I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 156

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Asmodians (2)

Even at a glance, the atmosphere inside the carriage was full of tension at the appearance of a group that seemed unusual.

I skimmed through the levels of the goons.

All of them were level 40s and 50s, but the highest of them was over level 60.

“What are they doing? Bandits?”

Rigon replied to Kaan’s muttering.

“It feels strange. I don’t think they’re just bandits.”

“You shouldn’t be doing this, shouldn’t we help too?”

Leah said softly.

“Don’t step out and stay calm.”

“No, look at those numbers. They’re well over thirty.”

“Whether it’s 30 or 40, Yuzu will take care of everything.

“Wasn’t Yuzu just a butler?”

Then, Yuzu shouted at the assailants.

“What kind of people don’t know what they’re talking about? It’s the Heriwin family’s procession. If you value your life, get out of here.”

As Leah said, even if all the goons attacked, Yuzu’s level would be able to deal with it without difficulty.

But the stumbling block was this one. He seemed to want to avoid a battle as much as possible because Leah and our safety was his top priority.

“Heriwin? Ah, the Marquis of Heriwin.”

The guy with the highest level, who seemed to be the leader, clicked his tongue and said.

“No time to waste. Kill them all and keep moving.”

The assailants unleashed their magic all at once. Magic circles emerged from all sides.


At the same time, Yuzu swung her sword and fired huge sword blades.


“You guys just focus on escorting the wagon! I deal with it alone!”

Yuzu commanded the knights to raise their magical powers in earnest, and then charged at the nearest enemies.

The battle that started like that was as one-sided as the level difference.

Yuzu’s ruthless sword dance made the assailants quickly swept away without proper resistance.

Everyone watched the scene from inside the carriage with bated breath.

It would not have been a familiar sight for them to see people cut into two or three pieces and die. Except for Lygon.

“······The butler was a very scary person. I should treat him more politely.”

Kaan forced a joke. no one was listening

It was when about a third of the assailants were dead.

While struggling against Yuzu, a sudden change occurred in leader Nom.


I immediately felt the energy and distorted my expression.

That guy is the demon’s contractor.

Dark red aura that shimmered in the body of the leader of the assailant stretched out like a stem.

Then, the tip formed into a mace-like shape and swung towards Yuzu.

thud! cooong!

The surrounding ground and bushes were swept away by the attack, and the rainwater was smashed and turned over.

Yuzu, too, seemed to have sensed that the change in the assailant was unusual, so she kept her distance and backed away. It was then.

“······ Hut!”

Yuzu hurriedly turned her gaze to the carriage.

It was because, from somewhere far away, a huge, dark orb was flying towards the carriage.

The speed of the sphere was so fast, and the aura was different from normal mana, so it seemed that he recognized it late.

The knights escorting the wagon hurriedly fired their swords, but the sphere was not even scratched.


I used my abilities recklessly. A floating curtain was spread around the wagon.

In the silence of the tent, all sides were dyed black for an instant, but soon returned to their original state.

“What, what? Just now? Was it attacked?”

Neither Caan nor the other kids were fully aware of what had happened.

I said to Leah, who was perplexed.

“You have to go outside.”


“I think I almost got attacked just now, but if the attack comes again, it’s hard to avoid inside the wagon.”

After saying that, I opened the carriage door first and went out, and everyone immediately followed.

After confirming that we were all right, Yuzu continued the battle with a relieved face.

“My lady! Stay attached to the carriage!”

“We protect our bodies! Don’t worry!”

Leia helped the knights to deploy magic towards the enemies that were rushing. It was the arcane magic he had seen before.

The purple ray of light pierced the head of the assailant aiming for the knight who was lying on the floor, and he was sure to stop breathing.

Rigon and Kaan also drew their swords and started to move in a way that covered the knights.

All three of them are capable, so if you don’t try to confront them directly, you won’t get hurt against them here. but······.

I turned my gaze to one side.

Far away, they came into view of those hiding in the trees.

Among them, I saw a guy with a higher level than our leader.

‘I’ll have to deal with that.’



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Also, if the attack just now flew in, the situation could become annoying.

Taking advantage of everyone’s nerves, I moved to space jump.


“What, are you blocked? What’s blocking you?”

The monster, whose face was half disfigured, frowned as he checked the intact wagon.

Divided and chasing the trail, arriving late, what kind of trouble was this?

More than half of the people there had already died.

Cooks was also fighting with the power of demons open, but that monster old man was much stronger than he thought.

It seems to be protecting the wagon, so I tried to divert my nerves even more, but the attack was blocked by something unknown and disappeared.

At this rate, it was clear that even if they joined and fought, the damage would be great.

“Kuh, I don’t have time to be like this…”

“What are you guys doing?”

The monster looked back in surprise. A boy was standing there.

I didn’t even feel the presence, but when the hell?

The boy looked around and opened his mouth again.

“The demon tribes are gathering in droves. What is the purpose?”

