I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 124

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Heir (3)

“This way.”

The King of Kacholl swallowed his saliva and followed the guide through the entrance of the castle.

The scenery of the castle of the 8 Lords, which had only been heard through rumors, was much more grotesque and grotesque than I had imagined.

Huge black towers piled up all over the castle. However, what constitutes it is not stone or wood.


The flesh, the carapace, and the legs and antennae protruding and wriggling in the messy assembly of them.

What made up the tower was nothing but countless swarms of insects. Each individual insect is much larger than a human being.

The 8th Lord Black Sea Empress, the worm army she commands and controls. The 8 Lord’s Castle here is no different from its headquarters and nest.

Throughout the castle, servants were busy moving the corpses of monsters. It was food for the worms to eat.

When the servants threw a corpse into the tower, it was sucked into the tower in an instant and disappeared without a trace.

King Kashol was completely at a loss for words at the shocking sight that could not be expressed in words simply ugly.


He turned his gaze to one side of the castle.

It was a single entity, not a swarm of insects like other towers.

The insect, bigger than the castle’s buildings, gobbles up the provisions brought by the servants with its forked mouth.

However, the food he was eating was not a monster corpse. living humans.

The guide who was walking ahead also glanced at the scene and said,

“It’s because he’s a picky eater, so he doesn’t want to eat well except for humans. Please forgive me if it’s uncomfortable to see.”

Despite the teasing tone, King Kashol could only remain silent.

Even the subordinates of the 8 Lords had no attitude towards the king of one country at all, but this place was neither Kashol nor Sainttea, but Calderic.

He was the one who came all the way to this place because he had something to regret. I was not in a position to question the guide’s attitude.

The inside of the castle was rather ordinary compared to the outside.

A guide stopped in front of a gate that arrived across the hallway and held out his hand.

“Go in here.”

King Kashol nodded and carefully grabbed the doorknob.

Then the guide added a word.

“Please be careful with your words and actions so as not to offend the great one. Nothing can take care of you here.”


The guide smiled and gestured again.

When I opened the door and went inside, it was a cold, dark, and very large space.

A single glowstone glowing purple was embedded in the ceiling, emitting a faint light.

King Kashol, who could not adapt to the darkness for a while and looked around, soon froze in shock.

It was because a huge skein of thread entangled in the ceiling like a cocoon found a being looking down from the inside of the skein.

“King Kashol, did you say you wanted to meet me?”

A languid, yet haunting voice rang through the heart.

King Kashol could not bear to meet her gaze and lowered his eyes.

Even if it is a small country that cannot be compared to Calderic, he is also the king of a country.

However, the atmosphere of this space and the eyes of the Black Sea Empress, who seemed to be looking at something less than a worm, forced him to do so.

······Is this the intimidation of a real monarch?

King Kashol had no choice but to realize.

The Overlord I saw at the Neutral Nations Conference, and the new 7 Lords I saw at the last conference, were very polite.

“This is how I met the 8 Lords…”

“Stop the empty words and talk about your business. Well, it’s obvious even if you don’t listen.”

King Kashol calmed the goosebumps that rose up all over his body and said.

“Please support us with troops that can overwhelm Earth Hill.”

The Empress of the Black Sea said, and let out a snort.

“Saintea said she wouldn’t interfere in this matter. Since she didn’t help you, are you saying that Calderic has a cause for help?”


“But aside from that, there’s one more bigger problem, right?”

The Empress of the Black Sea, who erased her laughter in an instant, said with a proud expression.

“Our 7 lords have already declared that they will stand on the side of Earth Hill. Do you mean that you want me to stand against the 7 lords and help them invade Earth Hill?”

In the darkness, the eyes of the Black Sea Empress shone eerily.

The next moment, what King Kashol took out of his bosom was a small pearl that glowed in a turbid red light.

Seeing this, the Black Sea Empress’s eyes slowly opened wide. And a grotesque smile crept across her lips.

“Where did you get that?”

“This is a treasure of the Kashol family, recorded as discovered by a distant ancestor in the Devil’s Dream.”

King Kashol held out the pearl.

“If the lord promises to do my favor, I’ll give you this right here.”


The Black Sea Empress sighed and fixed her eyes on the pearl.

“I did something because I had what I wanted, but I didn’t expect to bring it in exchange for a deal.”


“But King, didn’t you think of this? What if I didn’t keep my promise and just swallowed things? Or…”

She smiled and pointed at King Kacholl with her slender finger.

“I didn’t come to my nest believing that I couldn’t possibly get you out of this place without making a promise, right?”

King Kashol knew that those bloody words were not joking, but the truth.

The Lord of Calderic was a being who could actually do that. The position of the king of a country here does not protect him in the slightest.



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However, it was an expected reaction. he replied calmly.

“There’s not just one.”


“I have two more besides the one I brought.”

