I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 147

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Lessons and adaptation (7)

Professor Locale was sitting in his office, looking through the plan handed over by Professor Gaon of the Swordsmanship Department.

As for what kind of plan it was, it was related to the semester exams that were quickly approaching.


Professor Locale, who buried his back in the chair, crossed his arms with a strange expression.

I was caught the other day and listened to it roughly, but honestly, I thought it was a pretty interesting idea.

The test method is quite extreme, and there must be a lot of things to prepare, but this is not enough to be heard by the committee…

“How is it, Professor Locale? It must be difficult, too, right?”

The assistant professor who delivered the plan asked with an awkward smile.

“No, it’s better than I thought. I’ll have to think about it some more.”

“······Yes? Really?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh, no. Then I’ll pass it on to Professor Gaon.”

“Okay. No need to bother. I’ll tell you later.”


The assistant professor who came out of the office let out a small sigh.

Professor Locale is reluctant to deal with Professor Gaon, saying that he is an outlier, but as he sees it from nearby, the two are quite compatible. If you see something like this

Are you serious about putting freshmen through such a ruthless exam?

“This first grader will have a hard time…”

The assistant professor shook his head and moved on.


Almost three months have passed since I entered school.

Time at the academy passed slowly and quickly without incident.

“Where have you been, Ran?”

“Wait in the library. There’s a book I’m looking for.”

Late afternoon after class.

Me, Rigon, and Baion headed to an outdoor table near the dormitory building.

It was because it was their usual routine to gather there and chat before dinner, as promised.

I was walking down the hallway, and Leah was walking from the other side.

Rigon met her eyes and greeted her first without hesitation.



Leah just nodded her head once and passed by without saying anything.

We were also on our way, but I turned my head slightly backwards at the sight I felt.

I saw Leah, who had been glancing at me, startled and turned her head away in surprise.

Watching the back of her walking away at a quick pace, he wondered what the hell he wanted to do.

“what’s the matter?”


After the last exchange class, Leah’s attitude was strange whenever she happened to run into Rigon. It was because it was clearly visible that he was conscious of Rigon.

Even in my class, I had never seen her try to mingle with the other students in the slightest.

The reason, of course, was the sparring with Rigon.

At first, I thought that losing was resentful and showing hostility, but it didn’t seem like it.

‘Rather, it seems to be the opposite.’

I want to say something, but I feel like I can’t because I just look at you.

He didn’t want to know if he wasn’t trying to harm Rigon.

When we arrived at our destination, we saw Kaan and Esca sitting in their seats.

“Are you here?”

Kaan sighed and shook her hand. We sat across from each other.

We passed the time by talking nonsense about this and that.

“So, are you going out with me this holiday? Esca.”

“Um… sorry. Exams are coming soon. Until then, I just want to focus on my studies.”


Kaan stretched out on the table looking disgruntled.

Esca put both hands on her shoulders and massaged them as if to soothe her.

As I just said, Esca doesn’t seem to hang out with Carn very much, probably because she’s busy studying.

“How are you guys? Rigon, Baion. Are you preparing well for the exam?”

“Me? I don’t really prepare anything…”

“Neither do I.”


As the name suggests, it is an exam at the end of the semester.

Elfon’s curriculum consisted of two semesters in one school year, and one big test at the end of the semester, which could roughly be said to be like a final exam. in terms of Earth.

I crossed my arms and leaned back in my chair.

Now, there are a little more than two weeks left until the semester exam.

It wasn’t just someone else’s job, but I was also a little worried about it.

Even with other subjects, magic theory was still very vague.

It doesn’t matter what your grades are, but you need to get a grade that won’t result in being suspended or expelled.

‘Theories are really annoying…’

It wasn’t that I hadn’t put my hands on studying theory because it was difficult.



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I tried my best in my own way, but I still find it difficult to follow the contents of the class.

This wasn’t even a modern Earth, and what I didn’t know was that it wasn’t a comfortable world where you could search the Internet.

There was a shortage of data, and even that, I had to go through the trouble of finding them one by one.

I felt a bit of a sense of crisis because I didn’t know what would happen to the theory test grades in this state.

‘It would be nice if someone would stick around and teach me like one-on-one tutoring.’

It would be nice if only the frustratingly clogged parts could be sorted out at least once before the exam.

However, it was unreasonable to ask Kaan or Esca. Neither of them were very good at theory.

As I was thinking about that, a person suddenly passed through my mind.

There is no friendship at all, but there is a student who will be the best in the grade as much as his skills.


Shall we talk?

It wasn’t without reason at all. Leah and I were in the same group in theory class.


“Yes why?”

When I stared at Rigon, he made a puzzled face.

I shook my head and said.

“No, this holiday, instead of going out, I thought it would be nice to study at the library together.”

“At the library?”

“Uh. Rigon, you also have theory courses, right? There are also common liberal arts.”

“Oh, is that so? It’s nice that it’s something different too.”

Kaan immediately chimed in with excitement.

Rigon and Baion nodded as if they were okay.


The day passes, and it’s time for morning magic theory class.


After the class had just ended, the members of the group, including Leah, made their own faces at the story I brought up.

“Isn’t it the semester exam soon?

The two members naturally looked at Leah first with a shy expression.

I understand why you react that way.

There was no way that she, who usually openly put up an iron wall around her, would do something like a study group.

“Do I have to waste such time for someone’s sake?”

