I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 149

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Semester exam (2)

“Hey, what do you think it will be like?”

I could hear the chatter of the students on my team walking side by side in front of me.

“Doesn’t even that locale professor seem embarrassed if they come around like this?”

“Rather than that, it’s a problem after getting the professor’s bracelet. It looks like it’s going to be a complete mess…”

Judging by the atmosphere, it seemed like it was already an established fact to get the bracelet from the professor.

With this amount of people rushing in, they probably think that even professors can’t handle it.

But could the professor really not have predicted a development in which the students would come together?

‘I don’t think it will be solved that easily.’

At the end of the aisle where everyone rushed to arrive, Professor Locale was standing there waiting.


Professor Locale, who looked around at the students gathered at the common entrance, opened his mouth calmly.

“I see. You made a reasonable decision.”

I was convinced by the look on his face. Professor Locale assumed this case as well.

“There was no rule that said that different teams couldn’t cooperate. So there’s no problem, professor?”

The student, the leader, stepped forward and asked him carefully.

A small smile appeared on the professor’s lips.

“Of course there is no problem.”

Then he suddenly drew his hand into the air.

Then, a line was drawn on the floor as a boundary between the professor and the students.

Amidst the questioning gazes of the students, the professor said.

“The rules are simple. Regardless of the method, the first student who succeeds in crossing this line will receive a bracelet.”


The way to get the bracelet suggested by the professor was very simple.

While the students who were embarrassed because it was so simple looked at each other, one student ran out first.


Then, without being able to move a few steps, he floated in the air and rolled heavily on the floor.

The professor, who simply bounced the students away with shockwave magic, continued.

“Of course it won’t be easy. I will only use three types of magic. Try your best.”

As soon as those words were over, Leah was the next to act.

Raising her mana with all her power to the point where her hair stood out, she fired lightning magic at the professor.

Don’t fall!

The lightning bolt, which spread vigorously, was easily blocked by the professor’s shield.

I guessed her thoughts.

‘Are you trying to quickly consume the three types of magic limit counts?’

If you know what kind of magic you’re going to use, you’ll be able to respond accordingly.

Now that shock wave magic and force field magic have been applied, there is only one magic left.


At that time, the students jumped toward the line at once, but were all bounced back by the professor’s shockwave.

Because the power was controlled, the students who were thrown out got up quickly, but no one even got close to the line.

After several attempts simply failed, someone shouted.

“Wizards cover me with magic from behind! Spread out wide while defending and jump in at once!”

okay. that would be for the best

I didn’t stay still either, and fired moderate attack magic.

In the meantime, the swordsmanship department students who were watching the timing rushed once again. however······.

pop! Perong!

The professor deflected all the incoming magic while repelling the students one by one.

The students’ concerted effort did not distract the professor in the slightest.

“We’re still just pushing through numbers. Come up with a strategy.”

The students looked at the professor with a tired expression at the overwhelming difference in class.

I was a little dumbfounded. Did they really think that even a professor could beat them if they pushed with numbers?

Of course, the professor was still watching as much as he could.

If I really wanted to block it properly, I could have spread the force field wide and blocked the approach itself.

“What, this. It’s just impossible…”

However, the students seemed to have lost their will, and no one tried to get closer to the line anymore.

What came next was a strange silence.

The cooperation between the two teams was made with the goal of first defeating the professor. But if you realized that that’s not possible…


The students split into teams on the road and began to be wary of each other.

Professor Locale, who looked at the scene with pitiful eyes, performed magic.


Students screamed at the indiscriminate shock wave bombardment and escaped from the joint one by one.


In this way, the attempt to obtain the professor’s bracelet ended in failure, and the students who escaped the cavity were scattered.

“Phew, it won’t be easy.”

Kaan asked, brushing the dirt from her hair.

Esca let out a drool, and I shrugged.

What should I do? Appropriately, you can get a bracelet from another team member and finish the test.



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“What about Lygon?”

“It’s the opposing team. Why are you looking for it?”

“No, but can’t we just hang out together?”

“Can it be done? Let him take care of himself. So what do we do now?”

Then Baion opened his mouth.

“I’m not interested in the other guys’ bracelets. I want to get the professor’s bracelet to pass the exam.”

Kaan nodded.

“Me too. Shall we take a break and then go back?”

“Professor Gaon’s bracelet, not Professor Locale’s.”

“Gaon… Ah, the swordsmanship department professor’s side? Why?”

“Because they are the same swordsman. I want to clash with the professor with all my might.”

It was the Bion-like reason that he usually had no interest in magic.

Kaan burst into laughter.

“Well, I don’t mind either way. So, shall we go challenge Professor Gaon this time?”

does it happen like this too?

Then Esca interjected and said.

“Hey, Kaan. Wouldn’t it be safer to just get the opposing team’s bracelet?”

“Ah, then it’s boring, right?”

“It’s not about trifles, this is a test…”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. What’s the point of grades? Let’s beat the professor somehow. Let’s all work together.”


Esca nodded with a shadowy face for some reason, but Kaan didn’t notice and seemed excited.

Kaan shouted with a mighty voice.

“Okay then let’s go!”


Meanwhile, there was another person still aiming for the professor’s bracelet.

Leah, who had been leaning against the aisle wall and lost in thought, raised her head at the sight of someone.


The four students from the opposing team stopped walking when they saw Leah.

Leah looked at the road with an annoyed expression. He seemed to be going the way he was going.

However, after seeing the reaction, the students looked at each other and whispered among themselves.

