I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 127

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Lodiven raised his voice a little more because he didn’t understand his reaction.

“He wasn’t an ordinary demon. I’m not saying this myself, but I’m a pretty good wizard. Even compared to the high-ranking wizards in the Imperial Family or the Mage Tower, my skills aren’t far behind. I can confidently say that.”


“He played with me like that. If it wasn’t for luck, I wouldn’t have survived.”

“So what do you want to say?”

“······No, isn’t that obvious? It’s not safe here anymore, so you should evacuate to another place as soon as possible. Both you and your daughter.”

Lodiven had no intention of going back without explaining the situation to him.

Perhaps even now, that monster is pursuing this side. And because of that, if they run into it and endanger it, it’s entirely their own fault for touching the beehive.

“I’m really sorry for bringing this danger to your father and daughter’s home. But demons may be invading the entire area to find me. So…”

“Never mind.”

The man shook his head and interrupted Lodiven.

“We take care of our business. If you have nothing else to do, you can leave.”

Lodiven looked at him with bewildered eyes.

Did I just get a proper explanation?

To avoid a catastrophe, I had to evacuate right now.

However, judging from the man’s attitude, saying that he would take care of himself did not seem to mean that he would.

Lodiven plausibly guessed the man’s identity.

A man raising his daughter alone in a remote mountain range on the outskirts. And the daughter seems to have far surpassed the achievements of her peers in both her martial arts and magic.

It was not a very rare story for retired knights or wizards to live out the rest of their lives in the mountains. There was someone like that among his ancestors.

Of course, despite that, the man’s appearance looked young, but it wasn’t unusual for the mana to reach a state of slowing down the aging of the body.

Not only did I miss his presence earlier, but I couldn’t grasp his level at all even now when I was facing him.

That’s why Lodiven thought that the man was at least a strong man of a higher rank than himself.

‘Do you think you can subdue that demon even if you face it?’

If so, it was something that really needed to be stopped.

The difference in class that Lodiven felt from the monster was huge.

No matter how good this man was, I didn’t think I could stand up to him.

“Please don’t do that, think seriously. The magic I felt from him is really… Hey, are you listening?”

Seeing the man not focusing on the conversation and turning his gaze toward the entrance of the cabin, Lodiven felt very frustrated.

Then the man opened his mouth.

“I think he’s already here.”

“… what?”

Moments later, Lodiven felt a chill run up his spine.

This ominous magical aura. was a bastard

“This, this…”

Lodiven followed the man who got up from his seat and strode outside.

The scenery unfolding in front of them as they went outside was a group of something slowly approaching surrounding the cabin.

Dark red and gigantic, swaying like smoke, they possessed a strangeness and affinity that was different from that of ordinary monsters.


The man’s gaze turned to one side.

There was a monster far away in the middle of an unknown monster. It was the monster Lodiven said.


The journey was neither long nor short.

I looked at the huge mountain peaks that began to appear in the distance.


This is the Ramon Mountains.

The place where the heir to the holy sword lives at present.

“Is this here?”


I answered the question of the hero flying next to me.

What he had to do from now on was to search the entire mountain range to find a successor.


“······Yes, Mr. Ron.”

Asher, riding in the back, answered my call one beat late.

why is he like this

Uncharacteristically for her, she felt a little distracted.

To say it’s because of the hero, it feels like this especially since the day after I had a conversation with the hero…

‘What else is there?’

Caring for Asher is also important.

But now that we’ve reached our destination, we need to focus on the heir for now.

“I’m going down. Let’s rest for a while and start tracking.”


I lowered my flight altitude towards the bottom of the mountain range.

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