I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 140

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Elphon Academy

“You’re not old at all, Aindel.”

The headmaster of Elpon Academy, Nainberg, smiled happily as he looked at the face of his friend he hadn’t seen in years.

The hero, Aindel, also said with a smile.

“Your face has increased in wrinkles, Nainberg.”

“Who’s teasing me? Ask the Holy Sword once. I don’t even want to rejuvenate, so how can I get rid of these wrinkles?”

The two sat face to face, drank tea and chatted for a while.

After putting down the teacup, Nainberg turned his gaze to the window and asked.

“So, when did you come out of Seongdong?”

“Not long ago.”

“Are you going to be out in the world for a while?”


“How is your body?”

“It’s not good. It probably won’t last 10 years.”

He smiled wryly at the nonchalant reply.

This upright friend wasn’t the type to joke around over trivial things.

“…Is it a level that can’t be recovered even with the divine power of the holy sword?”

Aindel nodded.

Nainberg did not ask for anything more. There was silence in the principal’s office for a moment.

“If you’re here to say goodbye before heading to Olterore, stop. Even if death is inevitable, I don’t want you to end like that.”

“Your tone seems to have become quite gentle. But as a principal, does a position make a person?”

“Hey, Aindel.”

Aindel laughed.

“Don’t worry. The time may come when we should, but… not yet. Neither do I intend to throw my life away in vain. As long as I have time, I will fight to the end.”

Nainberg sighed and leaned back on the sofa.

“Then why did you come here?

“Well, that’s what you mean.”

Hearing Aindel’s words, he widened his eyes.

“······What? Recommended admission?”

“Yes. I want to enroll my two children into the academy, but how can you do so with your authority while hiding my existence?”

“Of course it’s possible. But why? You’re making a very embarrassing request. Did you have a child without my knowledge? Which one is it?”

“Don’t be silly. It’s possible anyway.”

Nainberg said as if urging.

“It’s okay, give me a proper explanation. Seeing that you were told to hide your existence, you probably didn’t even have the heart to nurture a successor, what the hell is that?”

Aindel said in a subdued voice.

“Nineberg, this is very important. But I cannot explain to you why.”


“Because I can’t explain even if I want to explain.”

Nainberg understood that immediately.

“Is it related to the holy sword?

“thank you for understanding.”

“Is that all I have to do?”

“Yes. I just have to admit them. You don’t have to pay special attention to anything else.”

Nainberg was very curious about what Aindel wanted to do, but he didn’t ask.

It was absolute trust. If you wish, you can even give up your life without question.

Aindel asked after emptying the teacup.

“Rather than that, Nainberg, have you seen anything yet?”

Nainberg shook his head.

“Nothing. Nothing since that day. The dark clouds are getting closer, so we might see something soon.”


Rigon escorted the knights of the castle and sent them to Saintea first. Because it was a long distance by carriage.

It was possible to ride the t-shirt with me, but I didn’t have to.

It was because I thought it might be troublesome in many ways. There was nothing wrong with being careful.

‘There he is.’

As soon as I received the call, I set off immediately and landed in the forest near the city of Rapid.

In the middle of the forest stood a woman wearing a robe. she was a warrior

I looked around and moved closer to her.

“Who’s the successor?”

The warrior answered my question.

“Kaan moved into the academy. She had to go to the dorm first before the new semester started.”

I nodded. I already sent them in.

Before the day of admission, that is, before the start of the semester, freshmen had to enter and live in the dormitory located within the academy. To adapt to the campus atmosphere and to be provided with the necessary items as a student.

He was probably living in Rigondo Academy by now.

“Then there’s no delay. I’ll go in right away. Is there anything else I need to be aware of?”

“Nothing in particular. Everything is as I said. Oh, one minor thing has changed, but…”


“You and Kaan will not be enrolled as students in the Faculty of Swordsmanship, but the Faculty of Magic. That’s all.”

I was a little taken aback by the hero’s words.



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It was because when I had been in contact with them before, I had said that I would definitely go to the Swordsmanship Faculty.

“Because Kaan suddenly changed his mind. He said he wanted to learn a magic he wasn’t familiar with.”


“Is there something wrong?”

The hero asked with a puzzled look at my reaction.

I shook my head.

“No, no.”

well, it’ll be fine

Even if my magic skills are a bit disastrous, it’s fine if it’s not enough to get me expelled.

It wouldn’t be much of a problem if it wasn’t the swordsmanship department, but the magic department.

