I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 142

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Lessons and adaptation (2)

The second period the next day was an anti-personnel combat class.

As I heard yesterday, the professor in charge of the class was Professor Locale, the homeroom teacher.

The students moved to a place that looked like a large training ground rather than a classroom and stood in a circle.

“Person-to-person combat class, as the name suggests, is a class that trains combat against people.”

The professor stood in the middle and explained the class.

“You guys will first learn from magic warfare against the same wizard. What do you think is the most important thing in magic warfare?”

Without a doubt, the question was thrown like yesterday’s class.

However, this time, Professor Locale immediately continued talking, as if this was not a question for an answer.

“In fact, there is no such thing as the most important thing. Superior magic power, superior magic development speed, diversity of learned magic and efficiency of combination, insight to read and destroy opponent’s magic, environment utilization, psychological warfare, all of them are important without exception. Overwhelming Unless there is a difference in human skill, magic warfare is a mass of variables in which absolute superiority cannot be determined based on a few factors.”

He picked up two students out of the blue and pointed at them.

“As I said, this class isn’t just about talking. What are the names of the two of you there?”

The students who were nominated responded.

“This is Sebas Madir.”

“This is Hant Asen.”

“Sebas Madir, Hant Asen. Come out to the middle and face me.”

They came out looking bewildered and stood face to face in the middle of the training ground.

I looked at the scene and thought.

Is it that the professor doesn’t teach by dealing with them, but makes the students fight with each other from the first class?

“There are no rules or restrictions. Although it’s sparring, consider it a real battle, and let’s do our best from now on.”

Professor Locale said one last thing, and stood away from the two of them, arms crossed.

When they were suddenly told to fight, they just looked at the professor in embarrassment.

“The victory criterion is until I stop sparring under my judgment. The contents and results of sparring are all included in the score.”

Only then did the two students look serious when they said they were included in their grades.

“On the count of three, it’s a start. One, two…”

The battle started, and Sebas fired a fireball first.

The opponent also deployed defensive magic at about the same time, and the fireball that collided with the shield exploded and spread the flames.

Some of the students seemed nervous as if they were not used to the battle that started like a real battle.

Quaang! bang!

There was a successive roar, and magic powers collided.

For a while, the aspect of the battle flowed in such a way that Sebas continued to use attack magic and push him.

But at some point, Hant suddenly took over the flow and started to push him in the opposite direction.

Sebas stumbled, unable to completely block the opponent’s shockwave magic. Then the professor came out.

“Stop. Dalian is over.”

Hant let out a breath with a relaxed look, and Sebas frowned slightly with a look of resentment.

Professor Locale looked at the two in turn.

“Sebas Madir, Dalian is your defeat. What do you think is the reason for your defeat?”

He rolled his eyes and answered softly.

“My horsepower and output were a bit less than my opponent’s.”

“Is that all?”

“I think that’s all. At least if they were equal, I would have taken the win first.”

“If so, you don’t even know that the opponent has a superior amount of magic power than you, but you voluntarily dragged the battle into a firefight. Just pouring attacks against the shield.”


“Of course, on the other hand, if your magic power was superior, you would have a higher chance of winning by taking the initiative first, but the result was that you exhausted all your magic power first, and you lost. Can you take a gamble like that even in a life-and-death battle?”

Perhaps only then did he realize his mistake, and Sebas seemed to regret it.

“I’ll ask you again. What do you think was the reason for your defeat?”

“······The total amount of magic power was also insufficient, but from the start, the opponent’s skills were not taken into account at all.”

“Then, how will you fight in the future when you don’t know the opponent’s capabilities?”

“I think the top priority is to search for the opponent while saving magic consumption as much as possible.”

Professor Locale laughed.

“Yes, search. It’s the basic of the basics. While talking about it, you’ll wonder why you forgot this obvious thing. I learned it in words and in writing, but it’s such a big difference to remember and apply even such an easy thing in real life.”

He shifted his gaze to Hant.

“Hant, you won the Dalian, but do you think you have something to point out to yourself?”

“I think I gave the opponent the initiative too easily because I was careless at first.”

“Yes. If it wasn’t for that, it would have been easier to catch the victory. Other than the total amount of magic, the levels were roughly the same.”

Professor Locale nodded.

