I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 139

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The new semester at Elpon Academy was about two months away.

That was when the heir, I, and Rigon entered the academy as freshmen.

In order to use my letter of recommendation from the monarch’s authority, I had to send it to Saintea faster than the normal admission application period, so I had already filled out the documents and sent the letter of recommendation to the butler regarding Rigon.

I said that the hero would take over and put a recommendation together with the heir, so there was nothing bothering me.

In the meantime, Asher has also returned to the castle, and he has explained his future plans to her as well.

And he was in contact with the hero from time to time.

The hero said that he is currently taking his heir to the eastern part of Saintea and giving them a tour of the cities.

Anyway, I roughly figured out what to look for, and roughly organized what to organize, so I had a lot of time left.

Of course, I had no intention of just hanging out for the rest of my time.

No, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t.

If it’s important, it’s because important tasks remain.

‘I’ll have to learn how to handle magic.’

As I found out, the Faculty of Elpon Academy is largely divided into the Faculty of Swordsmanship and the Faculty of Magic.

Politics, history, and other academic subjects, of course, existed.

However, basically all students belonged to one of the two faculties, swordsmanship and magic, and other subjects were additionally selected according to their aptitude.

What is the greatest power in a world where a single superman can equal a country, and where there is no limit to the ability of an individual?

Of course, it is a physical force.

The basis of the aristocratic family was also such power.

Of course, he had to be good at politics and smart, but basically, without power, all other abilities, no matter how good they were, would be useless.

Perhaps the educational structure of Elpon Academy was a natural product of such a law of power.

Learning or something, first of all, building up mana and learning how to handle it would be the most important thing for them.

This was the reason I had to learn magic from now on.

What on earth would a guy who couldn’t handle a single bit of magic do if he entered the academy? I was lucky if I didn’t get expelled.

Looking into the school rules of Elpon Academy, it was possible to be kicked out within a few months of entering if your grades dropped significantly.

If such a disaster really happened, I would have been embarrassed to see the hero’s face.

That’s why I had to somehow develop the minimum ability before entering school.

“…Are you talking about the magic training method?”

Asher asked with a slightly embarrassed face.

I nodded.

“As you may have guessed, I don’t know how to handle magic at all.”


“So I want you to teach me yourself, Asher. Thinking about the future, I think I’ll have to learn it.”

I chose Asher as my teacher to teach me about magic.

The reason was simple. She is the most suitable person, but she had no reason to learn from someone else.

Needless to say, the only person I could deal with comfortably without wearing a mask was Asher.

“Teach them from the basics with the idea that they are completely teaching ordinary people.”

“Yes, I will do my best.”

I moved to the gymnasium with Asher and started taking lessons from her.

“Everyone has their own unique magic. They just don’t recognize it. The first step in building magic is recognizing this latent magic, the seed of magic. That’s all.”

I listened to Asher’s explanation.

So, what she meant was to feel her own magical power dormant in her body. If she was simple, she was simple.

‘It’s a little different from what I thought.’

I didn’t know anything about the detailed settings for magical power training, so I didn’t expect it to be like this.

I thought it was stacked with some kind of breathing method like martial arts, but there is already a seed of magical power in the body?

As if reading my puzzled expression, Asher continued.

“I said latent magic, but that’s just how I expressed it. It’s not yet tangible, it’s the possibility of unopened magic. Even if you try to feel the magic, you probably won’t feel it like the magic you normally feel.”


I nodded and raised my super senses to their fullest.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that I suddenly felt latent magic.

It seemed that this was not something that could be felt simply because it had excellent senses.

“The method of mana blooming varies from person to person, but in my case, I learned it by simply moving my body. Most warriors develop their magic this way. In an instant, you will feel the flow of magical power.”

“Are wizards different?”

“I don’t know about wizards, but there are many cases where magic blooms through meditation. However, this is just an individual’s aptitude, and there is no reason to distinguish between warriors and wizards when it comes to the blooming of magic itself. Magic This is because even those who walk the path of righteousness can bloom their magic through physical stimulation, and even unmanned people can bloom their magic through meditation.”

So to speak, as long as you succeed no matter what the process is, it doesn’t matter anyway.