‘If this is the case, I’ll be completely separated from Rigon.’

He did not specifically tell the hero about Rigon’s existence.

Of course, in order for the Heir and Rigon to get along easily, it was right to tell the hero about Rigon.

Then the hero will ask the headmaster of the academy to put the three of them in the same class.

But there was one reason why it didn’t. to be as careful as possible.

The hero said that the principal was a trustworthy colleague, but I know nothing about him.

The hero probably didn’t tell the story of succession, but he didn’t want to make a third person aware that there was a connection between the person recommended by the Lord of Calderic and the person recommended by the hero.

It was impossible to conclude that the possibility of him betraying the hero and using the fact politically was zero. Because of my complacency, it was possible to make the hero difficult.

‘It’s not much to the professor I met in the mountains.’

However, if this was the case, let alone the class, the departments were divided, so it was like they were a little farther away from Rigon.

It felt a bit twisted, but I didn’t worry too much.

Well, even though we’re students in the same year, there must be a way to meet and get to know each other somehow.

“Anyway, if there’s nothing more to say…”

As I blurted out my last words, the hero nodded and reached out his hand into the air.

Brilliant golden light gathered and the holy sword appeared.

“If you have a look you want, I’ll try to match it.”

“There is nothing in particular. Change the color of the hair and eyes, and the rest is normal.”

Now it was my turn to change my appearance with the Holy Sword’s polymorph ability.

It was absurd for me to enter the academy with the face I have now.

For reference, the holy sword’s polymorph ability is unnecessarily so great that it is possible to even switch genders.

That’s why I was horrified when he seriously asked me before about what it would be like for a hero to become a woman at all.

Of course, from the perspective of the hero, he had to be concerned about the successor’s safety as much as possible, so it must have been suggested.

If I was of the same gender as the heir, I would be able to share a room in the dormitory, so I had the advantage of staying close to him at all times. but······.

‘Anyway, changing the gender is a bit much.’

I refused because it seemed that if I did, I would feel a sense of shame that even the soul of the emperor would not be able to endure.

No matter how important the successor’s safety was, I couldn’t stand it.


A soft golden light emanated from the Holy Sword and covered my entire body.

Nausea suddenly came up at the strange feeling that filled my whole body, but it was only for a moment.

Soon the light faded, and I blinked and looked down at my hand.

“······Is it over?”

The hero created a mirror in the air in front of me with the power of the holy sword.

The face of an ordinary boy with brown hair and a clear face.

I fumbled here and there to see the completely changed appearance.

There was no feeling of great wonder. It’s something I’ve already experienced once, and it’s because I wasn’t quite used to the existing face in the first place.

His physique was also slightly smaller to match the age of an immature boy.

Looking at the hero, she asked me.

“How is it?”

“I think it’s fine. Um.”

Oh, even your voice has gotten younger.

I put the slightly baggy robe back on.

There was a sense of heterogeneity in his suddenly changed body, but he would soon get used to it.

“There’s no chance that the polymorph will be released or found out, right?”

“No. Even if the Archmage comes, it is impossible to see through or cancel it.”

If the hero said so, there would be nothing to worry about.

I approached Tiyong.

“Go back to the castle, Tiyong. Just the way you came, to the uninhabited area. We won’t see each other for a while.”

Tiyong patted his head on my hand while making a low cry as if he was sorry, then flew up to his mind.

I looked at the guy who was moving away in an instant across the sky, then looked away.

“I will go now.”

The hero nodded and handed something over.

A badge with the pattern of Elpon Academy. It was an object necessary for identification.

“······Then I’ll trust you and leave it to you, 7 Lords.”

So the warrior left, and I, who was left alone in the forest, stood still for a while and then turned around.

Rapid City, in the direction of Elpon Academy.



After passing through the main gate of Elfon, Kaan exclaimed as she looked around the inside of the academy.

I came out of the mountain range and followed Dell to see various cities, but I had never seen buildings this big and tall.

The guide who was leading the way urged her to stop.

“This way, Student Kaan.”

“Ah yes.”

Kaan wanted to go to the dormitory and see the room she was staying in, but she couldn’t enter right away.

This is because I had to wrestle with the officials for a long time about what to ask and what to check.

Del told her to just do what people told her to do, so Carn obediently obeyed.

After completing all the admission procedures, I was able to move to the dormitory.

Kaan’s room was room 220, located at the end of the hallway.

She took out the room key she had been given and clumsily pushed it into the doorknob.


