I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 125

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Heir (4)

A cabin in the middle of a forest where people don’t seem to live at all.

Entering the cabin through the crude wooden fence, Kaan picked up a kettle from the table and gulped. Then she strode straight upstairs.


When I opened the door and entered, there was a middle-aged man.

The man sitting in a chair drinking tea seemed momentarily at a loss for words when he saw Carn entering the room.

To be precise, seeing the stranger she was carrying on her shoulders.

“Who is it?”

In response to the embarrassment in her voice, Kaan replied calmly as if nothing had happened.

“I don’t know either.”


“I went out to the east, but I lost my mind and fell down. But I couldn’t just leave it alone.”

Kaan set the fallen man down on the bed.

The man who was looking at that figure rubbed his forehead as if he was in trouble and got up. just to check the status.

He glanced at the outsider’s condition to the extent that he wondered if he had seen anything, and immediately diagnosed it.

“It looks like it’s magic exhaustion.”

“Oh, then did you bring it for nothing?”

If it was a simple magical exhaustion, it would recover on its own over time.

The man shook his head.

“It’s not like that. It looks like you raised your mana very excessively. The condition is so serious that if you left it as it is, you would have lost your life.”

He rolled up his sleeves and flicked his fingers.

“Go to the warehouse and bring some of the roots and pepperia leaves you made. Bring a cup of water to a boil.”

Kaan went outside without saying anything and brought what the man ordered.

The man started to mix a simple remedy right there, and Kaan looked at it as if he was familiar with it and asked.

“Where does this man come from? Father.”

The Ramon Mountains were a mountain range completely removed from the towns and villages where people lived.

Of course, there was no one passing through the road, so to Kaan, humans outside the mountains were strangely unfamiliar.

The man was well aware that she was curious about this outsider.


The man responded briefly and focused on the treatment.

Kaan didn’t ask further, as she leaned her back against the wall with her arms crossed.

An outsider who collapsed from severe magical exhaustion. If you come to your senses about what your identity is, you will be able to hear the answer directly from yourself.


Lodiven, a full professor at the Imperial Academy, Elfon.

The reason why he took a long vacation and came to such a remote mountain range on the border of the Empire was simply to collect materials for research.

Taming magic, one of his majors, requires samples of many monsters.

In that sense, the Ramon Mountains were the perfect place. Mother Nature, untouched by humans, is a treasure trove of unknown creatures.

“Is it really okay to go alone? But it’s better to bring a few attendants…”

“It’s okay. It’s a big deal, so I’m going to attach someone to the hassle.”

Lodiven couldn’t even imagine it.

I never thought I would be in danger of losing my life in this mountain range that I climbed with such a light heart.

In the altar-like structure discovered by chance deep in the mountains, the bodies of countless monsters were piled up.

And in the middle of it, a monster standing in the middle of it, his whole body drenched in blood.

Elfon, the largest academy on the continent, Lodiven, who held the position of a full professor there, was an outstanding mage, needless to say.

He had never experienced such an ominous energy in his entire life.

“A human? A wizard? He finds a place to die even in a remote place like this, and he’s a really unlucky guy.”

Lodiven could instinctively know that he was a demon, or at least a contractor related to the demon.

There was no time to think about what the hell such a being was doing in a place like this.

The only thing Lodiven could do was a desperate run away from the monster’s attack that had just begun.

The difference in status was obvious, but it was thanks to the magic tool that I received as a gift from the headmaster of the academy that I was able to barely save my life.

With the random teleport magic imprinted on the magic tool, he was barely able to escape from the monster’s clutches. but······.


Lodiven, who came to his senses, got up in surprise.

Looking around, it was an unfamiliar space.

‘here is······?’

Lodiven awakened his hazy mind and searched for memories before collapsing.

I was attacked by a monster, and after barely escaping, I exhausted all my magic power and lost my mind… Where is this place?

Lodiven checked his physical condition.

The mana, which had been completely exhausted before collapsing, had recovered to some extent.

As I looked around the room with wary eyes, the door opened.

“You’re awake.”

Lodiven looked at the stranger who entered the room, then stuttered.

“Who… Shio?”

Are you the one who saved yourself?

The man answered Lodiven’s question simply.

“I am the owner of this cabin.”

······hut? In the middle of a mountain range?

Did anyone ever live in these rugged mountains?



