I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 134

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I put my face close to her and whispered.

“Don’t you dare try to confront me.”


“If you do something like this again, then it doesn’t matter if it’s the overlord or whatever. I’ll send you right away to the tyrant.”

The Black Sea Empress just flinched once, and made no reply.

With this, she must have clearly understood the difference in power.

I left her and walked towards the fort.

Asher came closer and bowed her head.

“Thank you, Ron.”

I nodded.

“You did a good job too.”

On the way to the fort, I saw the defeated soldiers gathered on one side. It was Kacholl.

As I approached them on purpose, they opened the way with pale faces.

In the middle of it, I saw the King of Kacholl.

When I stopped in front of him, he slowly knelt down with a look of emptiness and despair.

“······sa, save me, 7 lords.”

I ignored him and continued on my way.

I was thinking of leaving it up to Earth Hill to decide what to do with Kacholl.

Eventually, when we arrived in front of the fortress, people gathered in front of the broken gate.

The soldiers of Earth Hill are all dying. There was not one among them who was not covered in blood.

Among them were some familiar faces. The King of Earth Hill, and Tayre.

Everyone was staring at me with blank faces without opening their mouths.

I looked around at them and opened my mouth and declared.

“The war is over.”


After a moment of silence, a tearing roar erupted from them.


I looked down at the busily moving people.

Inside the fort, those who were able to move moved the wounded, while outside, King Earthhill led his soldiers to subdue the surrendered Kashol army.

The Black Sea Empress seemed to have returned at some point, and only countless corpses of insects remained on the ground.

Tiyong snooped here and there, rummaging through the carcasses of insects, but he didn’t think they were edible, so he returned to my side.

After the situation was sorted out, I stood side by side on the castle wall and talked with the King of Earth Hill.

“How are you going to deal with the King of Kacholl?”

he said carefully.

“I’m going to wait and see how things go.”

No matter how much Kashol caused the war first, he was the monarch of one country, so he was cautious.

It was up to him to decide whether to execute him or take him prisoner and obtain compensation from Kashol.

“The 8th Lord won’t be able to interfere in the affairs of the two countries anymore, so don’t worry. Do as you wish.”

“Yes, thank you very much, Lord.”

I looked around and said to Asher.

“Just in case you stay here until the cleanup is over, Asher.”

“All right.”

At that, the King of Earth Hill looked surprised.

“I’m sorry for caring about you so much.”

“No, it’s not over until it’s over. I’ll leave my warriors in the fortress until I return to the capital.”

In the yard where the strength of the fort was severely cut, if the Kacholl army, who could not understand the situation, came belatedly, it could cause unnecessary trouble.

As if he was concerned about such a case, the expression of the first prince standing next to Longford could be seen brightening.

I met eyes with Teir once and turned around.

Asher asked.

“Are you leaving right now?”

“Yes. I’ll have to go back to the mountains.”

I couldn’t stay here until the cleanup was over.

It was because I was in a hurry to leave the heir behind. It wouldn’t be a big deal with the hero, but…

As he climbed onto Tiyong’s back, the King of Earth Hill bowed his head deeply.

“I have received so much grace from the 7 lords. I will never forget the goodwill the 7 lords gave me today. If the opportunity comes in the future, I will definitely repay the favor.”

Teir and the first prince also bowed their heads belatedly.

I called Teir.


“Yes? Yes.”

“More than that, you ignored me. I’m sure you told me to ask for help when you’re in trouble.”

“Yes? Oh, no! I was going to ask for help, but when I found out, it was too late…”

Taylor was taken aback by what he said as a joke.

I asked with a smile.

“Are you going to stay in the royal castle now?”

“······Yes, I intend to do so in the future.”


I looked at the King of Earth Hill and the first prince in turn and tapped Tiyong on the neck.

“We’ll meet again when the opportunity arises. I’ll treat you to a cup of tea, so you can come to the Monarchy.”



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The boy soared into the sky with a powerful flap of his wings. The figures of Asher and the three of them instantly became small like dots.

I thought as I headed towards the mountain range where the hero and successor were.

‘How will the overlord come out?’

But I wasn’t too worried about him.

This was obviously because the Black Sea Empress was the first to fight against me.

Even though I clearly stated what I meant in the last meeting, I ignored it and hit Earth Hill.

In the first place, the overlord also expressed his intention not to intervene in the war between the two countries.

The reason why the Black Sea Empress was able to support Kashol casually was probably because of that.

So, it is my freedom to stop such a Black Sea Empress.

