I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 106

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“No. What’s so great about it?”

Even if he wasn’t a priest, the fact that he had learned the holy language seemed genuinely quite willing.

I replied moderately and continued to look through the documents, then asked an idea that came to my mind.

“Can I help you?”


“It’s about arranging these scriptures that need to be transcribed. Looking at the documents, it only takes a lot of time, but it seems to be a simple task with no particularly difficult parts.”

Roughly speaking, it was simply organizing and categorizing the scriptures.

Therefore, it was a task that anyone could do, even if they were not church members, if they could only read adult language.

Tane blinked before replying.

“That’s true, but no matter how much I ask Ethan-san for that…”

“You’ve taken care of convenience, but would this be difficult? And it’s okay because I really want to try it.”

My daily routine consisted of lying in bed or admiring the scenery in the courtyard of the monastery.

It was very boring to spend time like that doing nothing.

And as I said, I owed a lot to the monastery, but this level of help was not a big deal.

“If I divide the portion in half and organize it, wouldn’t it be fine for the priest to check it one last time?”

Tane seemed to be lost in thought for a moment.

However, the faint dark circles under her eyes seemed to be an irresistible helping hand in the midst of her busy schedule.

He immediately smiled and nodded.

“Okay. Then I’d like a little please. Thank you very much.”


I took the scriptures handed over by Thane, paper and pen, and returned to my room.

I sat down at the desk on the other side of the room and immediately started working.

The scriptures were spread out on one side, and the paper on the other side was scribbled with a pen dipped in ink.

‘Even if it’s long, it will be over by tomorrow.’

Find, classify, and record passages.

It was a task close to simple labor, but much less boring and productive than doing nothing.

And it was fun to look at each verse in the scriptures.

Having filled one side of the paper before I knew it, I took a break and thought about it.


There were many religions on Earth, but religion in this world had to come with a completely different feeling.

Because they really believed in and served a transcendent being whose reality clearly existed.

God of light, Rael.

The only church recognized by everyone in the Rasa worldview is the Rael Church, which worships him.

It was also the state religion of Saintea, and it was hard to find anyone who did not believe in Rael, at least within the territory of Saintea.

Compared to the past, there was a clear reason and starting point for the Rael religion to become much stronger and to have more absolute faith in the existence of the god they believe in.

The great invasion of the demon forces, and the appearance of the holy sword.

In the abyss of despair, where nothing but ruin awaits, that transcendent being performed a miracle on mankind with a sword.

And the game of war has completely changed.

The only human who was chosen by the Holy Sword cleared the dark clouds that stretched across the continent with transcendental power, and humanity finally succeeded in sealing the demon king and driving out the demons.


The current owner of the holy sword, a being praised by everyone as a great hero.

According to the official setting, she was the strongest in the Lhasa worldview.

The very existence of such a warrior could be said to be the central axis that balances the current four powers.

The reason why the mighty Calderic didn’t invade Sainttea and maintained a certain level of superficial peace, and why the demon forces with superior power than Calderic couldn’t rampage were all because the hero was still alive and well.

That’s why, if the hero disappeared, it was a predetermined future that a huge chaos would come to the continent again.

And there wasn’t much time left until that moment.

She suffered severe aftereffects from the final battle with the demon lord and was still losing her vitality.


Thinking that far, I felt ridiculous about my current situation.

It’s not the time to be leisurely like this, so why are you arranging the scriptures in a good way?

I have to recover my body as soon as possible and visit Asher…


At that time, people approached the room, and the door opened without knocking.


It was Elika.

With the bread in her mouth, she mumbled and came over to the desk and put down the meal in her hand.

I put it down without hesitation and the soup almost splattered, so I quickly put the paper away. Then he frowned and asked.

“Why are you?”

Originally, there was a single nun who brought meals every time, but I suddenly wondered why this nun came.

Elika gulped down the bread she was chewing on and shrugged her shoulders.

“I just got caught asking for it to be brought to me on the way through. It’s a hassle for me too. Anyway, enjoy your meal.”

“······Yes, thank you.”

“But what do you do with a pile of scriptures?”

Her gaze turned to the scriptures and the paper I was writing on.

“Ah, is this right? Arranging the scriptures to be transcribed. Some of the priests have been working hard for some time now.”


“Why are you doing this, uncle?”



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“I’m indebted to you, so I’m just helping.”

She tilted her head.

