I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 151

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Semester exam (4)


It was a word that had become unfamiliar to Leah Herewin now.

When she was younger than now, she also had someone she could call a friend. one person.

Since she was once aspired to be a genius, she visited the Mage Tower from a young age and was taught by many famous mages.

glass. The girl was an apprentice wizard at the Mage Tower that he met in the midst of such a process.

The two, who were about the same age, quickly became close friends after their first meeting by chance.

10 years old. To Leah at the time, Yuri was the first friend she made.

‘There’s no one I can easily talk to around me. There’s not a single guy who can be called a friend.’

‘Anyway, I’m so annoyed. It’s like someone who’s better than you is fooling around in the corner of your eye.’

‘So I’m really lucky to have met you. Leah, can you understand me?’

Yuri was a disciple of a high-ranking mage of the Mage Tower, and was also a promising prospect with outstanding talent.

Leah could fully sympathize with what Yuri said as a habit.

I think differently. The point of view is different. It’s not easy to reach out to the other person without a cover, and it’s the same for the other person.

Because that’s what it was like to become friends with someone whose family, background, talent, and innate differences were so great.

Yuri did not treat Leah in the slightest. That’s why Leah liked that kind of glass more than anyone else.

Using the excuse of studying as an excuse, the frequency and time of visiting the Mage Tower increased significantly.

They talked in detail, experimented with magic together, and accumulated pleasant experiences while hanging out with her.

But at some point, Leah felt that Yuri was gradually avoiding her.

With such trivial excuses as something urgent or not feeling well. The reason was unknown.

And that day happened.

It’s been a while since Yuri brought up the idea of ​​conducting a magic experiment. However, without the other wizards, just the two of us.

When experimenting, Yuri’s teacher was always with her as a supervisor.

Yuri, who was only a young apprentice wizard, naturally had no right to conduct experiments at will. because it was dangerous

Leah thought Yuri, who has a sincere personality, made a strange proposal, but she readily accepted it anyway.

It’s been a while since Yuri said it first, and it seemed like it would be fun to work behind the back of other wizards.

Leah was asked by Yuri. First, go to the lab and ask them to prepare the necessary instruments and materials.

It was a coincidence that Leah, who was excitedly preparing for the experiment, found it.

Two ingredients with dangerous ingredients that shouldn’t be mixed were cleverly mixed in the storage box.

If I tried to take it out carelessly without thinking, the entire laboratory would probably have been set on fire.

Calming her frightened heart, Leah thought of a terrifying home.

At first, he denied it, saying it was nonsense. But the more I thought about it, the more obvious the situation was.

Leah visited Yuri, who did not come to the lab long after the appointment time.

I thought it must be a misunderstanding, but as soon as I met her, Leah was able to intuit from the look on her face.

‘Why is that?’

why did you try to kill me?

I didn’t dare ask like that.

Leah coldly continued to say a word to Yuri, who took it off as if he didn’t know anything.

After going through the evidence one by one and even saying that she would tell her teacher everything that had happened, Yuri wept with a terribly distorted face.

‘You don’t even notice? This is why I didn’t want to hang out with you any more…’

‘It’s all because of you. Ever since you came to the Magic Tower, Master has always compared you to me! You should have been a disciple!’

Yuri was a wizard with exceptional talent. But Leah was more than a genius.

It was just for that reason.

‘Lea, being friends with you is the misfortune of misfortunes.’

To Yuri who sat on the floor and screamed like a crazy person, Leah didn’t say anything anymore.

After that, I never looked for the magic tower again.

It was only after a while that I heard the news. That Yuri was punished for witchcraft crimes.

The owner of the Mage Tower personally came to deliver an apology to the family.

Leia didn’t tell anyone what happened that day, but it seemed that it was somehow revealed in the end.

Leah suffered from a headache that seemed to break her head for a long time.

Stifled by curse-like words from her best friend, who tried to kill herself just because of her inferiority complex.

Her final conclusion was simple.

I don’t need any friends from now on. There is no need to try to fit in with inferior guys.

From that point on, her personality and way of thinking changed greatly, and she continued to live that way.

And back to the present…

“are you okay?”

Leia looked at the outstretched hand in front of her eyes.