And Leah’s reaction was as expected.

I spoke in a calm tone.

“Since classes have been conducted in groups so far, there is a high probability that the exam will be conducted in groups as well.

Leah frowned and tried to say something.

But before that, I added a word.

“I decided to gather at the library with my friends to study this holiday. But as you know, I’m not good at theory, right? So I asked if you guys would like to do it together. If you don’t feel like it, there’s nothing special.”

Saying that, I glanced at Leia’s reaction, and I felt a moment of hesitation.

She didn’t say anything for a while, then asked in a blunt tone.

“When and how much are you going to do?”

At that, the crew looked at her with a look of surprise.

I was also a little surprised inside.

‘This is real.’

It was a story I brought up because I thought I might be able to seduce him if I used Rigon as bait.

“It starts around noon and ends roughly around evening. How is it?”

Leia just nodded without saying anything and got up from her seat. And he left the classroom right away.

As I moved my gaze to the other two members, they also nodded.

“But it’s surprising. I didn’t expect him to be so obedient…”

“Yes. Ran, are you close with Leah?”

can it be

I shook my head.

“No, not really.”


It was a holiday, and as promised, a meeting was held at the library.

I asked for your understanding from the beginning that Kaan and the boys would have additional members.

“It’s unexpected. I didn’t expect to study together with you, hey.”

Kaan took a seat first and spoke to Leah, who was sitting.

Leah glanced at Caan and then returned to the book she was reading.

The seat was somehow formed based on me.

The theory class members sat on the left, and Kaan, Esca, and Bayon sat on the right and started studying.

“Leah, I don’t understand this part here…”

I subtly asked Leah one by one about the parts that had been blocked for their original purpose.

She gave off a disapproving look, but she taught me. She is much more sincere than she thought.

‘Ah, it must have been solved this way.’

And that definitely helped a lot.

I spurred on the theory study by organizing the contents I learned from her.

Time to take a break by yourself to cool off your overheated head.

I looked alternately at Rigon and Leah sitting next to me.

‘He must have come because of Lygon…’

Despite that, Leah was concentrating on her studies without paying attention to Rigon.

The only words the two exchanged were greetings when they first met.

Watching it made me feel a bit frustrated, and on the other hand, I was grateful to Leah, so I checked the atmosphere.

Rigon was holding a history book and scratching his head with a tired face.

I quietly spoke to Rigon.

“History? Studying common culture?”


“But what’s wrong with your face? Is there something blocking you?”

“No, it’s just. What I learned in class and the material seem to be a bit different. I’m confused.”

“Then ask Leah. She probably knows the history well.”

At my words, Rigon looked at Leah.

Leah also stopped the pen and said, ‘Huh?’ I was looking at this with this expression.

Rigon, who was looking at her, smiled kindly and asked her.

“Can you teach me something?”

“······What do you mean you’re confused?”

“So, speaking of the Zehak disaster that happened in the 321st year of the Imperial calendar…”

Rigon got up with a book and moved to sit next to her.

Unlike when she taught me, Leah explained to Rigon without much disapproval.

I watched the scene for a while, then I turned my mind off and focused on my studies.

As I concentrated on my studies, the time was already near the end of the day.

Kaan stretched and let out a groan.

“Ah, I’m hungry. Let’s finish this and go to dinner.”

As the atmosphere gradually began to organize, I also closed the book and organized my notes.

“Are you guys going to have dinner together?”

“Huh? Well, maybe.”

Kaan asked the theory crew, including Leah.

The two replied that they would, but Leah ignored them and tried to leave.

Kaan looked at her and asked.

“Hey, Leah. Where are you going? Let’s eat together.”

To that, Leah replied in a tone that was annoying.

“What are you pretending to be close to? I’m fine, so don’t bother.”


Kaan put on a puzzled expression.

“No, why are you doing that after you just got along well?”

“I didn’t fit in, I was just preparing for the test. Because of my grades.”

“Well, isn’t that what it is…?”

Kaan tilted her head and asked.

“No, I’ve been curious about it for a long time. Why do you want to go alone?

He had said no ill will to Kaan, but he could have offended her, but Leah remained expressionless.

“Getting along is something only people of the same level can do.”

“Level? Are you talking about your magic skills, or are you talking about your family? Why are you arguing about that?”

Leah said in a much colder voice.

“Because there are only insignificant people. The one who is jealous of me with an inferiority complex, the one who flatters me and flatters me, the one who is annoying because he is just stupid. Why do I have to endure and hang out with such things?”

······What kind of rash is this?

I watched him quietly, wondering why he suddenly did that.

Kaan said with a displeased face.

“I have no inferiority complex towards you, and I have no intention of flattering you.”

“Then you must be just an idiot. Can you stop talking now?”

Then Lygon intervened. In a rare cold voice.

“You talk too much. Do you really have to say it that way?”

Leah flinched and looked at Rigon.

Biting her lip, she let out a sneer and turned around.

“You’re born with that kind of talent too, so don’t waste your time playing friends. Even if it’s not now, everything will be as I said in the end anyway.”


“Oh, and when I’m sure I’ve outdone you, I’ll challenge you to a duel again. Wait until then. I’ve been wanting to say this, but I’ve rarely had a chance.”

Having said that, Leah strode away.

Looking at her back, Kaan muttered with an absurd face.

“Anyway, he’s a really strange guy…”

It was a sympathy.

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