I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 130

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Heir (9)

The light emitted from the holy sword brightly covered the entire field of vision. It was such an intense brilliance.

The startled successor dropped the holy sword in his hand to the floor.

Only then did the brilliance gradually fade and it returned to normal.

“What, just now? What did you make me do?”

The successor turned to the hero and asked.

The hero stared at her like that without answering. Standing in the dark as if hardened like a stone statue.

On behalf of the hero, I calmed down the heir who looked bewildered.

“I didn’t mean to harm you, so I don’t want you to misunderstand. That’s just the special ability of that sword.”


“Yes. It is a sword that has the ability to determine how well the user suits him. There are those kinds of swords among famous swords.”

After looking around, the heir inspected his body, then nodded with a slightly flustered expression and asked.

“So, you wanted to see if I was fit to use this sword?”

“Um… yes.”

The heir looked at the hero with suspicious eyes. A little bit of vigilance, which wasn’t there before, was coming out.

It was a natural reaction. As soon as he grasped the sword he handed over to him, a blinding light emanated from him.

I thought my personality was still on the naive side, but it seems like it’s not like that.

‘What am I going to do now?’

In any case, the Hero confirmed that she was the successor to the Holy Sword.

I glanced at the hero and asked with my eyes.

The succession of the holy sword is not a matter in which I can get involved. So what happened after this was according to the hero’s decision.

Then, what will the warrior do from now on?

Are you going to openly explain the situation to the heir and ask for their cooperation? Or should I watch it for a while?

I was already half-sure of what decision the hero would make.

The warrior doesn’t have much time left. If possible, she would want to convince her successor to inherit her holy sword right away.

But that was impossible.

The current competency of the successor is also a competency, but there was an absolute problem before that.

Because, there were ‘conditions’ that must be met to succeed the holy sword.

“Sorry to startle you.”

The hero handed a word of apology to the successor, retrieved the holy sword, and left.

I whispered to Asher to deal with the successor and followed her.


“Is she the heir?”

Leaving the holy sword on the ground, I asked the hero standing in front of the tree as if lost in thought.

The hero opened his mouth while fixing his gaze on the branch he was looking up at.


After answering that, he paused for a while and then continued.

“Seven Lords, I sincerely thank you. Thanks to you, I was able to find a successor like this.”

“Contrary to what you say, your complexion doesn’t look good.”

Only then did the hero move his gaze to me, close his eyes and ask.

“Do you even know that there are conditions necessary for the succession of the holy sword?”

I also provided all the information about the successor. I didn’t have to pay attention to this.

“Four Trials.”


At my words, the hero looked back and muttered.

“You knew it too.”

Conditions necessary to inherit the Holy Sword.

Those were the four ordeals that the heir had to go through.

It was not related to powerless growth such as swordsmanship or magic, but to inner anguish.

[Sadness of losing a loved one.]

[The despair of being betrayed by someone you trusted.]

[The ugliness in human selfishness.]

[You will have to feel skeptical about the justice you have considered right.]

I remembered the revelation the Holy Sword gave to the hero in the game.

In order for the successor to inherit the holy sword, he must go through these trials and overcome them.


I think about it again, but it was a really dirty and clogged problem.

Rather than seeking mysteries, or deceiving others by bluffing, it was a different difficulty from the difficulties he had overcome so far.

Rasa’s main story, in short, is an adventure story with the Heir and other companions.

The first meeting place between the user and the heir is the adventurer’s guild building in the city of Mark in the kingdom of Rognar.

The user who was carrying out the quest will take on a single quest together with the successor with whom he had the same interests.

The relationship that started from there leads to an epic adventure by meeting various colleagues one by one, and in the process, the heir goes through many things and naturally meets all the conditions for succession.

Passing down the holy sword to the heir.

The easiest and surest way to achieve that would have been to follow the story of such a game.

But that was impossible.

Because of my actions so far, the main story in the game has already been twisted.

Originally, some of the issues that should have been resolved in the adventure with the heir had already been resolved, and a meeting that should not have happened just now.

If the story of the game was to be reproduced as it is, it would have been a long way from finding the successor at this point.



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But in this part, I had no choice.

Being possessed by the game, becoming one of the 7 lords without much effort to survive, and collecting mysteries has had so much influence on this world.

What if the heir does not appear at the time and place where he first met the user due to the butterfly effect?

After that, I might never know her whereabouts.

In this situation, what should I do to reproduce the story of the game as it is?

Should I force myself to go on an adventure to find her friends again?

‘It’s a nonsense story.’

The bond between the user and the successor, and the friends he met afterwards.

It is a complex and sticky relationship that is piled up and entangled with numerous coincidences, occasions, and events.

