I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 128

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Heir (7)

[······When I was young? Are you asking something out of the blue?]

[I lived alone with my father in the mountains. There is a mountain range to the east of Saintea, there.]

[I learned swordsmanship and magic from my father. Well… A promise is a promise, so I’ll answer anything else, but don’t ask me more about my father.]

It was part of a conversation I remember during the story of the game.

The story of the past told by the heir who opened his heart to a certain extent to the users and colleagues.

In terms of time, the successor is definitely in the Ramon Mountains. Unless you’re lying.

However, the problem was that just because the successor was here, it wasn’t the end.

No matter how much I rode the belt, it was a daunting task that didn’t know how long it would take to scour the entire mountain range. A bit easier than finding a needle in the desert.

About half a day passed after arriving at the mountain range.

Heading to the other side of the hero, I looked down at the endless forest and sighed inwardly.

“Let’s look around a little more and rest.”

As I tapped Tiyong on the neck and said, he growled as if to answer.

Not only him, but I, too, had my senses maxed out from a while ago, so my mind was tired.


It was at that moment that the subtle aura was detected in the senses.

One is ominous magic reminiscent of demonic magic, and the other is ordinary magic.

Since it was a demon tribe I had met several times before, I was sure that the owner of the ominous magical power was a demon tribe.

‘A demon again?’

I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. I didn’t know that I would be able to feel the demon’s magic even here.

No way, an ominous assumption flashed through my mind.

If there are demons in this mountain range where the Heir is located, is it a coincidence? Could it be that he was looking for an heir?

There is no way that there are demons who know of the successor’s existence at this point in time. It was a nonsense story.

The fact that the hero learned about the successor’s existence through direct revelation from the holy sword. A secret that no one but me and the hero should know about.

No matter how much my actions so far have had a big and small impact on the world, that’s…


As the distance got closer, Ashelle called me as if she felt a boost.

“Raise your speed to the maximum, Tiyong. In the direction you are going now.”

With a stiff face, I glared in the direction where I felt the energy.

You’ll have to go and see for yourself what’s going on.



Lodiven stared blankly at the huge object flying from the other side of the sky. And I soon realized that its true identity was a wyvern.

A black wyvern of enormous size that even he, who was knowledgeable about all kinds of monsters, had never seen before in his life.

Wyverns are extremely rare creatures that do not inhabit except for a few places on the continent.

I wondered if there was a wyvern that also lived here in the Ramon Mountains, but when I looked closely, I could see that someone was riding on my back.

“What is that monster?”

Kaan was also embarrassed and looked at the wyvern. To her, the wyvern was the first gigantic, winged monster she had ever seen.


With a gust of wind, the Wyvern landed on the ground.

Then, two men and women descended from the back of the wyvern.

The monster moved his attention from the wizard who was spreading the shield to them. His eyes trembled slightly as he looked at the two men.

A formidable aura that can be felt just by facing each other at a distance.

This time, I could see the monster who had grown to a higher level by hunting demons. The level of magical power that the woman secretly exudes.

If the magician who opened the shield felt the ambiguity of the difference in rank, this time he felt it at once.

‘It’s not my opponent.’

And a man standing next to such a woman as if he were an assistant.

He didn’t even feel the slightest bit of energy, as if he were seeing an insect, but that’s why it was even more alien.

Furthermore, a person who had such a strong person under his command could not have been an ordinary person. It was a fact that could be easily guessed.

‘······Wait, Black Wyvern?’

The monster felt a chill rise at the moment of information that flashed through his head.

He was originally an ordinary human being, and he is still active in Saintea, so he is well known by public rumors. Of course, he also spilled things about an existence that has been making a fuss on the continent lately.

Black-haired human male, white moon escort woman, Black Wyvern…

‘Seven Lords of Calderic.’

The new ruler of Calderic, who killed the same monarch, the tyrannical king of the 6 Lords, and caused a conflict with the Saintea Imperial side at the Neutral Nations Conference.

The physical characteristics of the two people in front of me matched exactly what I had heard through rumors.

It wasn’t a hasty guess. It was clear that there were even black wyverns that few people had tamed on the continent.

‘Why are the 7 Lords here?’

The lord of Calderic, the demon who gave him strength.

They are monsters that make sense compared to the original demons, the pinnacle of the demons.

The monster looked at the man holding his breath in an unknown situation.

The man, the seven lords, kept his gaze fixed on the three people beyond the shield, as if he had no interest in this side.

The monster carefully moved to escape while the 7 Lords’ nerves were focused elsewhere. No, he was trying to move.

“Are you not a demon, but a contractor?”

The 7th Lord’s mouth opened.

The monster tried to hide his embarrassment and answered meekly.

“That’s right.”

It had been a long time since he had felt his own life in the hands of others.



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The monster responded as politely as possible and looked at the 7 Lords. But it was futile.