“But can you read adult language?”


“How? You were a priest too?”


“Then how do you read it?”

“······I was interested in languages, so I studied separately. I would appreciate it if you would stop going now.”

Don’t bother me and get out of here.

But she didn’t go out and continued snooping around, wondering where she was getting her useless interest again.

“By the way, mister.”


“Are you really going to hide it until the end? Why did you collapse in the forest?”

At that, I frowned.

Every time this guy ran into me, he would still insistently ask me about it.

“I would have said I had no memory, but I don’t know how many times I have to say it.”

“So that’s a lie.”

“It’s true. How long are you really going to hold on to it?”

she crossed her arms

“I can’t hold back when I’m curious. No matter how I look at you, you’re suspicious. You’ve shed so much blood, but there’s not a single wound on your body, and you’re naked with nothing on.”

A lot of blood was shed, but the reason there were no wounds was because of super regeneration.

I was especially hooked on that part and seemed to think I was still hiding something.

‘Of course it’s true that he’s hiding it.’

Of course, I didn’t mean to tell you, so I just ignored it.

No matter what I say, they won’t listen.

At my reaction, Elika clicked her tongue slightly and then turned her gaze back to the paper she was writing on.

After a moment of silence, she opened her mouth again.

“By the way, I don’t know why the continent’s common language is left aside, and these characters are used separately.

I looked at her with slightly bewildered eyes.

“Is it okay for a priest to say such a thing?”

“I haven’t been baptized yet, so I’m not officially a member of the church.”

“Anyway, isn’t it going to happen in the future? Don’t you want to become a paladin?”

“······What? Who is it?”

“Sometimes I hear the conversations you have with your friends.”

She frowned and strongly denied it.

“No. Why do you believe what Tom is talking about?”

“I didn’t believe it, I asked.”

“No. Well… Even so, even if you don’t become a paladin, you will become a church member. It’s not like you have a place to go after leaving the monastery.”

That is to say, he was going to become a church member just to make a living.

I wonder if there is such a guy in the words that can’t be found at all, but he added the following words.

“And I don’t believe in God in the first place.”


what is this again?

Gradually, I was curious, so I asked.

“You don’t believe in God… do you mean you don’t believe in the existence of God?”

Elika shook her head.

“It’s not like that. It’s true that the hero received the holy sword from the god of light.”


“It’s just that I don’t understand. God saved mankind, but so many people died in the war. Why did God help after so many lives were sacrificed?”

······That’s right, I don’t know.

The reason for this was never detailed in the story of the game.

“If God really has omnipotent power and can save mankind as much as he wants without any sacrifice, then why should I feel sublime and awe for such a being? Should I just be grateful?”

She blurted her horse’s tail with her sunken eyes.

“When I say these things, priests and nuns say the same thing every time. God just sends trials and tests us.”


“But what the hell is that test for? Will it even bring the dead back to life if you overcome the ordeal? What’s the use of all that to those who have already lost the most precious thing in life?”

It was quiet, but now it was a voice that felt a little angry.

I stared at her.

Receiving my gaze, she mumbled and then changed the subject awkwardly.

“······It’s just like that. So what do you think about God?”

“I don’t have any particular idea.”

The only god in the Lassa worldview, the transcendental one who gave the holy sword to the hero.

And a key that might give an answer to the world and the situation I’m in.

My perception of Rael, the god of light, was only that much.

“What is it?

Elika pouted.

I asked her

“By the way, is it okay to talk like that to a stranger like me?”

“What? You don’t believe in God?”


“I’m doing it because I’m a foreigner. So, should I say this in front of the priests?”

that’s it again

“Or what, are you going to go somewhere to brag about it?”

“No way.”

“And, well, it doesn’t matter whether you say it or not. Even if I never said it openly, most people in the monastery know that my personality is twisted.”

As if she had finished talking, she let go of her back leaning on the edge of the desk.

“Anyway, enjoy your meal. I did say a lot of nonsensical stories.”

“Ah, come to think of it…”

I remembered something I had forgotten and asked her.

“Last time I said that you shouldn’t go deep into the forest behind the monastery. What is the reason?”

“Ah… that’s it?”

She scratched the nape of her neck and replied.

“Actually, I don’t know either. They say that a monster lives deep in the forest.”


“In the past, priests and paladins have disappeared without a trace in the forest several times. So no one goes into the depths of the forest.”

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