“Of course, there are a lot of other things that are lacking, but it’s the first day, so I’ll finish it like this. Right now, the elements I just mentioned are the focus. I hope you’ve studied enough. Let’s go into it.”

It was a short and clear feedback. It’s a class like this.

The two went back to their places with mixed joy and sorrow.

Professor Locale immediately stopped looking at the students as if looking for the next match. right from me

And the next person to look at was none other than Leah.

“What are the names of those two?”

······Is it him again?

From yesterday’s theory class, I wanted to get along very well by chance.

“It’s Ran.”

Leah also glanced in my direction and answered.

“This is Leah Herewin.”

“Come out to the middle. From now on, all the students will sparring once in this way.”



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Me and Leah came out to the middle of the training ground and stood facing each other.

I could feel that some students were giving me pitiful glances, but it must be because the other person was the other person.

Of course, there was no way I could win in Dalian with magic alone.

Her level was 36, whereas my magic skill level was probably less than 20.

‘Isn’t it over in a few seconds?’

I said there were no restrictions, but it’s a magic warfare class, so it’s probably like fighting by strengthening your body. It doesn’t even have a sword.

The sparring started and I immediately prepared to use defensive magic in case of an attack.

But for some reason, Leah didn’t attack and just stood still and looked this way.

It was as if I would give you a chance, so I would attack you as much as you like.

‘Well, if that’s the case.’

I laughed and used attack magic.

My attacks won’t break through her defenses anyway, so feel free to do your best.


The shock wave magic that was concentrated in a narrow area was blocked by the shield and disappeared.

I could see Leah’s eyes widening slightly as if she thought it was an unexpected power.

I immediately followed, creating fireballs and spreading them all around her.

She was defending by making the shield in the form of a face rather than a sphere that covers the whole body. That way, it consumes less magic power, but it has the disadvantage that if you miss the opponent’s attack, you can go to the goal.

In a word, it was the confidence that I could block all of my magic with just my manipulation ability, even if I didn’t have to press down with magic.

I spun the fireball around in a dizzying fashion and fired it off at all angles.

So Leah didn’t blink an eye and formed several more cotton-like shields, blocking all the fireballs.

It turned out to be much simpler than I thought.

Even in terms of my strength, magic control ability, there was no field where I could gain an advantage if it was far above me.

Since there were no more attack patterns that came to my mind, I just cast flash magic with the feeling of throwing and watching.


A bright flash of light broke out and obscured his vision.

In the meantime, I made another fireball and fired it. But it was also in vain.

There was no way that a person of that level could not cope with an attack just because his field of view was limited.

My vision came back, and I saw the other person looking at me with ridiculous eyes.

She lowered her shield and opened her mouth.

“Isn’t there anything more to show?”

Then he stretched out his hand and unleashed shockwave magic.

I immediately applied defensive magic, but the shield was shattered as soon as it collided with the shockwave.

I stumbled and took a step back. It was powerful enough to completely destroy only the shield.

“Dalian is over.”

It was obviously a tough match, so Professor Locale stepped forward.

Still, I had no regrets because I had tried everything I had to do.

“Ran, what do you think was the reason for your defeat?”

It was a question I didn’t have to think about, so I answered right away.

“There was too much of a gap in capacity in every way.”

“Then, how do you plan to lead a battle against such an opponent from now on?”

I thought about it for a while because I couldn’t understand the intent of the question.

What do you lead? It was overwhelming in every way. Are you just asking

“It seems that we have no choice but to fight to the best of our ability.”

“Is that all?”

“I’ll leave it to chance and throw in a gamble, and if there’s even the slightest possibility, I’ll try running away. It’s best not to create a situation where I have to fight such an enemy in the first place.”

It was a serious answer, but some students burst into small laughter.

Professor Locale also laughed and nodded.

“Yes. It was best for you to bet on the match with your magical power control ability, but before that, the difference in ability was too great. The amount of magical power and control ability are excellent, but everything else is below the level. there.”

I nodded.

I’m weak in spells, so I haven’t learned any magic yet, and the speed at which I spread my magic is quite slow.

The last blow was also given time to defend because the opponent openly allowed him to block it. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a bird to spread the defense.

“Leah Herriwin, you… you were flawless. But why didn’t you do your best?”

To the professor’s question, she answered with an expressionless face.

“If I had done my best, it would have been over as soon as it started. I don’t think it has any meaning as a sparring.”