When I opened the door, I was greeted by a spacious and tidy room.

The furniture was basic, such as a desk and a bed.

Kaan looked around the room for a moment, then set her luggage down on one side of the room. She then went upstairs on the bunk and she lay down.

‘I heard that two people share a room.’

After rolling around in bed, wondering who she would share the room with, she fell asleep.

It was a while later that I woke up from a nap.

Caan stood up, yawned and turned his head away.

Someone opened the door and came in and stood awkwardly on the porch of the room.

“excuse me······.”

Kaan blinked and stared at a girl who seemed to be her age, then smiled broadly.


“Huh? Uh. Hello.”

“I’m in this room, but I fell asleep while rolling around on the bed. Are you in this room too?”

The girl nodded her head in bewilderment.

“My name is Esca. Esca Mariolds. What about you?”

“I’m Kaan.”

“So you’re Ka-Ann. What’s your last name?”

“Sex? There’s no such thing. It’s just Ka-Ann.”

The girl, Esca, let out a small exclamation and said with a shy smile.

“Nice to meet you, Ka-Ann. We’ve become roommates, so please take good care of us in the future.”

Kaan jumped off the bed and stepped in front of her, holding out her hand.

“Nice to meet you too! Let’s get along!”


After entering the city of Rapid, I headed straight for the academy.

We moved according to the guidance of the guide who was standing with the guards at the main gate.

It was a place I had been to once before, when I was looking for a mystery, but when I looked again, it was very wide.

At the counter in the same building as the main building, I completed the necessary procedures such as identification and payment of items.

The items that were provided were necessary items such as school uniforms and student notebooks.

After completing all the formal admission procedures, I went straight to the dormitory.

The dormitory was divided into male and female dormitories, and the two buildings were right next to each other.

‘I said that the heir would be assigned to room 220.’

I stopped for a moment in front of the dormitory building.

With her super senses raised, she tried to count where the successor would be. Because it’s a room on the second floor…


The far left room on the second floor.

Inside the room, I heard the sound of two people talking, and I heard that one was the heir, Kaan.

I went into the men’s dormitory, wondering if I had already become friends with my roommate.

It’s the building right next door, and since we’ve figured out her location, it doesn’t seem difficult to pay attention to her from the room.

‘Room 205.’

The room I was assigned was room 205.

Standing in front of the door, I felt a presence in the room. My roommate seemed to have moved in before me.


Without thinking, I opened the door and went inside, and when I saw my roommate’s face, I couldn’t help but flinch.

Rigon, who seemed to be sitting at his desk reading a book, was looking this way.



Is there such a coincidence?

It was said that room assignments were only by grade, not by department, so it wasn’t impossible for Rigon, the swordsmanship department, to be assigned to the same room as me, but…


Rigon smiled and said hello first. Of course, there was no way he would recognize my identity.

I also hid my absurdity and said hello.


“Are you assigned to this room too? They say the two of you share a room.”

“Oh, I know.”

“I’m Lygon. What about you?”

I came up with a new name.

“Ran. Let’s get along well in the future.”

It was a good thing anyway.

I was supposed to have a close relationship with Rigon, but luckily we ended up in the same room, so we should be able to get close quickly.


The first day of school, that is, the day when classes started in earnest, was about a week after I entered the dormitory.

In the meantime, I had a good time in the academy.

I quickly became friends with Rigon. He was Rigon, who was very open-minded even in the monarch’s castle, so it was not difficult to get close to him.

On the other hand, he paid attention to how the heir was doing.

We ran into each other often on the road, but we didn’t pretend to know each other.

We’ll be in the same class anyway when school starts, and there’s no need to forcefully approach it now that we don’t have any special points of contact.

Of course, considering the character of the successor he had seen in the mountains, he didn’t think he would buy it or be vigilant.

I also visited the public library once.

Taking advantage of the absence of people, I took another look at the place where the mystery was hidden.

When I sneaked in before, the bookshelf that I hadn’t been able to create a mystery yet.


But still there were no mysteries.

I don’t know when it will be created, so I decided to check it out whenever I had a chance.

Time continued to flow, and the first day of school was approaching.

The day before school started, there was an entrance ceremony for freshmen, so I had to go to a place like an auditorium.

“We sincerely welcome you to enter the school, so that you can find your personal path and aptitude here and grow…”

Sitting among the crowd of students, I watched a middle-aged man giving a speech from the podium.

