I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 155

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Asmodians (1)

The end of the Great War, which began decades ago with the invasion of the demons, greatly changed the system and composition of the demons.

Chaos and disorder came due to the absence of the Demon King, who was the center of all demons.

It was only one demon who organized him and established a new order in Olterore.

1st place in the original horse rank, Azkel.

Azkel, who was the closest aide to the demon king, took advantage of the opportunity to cause trouble and purged all the demons who rebelled.

Wonmara created a new leadership system and united the demons again with the goal of reviving the demon king.

Of course, there were not only demons who followed Azkel.

Among the demons who survived the war, there were quite a few demons as powerful as the current original demons.

Among them, most of those who went against Azkel eventually died, but there were also those who survived.

Even now, they roam the wasteland of the frontier, or they have left Olterore and come out to the outside world.

“Keuk. Kuk. Is this the end?”

3. North of the lordship, off the border, off the fort.

The land was stained red with the corpses torn apart by the fort that collapsed into ruins.

The demons, who wore black bone armor all over their bodies, laughed while appreciating the horrors they had inflicted.

“It’s all bugs. It’s getting boring. How many more kills before the big one comes?”

That demon was so strong that there were no more than 10 people stronger than him in the demon camp during the war in the past.

Even if he was a loser who fought against Azkel after the war and escaped Olterore with only his life.

These were years of painful endurance. All she did was hide and seek like a rat in the land outside her hometown.

Now that he has regained some of his past powers, he has broken his long slumber and is slowly starting to act.

I had no intention of going back to Olterore right away.

Azkel, it was impossible to overcome that monster right now, even if he regained his strength.

So he changed his goal.

The present world was so peaceful. They had already forgotten the fears of the past, their existence.

Stupid and weak scum that would have been annihilated long ago if it weren’t for the heinous warriors.

If you hunt moderately strong insects, you can build up your strength and become stronger.


The screams of terrible souls. She smiled as she looked at the dark red jewel in the demon’s hand.

“Wait, the day I return to Olterore…”

He muttered and looked away. Someone was coming this way.

The man approached with a calm gait, as if he was out for a walk, looked around and opened his mouth.

“You did a great job, demon.”

“At least this much? The tearing was tasteless rubbish.”

The demon read the energy he felt from him and tore his mouth with a grin.

“Now the thing you’ve been waiting for has come. Are you the 3rd Lord of Calderic?”

The three lords, Heavenly Palace, fixed their eyes on a corpse and said.

“It seems that the overlord was too afraid to go on a rampage in the middle of Calderic.

“Keukkeuk, say what you like before you die.”

The demon raised a giant body while shaking off the blood from its hands.

“It’s called the Heavenly Palace? I heard that I was good at shooting an arrow from a distance like a rat, but now that it appears right in front of me, what should I do?”

A distance so close that you can reach it with just a few steps and an outstretched hand.

With an expressionless face still on her face, she reached out her hand into the air.

“Nothing to worry about.”

The bracelet on his wrist wriggled and in an instant changed into the shape of a bow.

“From now until your body is scattered across the ground, you will not be able to close this gap one bit.”


The academy’s leave of absence began, and most of the students prepared to return to their hometowns and homes.

Leah sat on the bed in her room and read the letter that had arrived in front of her.

– How was your academy life? If you haven’t made a friend yet, this older brother will be very disappointed.

– Lord Yuzu will arrive there soon, so come home quickly. Bring as many friends as you can.

Leah frowned at the contents full of mischief and folded the letter back.

“What about friends…”

Lying on the bed, she stared at the ceiling for nothing.

As soon as I read the letter, there was no one that came to my mind.

Even after the test was over, Leah had intermittent, no, considerable exchanges with Rigon.

I guess I’ll have to say…

It is no longer strange to stand side by side and have a small talk every time we run into each other.

Rather, in his spare time, he secretly went looking for a place where Rigon might be.

At first, she was confused and denied her change, but now she just admits it.

I want to be closer to Rigon.

