I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 118

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encounter (17)

A woman with blonde hair and eyes.

The woman’s appearance was normal.

He was dressed like a traveler who happened to be passing by.

A strange sight that is hard to describe.

I stared blankly at the woman. For some reason, she feels in her the sacredness of her origin unknown.

【Lv. 99]

······Even if it wasn’t for Cargos’ muttering, she immediately realized the identity of the woman the moment she saw the level floating above her head.

Of course it had to be.

Excluding the demon king, there was only one existence of that level.

Hero, Aindel.

The hero who cut the head of the demon king, and the official strongest person in the world of Lhasa.

“No, that’s nonsense…”

The owner of the dangerously trembling voice in my ears was Akashla.

Her complexion, which had been so relaxed until just now, was so pale that even gray skin couldn’t hide it.

Mevilos also had his eyes fixed on the hero with a face in shock.

······It was not only them that shocked me, but also me.

Because this was a completely unexpected development.

How did the hero appear here?

The hero’s golden eyes scanned the three demons, me, and the other three in turn.

For an instant, a suffocating tension hung over the forest.

I stumbled and strained the body I was trying to get up and sat down on the ground again.

It was embarrassing, but on the other hand, what I felt at the same time was the relief that I had lived.

Even if I don’t know how the hero came here, it was clear what she was going to do from now on.

“Mebilos, Akashla, Cargos.”

Eventually, the hero who broke the silence spoke the names of the original horses in turn.

When her name was called, Akashla shuddered in fear.

“You’ve been living those tough lives so far.”

Cargos glared at the hero with eyes mixed with anger and various emotions.

“Abominable human…!”

A great war in which the hero sealed the demon king.

At that time, countless demons died at the hands of the hero, and the original demons were no exception.

The original horses at the present time are those who barely survived the war or newly ascended to the throne after the war ended.

And the three original horses in front of him, including Kagos, were all raw horses who had experienced the power of the hero.

That’s why they should know very well.

That the situation had been completely reversed and that there would be no way for them to get out of here alive.

“How on earth did you come here? Until recently, you were definitely in Seongdong…”

The hero did not give any answer to Mevilos’ question.

He looked at Elika floating right next to him with a look of nervousness, then exchanged glances with Cargos.


The air around Mevilos rippled and cracked like waves.

It was the ability of space transfer that he had shown time and time again.

At that moment, the solid golden line split the open space vertically like a flash war. The space that had been opened had just melted away.

In the hands of the hero who had nothing until just now, there was a sword emitting a brilliant golden light.

‘······Holy Sword!’

I let out a soft exclamation.

The sacred sword that sealed the demon king, Vallotia.

The divinity emitted from the holy sword overpowered and buried all the ominous energy emitted by the demons.


Then, when the hero stretched out his hand, a hemispherical-shaped barrier spread across the area in an instant.

Not only that, but a golden curtain encircled Elika’s body in Mevilos’ hands.

Mevilos hastily tried to stop it, but to no avail. Encased in her veil, Elika cut through the air and was drawn like a magnet to the warrior’s side in the blink of an eye.

Not only was it not enough to completely block the retreat of the original horses, it was to secure Elika’s personal safety.

······Is this the power of the holy sword?

The hero’s energy was not just magical power.

It is neither magic nor mystery, but a transcendent kind of power that is much higher than that. It was the power of the holy sword bestowed upon the hero by God.

The hero gently put the unconscious Elika on the floor and examined her condition.

Even though the demon seeds were stolen right in front of their eyes, the original demons did not dare to attack the hero.

“It was also the devil’s seed.”

The hero muttered that and stretched out his hand toward Elika.

Then, the golden energy flowing from the hero’s hand was absorbed into Elika, and her eyes immediately opened.


Elika, who had come to her senses, blinked and then suddenly stood up.

I found the hero standing right next to me and looked at me with a bewildered face.

The hero stroked her head and said.

“Relax, child. Just step back over there for a while.”

The hero turned to Zer-El and Heron and said.

Zerel, who had been staring at the hero in complete bewilderment, flinched at her gaze.



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“Yo, hero…”

Elika stepped back as the hero said, and the hero turned his gaze to me this time.

I met the hero’s eyes for a while feeling an indescribable feeling.

Then, as the hero waved his hand, a golden curtain appeared around the three of Elika and me. is it a shield?

She took her eyes off her and looked at the three demons again and said.

“Your name ends here.”

At the sentence of the warrior, Cargos gnashed his teeth and raised his energy explosively.

Do-ju seemed to have given up and chose to fight in the end. There were no other options other than that.


Soon, red veins, like veins of lava, began to sprout from Cargos’ body.

Fierce flames shimmered in the body of the beast and the greatsword he was holding, emitting terrifying heat.

It was like seeing a volcano just about to explode.

Cargos had been attacked as a boss mob in the game, so I knew that was his full power state.

