I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 13

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Broken bones stuck together, torn skin healed, and new flesh grew.

It took only a few tens of seconds for the tattered arm to full regenerate.

I clenched my fist and checked my condition.

My wounds had all completely recovered. The same for the head wound and the sprained ankle.

The body, which had been damaged until just a moment ago, returned to its normal state in an instant.

“What a cheat.”

Indeed, it was an ability worthy of the name ‘super regeneration’.

Suddenly, curiosity arose. With this level, could severed body parts be regenerated?

Super regeneration in the game was just a passive skill that amplified the recovery of HP. Whether severed body parts were regenerated, it did not show it.

However, that didn’t mean that I would cut off a part of my intact body just to check it out. I was just curious.

In any case, the first mystery was successfully obtained.

Feeling refreshed, I picked up the glowstone and stood up.

Although the wounds had healed, the bloodstains on it were still there.

I couldn’t go outside in this state, so I washed away the bloodstains with a canteen of water. And it soaked into my clothes.

The walls and the ground of the cavity were full of bugs, just like the passage through here.

As I looked at them, another thought came to my mind.


I narrowed my eyes and looked alternately at the blood and insects that had fallen on the floor.

Instant kill.

The only attack skill I had.

It was described as a skill that could kill any target once I contacted it.

The question that came to my mind was this.

What exactly did this ‘contact’ mean?

Until now, it was only natural to think of it as contact through the body.

However, if one thought about it carefully, they need to consider how far the standard of this ‘body’ was.

For example, blood was also part of the body.

Then, was the target that came into contact with my blood also within the range of instant kill?

…I definitely need to experiment.

I picked up a bug that was crawling under my feet.

Then, after putting the bug back on the spot where my blood fell, I activated [Instant Kill].

However, the bug did not die and was still alive.

I was a little disappointed with the results that were out of my expectations, and I thought of other possibilities.

Maybe it’s because the blood had been discharged from the body for a long time.

“Well, let’s test it.”

I found a sharp piece of stone on the ground and picked it up.

I could heal even broken bones in an instant, so cuts were no longer a big deal.

When I pressed the palm of my hand with the crude blade, the flesh tore open and blood flowed out. The wound immediately regenerated.

I dripped the blood from my palm on the insects crawling on the floor.

Then, when I activated [Instant Kill] again, to my surprise…


They all died.

The bugs no longer wriggled and moved. It’s the same even if I poked it my finger.

This time, it was real instant death.

I tried a few more times with different bugs, to be sure. The results were all the same.

Only then was I convinced that my guess was correct.

I can trigger instant kill not only through skin contact but also through blood.

However, it’s assumed that there was a time limit, as the blood that had bled out of the body for quite a while had no effect.

Exactly how long it was was still unknown, but anyway, this was a pretty awesome discovery.

I never thought I could use it this way…

If blood could be used as a medium for instant kill, the ways to use it become endless.

I turned around, thinking that once I reached Enrock, I’d have to do a more accurate experiment.

When I went back through the passage and went out of the cave, I saw Asher and Khan standing side by side at the entrance.

The two of them gave me a startled expression.

I felt a little embarrassed because I knew very well that my clothes were torn, bloodstained, and dusty, and my appearance was a mess.

I tried my best to say calmly;

“Let’s go back.”


Asher walked behind the Seventh Lord. She glanced at his back, especially at his left arm.

Blood soaked the torn sleeve red.

There were no visible injuries and serious marks.

…What the hell happened?

It was the Seventh Lord who turned even the monster, which was so huge that it could even be mistaken as a dragon, into a cold corpse in an instant. So, it’s hard to believe that he was just in a fierce battle.

Overwhelming strength that truly deviated from reason.

But what was the identity of the cave, and what happened inside, so that he suffered such an aftermath?

Even if she thought it was just useless curiosity, she couldn’t help but pay attention to it.

The Seventh Lord was someone who was hard to figure out.

This hike made it even harder to understand what purpose he had, let alone figure it out.

She wondered if the only thing she learned a little about was his personality.



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From the way he had a casual conversation with the person who accompanied them as a guide, he didn’t particularly care about status or rank.

He also seemed to hate moving his body roughly.

It was like that when she thought of how he stopped moving and leisurely looked at the scenery whenever he had a chance.

Especially when they had to climb the cliff. He even had to borrow her back. No, no matter how much she thought about it, she still couldn’t understand his intentions.

He’s a mysterious person.

As they reached the cliff they had climbed earlier, the Seventh Lord looked back this way.



“Pick me up and go down.”


She really couldn’t understand.

Asher decided to no longer think deeply about the other’s eccentricity in the future.


The return to the city took much less time than when they climbed up the mountain range.

It was only natural since going downhill was faster, but besides that, there was also the effect of my super regeneration.

This was because super regeneration amplified not only the regenerative power of the body but also the physical strength, so I rarely felt tired. Unexpectedly, even the stamina issue was solved.

After returning to the city, Khan received a big pay as promised and they told the mayor about the monster.

“It’s a giant snake that appeared in the northern mountains.”

“Ah, yes. I’m planning to dispatch an investigation team because there are rumors like that…”

“It’s already dead. Just take care of its body.”


After that, there was nothing more to see or do, so I left Jenix City right away.

Soon after, the wagon entered the territory of the Seventh Lord, Enrock, and quickly headed for the capital, passing through several cities again. And…

Finally, arrived!

I stared at the massive city walls that appeared in the distance.

Excluding the Overlord’s Castle, it was the tallest and most massive wall of any city I had ever passed.

The capital of the Seventh Lord’s territory—Buckhorn.

We finally arrived at our destination.

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