I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 162

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Adessa Great Forest (1)

······The chief of staff came to tell the overlord?

Certainly it wasn’t normal.

What’s up with the overlord? At that moment, many thoughts ran through my mind.

Is it the Black Sea Empress? Or are you trying to ask for another favor like when you dealt with the mage tower lord?

– I’m watching, so go ahead, Asher.

I sent a reply, and after a while the answer came back.

– yes. According to the Chief of Staff, the High Overlord has figured out through intelligence that Emperor Seintea’s current movements are unusual.

The story Asher brought up was none of the things I recalled.

The Emperor’s movements are unusual? What are you talking about?

– It is believed that the emperor crossed the southern border and secretly headed for the Great Forest of Adessa.

At the words that followed, I felt my heart freeze for a moment.

Adessa. One of the world’s four great powers.

An alliance of elves and beastmen who rule the great forest in the south of the continent.

Wait… why is the emperor in Adessa now?

The emperor is one of the main villains who play a large role in this world.

A guy with human supremacy ideology was someone who would cause a great disaster one day, and of course I knew that.

But this was too fast.

The emperor heading to the great forest of Adessa to summon ‘it’ is a far future future as usual.

After cooperating with the hero, I didn’t care much about the emperor…

‘Has the future… changed?’

Or simply a preliminary field trip before paying for work? I can not know.

What was certain was that the possibility that the future had changed could not be ignored.

I couldn’t understand

The hero should have come out and warned the emperor, but he could have ignored him and accelerated the time.


But what if some butterfly effect really changed the future?

What if the Emperor is really trying to pull back time and cause that terrible catastrophe right now?

The Great Arboretum of Adessa is likely to perish.

Both Saintea and Adessa will become a mess, and the balance between the powers will be completely destroyed.

The resurrection of the demon king is also coming soon, and from then on, nothing gets out of hand.


Why did this happen when even the hero returned to Seongdong? It was the worst timing.

– So why did the overlord pass that information on to me?

– If possible, it is a suggestion that Ron go to the great forest and directly help the emperor in his pursuit.


I was suspicious of the overlord’s intentions.

– Didn’t you tell me why you made such an offer?

– He said the same thing to all the monarchs he came into contact with. So, the 5th lord had already headed to the Great Forest alone, and the 2nd lord also said that he would move with the chief of staff.

If that was the case, that meant it wasn’t something he asked for by pinning me down.

By the way, did the 2nd and 5th lords accept the offer right away?

I thought I knew why. Because both the 2nd and 5th monarchs were from Adessa.

The family of the 2nd lord, Neuhu, came from Adessa’s elves who left the forest and settled in Calderic a long time ago, and the 5th lord, Gwangrang, came out alone due to a confrontation with his own people.

That’s why the two had a reason to be interested in things related to Adessa. either for good or for bad.

– First of all, Ron replied that he would deliver the news when he returns to the castle.

I narrowed my brows and was lost in thought.

‘······how will we do it.’

The question was what should I do. The trouble was short-lived.

Go to Adessa Forest and check the movement of the emperor.

It was no time to pay attention to the other lords or the chief of staff.

If the emperor really took action, it must be stopped.

‘Carn is the problem.’

But if I head to Adessa right away, I’ll leave Kaan alone…

No matter how urgent something is, the safety of the heir is more important than anything else.

Can not help it. If so, Kaan had no choice but to leave her escort with her while she was away.

I made a decision and replied.

– Asher, I need to bring Tiyong to my place right now.


A few days later, upon receiving the news of Asher’s arrival, I spoke to Kaan, Rigon, and Leah.

“What? You have to go home?”

Kaan asked with a surprised face.

I put on an apologetic look.

“Uh. Originally, I was going to stay here for a few days and then go at an appropriate time. I also have business at home.”

“No… Hey, why didn’t you tell me that earlier?”

Both Kaan and Rigon looked absurd.

It was absurd even when I thought about it, but I couldn’t help it because I had no other excuse.

“I’m really sorry. Anyway, so I have to leave right now.”

“Hey, Ran. What’s wrong with you?”



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Rigon asked anxiously. I nodded.

“What’s up with work? See you at the academy once the leave of absence is over.”

“Wait a minute, then I’ll go with you…”

Caan says something troubling again, but Leah interjects.

“Hey, Kaan. Don’t embarrass people. They say there’s an urgent matter.”

“No, but this is too sudden. Without explaining in detail.”

“It means that there are circumstances that are difficult to explain in detail.

what? It was surprising that she helped.

Leah looked at me and asked.

“How are you going to move? If necessary, I’ll attach a wagon and family members.”

“no it’s okay.”

“Yes, then.”

It might seem strange, but Leah nodded as if she expected that to happen.

Anyway, thanks to you, I went out of the castle after saying goodbye to the children of Eoyoung and Buyoung.

Then, I met Asher, who was waiting in the city square, and moved to a remote place.

“The heir is currently staying at the castle of the Heriwin family. There won’t be anything dangerous in the castle, so stay around and escort her.”

“Okay. Then when are you planning to come back?”

“I don’t know how long it will take. Then I’ll be moving right away. Good job.”

After breaking up with Asher, I went out of town and found the belt she was riding on.


When I found Tiyong, who was hiding in the forest, he waddled toward me, howling with joy.