Lygon. from Calderic. He was the same age that gave me the first proper defeat.

When she lost Dalian to him in the exchange class, the feelings Leah experienced were not particularly resentment or frustration.

If you think about it, it was a feeling close to relief.

A sense of relief that there were geniuses who were as good as or better than him.

I was naturally curious. So I wanted to try talking, but it wasn’t easy given the nature of my life.

Unlike himself, Rigon was a person who knew how to get along with his friends casually.

I regretted it belatedly when I was furious with it and poured out harsh words.

It was a mysterious feeling mixed with the exhilaration of the battle that had not gone away and various emotions.

Leah almost stretched out her hand without realizing it, but suddenly came to her senses.

“······I can wake up alone.”

Leah tried to get up, but her legs gave out and she collapsed back down.



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It was mild exhaustion. It was only natural that he had spread his magic to the limit.

She frowned and sighed.

“Take the bracelet and go first. I can’t move right now.”

Now just move to the west passage and the test is over. There was no need to move together.

However, Rigon looked at Leah blankly and sat down next to him.

“When you recover, let’s go together.”


“What if another student comes and attacks you? Professor, even if you win, if you drop out, your grades may be lowered.”

Leah couldn’t understand Rigon’s behavior and was at a loss for words for a moment before asking.

“Exams are relative evaluations. If my grades drop, it’s to your advantage, right?”

“I don’t really care about grades.”

“…You suggested that I cooperate with you in the first place because of your grades.”

“What? It’s not.”

“Why are you pretending? Do you want to pretend to be kind?

Rigon made a slightly puzzled expression.

“You hate me? I want you? Why?”

“Because I insulted your friend…”

“Hey, is that an untimely thing? Caran and I don’t really care.”


“I don’t think you’re a bad guy. You taught me well about studying. You didn’t really mean what you said back then, did you?”

In response, Leah felt like an idiot for no reason.

To be honest, she didn’t hate Rigon. Rather, it was the opposite.

It’s just that the attitude that I’ve been ingrained in my body for years so far hasn’t changed in an instant.

So while he was relieved at Rigon’s words that he didn’t think badly of himself, a blunt reply came out.

“You know what. Don’t pretend you know me.”

“Then no? Could it be that you really mean it? Anyway, nobles are all the same, his sense of authority.”

Leah was taken aback by the sudden remark and stuttered.

“What? Me, I…”

However, after belatedly seeing Rigon’s smiling expression, he realized that he was making fun of himself.

Leah glared at him with her face flushed red.

“Uh, what’s wrong? They said don’t pretend to know. He said he’d be upset if I said this.”

“······ Just say one more word. I’ll blow the magic.”

“There’s no way I’ll hit you, haha. Okay, now focus on recovery.”

Leah turned her head and closed her eyes.

Both body and mind were tired, Rigon was annoyed, but for some reason he wasn’t in a bad mood.


“Let’s see, four people? I expected them to come in droves.”

A woman sitting in the middle of a gloomy cavity.

These were the words I heard as soon as I ran into Professor Gaon at the end of the south aisle.

“The rush operation was already done to Professor Locale and failed?”

Professor Gaon smiled at Kaan’s reply.

“Is that so? Well, it must have been. And yet, only four of you guys came to me?”


“Why? Did I seem more easygoing than Professor Locale?”

“No, it’s because of the guy here.”

Kaan pointed to Baion next to him.

Baion, who drew his sword before he knew it, pointed the tip of his sword at Professor Gaon with even greater momentum.

“Even during the anti-personnel combat class, Professor Gaon never directly dealt with us.”

“Aha, is that so? Byon, you’re a clumsy big guy, so you’re a guy with a great sense of humor.”

The professor laughed for a while as if he liked Baion’s attitude, then got up.

“Peace is good. But spirit doesn’t take responsibility for grades. Don’t be resentful even if your bracelets break during a fight and all fail.”

Soon, Professor Gaon drew a circle of magic on the floor around him. a radius of several meters.

“The rules are simple. I will not stray one step within this realm. If I manage to touch or brush my body even a little bit with a sword, hand or foot, I will give you a bracelet.”

It was different from Professor Locale, but it was a rule that seemed very easy to hear.