“Hey, shall we try it? You’re alone.”

She was an object of envy to some, but also an object of envy to others.

His attitude towards other students was not good, so of course there were people who didn’t like him.

“Look at that reaction. He must have used a lot of mana to avoid a fight.”

They soon confidently approached Leah.

“Aren’t you ignoring us too much? Leah Herewin. You’re alone right now…”


As Leah waved her hand, the student standing in front of her was thrown back unsightly.

The rest of the students rushed to cast their spell, but even that was slower than her second spell.

“Don’t be annoying. I don’t need your bracelets.”

The students, who had been rolling on the floor amicably, staggered to their feet with pale faces.

Leah looked at it as if it was pathetic and said.

“Rather than that, there was no rule that you couldn’t steal a bracelet from the same team, so it’s okay to go around like that?”

Stunned by the words, the students looked at each other.

Leah snorted and turned her head away.

On the other side of the aisle, other students were walking this time.

“He has a really bad personality. He’s talking nonsense.”

She frowned. said Kaan, waving her hand.

“We don’t really have any intention of fighting you either. We’re on our way to challenge Professor Gaon.”


“It’s just like that. Seeing what you’re saying, aren’t you aiming for the professor’s bracelet too? Cheer up.”

Leah clicked her tongue as she watched the group of Kaans disappear across the aisle.

Soon, she stopped caring about trivial things and lost her thoughts on the road.

‘It’s not impossible. There must be a way.’

There is no way that the professors prepared a test they couldn’t pass.

Professor Locale said to devise a strategy, not to push with numbers. So there must be some way.

I thought that it would not be without a special reason to take a joint exam with the swordsmanship department.

Thinking of Professor Locale’s classes, he was always a person who had reasonable grounds for his words and actions.

Also, the method of crossing the line by moving the body was fatally disadvantageous to the wizard.

So, maybe the answer to getting the bracelet is to cooperate with the students of the Faculty of Swordsmanship.



For a moment, a person passed through Leah’s mind, but she sighed and erased it.

After all, there was no need for a team. As always, you can do it alone.

After thinking for a while, Leah moved back to the aisle where Professor Locale was.

“They came in droves earlier, but is it just one person this time?”

Professor Locale, who was standing with his hands behind his back, smiled at her.

Leia didn’t respond and immediately raised her magic power. His magic orb hit the shield.


Of course, Professor Locale’s shield did not have the slightest crack.

Leah saw the sight and moved her feet forward.

In her opinion, there was only one way that could be called a breakthrough.

Not in a way that distracts the professor. It is also impossible to break through the shield and hit the professor directly.

There was no way to do it either way before. Even with all her students rushing in, there was no way she could have done it alone, no matter how much she had failed.

She was well aware of the level difference between the professor and herself.

There was no way that Professor Locale would use killing magic to injure the students, but if he wanted to, he could have spread the force field magic widely and blocked access to the line itself, even if it wasn’t necessary.

‘But I didn’t.’

Professor Locale opened the shield only when blocking the flying magic.

The only way he stopped the students rushing to the line was with shock wave magic.

So, without any tricks, I move forward while blocking the professor’s magic from the front.

The one that doesn’t seem like the most correct answer is probably the correct answer. A method that relied only on individual capabilities, not headcount.

Of course, no matter how much the professor looked after them, there was no way they could gain the upper hand in a pure magic showdown.

However, blocking didn’t just mean using defensive magic from the front.


Leah spread the force field magic narrowly in the shape of a hemisphere and rotated it like a drill.

The shock wave magic was scattered in the rotational force and bounced in all directions. Professor Locale put on a look of interest.


Is it this much power even if it is dispersed?

Leah caught her breath and moved again.

Professor Locale fired another shockwave, and Leah defended in the same way.

But this time it was stronger than before. Her shields cracked and failed to fully block her shockwave.


Leah stumbled and managed to correct her balance.

The remaining distance to the line is now about ten steps. Can we stop it one more time?

Leia bit her lip and took a step forward. And the professor’s magic flew.


The shield eventually failed to block the shock wave and shattered.

Bounced back by the shock that couldn’t offset it, Leah rolled on the floor and stopped.

It was at this point that she tried to get herself up with her dizzy mind.


The magic that suddenly flew in from the common entrance aimed at her. She wasn’t the professor’s magic.

It was the moment when she was exposed to the attack as she could not afford to defend it.


The new model suddenly jumped in and deflected the flying magic sphere.

Leah held her head as the gong rang and looked at the person who intervened. He was none other than Rigon.

“Anyway, that’s too cowardly, isn’t it?”

Rigon turned his sword around and spoke to the student hiding near the entrance.

The student hurriedly turned and ran away with an expression of embarrassment.

Leah blankly looked at Rigon’s back.

Rigon turned around and held out his hand to her.

“are you okay?”


She stood up alone, frowning and not holding hands.

Rigon withdrew his outstretched hand as if he was not particularly embarrassed.

“He helped me, but he didn’t even say thank you.”

“I never asked for help.”

“Oh yeah.”

Rigon glanced at Professor Locale and said.

“By the way, I’m also aiming for the professor’s bracelet. But when I came back, you were fighting first.”


“It’s not because of that, I think this is a test where the Swordsmanship Department and the Magic Department have to work together. That’s why I was looking for someone to join forces with.”

Leah opened her eyes wide. Because Rigon’s thoughts were the same as he was.

Rigon grinned at her.

“Then how about it. Don’t do it alone, would you like to try it together?”

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