Principal of the academy. A colleague of the hero, and a person who would have greatly helped us to enter the school smoothly.

He quickly stepped aside after a short welcome speech.

After several people, including the principal, gave speeches, it was the oath of freshmen.

Even if it was a school in a fantasy world, there was nothing special about the entrance ceremony of the Earth school.

“Leah Herriwin, Bayon Lexio. Two freshmen representatives, please step up to the podium.”

Two students came up to the podium and stood side by side.

A tall male student, one head taller than the other students, and a female student with striking purple hair.

I checked the level of one of them and was a little surprised.

【Lv. 36]

The male students were also on the high side, but the female students’ level was well over 30. A level one level higher than Rigon.

Considering that most of the freshmen in this position were less than level 20, it was overwhelming, so the level was just different.

‘If it’s Harrywin, I’m sure…’

The two read the oath clearly at the same time and then came down from the podium.

Next, the professors in charge of the first year were briefly introduced, and the entrance ceremony was soon over.

The day passed and it was the opening day of school.

Class started at 8:00 am, so Rigon and I were busy getting ready early in the morning.

“Listen to class. See you later at lunch!”


After having a simple breakfast at the restaurant, I said goodbye to Rigon and parted ways.

Rigon and I were in different undergraduate schools, so the building where we took classes was different.

‘Isril and a half.’

There were a total of three classes in the first year of the Faculty of Magic, and among them, my class was called ‘Isril’.

Arriving at the van, I entered through the wide open front door.

The inside of the class was as wide as a lecture hall on Earth, and the structure was roughly the same.

The eyes of some of the students sitting in the seats were focused on me for a moment, then quickly dispersed.

I looked around and then walked over to an empty seat and sat down.


Thinking that from now on, I really have to take classes as a student, I feel complicated and unfamiliar, and students continue to enter the class.

Among them were some of the people I remembered.

‘He is…’

A female student who was the freshman representative at yesterday’s entrance ceremony.

When she entered the class, the surroundings became quiet for a moment.

She went over to the back seat by the window and sat down. Is he also in the same class?

After a while, I heard whispers and chatter.

“Is that him? The genius of the Harrywin family.”

“I heard that he once competed against the official mage of the Mage Tower and won.”

“Wow, living alone in a different world…”

It seemed that he was already a celebrity among the students.

The Marquis of Heriwyn was one of the most famous magic families in Saintea. When he heard his name at the entrance ceremony yesterday, he also remembered it.

‘Leah Harrywin.’

It was not a character that had ever appeared indirectly in the game. At least from my memory.

Of course, that wasn’t unusual.

Even if he’s a genius, he’s still just a kid, and there’s no way he’d grown into a tycoon that couldn’t be left out of the story in just a few years. Or maybe he died in a catastrophe.

“Here? It’s very spacious.”

I, who had been resting my chin on my desk and wandering around in a daze, looked away.

The heir was clamoringly entering the room. The female student next to you is… your roommate.

I could hear her looking at the gazes around her and telling the heir to lower her voice.

‘It’s lively.’

It’s not a bad thing to already have one close friend.

While I was thinking about that, the successor suddenly looked at me, so I looked away.

“Esca, let’s sit in the middle seat over there.”

“Huh? There are a lot of empty seats over there…”

“I like the middle.”

After saying that, the heir strode forward and came to the seat in front of me.

I looked at it, thinking it was a strange seat selection, but she met my eyes again and said hello out of nowhere.


“······Uh, hello.”

Of course, the Heir and I have never spoken to each other.

The two sat side by side in the front seat. A friend of her heir could be heard asking her in her whispers.

“Do you know each other?”

“No? I don’t know.”

Anyway, one of the affable was a good guy.

From now on, how should this guy satisfy the conditions for succession to the Holy Sword…?

As class time got closer and no more students came in, the professor came in.

The heir, who had been talking nonstop since a while ago, finally calmed down a bit.

“That person must be a professor, Esca.”

“Carn, be quiet now…”

The professor was a middle-aged man with a somewhat cold impression.

As the classroom became completely quiet, the attention of the students focused.

Approaching the lecture table in the middle of the pulpit, he opened his mouth in a low voice.

“My name is Locale, who will be the homeroom teacher of this class for one year. His major is force field magic, and his subjects are magic formation and interpersonal combat.”

After an introduction that could not have been shorter, Professor Locale looked around the students and said.

“The 1st period is my class, so the bylaws are omitted. I will start class right away.”

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