In my case, I think which one is more suitable, Asher said.

“Lon-sama, I plan to induce the flowering of magical powers through swordsmanship training as I did, how is it?”

I nodded.

“That would be nice.”

I thought it would be a good way to learn swordsmanship from Asher anyway.

In addition, thanks to super regeneration, I did not get tired no matter how much I overworked my body, so it seemed to have more advantages than meditation.

“Do you know how to handle a sword?”

“No, I’ve never handled the weapon itself at all.”

I picked up a training wooden sword that was placed on one side of the gymnasium.

I never thought that the day would come when I would learn the sword.

Asher looked at me thoughtfully for a moment, then picked up a wooden sword herself.

“Then, I think it would be better to try swordsmanship sparring once.”




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“Yes. For efficiency, I think it would be better for me to learn more about Ron-sama…”

“I was told that I was no stranger to swordsmanship… well, that’s good.”

I stood facing Asher and awkwardly raised my wooden sword.

Asher looked a little nervous, so I said it with some embarrassment.

“My physical ability is as bad as that of an ordinary person. Will it be a sparring?”

“Oh, of course it’s sparring without magic. I won’t use magic either.”

Asher, who stepped up first, swung her sword.

I ducked my head and swung my sword without difficulty.

My movements were mostly awkward and sloppy even for me, but a pretty plausible sparring ensued.

Because he had super senses, it was not difficult at all to block and avoid Asher’s attacks, which do not use magic.

After a while, Asher nodded and said after stopping the sword and ending the sparring.

“You really are a complete novice.”

“Didn’t you do that?”

“Your senses and cognitive abilities are much higher than mine, so I wonder if you will grow up quickly if you learn swordsmanship.”

That’s how I started learning swordsmanship from Asher in earnest.

At first, posture correction was the main focus. He continued to correct his posture, starting with basics such as horizontal and vertical cuts and diagonal cuts and moving on to applied movements.

I wanted to learn what I was going to learn, so even if it was annoying, I thoroughly followed Asher’s words and went to training.

It wasn’t until about three days later that I started to feel the magical power.

As I was swinging my sword, the weak energy that suddenly began to wriggle in my body stopped me from moving.

“It seems that the magical power has bloomed.”

“Is that so?”

Asher placed her hand on my chest and poured her magic power into it, then opened her eyes wide.

“Congratulations. I thought it would take at least ten days…”

After mana bloomed, it was time to learn how to control it in earnest.

This was the point where the warriors and wizards were divided.

You could learn how to strengthen your body with magic, or you could learn how to spread magic by transforming the nature of magic.

“Magic power is like the muscles of the body. To a certain extent, it continues to train and grow the more you use it without special skill.”

The magic power now settled in my body was very weak, but there were many ways to quickly increase it.

I ordered the head butler to bring me the highest quality Magical Elixir. There were already several in the castle’s warehouse.

After becoming a monarch, it seemed that he was finally using the property of the monarchy in a meaningful way.

“I’ll handle the overall flow. Ron-nim, please focus on controlling your magic so that it doesn’t run out of control.”

I sat down in the middle of the gymnasium and successfully absorbed the energy of the elixir with the help of Asher.

Receiving the help of the elixir was limited to a certain extent, so it was naturally impossible to increase magic power infinitely, but for a beginner who had just entered the path of magic, this allowed him to accumulate a considerable amount of magic power.

After the magical power bloomed, about a month had passed.

In the meantime, I learned and learned how to strengthen my body with magical powers from Asher.

Asher said that my affinity for magic and my sense of controlling magic were very good.

Come to think of it, the adventurers I met on the Gaitan before said that I had an excellent magic affinity.


I put my sword away and looked at the fallen tree on the ground.

In just one month, he had put magic on his sword and reached a level where he could cut down a small tree.

This rapid growth in such a short period of time was not only because of the great teachings of Asher, but also because of the elixirs and mysteries.

The senses maximized by super senses played a very large role in controlling mana, and super regeneration allowed them to focus on training without getting tired easily.

The speed of growth was beyond imagination, as the abilities based on super-regeneration and super senses were acquired, and even with the help of elixirs.