The Black Sea Empress immediately understood the meaning of the words.

“I’ll give you the other two after I keep my promise.”

“That’s right.”

“Now that I know that, is there any reason for me to deal with you? I just have to go directly to Kasol’s castle and get the goods?”

At those words, the king of Kacholl had no choice but to harden his expression.

Seeing him mumble, the Black Sea Empress burst into laughter.

“No matter how hard you go, there will be a lot to bear, and even if you take one, you won’t be able to get the other two as you wish, what do you want to say?”


“I know. It’s just a joke, so don’t be so serious.

The Black Sea Empress flicked her antennae from side to side and was silent for a moment.

King Kashol waited patiently for that suffocating silence.

Soon, the Black Sea Empress opened her mouth again.

“Okay. If you don’t have anything more to say, leave that aside and leave. I’ll send you there again.”

King Kashol let out a sigh of relief that he had overcome the hurdle.

On the other hand, the anxiety of crossing an irreversible river was also intense.

If the emperor of Saintea had been a little more active, he wouldn’t have gone this far, but now he couldn’t help it.

If it wasn’t this time, it would take too much time before he had the chance to swallow Earth Hill again.

“Thank you. Then…”

The King of Kacholl left the room, and the Black Sea Empress reached out for a pearl lying on the floor.

A thin skein of thread sprang from her fingers, snatching the pearl and bringing it into her hand.

“It’s fun, it’s fun.”

The Empress of the Black Sea, who smiled as she inspected the pearl, turned her gaze to the door.

Then the door opened again, and the man who came in bowed his head toward her. It was the guide who brought King Kashol.

“Did you say that the 7 Lords were away again?”

“Yes that’s right.”

“What’s your destination?”

“As always, it is said that it was not revealed. But it seems that it will be away from the castle for quite a long time.”

The Black Sea Empress flicked her antennae.

She didn’t know the details, but she knew that the 7th lord had something to do with the overlord recently.

It’s clear that it’s probably related to the promise I made with the overlord during the last six lords, but that wasn’t the point anyway.

“I wonder what the reaction will be.”

The timing was just right.

What if the 7th lord, that arrogant human, stepped on Earth Hill by supporting Kacholl while he was away?

I understand that the overlord also declared that he would not interfere in this matter. So there was nothing to take.

The 7th lord has already crossed the line once due to the incident during the 6th lord. So I swore with the overlord that I would never do the same thing again.

After the incident has already happened, no matter how much rage fills your head, you won’t be able to kill yourself.

If he ever kills the same lord again, that’s when he’ll have to pay the price.


There is not much to do in the mountains.

Taking a walk while looking around the sky or the forest, or going out to hunt animals or monsters.

The Raon Mountains are a great mountain range inhabited by numerous monsters.

Kaan went far from home today to find a new monster somewhere in the mountains to soothe his boredom.

As usual, she tapped her shoulder with a wooden pole while walking along the mountain path. She stopped and looked down at the ground.


Giant wolf footprints. And since it is bipedal, it is a trace of a werewolf.

It wasn’t a new monster, but it was so huge that its footprints were several feet long. It was the first time I had ever seen such a huge one.

Werewolves are so ferocious and ferocious that even adventurers avoid dealing with them.

However, Kaan rather began to follow the trail with her eyes shining.

After a long chase, Kaan found a werewolf standing in the middle of a bush.


And I opened my eyes wide in surprise.

It wasn’t because the werewolf was much bigger than I had imagined.

It was because they found someone lying on the floor around Werewolf.


An unknown middle-aged man wearing a robe.

This is deep in the mountains untouched by man.

Kaan looked at him curiously, then shifted her attention back to the werewolf.

The werewolf, too, shifted his attention from the fallen man to Kaan and showed his animosity towards her.


Facing the werewolves rushing forward with an angry roar, she calmly drew a sword from her waist instead of a stick.

A blue aura emanated from the blade of the sword, and the Werewolf and her crossed each other.

At the same time, the Werewolf’s chest cracked and blood spurted out.

“Was it a bit shallow?”

Seeing the werewolf turn around and charge back despite the wound, Kaan muttered that and continued to move.

The Werewolf’s claws were strong enough to tear apart trees, but it meant nothing if they didn’t hit.

Kaann narrowly avoided all of the werewolf’s attacks with his flexible body movements and continued the sword attack.


The Werewolf, who cut himself several more times, eventually exhausted himself and lay down on the ground.

Kaan sighed lightly and wiped the blood from his sword. She and she moved close to the fallen man.


When I checked the condition, it was hidden.

There were no particularly noticeable injuries, but her complexion was completely blue, and it didn’t look like she was knocked down by a werewolf.

Kaan pondered for a moment, then picked up the middle-aged man and put it on his shoulder.

I can’t leave a fallen person alone, so I have no choice but to take him home.

“My father will treat me.”

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