I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 15

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Looking at the various potions sealed in flasks and sealed with corks, I felt a strangely laboratory-like atmosphere.

It wasn’t long before the clerk, who hurriedly escaped, returned with two figures in two.

One was a woman with frizzy hair and wearing a dull robe, another was a man who looked like an escort guard.

I knew right away who the woman was.


I didn’t really intend to meet her right away, but somehow it just happened.

It was natural for the owner to step forward personally, since I was a customer who said he would buy a potion worth three platinum coins.


And the male side was… the younger brother, right?

I knew Scarlett had a younger brother.

Unlike Scarlett, I remembered it was a setting that was contributing to the force of the workshop by walking the path of swordsmanship rather than alchemy. Al that level, he was quite capable.

Scarlett, who found me, strode towards me and greeted me right away.

“I’m Scarlett Artima, the workshop owner.”

It was a tired voice with haggard eyes.

Even in the game, it was not surprising to remember her as a character who was half crazy about alchemy research.

“I’ve heard the story. Are you planning to buy Scarlet?”

I knew it was the name of the potion, but somehow it sounded strange.

I nodded.

“Do I have to pay the whole amount now?”

“No, you just have to pay half the price in advance. Rather, I came here to explain the potion’s efficacy…”

She put on a strange expression, as if my attitude to purchase without asking was strange.

“If you don’t mind, may I ask you where you are from?”

“Should I tell you?”

“It’s unnecessary, but it’s better to have a clear identity. First, it’s an item that I invented, so you can’t blame me for being wary.”

She must be wondering if I was from a dangerous organization, or if I came from another workshop. She must be concerned about those.

A person willing to pay a large sum of three platinum coins couldn’t be just an ordinary customer.

I thought for a while and then replied.

“Shall we discuss your potion first?”

“Okay. I’ll treat you to tea, so let’s sit down for a while.”

She passed the topic with little concern and led me to a room in the main studio building.

I came here with the intention of just observing, but somehow it ended up like this.

I listened to Scarlett explain about the potion over tea.

“First, since it is basically a healing potion, its regenerative effect is very excellent. It is possible to attach parts that have been amputated as long as time has not passed. In addition, it can restore damage to the internal organs to some extent by drinking it. Of course, pouring it directly is much better and more effective.”

“Is it impossible to completely regenerate the severed parts?”

At my question, Scarlett looked at me with a slightly absurd expression.

“Even if it’s an elixir, that would be hard to do.”

Elixir was the name given to some of the best potions on the continent. In short, she was telling me not to talk nonsense.

“How long will it take to fully heal a broken bone?”

I asked this question because I wanted to compare the effect of my super regeneration to her best potion.

Scarlett replied.

“It depends on the location of the broken bone and the severity, but in case of a finger fracture, it usually heals within a minute. For an arm or leg, it takes at least a few minutes.”

As expected, my super regeneration was much better.

“Other side effects include…”

As I listened to the explanation that followed, I was lost in my thoughts for a while.

Scarlett was an excellent alchemist.

I didn’t know exactly what her skill level was now, but in the game’s story, with her own ability, she could create an elixir.

It meant that she was a talented person with the potential to develop that much in the future, even if she could not reach it right now. There was nothing wrong with keeping the kite together.

Scarlett’s first appearance in the game was with the crumbling of Alkimas Workshop.

It was because the Varia Merchant Corps, who coveted the workshop’s potions and Scarlett’s ability, did several dirty tricks.

Didn’t they say that they are almost monopolizing Enrock’s northern merchants?

I asked Floto, the head butler, to get all the details.

Even though Alkimas was a historic workshop in the capital, such as capital and connections, they were far behind Varia.

According to the known future, after this, Alkimas would be half absorbed by them and would be completely tied up to them.

And originally, as the story progressed, the player’s performance would safely restore her identity, but…

Now I just have to solve it.

It was too simple to do with my current influence.

She ended her explanation after she finished detailing the usage and precautions.

Ending the conversation, I asked Scarlett.

“How long does it take to make?”

