I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 160

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I widened my super senses and scanned the blocked passage in the back.

There were no living signs. The contractor seemed exhausted or dead from being crushed.

I used Heffy’s blood skill again to get out of the pile of rocks.

Having reached the fork in the road from before, I entered the fork in the road to the right that I had seen earlier.


When we reached the end of the fork in the road, what appeared was an altar-like structure in a large space.

On the other hand, there were piles of people’s corpses. No one was alive.

I clicked my tongue and moved closer to the altar.

There was a large jewel in the middle of the altar, and something was wriggling in it.

oh oh oh oh…

I immediately guessed that it was the souls of dead people.

The cries of the terrible spirits echoed in my head.

There were many reasons why they did such a terrible thing.

Whether it was to do some kind of magical experiment, or to give it to the demons who gave them strength.

“I feel dirty.”

I reached for the jewel and used my instant kill ability. The spirits immediately perished.

The only thing I could do was give him rest so that he wouldn’t suffer any more.

After checking all the survivors, I went outside.

People’s voices were heard at the entrance of the cave.

– Ran died… because of me…

It was Kaan’s voice.

Of course, alive and well, I trudged out of the cave.

I saw Kaan sitting down and Rigon, Leah, and Yuzu standing beside her.


Leah was the first to see me and was surprised. I waved.

Kaan, who had been whimpering and crying, also turned her head and opened her eyes wide.

“Hey you!”

I rushed in and took off the clinging Kaann, calming it down.

Rigon asked with a smile on his exhausted face.

“Ran, what happened?”

“I was almost crushed by a rock, but I managed to avoid it and survived. Luckily, there was an empty space on the side and I got out.”

Leah, who was staring at me with strange eyes, opened her mouth.

“You must be…”


“······No. It’s really fortunate. Thanks to you, all three of us survived. Thank you.”

I ignored her suspicious eye and looked at Kaan.

Kaan couldn’t feel the energy of the holy sword from before.

“I’m so glad. Whoa, I need to get some rest first.”

“Yuzu, are you feeling better?”

“There is no trauma. It is only a little exhaustion from raising the mana too much.”

At that time, a series of signs approached, and the newly appeared ones surrounded the surroundings.

“······Really doesn’t give us a break.”

Yuzu and the knights raised their swords again.

Were they the ones outside? Anyway, if it’s finished, stop…


A creepy aura that makes the body go crazy.

I turned my head to the source of energy.

On the other side of the forest, something black and huge was approaching at breakneck speed.


Soon, it was a monster that appeared while sweeping away all the bushes…

No, it was a demon.

Everyone, even Yuzu, stopped breathing and froze at his overwhelming presence.

【Lv. 95]

Black smoke was constantly flowing from his body, which was covered in bone armor.

I let out a sigh when I saw his level.

He is a demon of the original level. Are you the owner of that contractor? What a dog like this…

At that time, the guys from the contractor group bowed their heads to the demons and shouted.

“Poetry, my God! Your lowly servants…!”


The demons waved their hands and crushed them all. Blood was splattered on the floor.

“I told you to prepare a sacrifice for useless things, is this the only thing?”

The demon took a deep breath and looked this way this time.

“Damn it, even if I had fully regained my strength, this kind of humiliation…!”

The guy stretched out his hand this way. Yuzu stuttered her mouth open.

“Mo, everyone runs away…”

But no one could move their legs.

Caan, Rigon, and Leah were all stunned and trembled.

I prepared for battle. And it was the moment to stop him.



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A blue flash that flew in from somewhere penetrated his body. It was quiet.


An ear-splitting roar echoed one beat late like thunder, and tinnitus rang.

The entire earth was turned upside down by a huge shock, as if a lightning bolt had fallen.

“Kuh, kuh. How far are you going to chase after me, persistent… you guy…”

The demon left those words one last time and his whole body crumbled and disappeared.

I stared blankly at the sight, then turned my gaze in the direction of the flash.

The summit of a mountain peak in the distance.

Raising my vision to the max, I could barely spot a person standing there.

‘······ Heavenly Palace?’


Why is Heavenly Palace here?

This was neither Calderic nor the Territory of the Three Lords, but the territory of Saintea.

I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed by the appearance of a completely unexpected person.


Kaan collapsed to her knees as if her leg had loosened.

“······What happened?”

No one was aware of what had happened.

Heaven’s blows were so fast that they couldn’t even see them properly.

A blue light flashed, and the dead demon in front of them was all they could see.

Anyway, it’s really unbelievably destructive.

Did he launch such a terrifying attack from a distance? In reality, it was beyond my imagination.

The blow that Chun-gung just landed would be ‘Light Lightning’, which was one of his ultimate skills in the game.

The entire forest evaporated as if a path had been opened up to several tens of meters away from the direction the sniper was flying.

