I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 152

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Semester exam (5)

The Mariolds family of Esca is a family located in the eastern provinces of the Empire.

A small and insignificant noble family whose only territory is a few small villages.

As the eldest daughter, the reason she entered Elpon Academy was because she had a talent for magic, albeit weakly.

Enrolled in Elphon, carrying the expectations of his family and vassals, and the future of his family.

However, it was only the first few weeks that I was excited about the new environment and people. The reality was grim.

It didn’t take long for her to realize that in the midst of the overflowing crowd of talent, her own talent was really insignificant.

‘If you try, you’ll do anything. Even if I fall behind everyone else, as long as I graduate from Elphon…’

As long as he graduated from Elphon, he could become a magician belonging to the imperial palace even if he had a low position.

Needless to say, the future is guaranteed. The revival of the family was not like a dream.

Esca was not unaware that the family had taken on a significant burden for her admission.

Only when you return with the results can you pay off all those debts as well. I could never give up hope.

It was the first important exam day after entering school.

I knew very well that I was lacking more than others. So I did my best to prepare by reducing my sleep at night, but I had no luck.

Of course, the practical type of tests were below average, and maybe I was too nervous.

Even if you get only two more failing grades in other subjects, expulsion is unavoidable.

If he messed up even the last test, interpersonal combat, the results would be nothing to see.

So when I first heard that it was a team test, I was relieved.

For her, who lacked in skills, the team test was much more advantageous than alone. Besides she was on the same team as Kaan.

Although I hated myself a little, I thought that if I went along with Kaan, I might somehow avoid the worst. but······.

“······What did you just do, Esca?”

Esca unknowingly took the outstretched hand away in surprise.

Kaan was looking down at him. with wide-eyed eyes.

Both Lando and Bayon stopped what they were doing and looked at me with surprised expressions.

“Oh, no. This.”

what do you say?

It was a momentary impulsive action. It’s not an excuse. It really wasn’t meant to be.

I was impatient because there was not much time left, but the professor suddenly made a strange noise…


But soon, wanting to know what it was all for, Esca bit her teeth and got up from her seat.

“Carn, I made it clear.”


“This is a test! Fun isn’t the point!”

Caranne stared blankly at her, who was screaming out loud, without showing her usual calm demeanor.

“Yeah, of course you’ll be fine. You’re excellent! I’m sure you got above-average grades on all the other tests you took moderately! But not me. I don’t know how many other subjects I’ll fail. If I fail even this, I might really be expelled. And yet you…”

Esca stopped talking and let out a self-deprecating laugh. Tears flowed from her eyes.

“Sorry. I said something really pathetic.”


“If you’re that desperate, I won’t cling to you, and I’ll just scatter to get bracelets from other students. I don’t have the confidence or skills to do that…”


Esca reached for her wrist and tore off her own bracelet.

Kaan, who had been standing there blankly, belatedly reached out her hand in the air without a moment to stop.

– Team 1, Esca Mariolds eliminated. Stop all action and stand in your place.

“I’m sorry, Kaan.”

“Hey, Esca…”

“I thought the first friend I had after coming down from the mountain was me. I’m so sorry I ruined it like this.”

Soon, an assistant professor appeared at the common entrance.

As the assistant professor got closer to Esca, he looked at the professor as if he sensed that the atmosphere was strange.

“Um, Professor Gaon…?”

“Oh, it’s nothing, so take it.”

Professor Gaon, who was laughing on one side, waved his hand.

No one opened their mouths until the assistant professor took Esca out of the joint.


I looked at the common entrance where the two disappeared.

I hope this will happen

From the first day of the exam, Esca’s condition seemed unstable for some reason, but this is true…

‘It’s shit.’

It was a real bummer.

Kaan stood still, motionless, as if the shock was great.

Bayon said nothing, and the professor just stood still and watched us.

In the suffocating atmosphere, I was waiting for Kaan to open his mouth first, when the amplification magic rang again.

– Team 2 succeeded in obtaining Professor Locale’s bracelet. Go to the west aisle.

······Professor Locale’s bracelet? who succeeded?

Rigon and Leah naturally flashed through my mind. Because there were only two students who could do that.

In any case, if the opposing team had obtained the professor’s bracelet first, all their efforts would have been meaningless.

