I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 158

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Asmodians (4)

“You still haven’t caught that vampire?”

An altar-like structure built in the middle of a huge magic circle drawn on the floor.

Upon receiving the report from his subordinate, the man’s eyes gleamed with intent to kill.

“You useless bastards. Bug-like bastards. Are you having this division because you can’t manage just one ingredient properly?”


“He will be back soon. If anything goes wrong, you and I will all die! Come quickly by any means!”

The man who kicked out the subordinate walked around the altar biting his nails.

“······Why are you coming to this place yourself? Why the hell? Why?”

I’ve never had anything like this since I received strength from him.

Searching for demon seeds, researching and conveying information. As a faithful servant, he always carried out his orders.

When has a great being ever paid attention to insignificant things?

Besides, even low-quality offerings are good, so prepare as many as possible.

Aside from everything, there was one thing that bothered me the most.

The most powerful contractor, the man, is able to communicate his will through a psychic connection with his master.

However, when I received a revelation before… the emotion I felt from him was none other than urgency.

As if they were being chased by something frightening. why?

No, no. Do not dare to question His power.

Like a faithful believer, the man solemnly folded his hands and bowed his head.

“God, your faithful servant awaits a glorious manifestation.”


We got off the wagon in the middle and moved. because there was no road.

I asked the boy, Heffy, what I’ve been curious about since before.

“How did you end up living among humans? Are there any other people of your kind?”

The guy with a restless face answered.

“There was. In the past. But other tribes invaded… I ran away and wandered until I came to the place where humans live.”

Is it a war between tribes? It was not an unfamiliar story.

The vampire sister I helped before had a similar situation.

“They are kind people.”

What are the chances that a vampire who has flowed into Saintea’s realm will survive by meeting a village that is not hostile to vampires?

Usually it would be either dead or sold.

“······It’s not like that.”


“These are the people who make me work from morning till sunset. They curse at me, kick me out, and starve me if I don’t do my job properly. The reason they accepted me was to treat me like a slave.”

Everyone looked at Heffy at the unexpected story.

Kaan also scratched her head with an absurd face.

“Huh, what. Were they such bad people?”

Naturally, I couldn’t help but feel curious.

“Even so, you don’t run away alone and seem to really want to save the villagers…”

Is it because they have nowhere to go when the villagers die?

Heffy said with tears in his eyes.

“Honestly, there’s one kid I really want to save more than everyone else…”

“The one you want to save?”

“A girl named Enma. She’s my only friend in town. She’s always been kind to me.”

Oh, was it like that?

I roughly understood the situation.

Leah, who had been listening to Heffy’s story in silence, looked at Kaan.

“It looks like you’re going to take a risk like this to save some really great people, isn’t it?”

Kaan shrugged.

“Honestly, I suddenly lose my energy, but what can I do? I have to do it.”

“You are a great hero.”

I looked at the two and asked what else I was curious about.

“But you managed to escape alone from those dangerous guys.”


“Can you give me a bit more detail about what happened?”

Heffy hesitated, then raised his arm.

And what happened the next moment shocked everyone.

This is because Heffy’s hand turned into red blood and floated in the air.

‘Blood magic?’

Heolsul, which converts the body into blood, was a heolsul that he had never seen before.

Isn’t this the ability used by the chieftain of the Elrod forest vampire tribe?

“Whoa, whoa! What is that? How did you do it?”

Kaan made a fuss. Heffy explained, returning his arm to its original position.

“This is my ability. Vampires can use their own blood to use many abilities.”


I asked implicitly.

“It’s called blood magic, right? But I knew that young vampires couldn’t use blood magic.”

“You know a lot, right? Ran.”



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“I’ve read it in a cross-species encyclopedia.”

“Yes… But for some reason, I was imprisoned, but I suddenly awakened and was able to use my abilities. So I was able to escape with poor surveillance.”

Did he even awaken blood magic in a life-and-death crisis?

Kaan held the bloody boy’s hand and looked around, grinning.

“Anyway, don’t worry too much! We will definitely save your friend.”

How long did he have to walk like that? Hepa said with a nervous expression.

“We’re almost there. Go a little further in this direction and you’ll find a cave.”

“Okay. Then we’ll stop here for now.”

Yuzu stopped everyone and said.

“Ladies and friends. From now on, please follow me.”

“Yes I will.”

“Okay. First of all, according to the boy’s words, the structure of the passage to the place where people are trapped is not complicated.”

According to the explanation I heard from Heffy, the contractors’ base is like an underground cave inside a cave.

If you go through the straight aisle in the back, you will see two paths, and the one on the left is the place where people are trapped.

“Nothing is known about the exact number of enemies or whether there is a trap device or not. In my heart, I want to leave the lady and my friends outside and go into the cave alone…”

“I hate that much, Yuzu.”

“Yes, we can’t help but scatter. There might be enemies roaming the neighborhood from the outside. I’ll be in the foreground, the knights in the rear, and the young lady and my friends in the middle.”