After admitting it, my pride was hurt a little, but I changed my mind that it was not strange at all.

Rigon is a genius on par with himself. He was an outstanding talent.

Wasn’t the reason I didn’t try to be close to anyone until now because there wasn’t anyone of my level?

So nothing has changed in his attitude. If such a person appeared, there was no reason why he couldn’t be friendly.

‘yes. That’s all.’

Besides, isn’t it easy to build a friendship with a prospect from Calderic’s side? It’s a great connection.

Leah, who had never cared about the ‘in’ of her personal connections in her life, finished her self-justification.

‘Anyway, he’ll only be at the academy during the leave of absence.’



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Rigon said he would not return to his hometown.

It’s a long distance, but it’s impossible to go back and forth between Calderic and Sainttea comfortably.

“Do you want to go to your house?”

Leah, who ran into Rigon during the evening, saw the timing and quietly brought up the story.

In response to Rigon’s wide-eyed reaction, she hurriedly spat out the words she had prepared while avoiding her gaze.

“Because the nobles of Saintea are sensitive to silver? That’s why I’m just trying to pay the debt in the test for my honor. You helped me, and I lost because I couldn’t.”

“No, that’s it. Ran was so unexpected and it was your fault…”

“Anyway, are you going to go or not? I’ll make sure to treat you as a guest. You don’t have anywhere to go during your vacation anyway, do you?”

Rigon scratched his head. Leah crossed her arms and pretended to be unconcerned as she looked sideways at him.

“Um, I’d be happy if you invited me. But I’m going alone? Can’t the other kids go too?”


“Lan and Kaan said they would stay at the academy like me. Baion and Esca said they would go home.”

······Were those guys still at the academy?

To be honest, I didn’t like it, but I could say that Rigon wouldn’t go if I refused.

It was an acceptable range. Anyway, it’s important that Rigon goes.

Leah nodded, hiding her excitement.

“There’s nothing that can’t be done. Do as you like.”


I was lying on the bed in my room and resting, when Rigon returned and said something strange.

“······Lea invited us over to her house? The Herriwin family?”


I wondered what this was all about, but then I guessed the situation. You two have been friends lately.

“I only asked you to go with me, but didn’t you all ask to go with me?”

“Haha, I heard you.”

Rigon smiled shyly.

“He’s not a bad kid either. It’d be nice if you and Ka-Ann got to know each other this time.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter anyway…”

I was thinking of the conversation I had with the holy sword yesterday.

I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about because it’s a change of fate, but at least the holy sword said I didn’t have to doubt if I was going in the right direction.

What exactly does that mean?

Does it really matter if we go on like this? Without having to worry about inheriting the holy sword?

‘Is that a very complacent idea…’

Anyway, it’s better to go outside than to be stuck in the academy during the break. Then you never know if something will happen.

In that sense, Rigon’s request for going out was not a bad suggestion.

“Okay, let’s go. Ask Kaan and come.”

“I ran into him on the way earlier and asked him. I was excited as soon as I heard it.”

At lunch the very next day, we packed up and prepared to set off.

The destination is Bayonter territory, where the nature of the Herriwyn family is located. I heard it was quite a long way.

When they gathered at the front gate of the academy and went out, a wagon was already waiting.

“It’s been a while, Miss Leia. How have you been?”

An old man dressed as a butler greeted Leah. Aside from him, there were only two or three knights in sight.

I thought it was a pretty frugal reception for a prestigious person with great prestige, but the butler wasn’t normal for some reason.

I looked over his head.

【Lv. 71]

A level that can be said to be very far from an ordinary servant.

I don’t know why a person who should have held the position of knight commander or something like that would be acting as a butler, but he wasn’t interested in other people’s household chores.

The butler’s gaze shifted to us standing in the back.

“But those people…?”

“They’re my friends. I’m inviting them to my house as guests during the break, doesn’t it matter?”

He opened his eyes wide as if surprised by those words, then nodded his head with a bright smile.

“Of course, lady. I will serve all of my friends without any inconvenience.”