The 7th lord immediately gave an order to the woman who was his servant.

“Put your life on hold to conquer it, Asher.”


When I arrived at the source where I felt the energy, it was difficult to understand what the situation was.

A demon who is in charge of many monsters, and three figures who seem to be defending against it.


I couldn’t help but be surprised when I checked the girl’s face among them.

The color of the hair, the color of the eyes, and the appearance exactly matched the successor I remembered even though I was young.


Obviously the heir is right.

I commanded Asher, feeling a thrill running through my body.

“Put your life on hold to conquer it, Asher.”

I couldn’t figure out what the monster’s identity was. Judging from the mana he felt, it seemed that he was not a demon, but a contractor.

The situation in which the successor was attacked at the right time was unfortunate, so I wondered if the demons really didn’t know about the identity of the successor…

‘I don’t know.’

【Lv. 73]

It was too much of a pyramid for that.

First of all, it doesn’t make sense that the demons knew about the existence of the successor.

And if you really knew, wouldn’t it be normal for at least the Wonma level to move directly instead of sending a pyramid like this? For them, the hero is the most stumbling block to the resurrection of the demon king.

As for what his purpose was, he would have to subdue it and at least interrogate the hero.

As soon as my order was given, Asher drew his sword and flew towards the monster.


With the single sword she swung, the monsters around the monster were swept away first.

The monster was frightened and loudly raised his magic, but it was a fleeting outburst. The difference between Asher and Nom, both over level 90, was vast.

In an instant, Asher grabbed the monster from behind, grabbed him by the back of his head, and slammed it to the ground.

“Keep it off…!”

“Be quiet. If you resist, I will explode your head.”

At Asher’s warning, the monster drooped down as if resigned.

I shifted my gaze back to the three of them.

Before they knew it, they were looking this way with the shield they were spreading.


“Those people wiped them all out, Father…?”

Kaan murmured with bewildered eyes.

A woman who appeared out of nowhere and subdued countless monsters and monsters in the blink of an eye.

The man who had gradually reached the limit of his magic power removed his shield. And looked at the two of them with sunken eyes.


Meanwhile, Lodiven was looking at them, unable to hide her astonishment. Specifically, the male side.

It was because it was only a beat later that he guessed what his true identity was.

‘Could it be… the 7 Lords of Calderic?’

The appearance, the Black Wyvern, and everything matched what had been rumored.

It was a mountain beyond a mountain. Following the Demon Contractor, why are the 7 Lords of Calderic still here?

In the mountains where he had just come to study magic, Lodiven wondered if he had been caught up in something terrifying.

The Seven Lords, who had subdued the monster, began approaching us in a hurry.

He stopped at less than ten paces and glanced at the three of them.

Lodiven spoke first.

“Are you the Seven Lords of Calderic…?”

Lodiven regretted it immediately after speaking.

It was because I thought that I had said something too hasty in a situation where I didn’t even know why he appeared here.

“······Lord of Calderic?”

At Lodiven’s words, a small surprise appeared on the man’s face, who had remained calm even in the face of the monster’s attack.

Kaan didn’t understand, so he just looked at the three blindly. She didn’t even know what a Calderic or Lord was.

The 7th Lord, who had no answer, finally opened his mouth.


It was a positive response, but the unexpectedly gentle attitude made Lodiven a little relieved without even realizing it.

However, he soon raised his guard again and pondered over the answer.

It was because he didn’t know if it was okay to honestly reveal his identity as the lord of the enemy camp, the professor of Elfon.

‘What’s the purpose? Is it the monster side? No, from the time he appeared, he seemed to have been looking this way for some reason…’

Lodiven’s hair was messy.

Then Kaan interrupted and said:

“I’m Caan.”

The eyes of the 7 lords shifted to him.

The moment she spoke, for some reason, Lodiven felt that the Seven Lords seemed a little surprised.

“This is my father, and this is a man from outside the mountains. I think he was an academy professor, but I don’t know.”

Lodiven was taken aback by Kaan’s remarks that suddenly revealed his true identity.

“Thank you for your help. But that super strong guy over there is like that, and looking at the atmosphere, he’s a bit of a great guy? The Lord of Calderic?”


The 7th Lord just stared at her without answering.

Lodiven roared inwardly and surveyed the atmosphere of the 7 Lords.

Are you a bit awesome? No matter how ignorant he was of worldly affairs, did he not know about Calderic?

Who would dare to spit out such absurd remarks right in front of the Lord of Calderic?

“This, this child lives only in the mountains and is ignorant of the world…”

No one would be able to survive in this place if he had even deceived the displeasure of the 7 lords.

It was the time Lodiven tried to explain instead, feeling like she would break out in a cold sweat any second.


Along with the sound of a cracking gong, something shining golden was flying this way again from the other side of the sky.

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