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The man added an explanation in a calm voice to Lodiven’s confused expression.

“Your daughter found you collapsed in the woods and brought you home. So you’ve just finished a brief treatment.”

“Ah… thank you.”

Rodivn first gave thanks.

the man asked.

“How are you feeling?”

“Ah, thanks to you, I think I’m fine. But…”

Lodiven sorted out which questions to ask first among the questions floating in his head.

What was this man’s identity, and how did he manage to stabilize his condition so neatly when it must have been a serious level of magical exhaustion?

On the other hand, the man did not ask Lodiven anything.

He just nodded and walked out of the room again.

“I’ll bring you some tea. Get some rest.”

The man who went out of the room soon returned with a teacup.

Rodiven stared at the tea the man handed him, then pretended to take a sip and set it down on the table.

The man saw it and threw the horse away.

“I didn’t put anything strange in it. There’s no reason for that. You can drink it with confidence.”


Lodiven cleared his throat in embarrassment.

From his point of view, he was just being careful because he was in a completely defenseless situation, but from the other person’s point of view, it was definitely rude.

If there was an impure intention in the first place, there was no way he would have treated himself like this.

“I’m sorry. Things are still confusing. But are you… living in these mountains?”

The man nodded.

Lodiven knew that a man would ask him something, but he got up from his seat without asking anything.

“If you feel better, leave when you feel like it. If you need more stability, I’ll let you stay for a few days.”

He just said that and went out again as if he had nothing more to say.

Lodiven looked at the closed door for a while, thinking he was a strange man, then turned his gaze to the window next to him.

From the window, I could see the wooden fence that surrounded the house and the front yard.

And in the front yard, a girl climbed a tree and lay with her eyes closed.

‘Is that girl your daughter?’

Lodiven decided to go outside.

The man had disappeared to nowhere, and he was nowhere to be seen inside the house.

He came out to the front yard of the cabin and moved under the tree the girl was climbing.

The girl opened her eyes and was staring down at me.

“I’m awake.”

Kaan jumped down the tree and looked around Lodiven before asking.

“Are you from out of the mountains? Where are you from? Why are you here?”

Contrary to the man who seemed to have no questions about himself, she seemed to have a lot of questions.

At the barrage of questions, Lodiven pondered for a moment on how to respond.

Caran’s innocence was new to him, as he had never had anything to do with a girl this age except for the students at the academy, and they were generally very polite.

“Are you living alone with your father in this mountain range?”

“I asked the question first. Answer first.”

Lodiven introduced himself briefly, hiding his embarrassment.

“My name is Lodiven. I’m a wizard. I’m also a professor at Elpon Academy.”

Kaan tilted her head.

“Elphon? Academy?”


The road to the Ramon Mountains accompanied by the hero was very quiet.

Should I say it was quiet, or should I say the air was desolate?

Even when I was walking around with Asher, I wasn’t the type to have a lot of conversations, but it was natural in a way that there were no more conversations with the addition of the hero to the party.

The hero tended not to say anything unless it was necessary, and Asher was more silent than usual, perhaps because he was conscious of the hero.

The day was completely over, and we went down to the ground to eat and camp.

Asher habitually inspected the surroundings as if wary, then said.

“Then I will go.”


Going back meant going out on the hunt with Tiyong.

We brought some food to eat, but Tiyong needed to hunt separately for his share. Because it was bulky.

Perhaps because of the Wyvern’s instinct, there was a past where Tiyong had slaughtered too many monsters unnecessarily.

He was so clever that he listened to his words, but from then on, he had Asher catch up and control him in case of an unexpected situation.


Tiyong spread his wings and soared into the sky, and Asher chased after him and ran away.

I sat down and stared blankly at the bonfire burning for a long time.

The warrior sitting across from me looked at me with a strange look and then opened his mouth.

“Can I ask you a question?”


It was the first time since the start that the hero spoke first.

I nodded.

“You said your purpose was peace on the continent. It coincided with my purpose, so I said you were helping me.”


“So, is becoming Lord of Calderic part of the plan to achieve that goal?”

Ah… is that what you’re talking about?

In a word, he was curious about why he became a monarch.

She must know that I am a new monarch who has recently ascended the throne.

‘That’s not what I wanted to be.’

As soon as I fell into this world, I was forced into a situation where I could only do that.