“Did you mean you were considerate of the other person?”

“I just didn’t want to obscure the meaning of the class.”

That also sounded a bit harsh to me.

It seemed to mean that even if students sparred with each other in this way, it would not help them at all.

And even if it was said in that sense, it could hardly be called arrogance. because it was true Her level is far beyond her freshman level.

Professor Locale said with a faint smile.

“The two of you should go back to your seats.”

After a few students, it was Esca’s turn.

She looked nervous, and the successor smiled and patted her on the back.


The sparring started, and unexpectedly, Esca started to use magic aggressively.

The shockwave magic flew away, but it was easily blocked by the opponent’s defense magic, which was swiftly preparing a response.

【Lv. 11]

Looking at the scene, I easily guessed the outcome of the match.

Because Esca’s level was lower than the opponent’s. Her level was near the bottom of her class.

The opponent immediately launched a counterattack, as if he had roughly grasped Esca’s strength from the previous blow.

Esca struggled to block the rough offensive, but soon reached her limit.


Esca’s defense was shattered by the opponent’s attack.

And at the same time, another shield formed around her and blocked the impact.

It was Professor Locale who put a barrier before anything dangerous happened. The professor withdrew his hand and opened his mouth.

“Dalian is over.”

He looked at Esca and said in a dry tone.

“Esca Mariolds, this is your defeat. What do you think is the reason for your defeat?”

Esca, who was breathing heavily, spoke in a voice without confidence.

“······It seems that my magic skills were generally less than the opponent’s.”

“That’s right. To put it bluntly, it was a disastrous level even considering that he was a freshman. I think you need to improve your abilities in the realm of pure magic rather than the realm of combat.”

A shadow was cast over Esca’s face by the cruel language.

The two of them returned to their places, and the heir was seen trying to say something to the downcast woman.

The heir who turned his gaze glared at Professor Locale. Are you angry because your friend said something harsh?

The order of the heir came almost at the end of the turn.

Even so, most of the students were at the level of beginners, so after exchanging workshops a few times, they used up all their magic power, and the sparring battle ended quickly.

I thought as I looked at the two people facing each other.

‘The level of magic is still beginner.’

According to the hero, the heir had very good qualities not only in swordsmanship but also in magic.

However, unlike swordsmanship, he didn’t learn it properly, so he didn’t know how to use basic magic or a few things like me.

Of course, even so, the outcome of this sparring was pre-determined.

Even if magic was still at the level of beginners, mana wasn’t like that.

【Lv. 32]

Although lower than Rigon or Leah, her level is also in her 30s.

The level of magical power itself was similarly not that of a freshman.

As soon as the sparring started, the heir raised his hand and said.

“I’ll attack with fire magic. Block it properly.”


Then, immediately, as if to show, the flames were raised.

After the opponent hurriedly used defensive magic, he fired a fireball.


With a roar, it was seen that the opponent’s defense shield had been shattered in half.

When the heir saw it, he lit the flames once more. This time louder than before.

“Go one more time.”

His opponent was frightened.

But before that, the professor opened his mouth.

“Dalian is over.”

The heir looked back at the professor, snorted and extinguished the flame, then asked him in a hostile tone.

“How was I? Professor.”

Professor Locale stared at her and said.

“The level of magical power was excellent, and the speed of magic development was excellent. However, it was difficult to understand.

“No. But this is sparring.”

“I would have told you to fight like a real fight.”

He replied as if he remembered the heir who was speechless for a moment.

“If I had done my best, I think the opponent would have been unable to block the first attack and ended right away? Doesn’t that obscure the meaning of this lesson?”

I was dumbfounded and let out a little laugh.

It was the successor who was speaking clumsily borrowing the words Leah had told the professor earlier.

I just wondered if the professor was messing around because he didn’t like the professor for no particular reason.

I was curious about her reaction, so I turned to see Leah, and I saw that she was not looking at me.

Despite the heir’s defiant attitude, Professor Locale still spoke in a dry tone.

“Your rudeness won’t save your friend’s face. Now go back to your seats.”

In the end, the heir who heard the words turned around with a disapproving expression.

Still, from the professor’s words, he told the student he was dealing with, as if he knew that he had done something not so good.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to play a joke or disrespect you.”

“Huh? Huh…”

After all the remaining students had finished their sparring, it was time for the class to end with good timing.

