I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 119

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warrior (1)

Even after hearing about my identity, the hero surprisingly did not react in any way.

He just looked at me with curious eyes.

“······Seven Lords of Calderic?”

I thought she was wondering what the Lord of Calderic was doing in a place like this.

But from what I heard, that wasn’t the case.

“Isn’t Calderic’s 7th Corps an empty seat?”

It seemed that the hero was completely unaware of the fact that a new 7th Lord had been crowned in Calderic.

I wondered why I didn’t know that, but I soon understood.

‘Could it be that he just came out of Seongdong?’

I guessed that the warrior would be in Seongdong, seeing as he did not show up at the Neutral Nations Conference last time.

Seongdong is a space only for the recovery of warriors whose communication with the world is completely cut off.

If he had come to this place as soon as he got out of there, he might not have known enough about it.

“A year ago, a new 7th Lord was already crowned in Calderic.”

The warrior looked at me intently and asked.

“Then, for what purpose did you come here?”

······That’s what I’m curious about, too.

Of course, it was not a coincidence that the hero came all the way here, and he must have come to understand everything that is happening in the monastery here.

I made eye contact with the hero without speaking for a moment.

At that time, Zer-El, who was on the other side, intervened in the story and told the hero.

“Hero, that person… tried to protect us from the demons. I don’t know what the purpose was, but at least…”

Zer-El looked confused, but seemed willing to take my side.

It seemed that the hero was afraid to misunderstand the situation.

After all, Calderic and Sainttea are no different from enemies, so it wouldn’t be strange if they cut their throats after hearing only my identity in this situation.

But I didn’t worry about that at all.

Because I knew very well how good and fair the hero was.

There was no way I was wearing colored glasses just hearing that I was the Lord of Calderic.

That’s why I revealed my identity without much hesitation. There was no point in hiding it in the first place.

“It was purely accidental that I came here. I didn’t even know about the existence of demons who were secretly working in this monastery.”

I expressed my position honestly without any lies.

Of course, that would have been unbelievable.

The Lord of Calderic came by chance to a small monastery located on the outskirts of Saintea, where the devil’s seed was hidden.

‘But I have no choice but to believe it.’

The hero will have no choice but to believe my words.

Because among the numerous powers possessed by the hero, there were also those similar to those of the overlord.

The ability to discriminate between truth and lies in words, one of the abilities of the holy sword.

So she should have known that I was only telling the truth.


The warrior, who was silent for a moment, turned his gaze to the three.

Elika, who had been looking at me, stammered.

“Oh, I haven’t found my friend yet. Somewhere in the woods…”

At that, Zerel also added words with a look of regret.

“The demons kidnapped two children from the monastery, hero. They’re probably somewhere in this forest.”

I could feel the dark shadow on Zerel’s face as he said that.

Maybe it’s because it’s hard to think that the children will be safe yet.

In any case, even if it is unknown whether he is alive or dead, he must find it as soon as possible.

The warrior nodded and looked around, then fixed his gaze in one direction of the ruined forest.

“Wait a moment.”


The figure of the warrior suddenly disappeared.

And within a few minutes, she came back and found two boys in her arms.


After seeing Tom’s face, Elika and Heron jumped up from their seats.

Tom and the other boy were unconscious but breathing normally.

The hero put the two boys on the floor and said.

“There is no danger to life, so be at ease.”

“Uh, where did you find them?”

“It seems to be burying itself in something like a stem and robbing it of its vitality. It must have been a demon’s familiar.”

Among the demons, there were too many of them who depended on life force as food.

Perhaps the chief of this place hid his familiar in the forest and often fed it to people. Anyway, I’m glad you’re okay.

At that time, the hero moved to the side of the director’s withered corpse and picked up something.

It was something that looked like a jewel with a black glow.


I knew what it was.

An item used by demons to find demon seeds.

Numerous demons are secretly looking for demon seeds for the resurrection of the demon king, and contractors who have been empowered by them also search for demon seeds at the command of demons.

Low-ranking demons or contractors of the demons could not recognize the demon seeds even if they saw them, so they borrowed the power of that object to distinguish them.

The abbot accidentally found out that Elika was the seed of a demon, and wondered if that’s why the original horses came.



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It is unlikely that the director had a direct connection with the original horses. Because he wasn’t that strong.

However, since it is the seed of a demon, the demon who gave strength to the director must have called the original demons directly.


The warrior also knew well what the purpose of the jewel was.

The hero looked at the jewel for a while and then destroyed it.

The jewels enveloped in golden aura disappeared in an instant.

After destroying the jewel, the hero moved again and approached Elika.

Elika, who had been examining the distraught Tom, raised her head and looked at her.

