I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 148

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Semester exam (1)

Time passed and the day of the semester exam arrived.

While having breakfast in the cafeteria, the atmosphere of the students around me felt quite different from usual.

“It’s because the semester exam is so important. I understand that failing three or more subjects in a semester is an unconditional expulsion. There are no exceptions for freshmen.”

“Really? It’s very tight.”

Kaan responded to Esca’s explanation and then went back to eating.

Whether it was Kaan or Rigon, it seemed like they didn’t think much about it because it was the day of the exam. The same goes for Bion.

On the other hand, just looking at Esca at a glance, she was full of nervousness, but she had more than half of her meal left as if she didn’t have much appetite.

“Stop eating? Don’t you have to eat well, Esca?”

“No. I thought it would only make me feel bad.”

After eating, we went straight to the classroom.

I heard that the semester exam is conducted over a total of three days, and the exam method is different for each subject.

And it was announced that today’s first test subject, magic theory, would be conducted in the existing classroom.

“Please sit down and space out.”

When the time came, the assistant professor told the students as soon as he entered the class.

It seemed that the exam supervisor was not a professor, but an assistant professor.

Since magic theory was basically a complete written subject, the exam was also written.

Rather, I thought the test method would be like that because the classes were held in groups, but it was an individual test.

‘I thought I could get on top of it if I do well.’

Unfortunately, the magic theory test was completely dependent on my personal abilities.

Well, it doesn’t matter as long as you avoid failing grades, but… you really won’t fail, right? I worked really hard.

As Esca said earlier, Elfon’s rules were quite strict. If you get out in more than 3 subjects, you will be expelled immediately.

Still, I wasn’t too concerned.

Magic theory was only my weakest subject, and I was at least average in the other subjects.

I don’t think I’ll be expelled even if I get a real failing grade. maybe.

“I’ll start the test.”

At the same time as the assistant professor stopped talking, the sound of students unfolding their exam papers rang out.

In the ensuing silence, I calmly unfolded the test paper.

The test went surprisingly smoothly.

I skipped the problems that got me even a little bit stuck, and after solving all the problems that could be solved, I solved a third of them.

By the time the time is up, I’ve managed to solve a few more questions and pass the test.

There were a lot of problems that I couldn’t even touch, but this was quite satisfactory beyond my expectations.

Certainly, the last meeting was of great help. Or maybe I couldn’t even thresh half of it.

“Oh, it’s completely ruined.”

“What’s so difficult about it? They say they only give what’s in class.”

“I see. Did you really ask to solve the last problem?”

After the exam, the students’ complaints and sighs filled the classroom.

I got up from my seat and saw Leah just passing by.

“Hey, Leah.”


“There are a lot of parts that you picked up and taught me the other day.”

“So what?”

“Thank you. Thanks to you, I looked fine.”

Even though she thanked me, she just clicked her tongue and went on her way. Anyway, personality.

I approached Kaan and asked.

“How is it? Did you have a good look?”

“Somehow? I’ve solved all but three questions.”

Compared to me, Kaan was also good at studying theory.

I was going to ask Esca, but I gave up after seeing the expression on her face.

“Esca, how are you?”

“Eh, just what…”

But Kaan asked instead of me.

Kaan wasn’t usually very observant in this area.

I slightly changed the topic of conversation and left the classroom with the two of them.

After taking a break, it was the next exam.


I passed the magic theory that I was most concerned about, and the other subjects were also pretty good.

It was Leah who showed off her overwhelming skills in most of the practical tests, and Kaan was also quite good.

The last day of the three-day semester exam.

The final test subject was interpersonal combat.

“Ha, the test is finally over with this.”

“But what kind of test is it that you leave the training ground and watch it in the basement? Was there a training ground in the basement?”

“I heard from a senior I know, but they said that if it’s a local professor test, you’ll have to be really prepared…”

On the way to the exam hall, a group of students around me were talking.

The test site for the interpersonal combat test was not the usual training ground where classes were held, but the basement of Elfon. In an area different from the underground area where the monster exploration class was held.

I was a little curious as to what kind of test it was, and that it was being seen in the basement.

Even more so because it was announced that they would take a joint exam with the swordsmanship department class, just like in the exchange class.

“Doesn’t it seem like a normal sparring, right? Rigon.”



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“I know.”

The swordsmanship department class that was taking the joint exam was no different, it was Rigon’s Henry’s class, so everyone was moving together.

I overheard the chatter of Rigon and Kaan and looked around at the stone walls.

‘How wide is this basement?’

The test site I arrived at after passing through the gloomy underground passage was a large, hollow space.

There, the assistant professors who were waiting first divided the students into two groups and lined them up.

Kaan, Esca, and Bayon were all in the same group as me, and only Rigon was a different group.

I looked at the scene and thought. Maybe it’s like a team battle? Is it a man-to-man battle?

After dividing all the students like that, they started to distribute something. It was a bracelet.

“Please put all the bracelets on your wrists. The professor will come soon and explain the test method.”

Suddenly, what bracelet?

“What is it? Can you feel the magic?”