The monster and his subordinates raised their magical powers, but realized it belatedly.

Suddenly, something like a red fog spreads faintly around me.

“It’s already late.”

All at once, the men collapsed and fell down the trees.

The monster opened his eyes wide at the scene.

“Tell me your purpose. If you don’t answer, you die too.”

“What is it? What the hell are you?”

“Answer my question…”


The monster who launched a surprise attack on the boy immediately turned around and tried to escape.

At the same time, he, like the other subordinates, collapsed like a puppet with a thread cut off.

“If you don’t intend to answer, you die.”


I came down from the tree and looked around at the corpses of the assailants.

If I could subdue him, I wanted to subdue him and interrogate him, but that was not possible.

Contractors of the demons act only according to the orders of the demons they contracted with, like slaves.

Either find the Demon Seed, or do something else for their master.

It was unclear exactly what purpose these guys were roaming about in a forest like this.

“How many of them do you want to keep alive?”

The battle was about to end, so I went back around the wagon.

“Hey, didn’t you see where my friend went?! I’m sure he was next to me just now…!”

I teleported to the back of the wagon and sneaked out to find Rigon and Kaan grabbing the knights and asking them questions.

Leah, who met my eyes next to him, sighed and poked Kaan in the shoulder.

“There it is.”

“Huh? Hey, Ran! I was surprised by the sudden disappearance!”

“Where have you been?”

I replied scratching my head.

“I was hiding under the wagon.”

“What? Pooh! You were such a coward! We were fighting hard!”

“What are you fighting so hard for? The knights knocked them all down. Are you not hurt, Ran?”

“I’m fine. I’m not hurt.”

Kaan burst out laughing, then sat down and let out a deep sigh. It seemed that her mind was more tired than her body.

Yuzu brushed off the blood on her sword and came this way.

“Is everyone okay?”

“It’s okay. More than that, what the hell are these guys?”

“I don’t know. First of all, the captain tried to put his life on the line…”

Yuzu glanced at one side. The kids looked at her and frowned at her.

The leader of the assailants who used the power of the demons was unable to properly recognize the shape because his body exploded.

“Self-destructed. There are still some of them alive, so I’ll interrogate them.”

“Find out thoroughly, Yuzu. If there’s someone behind it, you’ll have to pay the price for daring to touch Herewin.”

Leah said in a cold voice. Yuzu nodded her head.

“Everyone, rest. I’ll clean up.”

Yuzu, who was about to turn around, stopped and looked at Leah and said.

“You’re welcome, young lady. Thank you for your hard work.”

Leah nodded without speaking.

Considering their reaction earlier, it didn’t seem like they knew that they were the Herriwin family from the beginning.

I wonder if they just happened to run into each other and attacked to silence them…

Yuzu didn’t seem to have figured out yet that the assailant was using demonic power. because it’s not common

I thought about telling Yuzu about it, but decided to just quit. You don’t have to.

‘There’s no way he was aiming for Kaan.’

There is no possibility that they know about the succession of the holy sword.

If, by any chance, he really knew and was targeting Kaan, then of course the wonma class would have moved. Not these pyramids.

In the first place, these guys didn’t even look like they were specifically targeting Kaan. It was too much of a worry.

So, do I need to worry about these guys any more?

However, there may be more remnants, but it is also possible to just pass by without taking any action.


I was lost in my thoughts, then looked away.

Leah caught her breath and looked down at her trembling hands.

It seemed like nothing was wrong, but the child seemed to be a lover.

“What you looking at.”

Raising her head, she glared at me. I shrugged.

“If it wasn’t for you, the knight would have been killed or seriously injured. You defended the vassal with your own hands.”

“······What are you talking about. Who said what?”

“It means you don’t have to feel guilty for killing these guys.”

“Guilt, don’t be funny. I’m just a little shocked.”

If it’s the first murder, it’s worth it.

Leah looked at me strangely and said.

“You don’t seem to mind at all.”

“Well, because I was quietly hiding.”

“······He said he was hiding under the wagon. But isn’t that a bit strange?”


“You said the carriage could be attacked and you were the first to go out. And you were hiding under the carriage?”

······Uh, is that so?

Did you think that you were just going around there?

When I couldn’t find anything to say for a moment and didn’t respond, Leah looked even more suspicious.

“Where were you during the actual battle? Did your space magic transport you somewhere?”

“Um, actually it is. I was hiding somewhere safe.”

“Why did you lie?”

“It would be embarrassing to say that I was the only one hiding far away.”

“But are you saying it so confidently?”


Leah gestured toward the wagon.

“Look, there’s a huge flaw in the floor around the wagon. Like you said, the real wagon was attacked. But the wagon is intact, as if something had blocked it.”


“You alone calmly led us out when the wagon was attacked. As if it was no big deal.”

“What do you want to say?”

She stared at me and said.

“All I’m saying is, I have a feeling you’re hiding something.”

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