“It will take at least a month. By the way…”

Scarlett seemed to hesitate, she said.

“To be honest, I have a bottle of Scarlet already finished.”

I tilted my head.

Didn’t they say that high-quality potions were made in advance?

She calmly explained the situation.

“I received a custom order from the mayor of Dartmad City just a while ago, but the deal fell through shortly.”


“They were deprived of their position and the monarchy confiscated all their property because of corruption. Of course, the advance payment that had been received during the transaction was recovered during the investigation of the funds. The potions were just added to our inventory, so it was difficult.”



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“So I can give you the finished potion right away, but if you don’t want to receive it in advance, I’ll make a new one.”

“Do potions lose potency over time?”

“I can guarantee that there will be no degradation in efficacy unless you had not used it for several years. I swear on my honor, as well as my workshop.”

I nodded.

“Then I’ll take it.”

It obviously surprised Scarlett when I accepted so easily.

“Thank you, but are you really sure?”

“Didn’t you ask me to buy it while bringing up a story that didn’t have to be brought up?”

If they really wanted to deal with their inventory somehow, she wouldn’t have bothered to say this. Which meant that she only wanted to sell the potion.

So we made a deal right on the spot.

After a while, Scarlett brought the potion. The potion was bottled and sealed in a luxurious wooden box.

After paying three platinum coins and taking the potion, I left the workshop, and we said our goodbyes.

“By the way, didn’t you say that you would let me know where you came from once you get the goods?”

Oh, right.

I stared at Scarlett and said.

“I’ll see you soon, so let’s put it off.”

At my words, Scarlett’s expression became incomprehensible, but she still nodded.

I left the store and walked down the main street, taking the potion out of the box and examining it.

A reddish liquid flowing in a glass bottle.

Anyway, since I didn’t need potions anymore, it was something I had no use for.

But because of my curiosity, I still paid an exorbitant amount of money to buy this. After all, I now had a lot of money.

Even if it wasn’t for me, this potion might be something Asher could use later on, so I bought it as an emergency medicine.

I’d like to see the effect myself, but…

While I was walking with that thought in mind, I suddenly heard an urgent scream from somewhere.

“Help me! Someone please!”

I looked in the direction from which the sound had come and saw two boys.

The one being supported had blood dripping from his stomach as if he had been stabbed.

However, passers-by looked at them and either ignored them or clicked their tongues.

“What kind of fuss is that again? Noisy!”

“Looks like they’re having fun since morning. Back alley parasite bastards.”

…Ah, was this the case?

I could roughly grasp the situation by listening to what people were saying nonchalantly.

The one supporting was also not in good condition, so the two both fell to the ground as if he had lost his strength.

He squeezed out his voice with all his remaining strength and called for help.

“He’s my brother! If anyone has a potion, please give it to me! If you help me, I won’t forget the grace for the rest of my life, so please…!”

Someone laughed.

“Is that bastard crazy? He’s going to die, anyway. What kind of idiot would give him their precious potion?”

No one offered a helping hand to the earnest cry.

While looking at the scene, Asher’s expression suddenly caught my eye.

Rarely, the expressionless expression was broken. She was looking at the two children with pity.

Come to think of it, Asher also had a younger brother.

During the invasion of Santea, one of the Five Stars killed her younger brother right in front of her eyes. I remembered it being set up like that.

So, for her, it must have been a more unfortunate sight.

Asher glanced at the potion in my hand. Then she met my eyes and winced.

She seemed to have something to say, but in the end, she just bit her lip saying nothing.

How frustrating.

I clicked my tongue and walked towards the boys.

Regardless of Asher, I was thinking of helping them anyway. No matter how precious this potion was, was it more precious than human life?

As I approached, the little guy who had been screaming in a hoarse voice looked at me.

“Put it down here. I’ll treat you.”

I opened the stopper and drizzled the potion over the injured area.

The older brother watched the scene in a daze. Suddenly, the surroundings were quiet.

Soon, the flesh seemed to heal in an instant. The bleeding stopped and the cut that looked deep disappeared without a trace.