Kaan muttered as she looked around at the bracelet she had received.

As he said, the bracelet was not a simple object, but a magic tool. I still don’t know what it’s for.

Also, since the color of the bracelet was different from that of the other group, I wondered if there was a purpose to distinguish the teams.

Anyway, as I said, I put on the bracelet and waited, and soon Professor Locale and the Professor of Swordsmanship arrived.

After the assistant professor finished checking the number of people for the last time, Professor Locale opened his mouth by amplifying his voice with magic.

“This is an underground space that was designed for some purpose in the early days of Elfon, but has now faded and is now neglected. The interpersonal combat test of this semester will be conducted here. From now on, I will explain the test method.”

The professor moved his gaze toward the assistant professors.

Then, an assistant professor stepped forward and handed out bracelets to the two professors, one by one, just like we did.

Professor Locale put the bracelet on his wrist and continued.

“This cavity is the center of the underground space, and as you can see, there are a total of four passages in the east, west, south, and north. The way you all came to this place is the east passage.”


“The test method is simple. When the test starts, I and Professor Gaon from the Sword Arts Department will move to the end of the southern and northern aisles, respectively. Just take the bracelet.”


At those words, the students murmured.

It was a natural reaction. Stealing the bracelet against the professor was absurd.

“Of course, there will be conditions and restrictions at a sufficiently high level, so rest assured. Also, as I said, you are a team, not an individual. If it does, everyone on the team will be guaranteed a grade of at least a B+, regardless of contribution.”


At the professor’s last words, the students once again fluttered.

“In addition to stealing the professor’s bracelet, it is possible to steal other opponent’s bracelets. Stealing the opponent’s bracelet and moving to the west aisle is also a way to avoid failing. Of course, the test is relative, so the more bracelets you steal, the better. You will receive a high grade. Anyone who fails to obtain a bracelet by the end of the exam, or loses a bracelet, will fail without any exception.”

The test lasts a total of two hours. Even if all members of one team are eliminated, the test ends immediately.

And only one team can get a professor’s bracelet and get a guaranteed score.

Even if they got both bracelets, only the team that moved to the west aisle first would benefit.

‘······Why is the test so drastic?

Stealing each other’s bracelets. I never thought it would be a test like this.

Anyway, the rules of the test that Professor Locale explained were roughly that.

“There are no limiting rules other than those described. Then do your best.”

After Professor Locale finished explaining the words for the last time, he left with Professor Gaon as he had predicted.

“We will start the test in 5 minutes. Until then, combat is prohibited, and movement is possible from now on.”

An assistant professor said to the students who were standing idly by.

And the assistant professors started to scatter ball-shaped magic tools all over the aisle. It is probably an observer magic to keep track of the exam progress.

On the other hand, the embarrassed students began to widen the distance while noticing the opposing team.


I laughed out loud because I was a bit ridiculous.

This interpersonal combat test was completely different from the practical subjects I had seen so far.

A team battle that’s no different from a real battle, are you really going to give freshmen who just joined the exam a try like this?

“It would be fun, but it’s a pity that Ligon and the team split. It would have been nice if everyone were on the same team.”

Kaan licked his lips as he looked at Rigongo Esca, who was on the opposite team.

In the midst of the awkward silence, I heard someone on my team murmur.

“…Isn’t it crazy? Why are they both on that team?”

It was clear who the two meant. Lygon and Leah.

The fact that the two heads of departments were tied to the same team was a strange balance in my opinion.

On the other hand, it seems that there are more students in this team who are in the top ranks, but…

“······Would everyone listen to me?!”

Then someone shouted loudly.

He was a student on the same team as me, and naturally, his eyes were drawn to him.

“There’s nothing good about us fighting each other right now. That’s what the professors want. You’ve heard that, right? If the bracelet is taken away, you’re eliminated immediately. Even if the team wins, there’s going to be tons of people with failing grades. Everyone here. do you agree?”


“But if you get the professor’s bracelet, at least one team can avoid failing grades. And there’s no rule that says two teams can’t team up against the professor. Right, assistant professor?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

An assistant professor standing nearby nodded in interest.

“Everyone heard it? So, let’s work together and take the professors’ bracelets first. If everyone joins forces, it will be easy to do it. Professors probably wouldn’t expect that both teams would come together at once? and fight after that. How is it?”

It was a pretty neat set-up.

As he said, the profit to be gained by fighting each other is less than stealing the professor’s bracelet.

Then, join forces to get the professor’s bracelet first, and the fight is postponed until later.

Students were generally in agreement. There will be a psychology that you want to avoid a fight as much as possible.

Next, the eyes of the students naturally turned to two people, Leah and Rigon.

Leah frowned at the gaze that was directed at her and said.

“Why are you looking at me? I was going to take the professor’s bracelet anyway, so do whatever you want.”

She strode first into the northern aisle. Professor Locale was the one who moved.

Rigon looked at her back and said.

“Then, shall we do that first? Let’s go, everyone.”

So it was decided.

Students from both teams started to move to the north aisle where Professor Locale was.

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