I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 122

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Heir (1)

Eastern Saintea, Ramon Mountains.

A single person is walking on a forest path thick with green bushes.

A girl walking around with a wooden stick slung over her shoulder, tapping and tapping.


The girl, who had a slightly languid expression on her face, suddenly stopped walking and looked around at the bush next to her.

The bush rustled, and a small squirrel jumped out of it.

The girl naturally crouched down at the squirrel that cautiously approached her.

She fumbled in her pocket, pulled out a few acorns, and held them out to the squirrel. The squirrel took it readily and began to eat it.



As the girl was petting the squirrel, the ground suddenly vibrated.

The squirrel, startled by this, threw away even the acorns it was eating and ran away. The girl frowned.

Soon the sound got closer and what appeared was a huge bear. A creature close to a monster, not just a beast.

There were red bloodstains on the bear’s mouth, as if it had already finished hunting once somewhere.

Even in the eyes of the terrifying predator that seemed to attack at any moment, the girl did not get tired of fear and remained calm.

All he could do was tap on the shoulder with the wooden stick in his hand and mumble.

“I didn’t intend to eat meat for lunch.”


Soon, with a roar, the bear ran wildly at the girl.

The girl raised the bar. A blue energy shimmered around the stick.

With his mouth wide open, he struck the stick at the top of the bear’s head.

The series of actions seemed very light, but the results that occurred were not.

With an explosion that sounded like something exploded, the bear’s body collapsed and fell to the ground.

The girl stared at the bear, who had been killed instantly by the blow, then sat down with her back against a nearby tree.

The girl, who had returned to her languid face from earlier, looked up at the clear, cloudless sky.

“······ Hmm.”


The first thing he did after returning safely to the Monarchy was to calm Asher down.

It was because she couldn’t hide her astonishment as soon as she saw me.

“You’ve worried me. I’m fine, so don’t worry.”

“Yes, yes……but what the hell is going on…….”

Even as Asher said that, unlike her usual self, she could hardly regain her composure, and her voice was raging.

Since the last thing Asher saw of me was the sight of me disappearing after being attacked by Ditrodemiyan, this kind of strong reaction was understandable.

“Let’s go inside first.”

Since it was in the middle of the hallway of the castle, I first moved to the room with Asher. And he gave a brief explanation of what had happened.

From being forcibly teleported to the periphery of Saintea due to Detrodemyan’s ability, to encountering other original horses there.

There was nothing to hide except for the existence of the hero.

In fact, I wondered if Asher would need to hide the hero, but I omitted it and explained it for now. Because the story gets complicated.

“······That’s right. You were swept away by that demon’s space-type ability and that’s why…”

After hearing all the explanations, Asher murmured.

Come to think of it, I thought I had managed to bring Tiyong back to the Monarchy safely.

Tiyong won’t ride anyone else on his back unless he’s riding with me because of the Wyvern’s special race.

I don’t know if Ashelle got her own recognition, or if she’s a smart guy and knows that it’s not the time to argue about that.

“How was the situation after I disappeared?”

“Yes, so… After looking around the forest for another day or so, I immediately returned to the Monarchy.”

“Who’s the overlord’s informant?”

“They separated from him and moved. They probably returned to the overlord’s castle.”

Asher lowered her head with a gloomy expression.

“I’m sorry. I thought I had to find a way to quickly find out whereabouts of Ron-sama…”

“No. Your judgment was appropriate.”

I just heard the story from the butler. That Asher was trying to inform the overlord of the situation and ask for help.

It was because the overlord was the only person I could count on if there was a problem with me.

It seemed that the news had already reached the overlord, as time had passed, but it didn’t matter anyway.

It wouldn’t have been possible to hide anything related to Ditrodemyan anyway, and the only thing that had to be hidden was the existence of the hero.

How would the overlord react if he found out about my partnership with the champion?

That much was not expected at all.

For unknown reasons, the overlord in the game seemed to have a strange affinity for the hero. Despite the fact that the decisive obstacle preventing Calderic from striking Saintea is the hero.

In any case, there would be nothing good about being discovered about the hero by an unknown monster.


I stared at Asher.

What I had to do from now on was to finally find a successor.

I have been with Asher almost all of my journeys so far. She wouldn’t have gotten this far without her help.



“Do you remember what I said earlier about my goal in the ancient ruins?”

Asher blinked and replied.

“Yes, you said you wanted peace on the continent…”



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I nodded.

“Now is the starting point in earnest. Is your will still the same as the answer you gave back then?”

Asher had said that she would be happy to contribute to whatever I did in the future.

Asher replied in a firm voice as if it were natural.

“Of course. Whatever Ron wants, I’ll be with you.”

