I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 136

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preparation (1)

I decided to leave again right away from the mountains.

Because there was no reason for me to remain here as long as the plan was made.

I was thinking of going back to the Monarchy, looking into the academy, and making necessary preparations.

The hero said he planned to stay here for the time being and take out the heir at the right time.

I was supposed to receive the news right away when that time came, but I asked because I was at a loss for this part.

“It’s not like we can risk exchanging information about the holy sword through telegrams. Why don’t we set a meeting place?”

This fantasy world was needlessly realistic and almost devoid of instant means of long-distance communication.

For long-distance interaction of magic, the magic of the same nature had to be melted into each magic stone. Like the teleportation magic circle dedicated to the chief of staff in the basement of the overlord’s castle.

However, magic stones were filthy rare, and an absurd amount of mana was required to be able to communicate at any distance. In the first place, such ultra-long-range magic could only be used by wizards with those qualities.

As far as I know, despite the ability of the Holy Sword, there was no means of long-distance communication.

It would be cumbersome for a hero to come to the monarchy with an heir.

So it would be easier to just find it on my side.

“Oh, there is a way.”

But the hero suddenly pulled something out of something like a subspace and handed it to me.

It was an old, rolled up roll of paper. When I unfolded it, it was a blank piece of paper with nothing written on it.

“What is this?”

“An ancient magic tool with communication function.”

After saying that, the hero took out another one that looked the same and held it in his hand and unfolded it.

“If you manipulate magic and write on this paper, as you can see…”

When the hero breathed magic into his fingers and wrote on the paper, the same letters appeared on the paper he handed to me.

“No matter how far away you are, letters are engraved on other papers. Let’s use this to keep in touch.”


Curious, I looked at the paper. You really have all the magic tools.

“Then I’ll be waiting for your call.”

Anyway, after talking like that, I exchanged a light farewell with the hero and got on Tiyong’s back.

I would see her again soon.


Returning to the Monarchy, I looked up information about Elpon Academy.

General admission methods, class methods, school rules, personal information of key figures, and so on.

I also found out about the principal the hero said.

As she said, he was a wizard who played an active part in the war against the demons, and he was also famous as a close friend of the warriors.

After suffering a serious injury in the last battle with the demon king and retiring, he is now walking the path of an educator.

I was proud of knowing all the main actors in this world, but looking at this, there were many things I didn’t know.

As I looked into it, I realized an unexpected fact, which was that Calderic also had the authority to recommend admissions.

Each monarch is given a letter of recommendation every year, and it was possible to recommend talent and send them to the Elpon Academy.

When I thought about why such a trivial authority exists, I wondered if the two countries were ostensibly allies, so it was like a system to show off.

And in fact, it is said that there are monarchs who use this authority well.

Unlike the other monarchs, the family of the 2nd Lord, Neuhu, sent family members to the academy at regular intervals and seemed to be working hard to solidify its position in Saintea.


And when I realized that fact, I suddenly had another thought.


It was about Rigon.

Rigon is a genius on par with the heir, and he’s about the same age as him.

If so, what if you become friends with the Heir and become allies?

What I needed now was as many variables as possible. Not in a bad way, but in a good way.

In order for the successor to meet the conditions for inheriting the holy sword, a lot of experience and a lot of exchanges were needed.

That’s not something I can control, so it’s good to assign a person to the successor.

Even if Rigon didn’t contribute to the succession, there was nothing wrong with just being an heir and a colleague.

‘······Should Rigon also be admitted to the academy?’

It was not difficult because I realized that I also had the right to enter.

Of course, the important thing was Rigon’s will.

I was about to call the Lygon brothers and sisters right away to ask for their opinion. however······.

“Currently, Lord Reef is on a march to Mazrak Gorge on the edge of Enrock.”

“······ March? Why?”

“The knights who have just joined the Iron-Blooded Knights are sent out to the harsh places of Enrock as a training course…”

is it. I see you’re working hard

“If you order, I will deliver it so that you can return to the monarchy immediately.”

“Okay. You don’t have to.”

I decided to leave Riff, who was not in the castle, and only call Rigon for now.

【Lv. 29]

“Did you call, my lord?”

Rigon, who had been called, greeted me with a welcome look. It was a face I hadn’t seen in a long time.

‘But level 29?’

Wasn’t it level 21 the last time I saw it?

In the meantime, it was Rigon who had grown rapidly and reached level 30 right in front of him.

“How are you today?”

“Thanks to the Lord’s care, I’m doing very well. Thank you.”



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After hearing a brief story about my current situation, I went straight to the point.

“Rigon, do you know Saintea’s Elpon Academy?”

Rigon tilted his head.

“I’m not sure. What is that?”

The Rigon siblings were from Calderic in the first place, so it was only natural that they didn’t know much about Saintea.

I briefly explained the academy as an institution.

After hearing the explanation, Rigon nodded as if he understood.

“There’s such a thing. It’s a place where people gather together and teach. It’s amazing.”

“Are you interested?”

“Yes? Yes. A little bit.”

“Yes. Then, do you have any intention of entering the academy?”


Rigon blinked. It sounds like some kind of nonsense.