“It’s unfortunate. It looks like the other side did it first.”

Professor Gaon cleared his throat and opened his mouth.

She, too, was quite ashamed of her current situation. It was because the team was really torn apart by the words he spat out like jokes.



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I looked at Caan. It was only then that Kaan’s figure caught her eye as she lifted her head from where she had been lowering her head.

Then the first words she uttered were incomprehensible.

“Ran, Bayon. Let’s do it quickly.”

“······What? What?”

“We’re running out of time. We need to get the professor’s bracelet, which came quickly.”

What are you talking about in the middle of this?

I couldn’t understand the meaning of Baion, so we looked at each other. however······.

“This is the only way for Esca to avoid failure.”

I was shocked by the words that followed, and I was momentarily at a loss for words.

Certainly, it was said that obtaining the professor’s bracelet would guarantee a grade for the entire team.

Then even those who are eliminated will be able to avoid failing grades. But that’s not the problem.

“······Continue? For the sake of Esca?”

Baion spoke as if he did not understand Kaan’s attitude.

Esca tried to break Kaan’s bracelet. It was like being betrayed by her best friend.

So I thought you were shocked, but what the hell are you thinking?

“Yes. I was too insensitive. My friend didn’t care and just acted as he pleased.”

I asked her

“Whatever, Esca tried to break your bracelet. Aren’t you mad?”

“I’m not particularly angry. I’m just a little upset.”


“Why are you looking at me like that? Am I weird, Ran?”

For a moment, our eyes met Esca.

At that moment, I had a new thought.

She said that the reason she is the successor to the holy sword may not be just because of her outstanding talent for swords and magic.

“It’s nothing strange.”

I replied and moved my gaze to Professor Gaon.

“But we’re running out of time, Kaan. The opposing team has already got the professor’s bracelet.”

As soon as the opponent moved to the west aisle, the test was over.

It was said that only one team could gain a sexual advantage if they got Professor Gaon’s bracelet belatedly.

“You have to do it to know it. You will definitely do it.”

Even so, Carn still seemed not to give up.

Kaan stepped forward. Now she only uses magic and doesn’t seem to want to be stubborn.

Baion, who was watching her, threw his sword at her.

“You write, Kaan.”


“I’ve had enough with my bare hands. And I saw you again.”

Baion also stood side by side with Esca and looked at Professor Gaon.

Professor Gaon had a smile on his lips as if the situation was amusing.

“So, are you going to continue? In the end, even if you get my bracelet, you guys will be slower than your opponent.”

Kaan lowered her stance, gripping her sword as if it were hanging down.

“Your friendship almost got cracked because of the professor, but you don’t want to just lose, do you?”

“I’m sorry about that, but I can’t do that anyway. It’s a test.”


Caan jumped in. It was an explosive speed that raised her mana to the limit.

Professor Gaon avoided him, and Kaan pursued him tenaciously. The two swords collided quickly, and the two spun around the rim of a narrow circle.

The professor exclaimed, laughing in a voice mixed with amazement.

“What a student from the Faculty of Magic…! Was he throwing magic from behind with such skill!”

Likewise, Baion, who was watching the situation with a surprised look, soon broke into the circle.

The guy didn’t have a sword, so he boldly swung his bare hand at the professor.

I realized that it was a strategy, not a random attack.

From the professor’s point of view, he wouldn’t be able to swing his sword and cut off a student’s arm, so it seemed that attacking with his bare hands would be more difficult than using a sword.

“How can a guy like a bear fight like a fox!”

Of course, the professor still didn’t seem willing to give up the bracelet easily.

Bion, who had been hit by the back of the knife and bounced off, rolled on the floor. In the meantime, Kaan tried to catch the professor’s blind spot, but she failed spectacularly.

Kaan was pushing to the limit, squeezing out all his remaining mana. It was the same with Bion.

In the meantime, I was worried and just watched the scene.

Kaan was desperate, but to be honest, Esca’s situation wasn’t that important to me.

There was no reason to win over the professor by doing unnecessary things. but······.


The result came in an instant while I was paying attention.

Caan, who missed even his sword and bounced off, sprawled on the floor.

Professor Gaon, who had stopped moving, looked down at his arm. His sleeves were finely cut.

