I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 115

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encounter (14)

It was felt from far away that a huge magical collision was taking place on the other side of the forest.

A magical conflict that would only happen when strong men of at least level 80 confronted each other with all their might.


It was not difficult to guess that one would be Zerel, a knight of brilliance.

Because he was the person currently entering the forest.

The question is, who is the other side?

I had been feeling suspicious that the abbot had something to do with this just a while ago.

But it didn’t make sense that the person fighting now was the director.

Because his level was at most level 60.

If he had battled with Zer-El, who was over level 80, he would have been decapitated or subdued in the blink of an eye.

And, of course, there was no other person with a level comparable to Zerel in the monastery.

So, if not the director, who is fighting the battle now? 3rd person?


As we got closer to the scene, the first thing we saw was a reddish aura spreading across the forest like a blood mist.

Unpleasant energy overflowing with ominous feelings.

I had never felt this aura before. Right from Detrodemyan.

I’d only experienced it once, but I couldn’t forget the unique aura I felt from the demons.

‘······ Demons!’

Against the bloody aura, the golden aura was also mixed with it and surging violently, but at some point it completely cut off as if the power had run out. Did Zerel suffer?

I thought I was a step late, but I was just in time.

In the distance, I began to see a fallen Zer-El, and a gray-skinned man standing on the other side. is a demon

And even Elika and Heron, who are watching the scene with pale faces from a little distance away.

‘Why are those two here?’

Of course, it wasn’t important right now.

The demons were gathering huge energy as if they were going to completely end Zer-El.

I immediately jumped in front of Zer-El and opened the floating curtain.

At the same time, a bloody aura swept across the spot where I was standing like a wave.

coo coo coo.

The demons with their hands closed stared at me blankly.

I made eye contact with him for a moment, then turned my head back.

Zer-El was looking up at me with eyes filled with amazement and bewilderment.

“you are······?”

I had only briefly run into them the other day, but judging from her reaction, she seemed to remember my face.

“Eh, Mr. Ethan?”

Elika and Heron were also staring at me dumbfounded.

I only signaled them to step back and looked forward again.

【Lv. 85]

The level floating above his head is 85.

It’s not very high, but it’s still quite strong.

It was an opponent that level 81 Zer-El couldn’t handle.

“Annoyingly new bugs keep popping up.”

Soon, the demon muttered in an annoyed voice.

As he said that, he was observing me with clearly wary eyes.

It appeared out of nowhere and easily blocked his attack, so unless you’re a very arrogant guy, you have no choice but to be vigilant.

It is a demon who has crossed over to the realm of Saintea and is plotting something.

Demons are generally arrogant and tyrannical, but few of them were arrogant.

‘by the way······.’

On one side of the floor, a dried and strewn corpse stood out.

When I found it, I narrowed my eyes.

Abbot’s corpse. I can’t quite recognize the face, but it matches the outfit he remembers, so it’s probably right.

“Was the abbot in the dark?”

I asked Zerel.

He, who had been blankly silent, answered in a troubled voice.

“······That’s right.”

“That demon must be the one who signed a contract with the director.”

It’s simple if you say that it’s a modification that demons usually do outside of their territory.

In order to call contractors and take the price of souls or vitality from them, or even lower-ranking demons simply coveted human blood and flesh.

So it wasn’t that rare for demons hiding in villages or small cities to attack and eat people, but this guy wouldn’t be like that.

Although my eyes were a bit high because there were so many monsters around me, a demon at level 80 was a demon belonging to the upper ranks among demons.

I wondered what the hell this guy was up to in a place that was nothing more than a monastery on the outskirts.

That’s right, if it’s something that a demon of this level would step out for…

‘······no way?’

An assumption came into my mind.

There was no related episode in the game itself, but a concept that appeared steadily through lines.

A demonic seed that the demons seek to hasten the resurrection of the demon king.

Could it really be that?

I glanced at Elika standing on the other side.



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For some reason, there was a feeling that the eyes of the demons were strangely conscious of her from earlier.

“The devil’s seed.”

As I spit it out, I could see that the demon’s impression hardened.

That response convinced me that my guess was correct.

The reason this demon is doing this in the monastery is because of the demon seed.

And the devil’s seed is probably Elica.

“Magic… seeds?”

Zerel, who had been listening to the story, murmured.

There are still less demons, and this is a top secret among them, so no one knows this concept. except for warriors.

However, because of various restrictions, there were only a few facts that she could not tell others like the seeds on her forehead.

In the first place, even though there is no talent in Saintea who can help her and stop the demons’ demons.

“That girl must have been the devil’s seed.”