These students seemed to be exhausted from the classes that were much more intense than the classes on the first day.

Professor Locale clicked his tongue and said.

“It’s only the first class now. Everyone should adapt as soon as possible.”


Meanwhile, at the same time, Rigon’s class of Henry was also gathering at the training ground for an anti-personnel combat class.

“So, what is everyone so afraid of?”

Rigon, who was standing alone, heard the sound of talking nearby.

“I was afraid of the name Calderic.

“Hey, hey. I can hear it…”

“What if you can hear it? Tell me to listen.”

“Are you really fearless? There is a saying that students from Calderic are recommended directly by the monarch.”

“That’s all nonsense. Does it make sense? He’s a guy without a last name, so he must be from somewhere.”

Rigon turned his head, realizing that it was about himself.

The male student whose eyes met flinched, then quickly looked away with a mocking smile.

Rigon let out a small sigh.

‘It’s not easy.’

Already in class, it was firmly stigmatized in one day.

If that’s the case, wouldn’t he have no friends other than three until he graduates?

“It’s noisy chatter.”

At that time, the two male students who had been talking about the heavy voice suddenly interrupted and shut their mouths.

The owner of the voice was a tall male student standing right next to them.

Rigon had seen his face before the semester started.

It was because he was the male student who was the freshman representative at the entrance ceremony. Was his name Baion Lexio?

He was a rising star from a prestigious military family, and was already famous among the students of the Swordsmanship Faculty even before the semester began.

“Everyone be quiet.”

Soon after, the professor in charge came into the training ground. She was a woman in a haze suit.

She glanced around and introduced herself.

“This is Gaon Cecilea, the professor in charge of the anti-personnel combat class.”


“Well, something like my name is fine. Everyone, don’t stay away and pick up the training knife over there.”

As the students gathered all the swords, Professor Gaon smiled and said,

“From now on, you guys are going to have swordsmanship sparring. The first two guys to apply, come out in the middle.”


“Are you embarrassed to fight all of a sudden? Interpersonal combat is originally a class like this. Of course, all wins and losses in sparring are included in the grade. I’m thinking of giving extra points to those who come out first, but are you just going to keep an eye on it?”

One student quickly stepped in, followed immediately by another.

Rigon watched the scene with interest.

Rather than yesterday’s desk-headed classes, this kind of physical class was more to Rigon’s taste.

“Now, it’s the beginning of Dalian. Think of it as a life-and-death battle, and both sides should do their best.”

The method of class was that the students progressed through sparring, and the professor gave feedback after the professor finished.

However, Professor Gaon’s feedback was basically vitriolic.

“Why do you miss the opportunity to counterattack? Are you afraid of a coward cutting your opponent with a sword?”

“Every time you swing your sword, your center of gravity is messed up. What kind of straw are your legs?”

“Why are you shouting your spirits all the time? Fix that habit. You’re just wasting your breath for no reason.”

After the Dalian, the students, even the victors, could not escape vitriol and returned to their seats sullenly.

Rigon was watching the match, comparing the professor’s words with his own impressions. There were some differences, but mostly the core was the same.


In the middle of class, the professor’s gaze reached Rigon.

She smiled strangely and said.

“You’re the guy from Calderic, right? Let’s see your skills. Come out.”

Rigon stepped out into the middle of the training ground in the center of attention.

“And you, come out.”

“Yes? Yes.”

The next student who was pointed out walked out.

He was the male student who had been gossiping about Rigon earlier.

The two stood facing each other, holding swords.

With a smile on his lips, the male student raised his sword confidently.

Rigon also stood with his sword hanging down, then raised his sword, thinking that it would be better to have the minimum courtesy.

“Coupling begins.”

As soon as the professor stopped talking, the male student vigorously charged Rigon.

He was thinking that he wanted to stick with Rigon even if it wasn’t so.

If you defeat him in front of all the other students, your prestige in the class will skyrocket.

‘I’ll make it look ugly on the floor!’

It was the moment when the distance between the two of them got closer to the point where swords could collide.


The male student screamed in pain as if his hands were being ripped apart.

What had happened was that the missing sword was flying in the air.

Retracting the sword, Rigon scratched his head and looked at the male student with a puzzled face.

‘Was it too strong?’

I had to adjust my strength, but I should have just blocked it and pointed the sword at his neck.