“Of course, even if you succeed in driving me out of the realm, it’s your victory. That’s not going to happen.”

After the explanation, Professor Gaon stood with his arms crossed as if to ask him to come in when he was ready.

“Bion, do you have a strategy in mind? It can’t be as easy as Professor Locale.”

Baion answered Kaan’s question.

“It’s not an opponent that will work with residual talent. I’ll fight honestly from the front with all my might.”

“Well, there’s nowhere to hide around. Is there any other way?”

Baion jumped at the professor first.

At the same time, Professor Gaon drew his sword, and there was a loud sound as the two blades engaged.

Nana, Kaan, and Esca naturally prepared support magic from the rear.

【Lv. 68]

Professor Gaon’s level was slightly higher than that of Professor Locale.

Among the professors she had seen at the academy, she had a level so high that she could be counted on her hands.

How to deal with an opponent who is almost level 70 with a few average level 20 players?

Of course not. Even brushing the collar would be impossible if it were the same as before.

However, Professor Gaon would also adjust the level like Professor Locale, and the only way to beat him would be to dig into the gap.

However, the more the battle progressed, the less likely it seemed.

Baion seemed to be promoting himself as Professor Gaon, but that was just how it looked.

Professor Gaon dealt with Baion within that narrow area, blocking and avoiding all magic. very leisurely

Of course, we were the first ones to get tired when it comes to physical strength, so there was no answer in this way.

“Ka-Ann, are you going to keep using magic?”

I asked Kaan. Her specialty is martial arts rather than magic.

It would be much more likely to join Baion directly than to apply with magic.

“I’m in the Faculty of Magic! I’ll have to compete with only magic.”

“There were no rules like that in the test. It doesn’t matter much, does it?”

“The rules don’t matter, I want to!”

Kaan was pumping her magic power up to full strength and pouring magic on the professor.

He seemed pretty excited because he didn’t have many opportunities to exert himself like this during normal classes.

It feels like a long time has passed.

Gradually, both Baion and Kaan were exhausted and began to gasp.

– Team 1, Mike Rubellan eliminated. Stop all action and stand in your place.

– Team 2, Hens Drake eliminated, stop all action and wait in place.

– Team 1, Rudy Wester eliminated······.

Along the way, the names of the students who had been eliminated repeatedly were heard through amplification magic, like announcements.

Rather, how much time do you have left?

– 30 minutes before the end of the exam.

Just in time, the remaining test time came.

‘I don’t have much left in 30 minutes.’

If you keep challenging professors like this, you won’t be able to avoid failing all of them.

Of course, Kaan and Baion didn’t care about the announcements and were only focused on the professor.

“There’s not much time left, are you going to keep doing this here? There won’t be many students left now, and then you’re really going to fail. Or you guys fight among yourself.”

Kaan, who was breathing heavily at Professor Gaon’s laughing words, asked.

“We’re on the same team, why are we fighting among ourselves?”

“Isn’t there a rule that you can’t steal a bracelet from the same team? You have to stick a knife in the back of a teammate to get a good grade.”

It was a teasing joke. She replied as if Kaan was dumbfounded.

“Even if you separate like that, we will never do that.”

“Really? That’s a very strong friendship.”

“And it’s not over yet. You have to defeat the professor in 30 minutes.”

“Huh, really. Do you still think it will work?”

“Of course. And it doesn’t really matter if I fail.”

In the first place, grades were not important to Kaan. The guy just seemed to be enjoying the situation.

Kaan approached Esca, who was sitting on the floor on the other side, and stretched out her hand.

Esca had a lower magic power compared to the other kids, so she had no choice but to get tired the fastest.

“Are you okay, Esca? Are you tired?”

“······no it’s okay.”

“Oh, and Ran! I have an idea, from now on…”


A small shock sound rang out after she stopped talking.

Me and Baion, who were preparing for battle again, looked at the two in surprise.

Even after seeing it with my own two eyes, I wondered what had just happened.

Esca fired shock wave magic. Kaan turned to her outstretched hand, aiming for her bracelet.


Kaan, who had reached out with a short distance, looked at Esca with disbelief.

“······What did you just do, Esca?”

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