Golden light gathered in the warrior’s hand, and the holy sword appeared again.

Heron, who was next to her, was startled when she suddenly drew out her sword and blocked Elika’s way.

“Ah, why are you suddenly like this…”

“It’s okay. I don’t mean to harm your friend.”

The hero pushed Heron aside with a soft hand and stood in front of Elika.

Then he put his hand on Elika’s head.


With the flash of the holy sword, divine aura wrapped around Elika’s body.

I guessed what the hero was doing. It would be to remove the devil’s seed with the power of the holy sword.

Heron looked at the scene with a bewildered face, and Elika also examined her body with a bewildered face.

······Anyway, it seemed that the situation had been sorted out.

The original horse and the demons all died, and the two missing people were also safely saved.

The warrior turned his gaze back to me.

She still had many questions to ask me, but neither did I.

Even if it wasn’t, meeting and talking to the hero was something I had to do in the future.

This kind of meeting was never imagined, but it was a great opportunity.

“Hero, I want to talk to you.”


Once I got out of the forest, I went back to the monastery.

Back at the monastery, priests and paladins gathered in the backyard with fearful faces.

When they saw us coming out of the forest, they were startled as if they had seen a ghost.

Almost the entire forest was turned upside down by the battle with the Wonma, so even the people in the monastery couldn’t be unaware of it.

“······Tom, Rex!”

“Everyone is safe!”

A few nuns saw the children and came running in haste.

The paladins asked Zerel with bewildered faces.

“Sir Zerel… what the hell happened in the forest?”

It was up to Zerel to explain and organize the situation to the people at the monastery.

With the abbot dead, it was impossible to completely hide what had happened.

The fact that the abbot was a contractor for the demons, that the demons who gave power to the abbot appeared in the forest and attacked them, and that’s how they battled the demons.

Zerel did not explain about the demons targeting Elika or the original demons. He didn’t even have to explain that.

In the first place, the devil’s seed was a completely ignorant part that he knew nothing about.

“Whoa, you said the director was a contractor for the demons? There’s no way that’s the case!”

“But it’s true. The kidnapping of children in the forest was also the work of the director’s familiar.”

People denied it as if they couldn’t believe it.

It was only natural that the abbot seemed to have a very high level of trust and respect for the people of the monastery.

In particular, the priests were the ones who hated and despised the demons more than anyone else.

Of course, it was a big shock to them that the director they trusted and followed was a corrupter who signed a contract with a dirty demon.

“······There is the body of the abbot in the forest. The Papal States will send more people to investigate the details, but you can take a look.”

Zerel calmed the people down and continued his explanation.

A few looked at the hero and asked.

“But this person…?”

When the hero made a slightly embarrassing expression, Zerel evaded it appropriately.

It was dawning in the sky.

The atmosphere calmed down and several priests took the children to treat them.

Zerel went into the forest again with the Paladins and cleaned up after himself, and I entered the monastery building with the warrior.

“Sit here.”

I brought the hero to my room.

It was because there was no other suitable place to have a conversation.

The hero took a quick look around the room and sat down in a chair. I sat across from her.

“Let me introduce myself again. I am Ron, the 7th Lord of Calderic.”


The warrior replied briefly.

Since I was the one who said I wanted to talk, it looked like I was just going to listen.

She wasn’t showing any momentum, but there was a sense of being overwhelmed just by looking at her. She has a level of intimidation unmatched even by the Overlord.

I sorted out what I had to say and went straight to the main point.

“Have you dealt with the demon seed that girl is holding?”

The hero’s eyes narrowed at my question.

Only the warriors and the demons know exactly about the devil’s seed.

Also, the hero can destroy the devil’s seed with the power of the holy sword.

That’s why among the things she does are finding and destroying people with demonic seeds and protecting them from the demons.

It was natural to wonder how I knew about them.

“How do you know about him?”

I didn’t answer that question.

It’s a question that can’t be answered, and even if you tell it, you won’t be able to understand it.

Instead, he continued talking.

“I know what your purpose and aspiration are, champion. And that you don’t have much time left.”


When I didn’t answer the question and just kept saying what I had to say, she looked a little upset.

“What do you want to say?”

On the one hand, it looked like he had no idea what I was talking about.

Because the hero’s purpose was unknown to anyone except the hero himself, and was something that could not be told to anyone.

It was a kind of contract and taboo that the hero made with the holy sword.

That’s why I’ve been doing everything by myself without anyone’s help.



The hero opened his eyes wide in amazement at my words.

His expressionless face, which didn’t even blink an eye when fighting the three original horses, was cracked in an instant.

I checked her reaction and continued.

“You are looking for someone to inherit the Holy Sword. I know that fact.”

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