I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 129

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Heir (8)


The golden energy flew at terrifying speed, drawing a long tail like a comet.

I didn’t panic because I knew what it was.

‘Did you come?’

He must have headed to the opposite side of the mountain range with me, but how did he know already?

Anyway, it was good timing. Because it saved me the trouble of finding it.

Soon after, the hero who had reached this place in an instant landed lightly on the ground.

The three of them looked shocked as if they hadn’t imagined that the identity of the radiance was a person flying in. The heir who had been chattering until just now looked at the hero with his eyes wide open.


The hero also looked at them and the demons subdued by Asher in turn, then looked at me as if seeking an explanation.

I glanced at the successor and spoke with only my lips moving.

‘It seems to be her.’

Heir to the Holy Sword.

The final purpose of the hero’s remaining life, and hope.


The hero’s eyes as he looked at the heir shook violently.

It must have been an emotionally complex moment that was incomparable to mine. It was because he had finally found the heir he had longed for.

The hero moved slowly towards her. She looked a little bewildered.

It looked like if she didn’t stop, she would summon the holy sword in front of everyone, so I called her.


The hero stopped walking. Then, as if he had found his reason again, he let out a small breath.

I approached the warrior.

“Is she right? Need a separate check?”

I already knew this, but I pretended not to know.

The encounter between the hero and the heir in the game was purely coincidental.

The hero who received a strange feeling from the heir summoned the holy sword and gave it to the heir, and he realized that she was the heir after seeing the energy of the holy sword, which should only react to the hero, react.

So, the only thing left is for the hero to give the holy sword to that girl and to be sure that she is the successor.

The warrior answered my question.

“You have to take out the holy sword and check it yourself.”

“I see. Then I guess we’ll have to put it off a little later.”

The warrior nodded as if agreeing. In this situation, I couldn’t just take out the Holy Sword and give it to the successor.

I looked around at the people other than the heirs. Two middle-aged men who looked quite old.

The successor said that he lived alone with his father in the mountains when he was young.

So I thought one of them might be her father, but I soon knew which one.

It was because he could see the heir whispering close to the man standing to his left.

“The number of people has increased again, Father.”

I shifted my gaze back to the man who spoke of my true identity first, not the father of the heir.

By the way… what is this one? Academy Professor?

These were the words the Heir had just introduced, introducing the man as someone from outside the mountains.

When you say academy, do you mean Saintea’s Elfon? I couldn’t figure out why such a guy was here.

······Anyway, I thought I should sort things out. Because all the people who will gather are gathered.

“There is no hostility.”

I spoke to them in the softest voice possible.

Since this was their first meeting, it was to make a good first impression on the heir and those related to her.

The successor is the most important person to me along with the hero.

The only card that can defeat the final boss of this world, the Demon King. She had to build as close a relationship as possible with her.

I didn’t intend to reveal my identity first, but I was already caught.

So, in order to get the guard down, I had to tell them the plausible purpose of coming here first. And it just happened to have a good smoke screen.

“The purpose of my coming here is because of the demon’s contractor. It has nothing to do with you, so rest assured.”

“······Yes, yes. Is that so.”

The most nervous man, the professor, replied hesitantly.

He recognized my true identity, but he didn’t seem to recognize the hero.

It was natural. There were a lot of rumors about me, so there were enough elements to find out, but the hero was currently polymorphed with the ability of the holy sword.

At that time, without saying anything, the heir’s father, who was looking around at me, the hero, and Asher, opened his mouth.

“It was a great help. Thanks to you, no one was hurt.”

Surprisingly, the first words that came out of his mouth were thanks.

“Would you like to come in? I don’t think I’ll be leaving right away, but I’ll treat you to a cup of tea.”

The man glanced at the cabin behind him and asked.

It doesn’t look like you’re going to leave right away… what are you talking about? You said it wasn’t related, but did you notice anything?

The father of the heir was an unknown figure with little information from the game.

I felt something strange from him and looked at the hero. The warrior nodded.

“Then excuse me. I want to hear about what happened here.”


There was little conversation while being served tea.

First of all, as far as I know, the successor’s name was Kaan. That made sure she was her successor.

The professor’s name was Lodiven, and he said he really was a professor from Elpon Academy.

He had come to the Ramon Mountains to obtain monster specimens needed for research and came across them by chance. In short, he was a person who had nothing to do with the successor.



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Listening to the detailed explanation, it seemed that the contractor of the demon tribe had nothing to do with the successor.

It was the professor who first encountered him, and because of that, even the heir and his daughter were involved.

‘So that’s why they were engaged like that.’