When I said that as if to make a decision, the demon, who had been silent, soon opened its mouth again.

“You bastard… how?”

The demon’s face, which had been relaxed until a while ago, was clearly embarrassed.

From his point of view, he would have wondered how I knew about the devil’s seed.

“Answer me, human. How do you know about him?”

I just shrugged. There was no reason to answer his questions.

I checked everything.

I said to Zerel.

“Could it happen?”

“Yes, yes…….”

“Then step back. It’s getting in the way of the battle.”

At that, Zerel stumbled up from his seat and stepped back.

The demons did not wait patiently for him.

He gathered a huge bloody energy in his hand and shot it like a beam of light.

I spread the antifreeze curtain again and lightly blocked it.

“If you don’t answer, I’ll tear your flesh piece by piece and make you confess!”

Ominous magic shook around the demon.

From the blood-colored orbs that floated in the air, the light beams from before were shot in a dizzying manner.

But there was no need to escape.

I just stood still and blocked them all.

The blood-colored magic burst and scattered, and a thick fog-like mist spread around.

Its magical power was mostly bloody, so it reminded me of fighting the Tyrant before, but of course it was weak enough to be incomparable to him.


As soon as the attack was blocked, the guy gradually became desperate.

How could someone like him be able to pierce the floating curtain that even the Yuanma could not pierce in the end?

I said dryly to the guy who paused his offensive for a moment.

“Your attacks will never reach me.”


“Answer me when you are truly merciful to life. Was Wonma involved in this?”

The guy in front of me right now wasn’t a problem.

What I’m concerned about now is the intervention of another demon, namely the original demon.

Because the devil’s seed was the most important thing to them, related to the resurrection of the devil king.

It was difficult to think that Wonma did not directly step forward in such matters.

“······How dare you! Humans!”

However, he did not answer my question and only raised his magic power with a look full of contempt and rage.

This time, it didn’t matter if he was trying to deliver a fatal blow with all his might.

A bloody aura whirled over the demon’s head.

Of course, there was no reason to wait quietly.

He didn’t have a shield spread around his body.

I pondered for a moment whether I should end his life.

If he ends his life here, we won’t be able to dig up any more information.

However, it was impossible to keep receiving attacks, and if this continued, it seemed that he would eventually give up, so it was not possible.


Before the preparations for the attack were finished, I teleported right in front of him.

His eyes widened in surprise, and that was it.

The body of the one who was killed instantly fell over.

The mana that was turbulent in the air was scattered in an instant.


I looked down at his corpse for a moment, then turned my head.

Zerel and two others were staring blankly this way.

As he got closer to them, Zerel swallowed and asked.

“That demon…”

“He’s dead.”

“······ May I ask who the hell is the Lord?”

I replied briefly.

“It’s not important right now, so let’s get out of the forest.”

Zerel’s injury was serious, and it wasn’t when they were talking leisurely.

I turned to Elika and Heron.

“Are you all right?”

“······yes yes.”

Heron stuttered and couldn’t speak properly.

The two of them were very embarrassed by this situation.

In the monastery, I had only seen him wriggling so far, so it was understandable.

“By the way, I…”

Heron suddenly came to his senses and tried to say something, but he stuttered and couldn’t say it properly.

Elika stepped up and said.

“I haven’t found Tom yet.”

Those words reminded me of something I had forgotten for a while.

······That’s right, come to think of it, I was originally trying to find the missing children.

But honestly, it’s hard to see that they’re still alive.

I nodded and said to send them out of the forest.

“I’ll search the forest more. Lord’s injuries are serious, so let’s go back to the monastery.”

Zerel’s form was completely messed up, so Elika obediently obeyed.

“But why did you guys come dangerously into the forest?”

“······We came in secretly, but Sir Zerel saved us.”

Was it like that

I could roughly guess the situation.

It seemed that he had entered the forest himself because he couldn’t wait for his friend to go missing.

I wasn’t even their babysitter, so I didn’t bother scolding him.

Anyway, it was the moment when I was about to head out of the forest with the three of us.

I stopped walking.

Then he slowly turned his head to one side.

Suddenly, a dark energy swirled in the air, and something protruded as if the space was splitting open.

“Ah… what the hell is this?”

A gray-skinned woman with huge horns on her head.

After calmly looking around, the grumbling woman looked this way.

She met my eyes and raised her eyebrows to smile.

“Hello? What else are you doing?”


On the contrary, I couldn’t laugh.

It was because I immediately identified her identity from her appearance.

The original horse, Akashla, the 13th ranked demon.

As if the uneasiness that had filled up in one side of his heart turned into a seed, the original demon really appeared.

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