Well, now that I think about it, it was thanks to him that I was able to come this far.

It was an ambiguous question to answer, so I passed it in silence.

“Are you saying you won’t answer this either?”

However, the hero did not ask further questions and passed on without hesitation. Silence seemed to be the only answer.

It seemed that he accepted it as a positive meaning, but it didn’t matter whether he misunderstood or not.

“Can I ask you one more question?”

“There’s no need to ask every single question like that. If I can answer, I’ll answer.”

“It’s about your escort, Lord Asher.”

The warrior’s voice sank slightly.

“The bond between you, Lord 7, and Lord Asher doesn’t seem normal. I’m curious about how you managed to take Lord under your command.”


Perhaps because he knew Asher’s true identity, the hero seemed to be very interested in her. Maybe it’s because of regret or guilt.

It wasn’t something I couldn’t tell you, so I answered appropriately.

The fact that he happened to find Asher in the Monarchy, and he found out that he was a member of the White Moon, and somehow took him with him.

After hearing the story, the warrior was silent for a while, then asked again.

“Do you also despise me?”

It was a random word, but I didn’t understand the meaning.

I made eye contact with the hero without a word.

Do you despise the warrior? It can’t be.

The monologues she spilled in the game flashed through my mind one by one.

Except for herself, I am probably the only person who knows her blind faith for peace in her heart.

So even if Asher couldn’t do that, at least I could understand her.

‘It’s probably because it’s not something I personally experienced after all.’

Feeling a bit bitter, I shook my head.

“No matter how powerful you are, you can’t save everyone unless you’re a god. You know better than anyone else, don’t you?”


“The feelings I have for you are at least not despised.”

Maybe it was because the warrior’s expression looked tired for some reason.

I even added a little useless back story.

“And the one I can rely on right now is the hero, you.”

Those words were a little unexpected, and the hero’s eyes opened a little wide.

After a while, I felt the presence of people, and Asher and Tiyong returned.

Asher naturally stood by my side and started escorting me.

In fact, as long as there is a hero, nothing dangerous will ever happen.

That’s why there was no need for Asher to stand guard, but it was obvious that she would be stubborn even if she stopped it, so she didn’t have to. There was also a part of him that respected her for fulfilling her duties as her escort.


I glanced at Asher’s face.

It was because her atmosphere seemed worse than before she went out with Tiyong. Is it because of the mood?

Feeling puzzled, I turned my gaze to the bonfire again.


“Eat slowly.”

Asher murmured as she watched the bandit devouring the monsters she had hunted.

Of course, he didn’t change at all in the speed of his meal, whether he listened or stopped.

Asher looked around and sneaked closer to Tiyong.


Then, after clearing his throat, he placed his hand near his feet and began stroking them.

It was a figure that could not and should not be seen in front of the 7 Lords normally, but it was fine now that there were no eyes to see.

She had only recently discovered that the scales between the wyvern’s toes were a little soft and pleasant to the touch.

Asher absentmindedly stroked the scales for a moment, lost in thought. She was about a warrior.

In fact, Asher’s feelings toward the hero were difficult to define clearly.

not anger It wasn’t resentment or contempt.

It seemed that it wasn’t just the feeling of awkwardness related to the family’s work. So what is it?

He said it was nothing to the 7 lords, but he said he was just following your will, but in fact it was not.

Asher was still feeling a sense of confusion in her mind, which was rarely tidied up.

“If you’re done eating, let’s go.”

After the meal, Asher took Tiyong and moved on.

By the time I arrived at the place where I had settled down, I could faintly hear the conversation between the 7 lords and the hero.

“······The only existence I can rely on right now is you, the hero.”

Asher stopped walking.

It remained frozen and did not move.

For some reason, at the moment, I felt that one side of my heart was suffocating.

······Coming to think of it, it wasn’t until I found out that she was a hero that I felt something uncomfortable about the hero.

From the time the Seven Lords first met the hero at the inn.

From the moment he realized that he was looking at her with a strange look that no one else had ever seen before.


What does being a warrior mean to the 7 lords?

I couldn’t tell.

However, she was a hero of the world, and a woman more brilliant and great than anyone else. She, at least she dared not compare herself.

Asher stood there for a moment, then moved on.

Trying to ignore the true nature of the emotions rising in the heart.

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