I looked again at the mountain peak where the heavenly palace was. However, his figure had disappeared.

‘Where did you go?’

Not long after, a sign quickly moved this way.

I hardened my expression. It was none other than he was coming.


Heavenly Palace appeared in the blink of an eye.

People stared at him in amazement.

Heavenly Palace took a quick look at the people and, as if not interested, approached the place where the demons disappeared.

At the place where the demons disappeared, there was a dark red jewel.

Heavenly Palace picked up the jewel as if that was the purpose.


I noticed later that it was similar to the jewels that trapped the souls of the people I saw in the cave earlier.

Chun-gung, who took the jewel, turned her head towards me.

······This is dangerous.

I felt a sense of danger and avoided the gaze of the heavenly palace.

Heavenly Palace’s eyes are very good. The overlord’s Polymorph is the only one among the lords who can see through it.

Did you hear me? You didn’t know my identity just now, did you?

The mouth of the heavenly palace, which was staring at me, opened before long.

“Seventh District…”

“Cool, cool! Cool!”

I coughed violently. Everyone’s eyes were focused in this direction.

Please just let it go, please. don’t say more!

Rigon, who was standing next to me, grabbed me.

“What’s wrong, Ran? Are you okay?”

“No, suddenly it’s gone…”

I desperately glanced at the Cnidium and continued to cough.

Then, the Heavenly Palace tilted her head and looked away from me.


The appearance of the heavenly palace disappeared. it was gone

I let out a deep sigh, feeling like I had endured ten years.


After a bout of hardship, I returned to the place where I had parked the wagon.

It was getting closer to sunset, and the sky was tinged with the glow of the setting sun.

It was impossible to keep moving like this, so we decided to camp and go.

“What are people going to do?”

“I’ll ask the lord of Vivalte territory. If you leave early, you’ll arrive around noon tomorrow.”

“Will the lord reap the people obediently?”

“It’s not a lot, and if you explain the circumstances, they’ll collect it.”

Vivalti Territory was an intermediate destination to arrive next.

Yuzu seemed to entrust the rescued people to the lord of that place. It was because he couldn’t even take him to his true nature, where there was still a lot of distance left.

“Don’t worry, get some rest, lady. I’ll take care of the rest.”

Leah, who was staring at the burning campfire with a weary face, sighed.

“I still can’t stop shaking. What the hell was that monster?”

“Maybe it’s a demon.”

“A demon?”

“Yes, because the demons are the only race with such a bizarre appearance and foreign magical power. And they were probably a group that worshiped the demons.”

I just found out.

I listened as I pushed Kaan away from lying down with her head on my leg.

“Then, who was the person who defeated that demon, Yuzu? You were incredibly strong.”

Yuzu said with a serious expression.

“My lady, I think it would be better to tell only the head of the household what happened today.”

“Why? What do you mean by that?”

“I’m not sure, but I think I know what the man really is.”

Yuzu glanced at Rigon.

Rigon nodded and spoke softly.

“Perhaps the 3 Lords are right. I’ve never actually seen one myself, but…”

Leah’s eyes widened in surprise.

Yuzu continued, as if convinced by Rigon’s words.

“The 3 lords of Calderic were chasing demons in the realm of Saintea, and even being caught up in this incident and surviving is a miracle.

Kaan raised her head and intervened.

“Isn’t it because of Rigon? I thought the 3 Lords were looking in the direction where Rigon was.”

It wasn’t Rigon, to be exact, but me.

Leah glanced at me. Why is he bothering me again?

“Rigon is on the side of the 7 Lords. That’s why I just saved him.”

“Well, there’s no way the 3 lords know my face…”

Rigon tilted his head and asked Kaan.

“More than that, Kaan, what the hell was that golden sword from earlier? Were you hiding such a tremendous thing?”

Everyone focused their attention as if they were curious.

Kaan scratched her head and smiled shyly.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know. Suddenly, my body suddenly had strength, and that’s it. After that, I lost all my strength.”

“What? What is that?”

“I really don’t know. Couldn’t the great potential inside me exploded at the moment of crisis?”

I had been thinking about the power of the holy sword Kaan used for a while.

If the hero hadn’t returned to Seongdong, he would have been contacted to see if anything had changed with the holy sword.


I got up from my seat. No one really cared.

It’s because I think that leaving a seat alone is going to do errands in moderation.

Seeing me like that, Yuzu tried to stand up with me.

“I’ll look over the lookout.”

“Oh, that’s fine.”

“It’s because there may still be enemies in the forest. It’s dangerous alone.”

“It’s really good. It’s because it’s big. I’ll be right back.”

Kaan and Rigon giggled. Should I go this far…

Shaking off Yuzu, he left the camp and returned to the depths of the forest.

I stopped at a suitable place and opened my mouth.

“Come out, 3 lords.”

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