Also, the heart of the heir was something I could neither look into nor manipulate.

Even if you follow the many episodes of the game as it is, there will be a lot of variables, and there is no way to reproduce the main story as it is in the current situation unless you are a god.

In addition, finding other colleagues was a headache. There are also many people who don’t know where they are and what they are doing at this point.

So, in the end, there was only one way.

In a way different from the main story of the game, the heir must create new opportunities to satisfy the succession conditions of the holy sword.

‘······How the hell?’

The hero now must have felt the same way as me.

Is it the death of a precious person, is it betrayal, is it human selfishness, is it justice…

The current hero was just an ordinary girl who grew up in the mountains with her father.

How can I make her go through such pain and overcome it?

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but there is no clear way.

Should I artificially set up a stage from one to ten and put the successor on it? like a play?

It was doubtful whether such a thing would be possible, but it was also something that humans could not do before the problem of whether or not it was possible.

Suddenly, a movie came to mind. The main character, who has been trapped in a huge set from birth, lives as if the set is the real world, and everyone deceives the protagonist…

“So, what are you going to do?”

I asked the warrior again, but there was no answer.

After a while, the warrior opened his mouth.

“I have never thought deeply about the issue of succession. Finding a successor has been a daunting problem for me until now.”


“That’s why I don’t know. What to do from now on… I can’t think of a way right now.”

There’s no way that the hero didn’t think of what I thought.

But that would be unacceptable to her no matter what. She wouldn’t even give it the slightest consideration.

“Now that I have found the successor, maybe a new revelation will come down from the Holy Sword. For now, I plan to wait a little longer.”

Saying so, the hero quietly grabbed the hilt of the holy sword.

As expected of her, no more revelations would come from the holy sword.

I knew that, but I didn’t bother to say it. Anyway, the Hero and I needed time to think about our future plans.

In the meantime, it would be best to stay here and get as close to the Heir as possible.


“They are strange people.”

Back at the cabin, Kaan sat down at the table. Across from her sat Lodeven, who was still drinking her tea.

She looked around and asked Lodiven.

“Where’s your father?”

“He went upstairs a while ago.”

Lodiven, who glanced at the front door, lowered her voice and asked.

“By the way, did you talk to them any more outside?”


“May I ask what you were talking about?”

“Nothing special. We just shook hands and said hello.”

Hearing that he shook hands with the Seven Lords, Lodiven let out a sigh. Feeling a sense of alienation that is difficult to describe.

There was a considerable distance between the image of the monarchs in his common sense and the 7 monarchs he actually saw. At least, he was never someone to share tea with or say hello casually.

Lodiven guessed the intentions of the 7 Lords, recalling the conversation from earlier.

He simply said that he had come here in pursuit of the Demon Contractor, but Lodiven, of course, did not believe it.

It may be just a whim, but Lodiven felt that the gentle attitude of the 7 Lords was directed towards these women rather than himself.

‘…Isn’t the true purpose of the 7 Lords related to them?’

Of course, even so, there was nothing Lodiven could do.

It was time for him to sink into his troubles again.

“Mister, can you tell me more about the outside of the mountains?”


“I heard that there are some big powers like Calderic. Let’s talk about that in detail.”

At her request, Lodiven smiled and nodded.

“Okay. So where should we start talking…”

Lodiven explained in turn about the four major powers of the continent, including Calderic and Sainttea, their leaders, and the demons.

Caran listened with interest.

“The 7th Lord is the one who recently ascended the throne. He is also famous for killing the same Lord, the 6th Lord Tyrant.”

“Why did you kill him?”

“Well, I don’t know about that. But I think it’s a very bad idea to ask him directly.”

Seeing Kaan’s curious eyes, Lodiven added an afterword, regretting that he said this for nothing.

“Kaan, you don’t know much about the outside world, so you treat him comfortably, but the Lords of Calderic are truly dangerous. They are monsters who can destroy a country with their own power.”

“It’s incredibly strong.”

Kaan let out an exclamation.

Of course, even the concept of country was not a word that touched her very much.

“Still, they don’t seem like bad people. It was a bit strange to have them suddenly hold a sword.”


Kaan shook her head.

“No. More than that, you said you were a professor at some kind of academy, right?”

“It’s not an academy, it’s an academy.”

“Yes, the academy. What is that? What else does the professor do?”

Lodiven let out a small sigh and replied.

“Academy is a place where something is taught. Whether it’s swordsmanship, magic, or knowledge. And a professor is someone who teaches.”

Kaan nodded in understanding.

“If a professor is someone who teaches, then what do you call someone who learns?”

“It’s called students. Thousands of kids your age learn from various professors and share their learnings with each other.”

At those words, a little interest caught in her eyes.

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