I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 150

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Semester exam (3)

A proposal to join forces together.

Leah thought. Even though it happened last time, Rigon manages to treat him without hesitation.

‘······It’s just that I decided that my ability was necessary. To get the professor’s bracelet.’

Of course, putting other things aside, joining forces was something she was happy to talk about.

I was just about to realize once again that dealing with the professor alone would not be easy.


Leah replied dryly.

If good words came to you on your own, there is no reason to keep insisting on being alone.

Cooperation just for the test. We just had to use each other.

When she immediately accepted the offer of cooperation, Rigon gave a slightly surprised expression.

“Oh, really? I didn’t expect to accept it right away.”

“No small talk. Tell me if you have any strategies in mind.”

Rigon shrugged.

“There’s nothing in particular. For some reason, I think it’s best not to roll around and bump into each other honestly.”

“Why do you think so?”

“Just a persimmon? I still have a pretty good persimmon.”

Leah’s eyes turned dissatisfied at the insincere words. Although she draws the same conclusion she too.

“You are the homeroom professor in your class. Do you know anything about your weaknesses?”

“Can you tell?”

“I’m kidding. Anyway, let’s do it. Let’s see how the professor comes out and deal with it.”

Leah calmed down and said.

“Right now, only shock wave magic will fly. Think about that and move. I’ll support you with magic from behind.”

Rigon nodded, then turned to Professor Locale and straightened up.


The professor’s shockwave magic flew in as soon as he stepped out.

Rigon, who immediately evaded to the side, charged without hesitation.

Shockwaves flew in succession. Rigon gradually accelerated and avoided all of them.

Shockwave magic belongs to an axis that is ambiguous to block or cut with a sword. Therefore, the best option was to evade unless you had to endure it with your body.

And, Leah also chose a way to support Rigon accordingly.

It was impossible to spread defensive magic to a moving target by covering it in all directions, and it was ambiguous from the angle to block the shockwave by blowing the attacking magic.


The facet-shaped force field magic that floated around her flew towards Rigon.

bang! Kwagwagwang!

A series of binge drinking rushed into the cavity.

The force fields created by Leah followed Rigon’s movements and floated around, defending as much as possible from shock wave magic.

It couldn’t completely offset the power, it was all about weakening it, but that was enough.

Rigon also moved swiftly to make the most of Leah’s force field.


Looking at the sight, Professor Locale exclaimed inwardly.

Usually, when two people work together, the result is not entirely work plus work.

Moreover, such a method is an inappropriate strategy for two people who have never met each other before.

That’s because if the distance of the force field is too far, it loses the meaning of defense, and if it is too close, it can rather hinder movement.

However, the two were almost perfectly aligned, as if they were reading each other’s thoughts.


Leah felt the same way.

A shockwave flew in Rigon’s path. He lowered his stance and dodged to the side.

Leia’s force field blocked the large shock wave that followed, and it was shattered.

As if it was natural, Rigon took the remaining aftermath with his body without hesitation and moved forward.


Leah couldn’t understand.

Why did Rigon believe in his ability so much and act so boldly?

However, thanks to that, the distance to the line was getting steadily closer little by little.

‘It doesn’t get any faster. Aren’t they speeding up now?’

Professor Locale’s magic attack, which was gradually accelerating, stopped accelerating at some point.

After adapting to the sense of speed, Rigon stepped out more boldly. The distance to the line was rapidly approaching.

Watching the scene from behind, Leah paid close attention to the professor’s reaction.

Obviously, the breakthrough seemed much easier when the two of them joined forces.

At this rate, it would be possible to pass the line unless the professor suddenly increased the output. but······.

‘There is still one more left.’

Professor Locale said he would only use three types of magic in this test.

I used shock wave magic and force field magic, so there is only one magic left. Haven’t used it yet.

‘There’s one more left. It’s time to come soon…’

Rigon also kept that fact in mind.

The remaining distance to the line is now only ten steps. What magic does the professor use?

Excluding dangerous magics with high killing power, there is a high probability that it is a type of magic that restricts movement. ice magic? Or bondage magic?

If you don’t be vigilant and respond just once, you’re more likely to cross the line. It was the moment I thought so.




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A ripple that happened like a wave in the air right next to it.

Rigon immediately tried to open the distance, but it was too late.

Rigon’s body was strongly drawn to the center of the ripple by the sudden attraction.

Following him, who had completely lost his balance, shock wave magic flew in, and he was helplessly bounced backwards.

Rigon, who jumped up, muttered with an absurd expression.

“What, what just happened?”


Leia also looked at the spot where the ripples had disappeared with her eyes narrowed.

A ripple that attracts surrounding objects? Is it some kind of suction magic?

