I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 123

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Heir (2)

can’t be blamed

It was natural for Asher to have an expression of incomprehension at the hero’s words.

The hero who once saved the continent, the incarnation of justice who cut down the wooden car of the demon king.

Why did such an existence say as if it were asserting that an old and decrepit emperor could not be punished?

“Why? Because your position, who is praised by everyone as a hero, is in jeopardy?”

On the other side of Asher’s limp voice, a blade stood.

But that was no reason. Because the hero was not a person who acted for his own honor.

Even if the hero punishes the emperor in the first place, there will be no major damage to the hero’s reputation as long as the justification is met.

An irreplaceable being in Saintea, she would have enough power to do it anyway if she put her mind to it.

just one reason.

“As things stand, the chaos that will befall Saintea after the Emperor is slain is out of control.”

I silently pondered over the hero’s answer.

The warrior’s principle of action is always consistent. world peace.

But she is also a person who knows the difference between ideal and reality better than anyone else. She is not a fairy tale hero.

It means that he does not do anything recklessly to protect his beliefs.

The emperor is clever and cunning.

He is well aware of the hero’s temperament, and has already prepared all the means he can mobilize in preparation for the hero’s movements.

A typical example of this was encouraging a more dirty and brutal battle against the children who were qualified to succeed the throne.

It was to ensure that his abdication or death would cause as much confusion and repercussions as possible in the empire.

It’s time for everyone to unite, with the re-invasion of the demons imminent.

That is why the hero cannot judge the emperor.

She had more things to do and more responsibilities than anyone else. It was impossible to root out and correct the state affairs of Saintea, which were entangled like a spider web centered on the emperor.

At least for now, the emperor was playing his role well, so he had no choice but to let go of his eyes.

The hero did not bother to explain the complicated circumstances. I don’t know if you think it’s just an excuse or not.

Asher glared at the hero and let out a sigh.

I interrupted because she seemed to be looking at me.

“It’s okay. If there’s anything you want to say, say it all.”

The warrior also nodded.

At that, Asher mumbled his mouth, then opened it again.

“I know it’s ridiculous to blame you like this.”


“This is only my clan’s business, and even if the circumstances of the lesser tribes that are forgotten in the world are out of your interest, who can say anything?”

“······I don’t think so. You have the right to hold me accountable. Even if you resent and hate me, I have nothing to say.”

It’s not just words, it’s what you really think.

Because it was now that I saw the most agitation on that expressionless face after meeting the hero.

Ashley shook her head.

“I was just wondering why. That’s all. I’m just following Ron’s wishes.”

After saying that, she bowed her head.

“I have offended you. I’m sorry.”

Asher apologized to the hero in a polite but utterly unfeeling manner.

The hero looked at Asher with a confused look, then turned his gaze to me.

The conversation ended abruptly, but Asher seemed to have nothing more to say, so he decided to end the conversation.

“Ashhel, as I said, from now on, I will move with the hero to find the successor.”

I said to the warrior

“The location of the successor is the Great Mountains of Ramon, east of Saintea.”


“It’s not completely accurate. But it’s very likely to be there somewhere.”

“The Ramon Mountains…”

The warrior seemed to be lost in thought for a moment, then asked.

“Are you going to move right now?”

“Yes. There’s no reason to procrastinate.”

It didn’t take long to ride Tiyong up to the Ramon Grand Mountains, and it didn’t take much to say that it was a warrior.

I thought for a moment and then corrected my words.

“No, we’ll move tomorrow morning.”

I’m going to be away for a while, so if there are things that need to be sorted out, I’d better sort them out and leave.

After setting the departure time with the hero, he left the inn.

As for Asher’s feelings toward the hero… Even if antipathy was unavoidable, fortunately there seemed to be no major problem.



“I want you to tell me your honest thoughts about the warrior.”

On the way back to the castle, I asked Asher.

Asher was silent for quite some time before answering.

“Honestly, I don’t feel good about it.”

“Is she resentful?”

“It’s not up to resentment… It’s my responsibility to punish the emperor, who is the party involved. How can I have the right to blame others? It’s just…”

There was no back talk, but her feelings were understood.

The disaster of the White Moon Tribe was obviously completely unrelated to the hero, but on the other hand, it could have been prevented by the hero.



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Also, although the warrior has the ability to judge the evil deeds of the emperor, he does not do so.

Even if he knew that even the hero had complicated circumstances, it would be difficult for Asher to accept. Are reason and emotion different?

At that time, Asher said with a sad face.

“I’m sorry to bother you, Ron. I’m fine. It’s just that my mind was disturbed for a moment.”


In any case, it didn’t seem like there would be any major problems right away.