“Don’t overdo it, load the luggage quickly.”

“Yes, heh heh heh. There’s plenty of seats in the wagon. I’m really glad I brought this big wagon, heh heh heh heh.”

With her face slightly reddened, Leia climbed into the back seat of the wagon first.

The butler politely bowed his head to us.

“My name is Yuzu, the butler of the Harrywin family. Thank you very much for being close to my lady.”

“Ah, yes.”

“Then take good care of me during the long journey.”

They loaded the luggage and climbed into the wagon one by one.

The wagon started right away and ran quickly along the road after passing through the gates of the city.

“Hey, it’s fluffy.”

Kaan swayed excitedly. Leah immediately said something.

“I’m crazy, so stay still.”

“Okay. But I’m really surprised.”


“I don’t need friends, I don’t fit the level, I said that before and invited us to my house.”

Leah looked at Kaan, who smirked with a mixture of bewilderment and bewilderment.

When I heard it, I said it openly, but I knew it wasn’t like that. He was just like this.

“Don’t get me wrong. I wanted to invite Rigon, not you.”

“What’s the difference?”

“Lee, it means that Rigon doesn’t lack to get along with me. Unlike you!”

Rigon shook his head beside him.

Kaan snorted and leaned back against the seat.

“Whatever it is. Your family is a great family. We’ll have a lot of delicious food when we arrive.”

Leaving the two bickering alone, I rested my chin on the window sill.

A cool breeze blew, gently shaking her bangs.


Unexpectedly, Leah was the most talkative person along the way, second only to Kaan.

It was because when Kaan was bored and spit out anything, Leah was the one who reacted the best to it.

“But why do you need a carriage? Wouldn’t it be much faster than a horse if I tamed other monsters and drove them around?”

“Please stop talking like I’m stupid.”

It was mostly like this.

I and Rigon usually hung out together, so I was used to casually spilling things.

“Monster wagons are not uncommon in Calderic. I heard that taming them is expensive and requires a lot of skill.”

“Look, did you hear? Rigon is like that.”

After a while, Leah also listened in one ear and let it out in the other, as if she was tired of dealing with her.

Leah seemed to want to know how Rigon lived on Calderic, but Kaan was persistent in interfering with their conversation. It was kind of like that.

The carriage, which moved forward with occasional breaks, stopped and took its place around sunset.

Butler Yuzu lit a bonfire, prepared dinner, and quickly prepared for camping alone.

Looking at the scene, I thought that a very high-class manpower was doing chores, and then I laughed.

It was because I, who had been walking around with Asher and constantly pampered her, didn’t intend to do it.

“This is delicious! Besides salt, what else did you sprinkle the meat with?”

“It’s my secret seasoning, heh heh. It’s a secret.”

Yuzu’s cooking was excellent. Talking about this and that while eating warm soup and grilled meat.

Because Yuzu was very kind, Kaan and Rigon quickly talked to him comfortably.

“Huh, really.”

Leia waved her hand in annoyance at the bugs that the lights entangled around her.

Yuzu looked at it and told us.

“But all three of you seem used to camping. Unlike my lady.”

“Oh, I used to live in the mountains.”

Kaan replied.

Needless to say, I was used to camping, and Rigon’s life itself wasn’t smooth.

“Rigon, what about you?”

Then Leah suddenly grabbed Rigon and asked.

Seeing that he asked from the carriage earlier, he seemed curious about Rigon’s life in Calderic.

Rigon looked like he just wanted to be evasive, but he had no choice but to answer.

“I… I do a lot of outdoor activities when I’m training or something.”

“What kind of training is it?”

“It’s called knight training. It’s roughly like that.”

“What? Knight training? How cool is that?”

Kaan interrupted, munching the meat.

“But if it’s a knight, what kind of knight is it? The knights under the command of the 7 lords?”

“······Seven Lords?”

Yuzu looked bewildered. Because she didn’t know that Rigon was from Calderic yet.

Leah noticed Rigon and quickly explained to Yuzu.