The professor seemed to be at a loss for words for a moment, and let out a sigh with a dumbfounded expression.

Kaan, gasping for breath, lifted her head and barely spoke.

“The bracelet… please.”

“What is that swordsmanship? Where did you learn it from?”

“To an older sister I know. Give me a bracelet quickly.”

······Are you saying that the older sister you know is a hero?

Professor Gaon put the sword in the scabbard, untied the bracelet from his wrist and threw it to Kaan.

“This is ridiculous. Why did a guy like you enter the Faculty of Magic?”

Kaan, as if not hearing the words, was taking the bracelet first.

Professor Gaon smiled and turned toward the entrance.

“I said Ka-Ann. See you later.”

There was one more person besides Rigon. The professor muttered that and soon disappeared outside the common area.

Caan, who stumbled to his feet holding the bracelet, collapsed back to his knees as if his legs were loosening.

When I saw that, I smiled and smiled for some reason.

It’s just that it wasn’t bad to see someone so desperate for someone else.

Baion had also stretched out a long time ago and was lying on the other side.

I approached the whining Kaan.

“Hey, Ran…”

“Ka-Ann, take a break. Leave the rest to me.”

He snatched the bracelet she was holding and stood up.

“It may be late, but if it’s not too late, I’ll try my best.”


– Team 1 succeeded in obtaining Professor Gaon’s bracelet. Go to the west aisle.

After taking a break, Rigon and Leah, who were moving along the western aisle, heard amplification magic in their ears.

“I think the other team was successful too? Could it be Carnne?”

Rigon tilted his head.

Leah handed the bracelet she was holding to Rigon.

“You take it and go first. I have to stop the opponent coming from here.”

“Is there a need for that? We’ll be much quicker.”

“Can you stop spitting out and do as I say? This is a natural decision. I won’t be careless.”

Rigon, who is faster on his feet, carries the bracelet, and Leah gets in the way. Of course, it was the best decision.

“If you drop out…”

“That’s why I’m telling you to take responsibility and make sure to go to the destination. Go, quickly.”

Rigon was reluctant, but decided to do what she said. Because she seemed to be stubborn anyway.

“Okay. Then go first.”

After Rigon left, Leah, who was left alone, stood and stared at the other side of the aisle.

Not long after, I heard the sound of someone running towards me.

Her eyes narrowed as she watched the figure approaching. And she soon knew who she was.


As Rigon said, it seems they were the ones who got Professor Gaon’s bracelet.

Was Professor Gaon easier than Professor Locale? Or is it Bayon’s performance?

They struggled so much, and I wondered how they did it, but Leah soon turned off her nerves and reached out.

Anyway, if it was just one guy who wasn’t a big deal, there was no problem. The remaining energy was enough to deal with.

Even after seeing himself, Ran didn’t stop and continued running.

Leah snorted and tried to fire shock wave magic. But he did the magic over there first.


At the flash of light that lit up the aisle, she protected her eyes with magic.

It’s been like this before. Do you still not know that this is useless tricks?

Thinking so, it was the moment when he tried to sense Ran’s presence.


Leah was so startled that she almost lost her balance at the sudden presence of someone passing right next to her.

The flash went away, and when he returned to his sight, Ran ran past him before he knew it.

Leah couldn’t understand what had just happened.


It was more than thirty paces before the flash exploded.

You narrowed that distance in an instant and passed it without even feeling the presence? me?

He came to his senses belatedly and tried to spread his magic, but he was already far away.

She stared blankly at his back with a haunted expression.


Rigon, who was running toward the destination at the end of the west aisle, felt someone following him from behind.

‘what? Has Leah been pierced?’

Rigon increased his speed and ran.

It was an unexpected situation, but anyway, it was this side that was ahead, so it was enough to arrive first.

Soon, a common entrance came into Rigon’s eyes. There was a line drawn with magical power as if the destination was separated.

The distance to the opponent chasing behind was still far. It was the moment when I was about to sprint and cross the finish line.


Rigon stopped in shock at the sight of a person who suddenly appeared beyond the arrival line as if he had risen from the air.

Looking closely, it was someone I knew. Rigon muttered involuntarily.


With a shy smile, Ran lifted the professor’s bracelet in her hand.

“Sorry, Rigon. We won.”

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