Whatever it was, the Dalian ended with that. It was only one sum.

There was nothing more fatal than for a swordsman to lose his sword in the middle of a battle.

“It’s over. This is bland.”

While all the students were surprised, Professor Gaon opened his mouth with a voice mixed with laughter.

The male student who came to his senses stuttered.

“Gyo, Professor. I was too careless just now…”

“Carelessness? I must have thought it was a life-and-death battle and told you to fight. Are you saying that you lost your head in one match without being able to show off your skills like a retard?”

I looked at her with pitiful eyes.

“It’s over too short, so there’s nothing to say, so go in, you lousy bastard. Your mindset is the problem.”

Professor Gaon turned his gaze to Rigon.

“What’s your name?”

“This is Rigon.”

“Yes, Rigon. You were great. Even in that one movement, you were faithful to all the basics. Go in.”

For the first time, praise instead of invective.

Rigon just felt that way and went back to his seat, and the male student also went back to his seat with a miserable expression on his face.

“Next… you, come out.”

The next student whom Professor Gaon pointed out was Baion Lexio.

Bayon walked out into the middle of the training ground. Among the swords, he chose a sword that was close to a greatsword and was holding it.

Then, the male student who was chosen as his opponent stood face to face with a nervous look.


As soon as the sparring started, Baion rushed at a speed that was not suitable for his size and swung his sword.

The opposing student hurriedly raised his sword to defend, but he floated in the air with a roar and rolled helplessly on the floor.

Like Rigon, the sparring ended in a single match.

The students watched the scene with their mouths wide open at Baion’s tremendous strength.


Baion, who drew his sword, turned his gaze to see Rigon.

Rigon also met his eyes blindly. Why are you looking at me all of a sudden?


Professor Locale, who was walking down the hallway, looked slightly tired when he saw a woman walking across the street.

Professor Gaon pretended to be friendly with him.

“Aren’t you Professor Locale? Are you on your way home after class?”

“That’s right.”

“I was just going home from work, too. How was class?”

Before Locale could answer, she continued.

“Hey, I was surprised. Did you know that there is a student from Calderic in the Faculty of Swordsmanship?”

“I know.”

“I’m Rigon, and he was a student in the class I just took.


Professor Locale was a little surprised.

If Professor Gaon, who had stricter standards than himself, praised him like that, it meant that he was truly talented. However, there was no particular curiosity about the swordsmanship students.

“Rather than that, isn’t there a kid in your class who’s famous for being a genius? Leah Herewin.”

“Turn off attention to other students.”

“Haha, it’s just that I’m already looking forward to the exchange class that’s coming later. You’re picky.”

Professor Gaon laughed heartily.

“Rather than that, there’s something I’d like to tell you about the semester exam. How about having lunch together?”

“I’m sorry, but I’m busy. We’ll talk later.”

“Ah, don’t do that…”

After shaking off the persistent Professor Gaon, Professor Locale returned to his office.

He sat down and sorted through his papers, then leaned back in his chair.

And I was lost in thought for a while. About the students who left an impression in the previous anti-personnel combat class.

Leah Herewin. A famous genius of the Heriwin family.

What I saw in class today was indeed as rumored.

Even in the short sparring, Professor Locale could see enough of her current level and outrageous genius.

At the age of only 15, if he had grown that much, he wondered if he would be able to surpass even the professors of Elpon before he turned 30 at the latest.


The two students are presumed to have entered the school through the direct recommendation of the principal.

Kaan, and Ran.

Originally, he was a local professor who had no interest in his students’ backgrounds.

However, I was a little curious about both of them.

This is because the hero’s colleague, the current principal, Nainberg, had never recommended a student to enroll on his own authority since his inauguration.

As much as I was curious, there was definitely something unusual about it.

From the well-trained body and the atmosphere, both of them felt closer to a warrior than a wizard.

The only difference was that the child named Kaan was also good at magic, and Ran was not.

In Locale’s eyes, Kaan was also a genius. She had some shortcomings, but if she learned well, in the future she would become an excellent wizard no less than Leia.

However, I couldn’t understand why a child named Ran left the Faculty of Swords and entered the Faculty of Magic.

Professor Locale continued his bland thoughts, but soon began organizing the papers again.

One thing is clear, this freshman year has more interesting students than last year.

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