“Don’t misunderstand, Yuzu. Rigon is a good boy regardless of his birthplace.”

After hearing the explanation, Yuzu looked a bit surprised, but showed no signs of hostility or displeasure.

“This lady has made a great friend, hee hee.”

said Caan.

“Hey, Rigon. Now that you’re talking about it, can’t you tell me a bit more?”

Normally, when Rigon was asked about himself, he would quietly avoid it.

I kind of knew why, but neither Kaan nor the other kids knew.

“Well, there’s nothing I can’t do…”

Rigon smiled and started talking.

Of course, the terrible story of being in the 4th monarchy was excluded.

Rigon, moderately dubious about how his life was saved, told me about life in the monarchy.

“The 7th Lord of Calderic seems like a very nice person. Oh, if only I could hear you.”

Carn’s mouth was itchy. Be patient.

Leah, who was listening to Rigon’s story with an interesting face, also helped.

“It’s unexpected. The Lords of Calderic are usually people without blood or tears.”

“There are monarchs like that. But the 7 Lords are different. He’s really great.”

I ate in silence, feeling embarrassed by myself.

After dinner, I slowly got ready.

Even though the wagon is big, four people couldn’t sleep comfortably, so Yuzu prepared the bedding well outside.

I was staring up at the night sky with only the sound of burning firewood reverberating when Kaan suddenly spoke to me.

“Hey, Ran.”

I was about to pretend to be asleep, but I opened my mouth.


“You’ve said that before, right? If I were to sacrifice everything to save the world, would I be able to save it?”

······Is it a story in history class? why is that all of a sudden

“It did.”

“Listen. There’s a guy I know, he probably has a really great magic sword or something?”


“But he wants to pass that sword on to me, but to use that sword, he says he has to protect others, even at the cost of me.”

I was momentarily taken aback and at a loss for words.

what? Did the hero talk about the holy sword? No, you can’t do that without talking to me.

From Kaan’s words, it seemed that he was saying that except for the fact that it was a holy sword.

“It’s a strange sword.”

“Isn’t it? Thinking about that, I suddenly remembered the story you said. It’s similar, isn’t it?”


“So I asked how to do such a difficult job, and he said that you have to find the answer yourself. What do you think? What does that mean?”

I said in silence.

“Isn’t it that you ask yourself to think about what beliefs you act on? It’s not something someone else can decide for you.”

“Hmm, it’s a belief… is that so?”

And Kaan didn’t speak any more.

I wondered if I was lost in thought, and soon the sound of even breathing rang out. fell asleep


The trip continued smoothly. Without encountering bandits or monsters.

Then, on the way to the forest, a group of monsters popped out once, and the knights took care of it in an instant.

“You don’t have to worry. Originally, it’s a forest where quite a few monsters live, but you’ll be able to get back to Guando soon.”

Yuzu said that in case we would get nervous, but no one would say that just because we ran into some monsters.

Monster corpses blocked the road, so we got off the wagon and rested for a while.

Kaan, perhaps bored, watched the knights remove the body with excitement.

“If a monster pops up again, I’ll take care of it. Hunting monsters in the mountains was my daily routine too.”

“Heh heh, is that so. But I can’t cause trouble for my customer, so leave it to the knights…”

Yuzu, who had been smiling kindly, suddenly turned her head to one side.

Leah looked at him with puzzled eyes.

“what’s the matter?”


Yuzu’s expression slowly hardened.

I found out why. This is because I was aware of this from a long time ago.

‘What kind of guys are they?’

Apparently, it’s not just a bunch of thieves.

Yuzu took out a sword from inside the carriage and said.

“Everybody please get inside the carriage.”

“What is it? What the hell is going on?”

“It’s no big deal, lady. Me and the knights will sort it out soon.”

Yuzu pushed us, so we went inside the carriage.

He and three knights surrounded the carriage as if escorting it, and there was a strange silence in the forest for a moment.


With signs of getting closer, they soon emerged from the bush.

A series of monsters in black robes surrounded the carriage as if besieging it.

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