I didn’t think I used even a tenth of the amount in the bottle, but as Scarlett explained, its effect was great indeed.

“Uh, uhm…”

The younger brother, who was unconscious, blinked and opened his eyes.

The boy who urgently checked his brother’s condition finally cried out.

“Thank you! Sir! Thank you very much…!”

Leaving behind the boy who cried out in gratitude, I got up and turned around.

I said as Asher and I went back on our way.



“Did you think I would regret using this potion? Or did you think that saving their lives wasn’t worth it?”


“From now on, if there’s anything you want to say, say it. Tell me what you think. What I want isn’t a doll that only obeys orders.”

Asher made a strange expression I had never seen before.

“…Yes, I will.”

After a moment of silence, she spoke again.

“Thank you, my lord. For helping them.”

It was an awkward way of showing her gratitude.

As if she knew it herself, Asher cleared her throat slightly after she said it.

I chuckled.

I don’t know if it’s an illusion, but it felt like the distance between us was gradually narrowed.

“Who the hell was that, Sister?”

At the words of her brother, Thane, Scarlett shrugged.

“I don’t know.”

“Honestly, I’m concerned. He’s the one who paid such a huge amount right on the spot…”

“Well, judging from what he said, it looks like he’ll come back soon, so we’ll know then.”

Of course, Scarlett was also curious about the man’s identity.

The attitude of treating three platinum coins as if they were a small amount of money without even signing a contract.

It would be difficult for even the most wealthy or high-ranking aristocrats to do so.

There were some people who used money to bluff and then scammed businesses, but there were no lunatics who would do that using platinum coins. At that point, that would no longer be considered a bluff.

A human male with black hair and golden eyes…

Where the hell did he come from?

It occurred to her that the other might be someone who was not from Calderic at all.

Thane muttered.

“Come to think of it, there are rumors that the Seventh Lord who arrived in the city yesterday is also a black-haired human male…”

For a moment, the two of them closed their mouths and looked at each other.

Soon, Scarlett smiled and said.

“Say something that makes sense.”

“Haha, is that so? I just thought of it and said it.”

To think that a Lord would visit this workshop in person.

Rather, someone from a royal family of a neutral country would be much more realistic.

The flow of thoughts naturally led to the Seventh Lord.

Scarlett’s expression darkened slightly.

Regardless of what kind of person the new Seventh Lord would be, the problem with the high-ranking members of Varia was much bigger.

She knew well that the reason those people hadn’t been able to do big tricks so far was because of the regent.

However, that ended with the new Seventh Lord ascending to the throne.

Those people would slowly reveal their teeth to the workshop again.

I can expect the Seventh Lord to mediate.

The possibility that the Lord would be interested in the fight between Varia and the workshop, there was no hint of such a thing.

And if the Lord was indifferent, the side that the territory’s high-ranking officials would side with was, of course, the Varia Merchant Corps, who could bring there more profits.

Scarlett sighed. She remembered her struggles with those people just a few years ago.

As the owner of the workshop and the head of the Atima family, the responsibility was heavy.

“How nice it would be if I could just focus on alchemy research without worrying about anything.”

At the words she spat out, as if grumbling, Thane looked at her with calm eyes.

He was also a member of the family, so he knew things were not going well.

“Don’t worry too much, Sister. Those people would be busy to pay any attention to us, so they won’t be able to do anything right away…”

It was then.

Knock knock.

“Come on in.”

A vassal entered the room with a dark expression.

“What’s going on?”

“Varia Merchants accompanied Bark and visited the workshop directly.”


“They say they want to have a formal conversation right now to fix our difference in opinion.”

Scarlett burst out laughing with a stunned expression.

“What formal conversation after coming here without a warning…”

“What should I do, house head?”

“Call the elders together. We’ll have to listen to what nonsense they’re going to say again.”

It was practically a threat, so she couldn’t ignore it.

Although she spoke calmly, Scarlett’s face showed her deep thoughts.

Varia’s side was moving into action much sooner than they thought.

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