“Do you think this Cargos will run away! Hero, you know that your physical condition is not as normal as it was in your prime!”

Just the heat it spewed out set the surrounding bushes on fire.

In the next moment, he charged at the hero with terrifying speed and swung his greatsword.


Cargos and the warrior’s sword collided and the bushes were blown away by the shock wave that spread in all directions.

However, the hero easily blocked the blow in place.


Cargos roared again and swung his sword.

The lava-like flames around its blade burned brightly, dyeing the entire forest a crimson light.

A battle that is hard to follow with the naked eye.

Red light and golden energy entangled with each other, and intense flashes that blinded the eyes continued to explode.

As if the entire forest was engulfed in flames, even the sky was colored by the collision of two gigantic energies, making it seem like the end of the world had come.

Cargos’ ability was flame.

A flame resembling a cataclysm that instantly burns anything and extinguishes it without leaving ashes.

His ability was virtually invincible, impenetrable to any defense in the game.

Since it was an immobility curtain that barely prevented Ditrodemyan’s space cutting, I thought that maybe his flames might have been difficult to block even with the immobility curtain.

However, even such a bastard’s ability seemed to have no effect on the hero.

The hero swung his sword with an expressionless face, the same as the first time.

The warrior’s divine power was not noisy even in the fierce offensive of Cargos. However, as the battle continued, it was Cargos’s momentum that gradually faded.

As if burning the last flame in a huge tidal wave, Cargos’s offensive seemed desperately desperate.


The space around it cracked and the protruding thorns hit the warrior who was pushing Cargos. It was Mevilos’ ability.

However, as soon as it touched the golden force field surrounding the hero’s body, it all just vanished.

Akashla wasn’t standing still. If Cargos is defeated, it’s their turn next.

Instead, he sneaked closer to Elika and the other three, perhaps aiming for the children instead of the hero.

However, before I could step out, black energy flew from the hero like a beam of light.

The sword accurately penetrated the main body, which was approaching the children while hiding, ignoring Akashla’s vision.


Akashla’s body was cut in two by the hero’s sword attack.

Akashla, whose whole body was split vertically, was engulfed in golden flames and annihilated with a terrible scream.

He was destined to die anyway, but he hadten his life by doing a useless thing.

blah blah!

Mebilos, who was aiming for the hero’s gap, also followed Akashla at some point. A solid line was etched around his neck.

As if he didn’t even notice the attack, Mevilos’s head flew through the air with a stiff expression.

The two original horses died so easily that it was pointless, and now only Cargos was left.


Cargos exploded his energy as if he were wringing out his last strength.

Still, I wanted to hold on for quite a long time as I was ranked 3rd in the ranks of the demons.

However, if the hero had made up his mind, he would have lost his head long ago.

Level 97 and level 99, even if it was only a difference of 2 levels numerically, it was a huge difference like the sky and the earth.

The blade of flame rose from the greatsword Cargos held up like a huge column.

The warrior also swung his sword at the energy that came down as if it would split the entire forest at once. A blow that doesn’t look much different from before.

There were no explosions due to collisions. Cargos’ sword was buried in the hero’s blow and crumbled like dust.

Cargos’s sword was also split in half, and at the same time, his armor was cracked and blood gushed out.


Cargos fell from the air and wriggled on the floor.

Then, in the hand of the hero who landed on the ground, he saw the holy sword scattering in golden light and disappearing.

The hero, who was not even breathing, stood in front of Cargos.

Cargos, who struggled to raise his head, looked up at her and laughed.

“In the end… you will be unstoppable. The miracle of that day will never happen again…”

It was his last will.


A spark suddenly rose from the body of the man who left the last words calmly in a voice that felt neither fear of death nor anger toward the hero.

I wondered if he was trying to self-destruct, but the flames only engulfed Cargos’ body.

It burned itself like that and disappeared in an instant without leaving a body.


Silence fell around.

Without realizing it, I held my breath and watched the hero standing there.

The mighty power of the warrior who easily dealt with the three wonma was overwhelming.

She looked down at the place where Cargos had burned down for a moment, then turned her gaze towards Elika and the others.

The next word that came out of the warrior’s mouth was unexpected.

“Somehow the face looks familiar, but it must be Sir Zerel.”

At the words of the hero, Zerel was shocked and unable to speak, but soon nodded with a thrilled face.

“Yes, yes! Hero… I am honored to remember you.”

Come to think of it, Zer-El was a knight of brilliance who went through the war with the hero.

I sighed in relief.

I really wanted to die this time, but I didn’t know that I would be saved by the hero.

“Who are you?”

I lowered my head, then suddenly lifted it back up at the warrior’s voice.

she was looking at me

I couldn’t find anything to say for a while, so I mumbled, but since my identity was revealed anyway, there was nothing to hide.


I gladly answered the hero’s question.

“The 7th Lord of Calderic.”

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