mana was really terrible.

Of course, this was a very cheap price compared to receiving the original horse’s attack with his bare body.

‘Let’s really sell it.’

It wasn’t the time to relax, but it was unavoidable given the circumstances.

All I could do was go out to the monastery grounds once in a while to warm up a bit.

Also, it was hard to endure the itching when I was lying in bed all day.

Although this is not a hospital, I felt like a patient who was hospitalized and recuperated.


I was sitting on a chair and watching the scenery blankly, when I saw familiar faces coming out into the yard.

Was it Elika and Tom… and Heron?

The three of them also spotted me, but they didn’t really come up to greet me because they were so far apart.

A book was in Heron’s hand, and a wooden sword was in each of Elika’s and Tom’s hands.

The two men holding the swords warmed up briefly and soon began clashing swords against each other.

‘Is it Dalian?’

I saw a few other kids wielding wooden swords in the yard besides them. Do you want to become a Holy Knight in the future?

It’s only one day, but from the atmosphere I’ve seen so far, the monastery doesn’t seem to force a strict life and discipline on the children.

Heron sat down on a nearby rock and read while Tom and Elika clashed swords fiercely.

I quietly watched their sparring.

【Lv. 11]

A girl named Elika had a higher level than both boys.

It was the only thing that could feel the magic even if it was very weak.

Since all of them seemed to be around Rigon’s age, it was natural for Rigon to come to mind.

Compared to Rigon, they were shabby, but he was not a target to be compared to in the first place.

It’s not like he received systematic and proper teaching like a son from a prestigious family, but that level was quite high.


It wasn’t long before Tom’s sword floated in the air.

He let go of the sword and grumbled loudly, waving his hands.

“Hey, please let’s be gentle. You almost tore your grip.”

At that, Elika snorted and turned to Heron.

“I’m still not feeling well, do you want to play?”

“I’ll decline.”

They chatted for a while and then turned to where I was.

Then he took a step and came closer.



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“Hello, mister!”

I wanted to know what to do, but Tom greeted me vigorously first. I nodded.

“You say it’s hard to move your body, so why are you here?”

I answered briefly to Elika’s question.

“I came out to get some fresh air.”

Hmmm, she sighed and put her hand on her waist.

“If you don’t want to get suspicious, you’d better not wander around too much. You’re a suspicious outsider. I’m not the only one who thinks that way.”

“······I’ve never been around.”

All I could do was come out and sit in the yard, but what?

And he already knew that when he went outside, he was always being watched by the priests and paladins around him.

It seemed like it would bother me if I dealt with it any more, so I got up to go back to my room. And he was about to turn around.

“Oh, wait.”

Suddenly, Elika reached out and grabbed my shoulder and pulled me. For a moment, her body lost balance and staggered.

It wasn’t that strong of a hand, but it was because I didn’t have enough strength in my body to walk.


Elika hastily grabbed me as I was about to lose my balance and collapse.

My body ached even when I was still, but a sharp pain rose up my back. The impression was distorted.

I turned my head with a puzzled look.

She also looked at me with a puzzled face and removed her hand from the back supported.

“······I didn’t give much strength. No matter how much, what are you so weak about?”

“Hey, Elika.”

Heron stopped her from speaking shamelessly.

I clicked my tongue and asked.


“Don’t go deep into the forest behind the monastery. It’s a place you can’t enter there.”

······Where not to enter?

This was the moment when I wanted to ask why, wondering what it was again.

“Erica, Tom!”

A nun shouted from the side of the monastery building and approached us.

The two of them became desperate and immediately ran to the other side and ran away. Heron sighed and followed suit.

Soon the nun who came closer asked me, catching her breath.

“What were those kids doing here by any chance?”

“I trained in swordsmanship…”

“Okay. Excuse me.”

She bowed her head and ran back in the direction they had fled.

Hearing mutterings as he walked away, it seemed that he had something else to do, but he abandoned it and went on a nonsense.


Almost a week had passed since I had been living in the monastery.

I still spent each day focusing on recovery.

Although there is still stiffness in movement, the constant stabbing pain in the body has almost disappeared.

After lunch, it was time to wander around the monastery and walk down the hallways.

From the front, I saw the priest picking up books and papers that had fallen on the floor. It was the Thane priest.

I watched him, then came closer and held out his hand.

“I’ll help you.”

“Ah, Mr. Ethan. Thank you.”

He smiled and thanked me.

“You seem to come out of your room more often than before. Has your body recovered a lot?”

“Yes, thanks for the convenience.”

I picked up the fallen books and naturally skimmed through the titles. It must have been a book like the Bible.

“Did you move all of this by yourself?”

“Haha, yes. I tried to take it all at once, so stop…”

I wondered what he was carrying all these books to do, and he explained if he had read such a sign of me.

“I have to copy the scriptures, but there are things I need to organize first.”

······Sutra transcription?

I immediately understood why I wanted to do such a thing.

There is no printing press in this world, and to print a book, a person would have to write it by hand.

‘Or maybe there’s something like a typeface.’

I picked up all the books and paper documents and skimmed through the contents.

A cursory glance revealed that it was a compilation of verses from the scriptures.

This world is a world where transcendent beings who can be called gods really exist. So, all of a sudden, my interest was piqued.

I read the passages arranged on the paper for a while, but Tane, who was organizing all the books next to me, asked in a surprised voice.

“Ethan, are you able to read adult language?”


Oh right. Come to think of it······.

At those words, I remembered a setting in Lhasa that was on the other side of my memory.

‘In the church, apart from the official language of the continent, they also used the surname together.’

The church had its own unique characters that had been used for a long time, and that was the sacred language.

Basically, it is based on the common language of the continent, but it is much more difficult and difficult.

So, did you say that fully mastering such an idiom is one of the biggest challenges for those who walk the path of the clergy?

‘······Why can’t I read well?’

I glanced at the contents of the paper once again.

Looking at it again, I could realize that it was similar to the common language of the continent, but clearly different. However, it was a good read with no issues whatsoever.

Is this also an interpretation because it is basically based on the common language of the continent?

“Yes, I can read it.”

At my answer, Tane’s eyes stood out and he looked at me burdenedly.

“You can read the holy language, maybe Ethan-san…”

Only then did I realize that I had made a useless misunderstanding.

This was because the holy language was a character that was difficult to learn unless you were a priest.

I quickly shook my head.

“No, I am not a priest.”

“Then why do you use adult language…?”

“······I just learned it out of personal curiosity. I like to explore and analyze ancient languages ​​and various characters.”

“Ah, that’s what it was.”

Tane nodded his head in agreement with a slightly regretful face.

Still, I could feel that there was a lot of goodwill in his eyes.

“Still, you really put in a lot of effort. It takes at least a few years for gifted people who are born with intelligence to fully master the adult language, but you learned it simply out of a spirit of inquiry, not out of faith.”

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