It would be nice to have a good relationship with each other, but isn’t the relationship between the hero and Asher important for future work?


Returning to the castle, I had to greet another guest.

“······Chief of Staff?”

While I was away for a while, Chief of Staff Daypon came to visit.

The chief of staff standing at the entrance of the castle greeted me politely.

“It’s been a while, 7th Lord.”

It was the first time the chief of staff came to the castle in person since the last Six Lords incident.

Looking at it with a curious look, he immediately announced his intention to visit.

“I came after hearing the news from the Lord regarding the Mage Tower owner case, and I am glad that you are safe.”


Well, nothing else.

I wanted to talk, so I went into the castle with the chief of staff.

“What did you come to talk about?”

When we sat facing each other and asked, the chief of staff took a sip of the tea served by the butler and opened his mouth.

Since he was the chief of staff who knew my personality, he brought up this matter right away.

“Do you remember the informant the Lord saved in the field?”


“I was informed by the informant that Flaberos Matadju was in a contractual relationship with the prodigy, Detrodemyan. Also, the fact that the monarch killed Detrodemyan right on the spot, and that he disappeared for a while after that. .”

I looked at him with eyes asking what to do.

To be honest, I couldn’t completely rule out the possibility that the overlord’s intentions were mixed in the appearance of Detrodemyan.

The chief of staff continued with a slightly nervous look, probably feeling the pressure to stare at him to read his intentions.

“I want to hear directly from the monarch about what happened at the scene.”

······How should I answer?

I was troubled.

I had no intention of saying anything about the monastery.

The overlord might have known by now that a hero had appeared in the Monastery of Lobelgio.

But it was information that I would know someday, and if so, I shouldn’t have discovered the connection between me and the hero.

“I know that the Seven Lords made a promise with the Overlord.

After I didn’t answer for a while, the chief of staff opened his mouth again.

Assassination of Flaveros Mage Master, that was the promise with the Overlord. So, it was also necessary to reveal what happened in the process.

I intentionally let out a little exaggerated laugh. At that, the chief of staff stopped him.

‘It’s kind of annoying.’

If not, what did I go through because of this?

I don’t know how many times I almost died after fighting Ditrodemyan, falling on the edge of Saintea and meeting other original horses in a row. Of course, thanks to that, I met the hero.

Anyway, I went through such hardships because of the overlord, but the words of the chief of staff were enough to touch my heart.

If it is difficult to answer, it is enough if you do not answer. And now I had enough reasons to do so.

“Chief of staff.”


“Is it a coincidence that Detrodemyan showed up there?”

I asked in the coldest voice possible.

The Chief of Staff swallowed his saliva and said carefully, as if he knew the meaning of my words.

“It’s a misunderstanding… the appearance of Ditrodemyan has nothing to do with the will of the overlord.”

“I see. Of course, Flaveros’s mage master was the original horse’s contractor, and it was all a mischievous coincidence that he appeared at the moment I was about to deal with the mage master.”


“Tell the overlord. I will need a proper explanation for this matter.”

After saying that, I issued a congratulatory order to the chief of staff.

“… I understand. I will speak to the overlord.”

The chief of staff could not ask further questions and had no choice but to back down.

If you go this hard, you might be able to get past it somehow. Anyway, it was right that the Mage Tower Lord dealt with it as promised.


While I was away, there were no particular problems.

When I asked because the Leaf siblings were nowhere to be seen, they said that Leaf went on a mission to the northern city with some members, and Rigon followed him.

The Riff siblings seemed to have settled into the castle and adjusted to it before they knew it.

After a day of rest, I left the castle early the next morning with Asher and Tiyong.

I told the head butler that I would be away for a while, so I would take good care of it so that there were no problems.

The hero was waiting in the forest outside the city after getting ready.

The hero gave Tiyong a look of interest.

“Is it your wyvern, 7 lords?”


“Black Wyverns aren’t easy to communicate with, but you had a good companion.”

The hero quietly stroked Tiyong’s leg.

He was a guy who fiercely hated being touched by people other than me, but strangely, he didn’t show any antipathy towards the hero. He grunted awkwardly and just looked at me.

‘Come to think of it, did the hero originally have a wyvern?’

Remember, the hero’s wyvern probably died in the war with the demons.

Was he killed by the original horse while fighting alongside the hero?

“Would you like to ride a wyvern together?”

The hero shook his head at my question.

“It’s okay. I’ll fly next to you.”

Since I wasn’t going to get to my destination via cities anyway, there were no noticeable problems.

“Then let’s leave immediately.”

With this, the preparation is complete.

oh oh!

Tiyong soared into the sky first with a loud roar, followed by the hero.

Let’s go to the Ramon Mountains in search of the successor to the holy sword.

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