The heir’s father’s name was said to be Ben.

I wanted to know his information as much as possible, so after the story about the demons was over, I tried to return the topic subtly…

“I’m just an ordinary woodcutter.”

“It seems that you have magic skills that are far from ordinary.”

“When I was young, I was a wandering wizard. It’s not much fun for a monarch to hear.”

Inquiring failed, as he openly refused to talk about himself and his heir.

However, it was certain that he was an extraordinary person.

As for his level, he doesn’t seem to be dark in worldly knowledge like the successor, but he didn’t seem nervous at all to me.

It would be normal for him to react the same way as a professor if he had a bigwig like an ordinary monarch in front of him.

After the story, I stood side by side with the hero in the front yard of the cabin and talked to each other.

“It’s just a minor thing.”


“That man’s name, Ben, probably isn’t his real name.”

I tilted my head at the hero’s words.

A warrior has the ability to distinguish between truth and lies in words. It must have been a fact judged by that ability.

“Is it because they are wary of us?”

“It will be the other way around.”


“Truth and lies don’t have a clear line like black and white. The man’s words weren’t completely false.”

“What does that mean?”

“There is no absolute in a name. For example, if a person abandons his or her original name and lives under a different name for a long time, it cannot be said that it is not a real name.”

I pondered over the warrior’s words and soon understood.

So, doesn’t that mean the man Ben may have used several names in his life? Among them, Ben is his current name.

I didn’t think deeply. It was because, as the warrior said, it was trivial. I already know that he won’t be an ordinary person.

“Rather than that, I’ll have to check it out now.”

“Yes. But before that, how about taking care of that first?”

I looked at the contractor who was still subdued by Asher from a distance away from the cabin.

“It looks like he’s completely unrelated to the successor, but I don’t know about it, so I’ll make sure.”

I approached him with the hero.

The hero looked down at him with cold eyes and asked.

“Tell me what you came here for.”

He twisted his body as if in pain from the irresistible energy, then opened his mouth obediently.

The guy’s story was nothing special. Nom was a contractor for a demon tribe, nothing special, and it was just a coincidence that he ended up in this mountain range.

The hero confirmed that everything he said was true. Again, he had nothing to do with his successor.

“Please help me, 7 lords… I’ll do anything you want from me…”

I put my hand on the talking man’s head as if pleading.

I heard everything I wanted, so there was nothing more to see. There was no reason to keep the demons and their contractors alive.


After using instant kill, his body fell helplessly to the floor.

The hero looked at the scene with a slightly surprised expression.

“······That isn’t magical power. Is it a mystery?”

I turned around without answering the hero’s question.

It was because I felt a sign approaching this way just in time.

The heir who came out of the cabin, Kaan, was walking towards us.

“Did you kill that person?”

She approached and looked at the collapsed contractor and asked.

I asked because I wondered if there was some strange misunderstanding.

“Yes. Poor?”

“No. My father almost died because of him, but that can’t be the case.”

she reached out to me

“I’ll greet you again. Uh, so… Thanks to the monarch, both my father and I are now safe. Thank you.”



I wondered how to react, and then I accidentally joined hands. She grinned and waved her hand.

“I just heard from Uncle Lodiven. So, the Lord of Calderic is one of the kings who rule the entire North Continent.


Ashelle next to me tried to intervene with a somewhat restless expression.

Somehow this situation seems funny, so I smiled and waved my hand at Asher.

Since the heir said he lived deep in the mountains since he was a child, he knew that the world’s knowledge would be obscure. I just didn’t know it would be like this.

Also, she seemed much more outgoing than the heir I knew in the game.

“Then are these super strong people your subordinates?”

“Some subordinates, some colleagues.”

Kaan changed her target and reached out to the hero and Asher.

They also accepted the handshake with a slightly bewildered look.

‘Now slowly…’

I looked at the cabin in the distance. Lodiven and Ben, who were still inside the cabin, showed no signs of coming out.

It’s good timing.

The hero who exchanged glances with me spoke to the heir. It was a soft voice I had never heard before.

“Then, Kaan, can I ask you a favor?”


“Yes. It’s simple. You just need to hold my sword once.”

Kaan tilted her head and answered.

“Yes, well. What a big deal. But where is the sword?”


As the hero stretched out his hand into the air, golden light gathered and formed the shape of a sword.

Kaann’s eyes widened at the sword that suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Come on, grab it.”

The hero pointed at the holy sword floating in the air. I could feel her voice shaking just a little bit.

Kaan stared blankly at the holy sword, then brought both hands to the hilt. and······.


The moment her hand touched it, a brilliant light exploded from the Holy Sword.

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