I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 144

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Lessons and adaptation (4)

The Faculty of Magic didn’t just teach about magic.

Among the subjects taken in class, there were basic liberal arts, and history was one of them.

“About 30 years ago, with the birth of the demon king, the demons of Olterore launched a massive invasion.”

I listened to the assistant professor in charge of the class with my chin resting on my desk.

The subject of this history class was none other than the demons.

“The demons’ first target was the alliance of the Saintea Empire, which is adjacent to their territory. Humanity was quickly put on the defensive in front of the evil and mighty power of the demons. However, in that unprecedented crisis, there was a person who saved humanity. . Who is that?”

A question that even a child cannot understand. A few students responded.

“Yes. This is the warrior Aindel. With the power of the holy sword bestowed by God, the warrior defeated the demons who invaded Seintea, and went on a counterattack to finally succeed in sealing the demon king, the king of the demons. After the war, the continent ‘s power structure is rapidly…”

It wasn’t something I would be interested in hearing, as I was already familiar with the world view of Lhasa.

There was also a reason why only the main stem was taught without detailed incidents, perhaps because it was cultured.

“Esca, have you actually met the hero?”

“What? That can’t be.”

“Ran, what about you?”

I shook my head at Kaan’s question.

“Neither do I.”

“Really? I want to meet you. I’m curious what kind of person you are.”

At that, I laughed out loud.

When will the hero reveal his identity to him?

It wouldn’t be nice to say useless words, but I was curious and asked quietly.



“What if, like a hero, you were destined to save the world, what would you do?”

Kaan and Esca both looked at me with eyes wondering if that was out of the ordinary.

“What do you mean, that?”

“No, I’m just hypothesizing. What would you do if you had to sacrifice everything to save the world?”

“Ran, you also have a unique corner…”

Esca’s reaction was good, and Kaan seemed surprisingly serious about the question.

After thinking about it for quite some time, she replied.

“I don’t know? I can’t feel it.


“That’s Ran, what are you going to do?”

I shrugged and answered.

“Well, I don’t want to be a hero by giving my life. What’s the use of dying?”


The second anti-personnel combat class in Henryt’s class was no different from the first class.

“Come on, volunteers.”

At Professor Gaon’s words, a student immediately came out to the middle of the training ground.

Baion Lexio, the freshman representative of the Faculty of Swordsmanship.

When he was the first to step out, none of the students came forward.

Professor Gaon looked around with a pitiful look at the students who were only paying attention.

Out of necessity, she was trying to choose an opponent, but Baion opened her mouth.

“Professor, would it be all right if I point out someone?”


The place where Baion’s eyes were directed was right where Rigon was standing.

Professor Gaon gave him an interesting expression.

Have you already had a crush? Even if it wasn’t, I was thinking of putting the two together sooner or later.

‘It’s obvious which side will win…’

Professor Gaon smiled and nodded.

“Okay. Who are you going to name?”

“This is Rigon.”

“Rigon, come out.”

Rigon scratched the back of his head and walked out to the other side of Baion.

Baion spoke to him before the sparring started.

“Do your best from the beginning, Rigon.”


“I hope the sparring will not end in vain while being careless.”

Baion raised his sword with a solemn force befitting his age.

Rigon also smiled lightly and stood up.

“Don’t worry. It won’t happen.”

As soon as the sparring started, Baion charged with bloody momentum.

Rigon pondered over whether to avoid or block the sword attack that came down as if it would split the top of his head, and decided to block it.

Baion’s eyes twitched at the sight of Rigon lifting his sword with one hand. Even after seeing his superpowers in his previous class, he came out like this.

‘I would have told you not to be vigilant!’

With the intention of completely destroying the opponent’s stance, Baion did his best to strike down.


With a roar, Baion’s sword stopped abruptly.




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Baion looked at the interlocking swords in disbelief.

Far from collapsing, Rigon perfectly blocked the attack with all his might without even moving.

No matter how much strength he exerted, Rigon’s sword, which he was holding in one hand, could not be pushed out at all.

For Baion, who has never been pushed by opponents of his age with simple strength, it was a great shock.

“Your strength is no joke. Your hands are all numb.”

Rigon, who shook his sword, started a counterattack.

At the sword attack aimed at the bridge, Baion immediately took up his stance and defended it.

A sword that was re-engaged from the bottom. Rigon took a step forward and tried to pull the interlocking sword towards himself.

Baion, who almost missed the sword, drew it back and stepped back.

In an instant, the initiative passed to Rigon.

Even after that, Baion stepped back and blocked the fierce sword attack.

he couldn’t understand Why was the sword attack, which he wielded lightly without taking any special stance, so heavy?


When I first saw Rigon’s sparring, Baion thought.

Perhaps, among the first-year students, only that guy could be his match.

But it was an illusion.

Your opponent is stronger than you. Bayon had no choice but to admit that fact quickly.

Baion knew that Rigon was trying to win with only swordsmanship, even though he could still press down with enough force. He didn’t even seem to be giving it his all.

If this was the case, the result was obvious.

Baion bit his teeth tightly and condensed magic into the blade.

Winning or losing is fine. I wanted to bump into this guy with all my might.


Rigon stepped back as he saw Baion’s sword blade shimmering. The students watching also murmured.