There were many non-mainstream magic and unique magic in the world. She wasn’t the only one who knew all her magic.

However, even though I don’t know exactly what kind of magic it is, Professor Locale’s intentions seem to have become clear with this.

‘It’s the opposite concept of shock wave magic.’

In other words, Professor Locale was going to block the approach to the line using only the force of pushing and pulling.

“It looks like magic that creates a magical body that attracts things around you. Do you know what magic it is, Leah?”

“I don’t know. But there’s no new magic coming out now. How’s your health?”

Rigon responded by waving his arms.

“You’re still fresh. You’re not tired already, are you?”

“Sounds funny.”

“Okay. Then let’s go again.”

Rigon raised his mouth as if he was having fun.

“Wait a minute, since I’ve figured out all of the professor’s magic, I’ll properly plan my strategy…”

Before Leah could finish her words, Rigon’s body jumped out.

Leia clicked her tongue and raised her magic power.

Rigon thought simply. Just now, I didn’t know what kind of magic would pop up, so my reaction was delayed.

If it’s a pull magic, wouldn’t it be enough to quickly get out of range before the magic unfolds?

But it didn’t take long to realize that it was a complacency.


Rigon, who was pulled by the ripple again, was bounced backwards by the same link.

Leah looked around and narrowed her eyes.

‘······We can’t avoid it if it’s like this.’

Professor Locale had already spread his magic power widely throughout the cavity.

If this was the case, it would be difficult to read the flow of magical power and catch the timing for ripples in the air.

Leah felt a little hurt in her pride.

The output of magical power, control ability, speed of deployment, the professor was adjusting all the factors to their level.

But even though all conditions are the same, is the difference in proficiency still so great?

‘I have to do something.’

I couldn’t expect more from Rigon’s ability.

As a wizard, he had to somehow block the professor’s magic.

But how to stop unknown magic?

Even the defense of the force field was useless because that manpower pulled Rigon through the obstacles in the middle.

However, to hit the ripple itself, it was difficult for her to read the timing of the ripple like Rigon, and if she made a mistake, she could hit Rigon who was involved in the ripple.

If so, how the heck…


Hearing Rigon’s voice, Leah shifted her gaze to him.

“Put the force field magic as close to my body as possible.”

“······What? Say something that makes sense.”

If they closed the gap further than they are now, it would really only hinder movement.

Rather, that pulling magic is the problem now, so what about narrowing the gap between the force fields?

“I have an idea, so please do as I say. I believe in your ability to control.”

with chaeng.

Rigon, who even threw his sword on the floor, threw himself again.

If he was going to avoid it anyway, the sword would only be a hindrance, and it was to lighten his body even a little.

Leia bit her lip and controlled the stationmasters. As Rigon requested, as close to his body as possible.

Raising her concentration to the limit, she controlled the force fields around the dizzying Rigon.

Although her control was excellent, Rigon managed to dash forward with a phenomenal movement without colliding with the force field.

And it was the moment when the ripple that appeared undoubtedly pulled Rigon’s body.


In an instant, Leah intuitively understood Rigon’s intentions and fixed the force field between Rigon and Pamun as much as possible.

Rather, Rigon, who jumped toward the excommunication, used the station field as a stepping stone and widened the distance with the recoil.

Ligon, who escaped from the gap of ripples, regained his center and sprinted straight toward the line.

The remaining distance is only five steps.

The point where the ripples appeared this time was just above the head. Rigon’s body was pulled upward.

At this rate, it was obvious that the shock wave would immediately hit the body floating in the air defenselessly.

However, Rigon did not resist and turned his body around, concentrating all his remaining power on his legs.

because I believed That Leah would move the force field right above her.


And as expected, the force field flew over Rigon just in time.

Rigon kicked off the force field and went down to the ground again.

I evaded the shock wave that finally flew by and threw myself over the line.

Rigon rolled on the ground and got up, and Leah took a rough breath.

Silence settled in the tumultuous cavity. Their eyes focused on Professor Locale.

Professor Locale withdrew his outstretched hand and let a faint smile appear on his lips.

“It’s a success.”

I never thought that the two of us would be able to get through, but…

They were outrageous students with really promising futures.

After unfastening the bracelet on his wrist and handing it to Rigon, he immediately moved outside the joint.

“Both of you did a good job. The test is over when you move to the end of the west aisle.”

Looking at the back, Rigon shifted his gaze to Leah.

Leah staggered and sat on the floor, apparently exhausted.

Mana is also magic, but controlling multiple force fields one by one in accordance with Rigon’s movements was because even she caused considerable consumption of mental power.

Approaching her, Rigon reached out his hand.

“are you okay?”


Leah sat down and stared blankly at Rigon’s outstretched hand.

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