The fact of the succession of the Holy Sword is a top secret among top secrets, as it is a matter at stake for the fate of this continent.

In fact, there was no need to explain everything to Asher and directly involve him.

Even if I don’t explain why, she will obey my orders as always.

…But I didn’t want to borrow her power forever, as if I was using her while hiding what I was doing.

I already trusted Asher as an absolute ally, as a valuable colleague and subordinate.

So now, slowly, at least to her, shouldn’t it be clear about my ultimate goal?

I got up and said to Asher.

“I have a place to go right now. Follow me.”


Putting on a robe for going out, I left the monarchy and headed to a luxurious inn located on the outskirts of the city with Asher.

I had spoken with the hero that he would come to this place by noon tomorrow.

Without finding anything, the hero was eating in the hall on the first floor of the inn.

“You came right there.”

The hero put down the soup spoon and glanced at Asher standing behind me. Ashelle also looked at such a hero with her curious eyes.

I looked around the inn hall once and said.

“Let’s start with the meal.”

“No, it’s okay. I’ve reserved the room, so let’s go upstairs.”

There was still food left, but the warrior finished eating right away and got up from his seat.

As far as I know, a hero would have a body that does not have any problems even if he does not consume any food. The hero who borrowed the power of the holy sword is no different from a half-transcendent.

However, the dialogue in the game once said that she does not exercise her power over such trivial matters.

I went straight upstairs to the room and sat facing the hero.

At the same time, I felt the magic of the hero spreading around the room, but it seemed to block the sound leaking out.

“Sit here too, Asher.”

Asher refused to sit down and tried to stand in the back, so I sat next to her.

Before getting into the main topic, I decided to introduce Asher first. However, the warrior asked first.

“Who is he?”

It was a voice filled with wonder and caution.

The story to be told from now on is about the position of the heir, but it was a natural reaction since he brought a stranger he had never spoken to.

“Ashhel Gronnhilt, my escort.”

I said to the warrior

“She will also be with us in the future. She is a person who will be of great help.”

“…wasn’t the 7 lord you the only collaborator?”

“I know what you want to say, but there is nothing to worry about. I trust you more than anyone.

While the hero was making a slightly confused expression, Asher also looked back at me with an expression of incomprehension.

I revealed the hero’s identity to her as well.

“Ashhel, this man is the hero of Saintea.”

“······Yes, yes?”

Asher looked even more surprised than before and moved her gaze to the hero.

I knew that even if I introduced myself like this, I wouldn’t understand the situation at all.

“Ashhel, listen carefully. What I’m going to do from now on is…”

I finally gave Asher the explanation I had been putting off.

About the holy sword, about the succession of the holy sword, and even about establishing a cooperative relationship with the hero.

As she explained step by step, Asher’s expression changed in various ways.


After hearing all the explanations, Asher stared blankly at the hero on the other side.

There was confusion in those eyes, but it wasn’t just that.

“Are you… really a hero of Saintea?”

A voice that seemed strangely hostile.

I soon understood Asher’s attitude.

Because for Asher, a person belonging to Saintea could not be kind, especially if it was a hero.

The hero also looked at Asher with a curious expression, wondering if he felt it too.

Ashley didn’t say anything for a while, but soon opened her mouth again.

“I am a survivor of the White Moon Tribe. Exterminated by Saintea.”


At those words, the hero’s eyes slowly opened wide.

Even the hero was well aware of the terrible atrocities committed by the imperial family.

I wondered if I should get involved in the story, but decided to quit. This was also an issue that needed to be addressed.

“I’ve always been curious. Hero, do you know about the massacre of the White Moon tribe by the Saintea imperial family?”

The warrior nodded.

“I’m well aware of it.”

At that answer, Asher seemed to be moved for a moment.

Ashley took a deep breath and spoke again.

“Then you didn’t stop the imperial family even knowing it. Is that correct?”

“It’s not…”

The warrior shook his head.

“At the time, I was in a place where I was completely cut off from communication with the world. So when I learned about the disaster, it was already too late.”


“Sir Asher Gronnhilt, this must be nothing more than a contemptible excuse for you.”

The hero who got up from his seat bowed his head deeply toward Asher.


The hero was only conveying the words of apology like that.

It seemed like he only handed that one word because it was too sinful to say anything more.

When Asher said nothing, the hero raised his head after a while and continued.

“The emperor is behind the massacre of your clan.”

“I know. But if you know that too, why?”

If you knew that, why did you leave the emperor alone?

The hero replied with a face that seemed to have no face, and on the other hand, a bitter face.

“As of yet, I cannot hold the Emperor guilty of the evils he has done.”

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