“Shh, shh. Yes. It’s been a while, you bastard.”

I calmed the agitated guy by stroking his neck.

After a long time, it burned on Tiyong’s back and flew straight into the sky. South of Saintea, towards the Great Forest of Adessa.


From the Bayonter Territory to the southern border of Saintea, even if you go around a bit, one day at full speed was enough.

Arriving at the northern edge of Adessa, I looked down at the vast forest below.

‘There will be no collision at the edge of the forest.’

What governs Adessa is the alliance of elves and beastmen, a combination of numerous tribes.

When they were all put together, it was the size of one gigantic united state unit, like Saintea and Calderic.

However, not all of the edge of the forest was under their control. because it was too wide.

If you go further in here, you will encounter troops guarding the perimeter, but this is still good enough.

······From now on, there was only one thing I had to do.

Somewhere in the north of the forest, I find the emperor who is preparing in advance.

Of course, that was difficult.

In a forest where there were only trees and grass wherever I went, no matter how much I played, I couldn’t remember or pinpoint the location where the emperor was plotting things.

In short, there was nothing different from when he recklessly wandered around the mountains looking for an heir.

“How long will it take…”

Of course, it wasn’t without helpers.

First of all, I decided to go to the place the chief of staff had told me about for the monarchs who would join later.

‘What about Polymorph?’

Before that, I was contemplating whether or not to release Polymorph.

Now I am not the 7th Lord, but a boy. I couldn’t meet them like this.

However, once the polymorph was released, he could not return to Ran’s form.

Once the polymorph is released, you have to use the power of the holy sword again, but the hero was in Seongdong right now.

I thought about wearing a mask, but that doesn’t mean I can completely hide my body shape or hair color.

‘If I had to face the overlord anyway, it would be difficult in many ways.’

It is said that only the chief of staff came here without the overlord, but it was something you didn’t know.

So, I decided to think about the aftermath later and solve the polymorph.


In an instant, the appearance of the original 7 Lords returned.

I turned my head and patted Tiyong’s neck.

“Let’s go, Tiyong.”

A huge river running through the northern part of the Great Forest.

Moving inward along the river will bring you to the lake the Chief of Staff mentioned.

The chief of staff and Neuhu said they would base their investigation there.

Soon after discovering the lake, I spread my super senses wide and looked for them to be around. And found.

I saw the figures of Thunder and Chief of Staff standing side by side in front of the lake, and I immediately landed there.

The chief of staff greeted me with a surprised expression.

“Thank you for coming, Lord 7. But you came really quickly.”

Neuhu, who was standing next to him, had a confused face.

I glanced at her and asked the chief of staff.

“What about the 5 monarchs?”

“It seems that the 5th Lord intends to continue to act separately. He said that he was not moving because of the Overlord’s proposal, so he had no intention of cooperating with us to investigate.”

Then what did you come here to do?

The madness wasn’t important, so I soon turned off my nerves.

“Has the investigation already started? Any progress?”

“We’re going to start now. We’re going to trace the route the emperor may have taken from the capital.”

I felt nervous inside.

Of course he wouldn’t have it any other way, but wouldn’t that take too long?

If the emperor has already started preparing, there is no time for wasting time.

The chief of staff asked if he felt that my expression was disapproving.

“Do you have any other better way?”

I looked at the post-cerebral palsy.

Because the way to find the hidden emperor in the game was to use spirits.

“After the brain, is there a way to remember?”


“Are you really not there?”

“······You just said no. What answer do you want to hear?”

Could post-cerebral palsy use that method?

I had no way of knowing, but I had no choice but to ask.

“I’m asking if there’s any way to borrow the power of the spirits in the forest. I heard that if you’re a powerful spirit magician, there’s a way to borrow the power of the spirits for a while, even if you’re not a contracted spirit.”

He looked at me with a puzzled look.

“It’s possible if you’re prepared to live the hatred of the spirits and press down with force.”

“Yes, there is a way.”

“Are you asking me to use such a barbaric method? In the first place, to find an emperor who doesn’t even know where he is, you have to control all the spirits in an absurdly wide range…”

“Of course, the entire Great Forest is impossible. But isn’t it possible enough if it’s limited to the northern edge of the forest?”

The elf who used that method in the game was also a spirit magician at roughly the same level as Noehu.

Thunder’s gaze changed even more.

I guessed what she was thinking and told the chief of staff.

“Chief of Staff, can you step aside for a moment? I have a story to share with the 2nd Lord.”

“All right.”

The chief of staff quietly left his seat.

The brainstorm immediately spat out a sharp voice.

“Yes. If it were the old me, it would have been possible. Even if someone hadn’t annihilated my precious spirit.”

I nodded.

“I’ll give you the location.”

“······I beg your pardon?”

“The way you can recover your strength, as I said before, is to tell you the location of the Thunder Spirit, which is as powerful as Laxia. Now.”

The thunderbolt’s eyes widened wide.



The beast warriors protecting the forest stood pale and stopped one figure.

Garga, the commander of the warriors, also swallowed saliva with a nervous face and asked the intruder.

“······Gwangrang, why did you come here?”

Gwangrang looked around at the warriors and smiled.

“Get rid of the small rodents, before I kill them all. The Chief has business.”

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