“As I said, Elpon Academy is the best educational institution on the continent. It’s good to continue learning the sword from Asher, but I suddenly thought that it wouldn’t be bad for you to learn and experience more various things there.”

“But I’m an older sister, no, like a knight in the castle…”

“I have no intention of forcing you to do anything. When I told you and your sister to become knights, I was just pointing out a way.”

I crossed my arms and continued.

“You have many options. You can do whatever you want to do among them. You can follow your sister and become a knight, or you can go to the academy as I just said, or you can think of another path.”


“Regardless of your sister, is it entirely your will to become a knight? If not, think deeply about what I just said.”

“Yes, I see. I’ll think about it.”

Seeing that he couldn’t answer right away, it seemed that Rigon wasn’t sincere about becoming a knight either.

It was the first thing I said, and since Leaf became a knight, he must have thought that he should become a knight himself without much thought.

A few days later, Rigon came back to me and gave me an answer.

“I’ve been thinking about it, but as you said, going to that academy wouldn’t be a bad idea.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. It’s because the monarch thought of me and gave me a good opportunity. It’s a place where kids my age gather and learn together, so I’m curious.”

I think it’s good, but Rigon scratched his head and continued.

“By the way… if my sister opposes it, I just want to stay in the castle. It would be too uncomfortable for me to go to a faraway place while making my sister displeased.”

I nodded.

For Riff, it’s the younger sister’s job that’s more important than anything else, so of course I thought of asking her too.

‘But they say they’re far away…’

Since you never know when the hero will contact you, it was a matter that you had to decide quickly and prepare for.

But waiting to return to the castle seems like it would take too long.

Let’s call it that, too, and it’s cumbersome and takes a long time.

‘It’s enough if I go.’

Speaking of change, it wouldn’t take more than a day to ride the belt if it wasn’t in Enrock.

I just decided to go and get ready to leave.

“Rigon, I’m going to visit your sister. Would you like to go with me?”

Rigon asked with a nervous face.

“Ho, are you riding a wyvern?”


“I’m going! Please take me with you unconditionally!”

Come to think of it, did you want to ride a wyvern before this guy?

Tiyong seemed uncomfortable carrying someone other than Asher, whom he was accustomed to, but he did not complain too much.

After picking up Rigon who was so excited, he left for Mazrak Gorge where Reef was located.


Runkelsid Base in Mazrak Gorge.

It was the job of the knights stationed here to search and investigate the canyon every day.

There are many types of monsters living in Mazrak Gorge, and among them there was a species that caused waves. It was because if I didn’t do a thorough investigation of their trends, a disaster might strike down the canyon someday.

“Now, let’s try our best today.”

A man hummed and checked the equipment on his body.

“You don’t always know what’s so fun.”

The woman standing next to him grumbled with a tired face.

The man laughed and said.

“But isn’t it a little comfortable these days? New recruits come in, so we have less work to do. There’s a taste of teaching this and that.”

“What is the taste of teaching?

“They’re just a bit inexperienced, but they’re not inferior to us, Mamelas. They’re talented people from nature. Didn’t you hear that an accident was prevented thanks to Leaf, who was almost in trouble in the last investigation? Ked saved his life too.”

As soon as the name Leaf was mentioned, the impression of the woman, Mamelas, was frowned upon.

The man who hummed again lowered his voice a little and said.

“Come to think of it, there were rumors that it was related to the 7 Lords. Is it true?”

Recently, a rumor has been secretly circulating among the knights of Runkelshid.

It was a rumor that Leaf, a knight from his hometown, had the 7 Lords in the background.

But most of it was considered nonsense.

It was a nonsense story that the monarch cared about a single knight, and if she was a person who was really favored by the 7 lords, there was no way she would have marched with such a change.

“That’s nonsense. Do you believe in such nonsense?”

Seeing Mamelas respond bluntly, the man clicked his tongue inwardly.

The reason why she disapproved of Riff was, to anyone’s eyes, simply because of her inferiority complex.

After a few months of training, they’ll be back in the wild and on a solid elite course.

So there’s nothing wrong with building a friendship with a member of the Sangvis Knights when there’s an opportunity, but I couldn’t help but feel pathetic because I was wasting my emotions like that for no reason.

“Uh, Sir Leaf.”

The man raised his hand to someone walking from the other side.

Riff approached and bowed his head in greeting.

“Are you all ready?”


“Okay. Then we’ll go out soon. Let’s work hard today.”

The man tapped Leaf on the shoulder and went outside first.

Mamelas also glanced at her and hurriedly moved on.


Riff, who bumped his shoulder, took a step back.

Turning her head, she looked at Mamelas, who was moving away, with an expressionless face.

In fact, things about the Leaf were so famous in the Monarchy that everyone didn’t know, but there was a reason why it was just a rumor with an unknown source here.

This is because before Riff came here, he asked the person in charge of human resources to keep quiet about himself.

Being protected by the name of the 7 lords and making training easier would be ridiculous.

She thought to herself that she didn’t want to disappoint the man who gave her and her brother a new life.

Compared to his days as a slave gladiator in Aktipol, Sibya, it was incomprehensible.

Riff followed the two and moved on.


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