‘As expected, the game is a spec.’

Of course, this much was nothing to the superhumans of this world, but doing it myself with my own body made me feel different again.

Excluding the instant death ability and mysteries, what would my level be now?

I was just curious, but my level was unknown because I couldn’t see it.

“Ashhel, what is my level now? Compared to Rigon.”

When I asked Ashelle, who was standing next to me, she thought and answered.

“Overall, it seems that you are three or four steps below Rigon.”

three or four steps down

Currently, Rigon has grown again and passed level 30. Then, can I think of it as being around the beginning of level 20?

That would be a level comparable to that of freshmen at the academy.

‘Isn’t that a little bit better? Freshmen are only 15-year-olds.’

I thought about sparring with Rigon once, but I gave up on that.

It wasn’t Asher, but losing in sparring with Rigon was because, no matter how much, he didn’t lose face.


While continuing to learn the sword from Asher, I decided to delve into magic as well.

Now that I know how to handle magic, it was only natural that I wanted to try magic once in a while.

Asher was also a stranger to magic, so he couldn’t learn from her.

There were a lot of wizards who excelled in the castle, but for now, I decided to try lightly self-studying with magic books.

And within a few days, I realized.

That I wasn’t very good at magic.


Scratching my head and frowning, I read and re-read the explanation I had read.

The manifestation of magic largely consisted of two processes: the release of mana to the outside of the body and the transformation of nature.

It wasn’t difficult at all for me, who was now good at mana control, to release mana, but the problem was the transformation of my nature.

‘What the hell is this?’

To put it simply, the transformation of the nature of magical power was the act of deploying the spells that constituted the magic.

If this technique was simply some kind of math formula, I wouldn’t have wandered this far.

In the magic book, it was absurdly stated that you should just ‘recognize’ and feel the invisible spell.

It’s not about solving a spell, it’s about feeling it? What kind of bullshit is this all about?

In the end, he called even the most outstanding wizard in the castle to ask for advice, but nothing changed.

It was just that if there were any results, I could at least understand what it meant to feel the magic in my own way.


It seemed that the formula that made up magic was a kind of synesthesia.

Like feeling a color from a specific number or letter.

If you can feel a certain pattern in magic and release it with a magic formula, that was magic.

It was a completely magical quality that had nothing to do with how well one handled magic, so it was very difficult to accept the concept.

Even if you tell me to feel the pattern, I can’t feel anything, so what can I do?

“Then there is no choice but to concentrate until you feel it. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do to help you at this stage, my lord.”

As my expression stiffened, the wizard bent down with a slightly pale expression.

He was the greatest wizard in the monarchy. He had nothing to doubt as he was what an accomplished wizard would say.

I invested all of my time outside swordsmanship training in order to feel that it was the pattern without much help.

But even after more than three days, I still couldn’t get a feel for it.

‘It’s really difficult, magic.’

It was my arrogance to think that since I was learning swordsmanship without difficulty, magic wouldn’t be much.

Magic was a field that could only be learned with innate qualities, much more than manipulating the body.

To be honest, I didn’t have to learn magic, but I didn’t give up because I had an error.

In the end, it was only after about 10 more days had passed that I could feel that it was a pattern, albeit just a little bit.

The next step was to learn the basic magic derived from it.

My ability to handle magic was already at a sufficient level, so I only focused on magic and delved into magic.


I looked with proud eyes at the flames burning in the air above my palm.

It wasn’t until about a month after I started learning magic that I could barely practice basic magic.

At least, it was only a few elemental magic and shield magic, including fire, but even so, it could be said that it was a successful introduction to magic.


Time continued to pass.

I, who had been manipulating the small photosphere in the palm of my hand without thinking, abruptly looked away.

The magic tool spread out on the desk was slowly carving letters.

– After 15 days, it is the new student entrance day at the academy. Are there any problems?

Finally, a call came from the warrior.

I also infused magic into my fingers and wrote a reply.

– okay. Where are you now?

– It’s Rapid City. can you come right away?

– Of course. Pick a place outside the city and we’ll meet.

I rolled up the paper and got up from my seat.

Now is the time.

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