Yuzu looked at Leah.

“If a really dangerous situation arises, my lady, use it to protect yourself.”


Leah fiddled with the bracelet on her wrist.

It was a bracelet she wore almost always.

I thought it was an object hiding quite a lot of magical power, but it seems that it was not an ordinary magic tool.

After a short strategy meeting, we arrived at the enemy’s stronghold.

Yuzu, who had been leading the way for a while, returned and told the knights.

“I found a cave. I see two guards standing at the entrance, so I’ll ambush and deal with it first.”

Yuzu went first, and we moved slowly after him.

After a while, a series of small cracking sounds echoed in succession that could only be heard by my ears.

Before long, the shape of the cave was revealed to everyone through the bushes. Yuzu and the corpses of the enemies standing in front of him.

“There is a passage leading to the underground inside the cave. From now on, you guys must thoroughly protect the rear.”

The knights nodded at Yuzu’s command.

The kids, including Kaan, also raised their tension.

As we entered the cave in the formation we planned earlier, we saw another entrance inside, just as Yuzu said.

“I’ll check it one last time. I said it’s a fork in the road to the left past this iron gate, right?”

“Yes, yes. That’s right.”

Heffy nodded vigorously.

An iron gate leading downhill. Yuzu fired a powerful sword at the iron gate.


At the same time as the iron gate was shattered, Yuzu led the charge and we ran after him.

Darkness was not a problem as lights were hung at regular intervals from the ceiling of the aisle.

“······It’s an assault!”

As soon as I ran along the straight aisle, enemies came out from the inside.

Yuzu raised her mana again and poured sword energy forward. The bodies of all enemies who stood in their way were torn apart.

Yuzu’s offensive was much fiercer than the previous battle, because the situation was different.

Unlike before, when we were surrounded by enemies, this time we were all behind and the enemies were all in front.

That’s why it seemed like we weren’t adjusting our strength without worrying about getting caught up in it.

Thanks to that, we safely ran without any collision, only looking at Yuzu’s back.

‘It’s delicate control.’

Even while attacking relentlessly, Yuzu tried to avoid impacting the outer wall of the aisle as much as possible. It would be a big deal if the wall collapsed.

The enemies that popped out were all level 40 and 50 pyramids.

There was no one who used the power of the demons directly like the two before, so the progress went smoothly without the slightest hindrance.

I spread my super senses to locate possible traps or enemies. There was nothing special about it.

Anyway, making an underground cave like this in the middle of the forest and using it as a base is pretty cool.

“There it is!”

After sweeping away all the enemies, the fork in Heffy’s words appeared.

I looked at the fork in the road to the right, the smell of rotting corpses that had been stinging my nose from earlier.

First of all, the rescue of the people at the left fork was the priority. We proceeded to the left fork.

“······There they are! People!”

Kaan shouted. As she said, she saw people in prison.

Men, women, children and the elderly. The number of people was about thirty.

As we approached the prison, people’s faces were frightened.

“Hee, hee!”

“Because I’m here to save you.”


Yuzu lightly cut through the bars of the prison and let the people out.

Heffy, who was turning her head around as if looking for someone next to her, shouted with a flash of color.


One of the prisoners, a girl, widened her eyes at the sight of Heffy.

“······Heppy! What happened to all this?!”

“What is it, I came to save you! These guys took down all the guys who caught us!”

Seeing the two of them embracing each other, I finally dispelled my doubts.

In fact, I didn’t completely trust Heffy, so I kept an eye on him, but it seemed that everything he said was true.

“Is there anyone who has difficulty moving? Then everyone, hurry up and move. We’ll get out of here.”

“Yes, yes! I see, I am better!”

People followed Yuzu’s words with expressions that only then did they live.

At that time, a girl named Enma took care of the others and spoke urgently.

“I’m better. But there are people besides us who have been taken to other places.”

One of the people shouted at the girl’s words.

“Emma, ​​all those people are dead!”

“How do you know that? He might still be alive…”

“Isn’t that obvious? More than that, the lives of the people alive here take precedence! Don’t disturb me!”

“That’s right! You don’t talk nonsense!”

“Uncle Debbie’s brother was also taken away! But aren’t you worried?!”

Leah looked at the arguing people with pitiful eyes.

Speaking of people who were dragged away, are they on the right aisle?

I thought so, then turned my gaze toward the entrance.

“Okay, first of all…!”

Soon, Yuzu also looked towards the entrance with a firm expression.

Footsteps were heard. It was the sound of one person’s footsteps. As the sound got closer, the voices of the people diminished.

“iced coffee······.”

【Lv. 75]

What soon appeared was an old man dressed like a priest.

The man trembled with both hands and raised them to his face.

“Ah, ah! How dare you! These insignificant bugs…!”

Its face was viciously distorted, and evil, sticky magic covered the space.

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