For a freshman in the first year to use swordsmanship that only knights use, it was a daunting task for ordinary students.

Rigon looked in the direction where Professor Gaon was standing.

I saw it because I wanted to see if it was okay to use sword skills, but she didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping sparring.

‘You should also use sword skills, Rigon!’

Baion swung a sword wrapped in swords. If you block the sword with an ordinary sword, it will break.

However, Rigon did not use his sword skill. He didn’t even dodge the attack.

The moment the two blades met, Rigon tilted the blade and smoothly let Baion’s sword flow.

Baion’s sword slashed the floor in vain, and in the meantime, Rigon’s sword touched his neck.

“Ah, it’s a shame. Half-success?”

I looked at Rigon’s sword in Baion, who was mesmerized by Rigon’s murmur.

The shedding was not complete, and the teeth of the blade were chipped and cracked.


Professor Gaon, who had his hand on the hilt of the sword, also looked at Rigon with an absurd look.

When Rigon tried to block Baion’s attack from the front, she was startled and tried to step out.

No matter how much it is, trying to shed a sword wrapped in sword energy with a bare sword. He even managed to do it again.

If it had been a more durable sword rather than a training sword, the sword would have been fine.

‘He’s an absurd guy.’

Professor Gaon declared with a laugh.

“Dalian end. Rigon’s victory.”

“Professor, but the sword is about to break…”

“Never mind. All accidents during sparring are not the responsibility of the students.”

Rigon, who did not want to ask himself, let out a sigh of relief.

Baion asked Rigon before returning to his seat.

“Why did you bother to block it without using swordsmanship?”


“With your skills, you could have overpowered me. Did you want to humiliate me?”

Rigon tilted his head to the side.

“What are you talking about, that’s it. I just tested it because I thought I could do it.”

“Did you forget that the results of the sparring are included in the test scores? Did you gamble just for that reason?”

“I don’t really care about grades?

At those words, Baion stared intently at Rigon, then stepped over and held out his hand.

“Bion Lexio.”

“Uh, I know…”

“I know your name too, Rigon.”

Thinking that Rigon is an unusual guy, he shook hands.


After morning class, I headed to the cafeteria and found Rigon with someone.

Somehow, with a familiar face and huge size, I was able to quickly recall who the opponent was.

‘He was definitely the freshman representative…’

I’ve never seen Rigon hanging out with other friends.

Kaan and Esca also looked at each other curiously.

“What’s that size? You’re wearing a school uniform, so you’re a student right?”

Rigon also spotted us and waved.

“Who is this, Rigon?”

“Classmate. He wants to have lunch with you, doesn’t it matter?”

“Ohhh,” Kaan exclaimed.

“Of course it doesn’t matter. More than that, did Rigon finally have a friend?”

The male student looked around at us and opened his mouth.

“Bion Lexio. Are you all students of the Faculty of Magic?”

“That’s right.”


It must be surprising that all of my friends are from the Faculty of Magic, even though I’m in the Swordsmanship Faculty.

Anyway, that’s how a new person was added to the dining table.

As we sat around the table and ate, we exchanged stories with Baion.

“······That’s how I was defeated by Rigon. I thought it would be a good target, so I wanted to get close to Rigon.”

“Huh, that’s right. But aren’t you uncomfortable with Rigon? You don’t know that Rigon is from Calderic, right?”

“What does it matter where you’re from? That’s fine.”

“Thank you, but you know that my classmates avoid me, right? If you hang out with me, you might even avoid you, Baion.”

Baion blinked at that.

“It doesn’t really matter. I don’t have any other friends either. Except for Rigon, all of them are boring guys.”

At that, Kaan burst into laughter.

“Hey, I like you. Let’s be friends from now on.”

As we were talking, everyone’s eyes suddenly turned to one side.

Some students were making a fuss on the other side of the cafeteria, and among them I saw a familiar face. It was Leah.

“Hey, aren’t you going to apologize? You splashed all over my clothes!”

The opponent Leah was arguing with was not a freshman, but an upperclassman.

It looked like they had a fight because they bumped into each other as they passed by and food splattered on their clothes.

She seemed indifferent even to the two upperclassmen.

“I stayed still, and it was the seniors who bumped into me. Is there any reason for me to apologize?”

“But this cheapness is really…”

Seeing her cold stare, the upperclassmen couldn’t say anything more and spat out a few more curse words before backing off.

The students around saw the scene and chatted.

“Isn’t he a freshman? Why are the 3rd graders backing out so scared?”

“You don’t know who he is? It’s Leah Herewin.”

Esca quietly asked Baion.

“Hey, Bayon. You’re the representative of the freshmen of the Faculty of Swordsmanship, right?”


“So you know Leah too? You stood on the podium together at the entrance ceremony.”

“We know each other. There are exchanges between families. But we are not particularly close.”

Bayon added an afterword.

“That guy is also my target. He is the only one who has been defeated by an opponent of a similar age other than Rigon.”

Kaan joined in with a hint of interest.

“Really? He’s in the same class as us. I saw him in class and he’s strong.”

“I guess so.”

During the meal, they chatted about such trivial topics.

Throughout my life at the academy, I thought only the four of us would hang out together, but it seemed like there would be one more member.

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