If the overlord were to be held accountable for that, the Black Sea Empress would have to be held accountable for intervening in this war in the first place. If not, he can’t hold either side accountable.

Of course, that didn’t make it all that easy.

The fact that the Black Sea Empress, a one-man army, lost almost all of her queens was a pretty big power loss for Calderic.

He could have tried to reprimand the overlord for overreacting.

However, even in one case, there was a trump card. straight warrior.

The reason why Kashol was able to do this this time was the absence of the hero.

Anyway, the warrior said he was planning to reveal himself to the public again soon.

While she was in Seongdong, there must have been things she did in the imperial family, and there were many things to sort out.

If the overlord held me accountable, I could sell her for a bit.

First of all, it could be said that he had no choice but to stop the madness of the Black Sea Empress because he knew the information about the hero.

If a country was wiped out while the hero was intact, that would be a great poison to Calderic.

What I had to hide was my relationship with the hero, so there was no reason not to mention her.

After organizing my thoughts, I moved on to other concerns.

There were more important things than overlords now.

So what should the heir do?

‘The hero couldn’t have convinced me by now.’

I gave up my low expectations.

I wish the story had progressed even a little.


Kaan took a step forward and lowered his sword.

Even though the speed was not that fast, the rock hit by the blade split in half with a roar.

“Like this?”

Maintaining that posture, I asked the woman standing next to me, and the woman nodded.

“It’s great. You’ll get used to it right away.”

The hero, Aindel, looked at Kaan with new eyes.

Currently, Aindel was teaching Kaan the basics of how to use her magic.

It was just a simple movement, but it was a single sword accompanied by a flow of esoteric energy inside the body.

She already had a solid foundation and was talented, so it seemed that she would grow quickly no matter what she taught.

As the heir to the Holy Sword, is he of such outstanding qualities, or was he chosen as the successor because of his excellent qualities?

Aindel let out a small sigh as she thought about that.

Lodiven had already left, and the 7th Lord suddenly returned to Enrock, saying that something urgent had happened.

It was only she and Kaan who were here now.

Aindel had talked to Ben for persuasion, but the answer from him was simple.

‘If you really want your daughter to go out, I have no intention of interfering. Talk to him directly.’

I thought there would definitely be a conflict, but surprisingly he didn’t object.

But even if the father’s problem had been resolved, it was still difficult to convince Caran himself.

I kept trying to bring up the story, but Kaan only gave me an ambiguous response.

In the first place, Aindel was not good at talking, so this kind of job did not fit her aptitude. He was much better off dealing with the original horses.


Kaan, who had been swinging his sword repeatedly in the middle of it, lay down on the floor, apparently exhausted.

She blankly looked up at the sky and suddenly started laughing.

Aindel asked what was interesting.


“No, just. You said you never had people come from outside, so I just enjoy doing it.”


“It’s almost lunchtime, so let’s go hunting together again, Dell. If you go deep into the forest, a pink rabbit will appear.

Aindel tried to bring up the story of the outside of the mountain range again, but gave up.

Kaan was an innocent girl.

Instead of being wary of strangers they meet for the first time, they have goodwill and curiosity, and sincerely enjoy the trivial things of everyday life.

The reason why Aindel wants to take Kaan out of the mountains is not to show the wider world.

Even if it wasn’t a lie, it was a reason that was just an excuse after all.

In order to create a new hero to stop the demons instead of himself, who has little time left.

It is to make the innocent child who has lived his whole life in the mountains carry a heavier burden than anything else.

Suddenly, Aindel felt skeptical.

Is this the right thing to do?

The succession of the holy sword, even if it was God’s will, was not her will.

Although she received transcendent power from the holy sword, she always acted according to her own will.

In the first place, the Holy Sword only gave power, but never gave direction. Whether she fought the demons or sealed the demon king was all her choice.

That’s why it may be that I’m still not quite sure of the galpi.

It was the meaning of the Holy Sword, which had never been ordered to do anything, for the first time. find an heir

Of course, Aindel didn’t have much time left.

If he died like this, and the demon king was resurrected with the power of the holy sword gone, the future would be bleak.

She knew the power of the Demon King better than anyone else. Nothing other than the divine power of the Holy Sword would be able to stop the incarnation of that evil. but······.

“What’s wrong?”

Kaan looked at Aindel, who was standing in the middle of nowhere.

Aindel shook her head and thought.

If Kaan doesn’t change his mind before the return of the Seven Lords, then he needs to think deeply about it again.


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