I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 145

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Lessons and adaptation (5)

Monster Quest, as the name suggests, was a class to learn about monsters.

It could be said that it was about learning the characteristics, habits, and weaknesses of monsters, and learning how to defeat them.

Until the previous classes, I only learned the theory in the classroom, but today the professor in charge announced that it would be practice.

Following the guidance of the assistant professor, we moved to a large communal space located in the basement of the main building.

“Something eerie. Aren’t monsters popping out of nowhere?”

“Oh, no way.”

As Kaan muttered as she looked around, Esca shrank nervously.

It was certainly a gloomy atmosphere for a class venue, so the other students were also nervous.

I already knew something about Elfon’s underground space.

I heard that this is a place where research is dangerous or difficult to do in an open space on the ground.

For example, things like biological experiments against monsters, or taming magic.

This was the reason why today’s monster exploration class was held in a place like this.

I’ve seen a few times that huge wagons that contain monsters come into the academy, but they all seem to be locked up in the basement and raised here.

Soon the professor in charge arrived.

“Then, let’s move on? It’s the first practice, and today feels like a field trip, so don’t be too nervous.”

Following the professor’s guidance, I walked down the long underground corridor.

As soon as he passed through the gateway where the magic barrier was spread, a space like a dungeon appeared where the prisoners were confined.

The students who saw the monster trapped beyond the iron bars let out a small exclamation.

‘Is it a goblin?’

The first monster I saw was a goblin. One of the most common and weakest monsters.

The professor apologized to the guard and allowed the students to see the monster up close.

Did you mean this tour? It feels like visiting a zoo.

“Wow, that’s really ugly.”

“Look at that guy over there. He’s banging his head in the corner by himself?”


At that time, several goblins rushed into the iron bars with screams and bumped their bodies.

Some of the students who were giggling and watching stepped back from the bars in surprise.

The goblin rushed in and pointed a finger at the surprised students and giggled as if teasing them.

Looking at the students whose faces were red, the professor said.

“Goblins are weak, but they are cunning, and they know how to taunt and trick people. Did I mention that, no matter how weak a monster is, don’t let your guard down.


The sparks around the bars startled the goblins and fled into a corner again.

The professor withdrew his hand and moved the students to the next area.

Among the monsters he saw, there were monsters he learned about in theory class, and there were also monsters he didn’t.

I glanced at Caan, who was walking nearby.

Unlike the other students, she was unexpectedly bored watching monsters.

Maybe it’s because I ran into monsters in the mountains where I used to live.

The place where I reached the end of the class was a huge gateway unlike the gateways I had passed so far.

“I’m going to see the last monster here and finish the lesson.”

Judging from the exceptionally strong magic barrier, I wondered if there were quite strong monsters trapped inside.

And that prediction was right.

【Lv. 46]


Beyond the iron bars, in the dark, a ghastly glow of red eyes.

A gigantic humanoid monster reminiscent of a giant.

‘Is it Koit?’

When I saw his characteristic gray skin, I immediately recognized him.

I could see some of the students trembling from the killing spewing out of him.

The ferocity of monsters is on a different level from that of normal beasts.

There was no way the students were accustomed to living like this, so even a helpless monster imprisoned in a prison was worth shrinking.

“This is the monster we briefly talked about in the last class, ‘Koit.’ It is also called a wizard hunter by another name.”

Köt, mage hunter.

The reason he was called a mage hunter was because of his exceptionally high magic resistance.

Did some level wizards say that they couldn’t inflict even the slightest scratch on him?

‘Even though it’s a level 40 monster.’

By the way, did Elfon capture even this big one and use it as a test subject? I wanted to be dizzy.

At that time, the professor gave a strange smile and said a sudden story.

“Isn’t everyone sad to end the practice like this? Shall we play one last fun game?”


“As explained, Köit is a monster called a wizard hunter, so he has great resistance to magical power. Is there any student who is confident enough to hurt this Köit? I’ll give you a grade, regardless of the semester exams and the remaining classes.”

At that unconventional statement, the students murmured.

The Monster Exploration class was now only the 3rd class. But you want me to give you the highest grade right away?


The professor said as he opened the door of the iron window.

“Is there a student who wants to challenge? I’ll give you a chance. If you want to challenge, go inside the cage and freely spread your magic on Koit.”

But no one was willing to step forward.

No matter how restrained a monster is, if a dangerous situation arises again, the professor will step in, but it was not easy to dare to use offensive magic against such a monster from the front.



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“Shall we try it?”

Of course, Caan was an exception.

There was no sense of tension or fear in the way he scratched his chin and muttered.

I wondered if she would step in if no other applicants came out…

“I-I’ll do it.”

An unexpected person raised his hand before him.

Kaan also looked back at Esca with a surprised expression. It was Esca who raised her hand.

I thought that Esca wasn’t the type to be proactive about things like this. Are A+ grades so coveted?

“Hey, Esca. Aren’t you overdoing it?”

“It’s okay. I’ll try.”

Esca took a deep breath and walked inside the cage while everyone watched.

Standing close to Köt, she looked like a mouse before a lion.

“How is it? Do you think it will work?”

“There’s no way that could be. His magic skills are the lowest in his class.”

Kaan glared fiercely at the laughing students around. The boys flinched and shut their mouths.

But it was not wrong.

There was no way that Esca’s level could hit a monster of that level.


Esca’s breathing became rough again, as if the pressure she felt when they stood close to each other was a joke.

She barely raised her magic power and spread her magic.

A ball of fire rose in the air and flew toward Köt’s head.

‘They’re aiming for the eyes.’

Unlike the outer skin, the eyes would be fragile, and it was almost the only weakness, so it was worth staring at, but…


However, Koit, who shook his head vigorously, easily extinguished the flying fireball.

The unscathed, angry man roared with his mouth wide open at Esca, who was staggering.


Esca covered her ears with both hands and collapsed on the floor.

The professor approached the shivering girl and helped her up.

“I liked the spirit of the challenge. But with that level of power, I couldn’t even scratch Koit.”

It was Esca who came out of the cage completely lost in her soul.

Kaan comforted her like that.

“Are you okay, Esca?”

“Um, it’s okay…”

The other students seemed completely fed up with the roar of the moment.

No matter how much I coveted the grades, I wondered if there would be no students who wanted to take on more challenges.

“I’ll do it.”

But then, someone raised their hand again. It was Leah.

Leia walked into the cage and stood in front of Koit with a calm spirit.

The previous attack made him even more ferocious, but she didn’t seem to be intimidated in the slightest.

I watched the scene with a little interest.

Could she really do the damage? Will she go after her eyes like Esca?

She immediately reached out and cast a spell on Köt.


Koit, who had been hit by the magic cannon that had been fired like a beam of light, screamed in pain.

Accompanied by acrid smoke, blood flowed from Köt’s chest.

Success so simple. It was a perfect blow, not aimed at a weakness.

I tilted my head and looked at the scene. That’s not just a simple magic cannon…

oh oh oh!

When the wounded Köt tried to run amok, Leah flinched and tried to use her magic again.

But before that, the professor stepped in.

The professor’s mana, which had spread far and wide, enveloped Köit’s body and suppressed it.

After calming Köt down, the professor clapped his hands and spoke in a tone of admiration.

“Awesome, Student Leah Herewin. I didn’t expect it to be so simple.”

The other students also looked at her with awe and envy.

In the meantime, Kaan muttered a pity.

“Oh, I was going to do it first.”

Suddenly, the expression of Esca standing next to Kaan caught my eye.

She was staring at Leah with her slightly darkened expression on her lips.


In the evening, after meals, we practiced at the common training ground.

Originally, it was four, but recently, members were added, and Baion often hung out together.

“Ka-Ann, Ran. You guys are so well-trained that you’re not like wizards. Did you learn martial arts?”


“All of you are amazing guys. I heard that Rigon is also learning magic as well as swordsmanship.”

“Why don’t you learn some magic right now? Baion.”

“It’s useless. A body and a sword are enough for me.”

Baion had a hard side, but he wasn’t a bad person.

Should I say that even his personality is like that of a warrior?

“Go first. I’m going to do a little more by myself.”

“Yes? All right.”

After training, I said the kids left the training ground first.

It was an excuse to train more. It’s been quite a while since I haven’t checked to see if a mystery hidden in the library has been created, so I went to check it out.

After sitting down and resting for a while, I slowly stand up to go out…


I saw a student entering the training ground.

It was none other than Leah.

It was late, and I was surprised because I had never met her at the training ground.

‘Why did I come to the public training ground?’

The Faculty of Magic and the Faculty of Swordsmanship had separate training grounds.

The training grounds for each faculty had better facilities, but this one had Rigon, so we came to the common training ground.

Is it because the public training ground is wider, or is it because there are fewer people?

Our eyes met, but Leah didn’t pay attention to this side and stood on the other side of the training ground.

I was about to leave, but I decided to stay a while longer.

He was suddenly curious about how to practice magic.

Leia’s magic was simple freezing magic. A cold white air gathered in the air.

Looking at the scene, I felt something strange, but soon realized the identity of the sense of difference.

‘Is that the last time?’

The magic cannon she showed off against Kweit during the monster quest practice the other day.

When I saw that, I thought it was odd. It was obviously different from using ordinary magic.

After observing her for a while, I was able to guess the principle.

“Ah… did you really apply a magic formula?”

I muttered that, but Leia suddenly withdrew her magic and turned around. With a look of surprise for some reason.

Suddenly, I wondered why I was looking at her, but she strode this way and started talking to me.

“What did you just say?”


“What did you just say?”

Did you hear yourself talking in the street? nice ears too

‘But why are you doing this?’

I answered while tilting my head.

“I wondered if you just applied magic or a spell to amplify the power. Just like the last time you practiced exploring monsters.”

“How did you know that?”

“What do you think… I just knew it because I could see it.”

Having said that, I could understand why she reacted this way.

is it. Do you usually just not notice it by looking at it?

Having a super sense, I can grasp the flow of mana in detail one by one.

Also recently, while studying magic, his magical knowledge had increased considerably.

So, it seemed that the sudden amplification of power at some point during the development of her magic was not the result of mana manipulation, so I naturally guessed the principle in connection with the magic formula.

Leah stared at me for a moment, then opened her mouth again.

“Your eye is pretty good. That’s right. I accurately identified and transformed only the elements responsible for the power of magic in the spell.”

“I see.”

It is possible to increase the power of magic that way.

I thought it was not a skill that could be used at the student level.


There was silence for a while.

For some reason, Leah kept standing in front of me. Anything more to say?

When I stared at her, she finally turned around and went back to her place.

‘It’s a transformation of the formula.’

I tried the fire magic once.

Of course, applying the principle of transformation was completely unaware and failed.

Let alone how to transform, I don’t even know the exact composition of my spell yet.

It was only possible because Leaya had an accurate grasp of her own technique, and it was something I hadn’t even begun to do.

I withdrew my magic and looked away.

Leah, who had been glancing at me for a while, turned her head away with a disappointed look on her face.

‘What is he?’

Thinking he’s a strange guy, I stepped out of the training ground.

I headed straight to the public library to confirm the mystery. Still no mystery.

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