I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 165

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Adessa Great Forest (4)

The wizards were reduced to ashes by the blow of thunderstorm, and the spear was seen blocking the emperor’s way while bleeding. 

Instead, the emperor was still intact. 

The distance got closer, and as soon as he came within range, I made a series of space jumps on top of Tiyong’s back. 

And just before the blood sprayed from close range touches the emperor… 


A black air current rose like a whirlwind and wrapped around the emperor like a barrier. 

‘Damn it…!’ 

Failing to make contact by a short distance, I blocked the shock wave with the antifreeze screen and stepped back. 

This time the attack came from the side. It was a spear attack. 

However, he was hit squarely by the thunderbolt that was fired again and bounced far away. 


The thunderstorm that arrived later descended from the sky and once again slammed a terrifying thunderbolt over the emperor’s head. 

However, the barrier that covered the emperor did not seem to take much damage from Thunder’s attack. 

“What is this…” 

She was speechless as if she was embarrassed that the attack was blocked so casually.

······This seems to be too late. 

The Emperor began to fuse with Fogwig. 

I could only stare at the scene in silence. 

oh oh 

Margie quickly grew into a huge mass. 

A slime-like mass covered in black flame all over the body began to wriggle and move. 

Its size was so huge that it could be called a small mountain. 

I blankly watched the scene and then used blood magic. Drops of blood landed on his body. 

‘······It doesn’t work.’ 

However, instant death did not activate. 

That black mass was not his body, it was just a mass of demonic energy. 

I knew that the emperor’s body was buried in the innermost mass of demonic energy. Because it was like that in the game too. 

“How about Fogwig… the Emperor?” 

muttered the chief of staff. 

He seemed to have realized his true identity. 

“Fogwig? Fogwig? That one?” 

“It seems so. Its appearance perfectly matches the disaster that invaded Adessa during the Great War. Although it seems to be a little smaller…” 

At that time, Changsung, who had been blown away after being hit by the Thunderstorm, walked towards us. 

All in one. All our gazes turned to him in unison. 

“It’s all over. I don’t know how Calderic smelled it, but you can’t stop that.” 

I said out of frustration. 

“You idiots, do you really think this is for humans?”

“Talk about it, 7 Lords. You don’t know anything…” 

“No, I know. That he will devour the World Tree from now on, and that he will advance directly to Ortero after that.” 

Changsung seemed to be at a loss for words, as if he was surprised to find out all of my future plans. 

What the emperor wants is the destruction of all races except humans. 

A world where only humans exist. 

He has an absurd ideal that a world only for humans will be at least as peaceful as it is now. 

You can tell just by looking at the earth. that such a thing is impossible in the first place. 

The Emperor will absorb all the power of the Great Forest through the World Tree, and head towards Olterore, where he will self-destruct at the end. 

It was a plan to completely destroy the two powers, Adessa and Olterore. 

Even if you give your all. After that, the only remaining Calderic will slowly be pushed back by Saintea. 

As long as the hero exists unscathed, the balance of power is perfectly tilted towards Saintea. 

The reason he was trying to leave Calderic alone without attacking was because of humans as well. 

Because the dominant races in Calderic were humans, elves, and beastmen. 

in order not to slaughter them. 

After all, with the passage of time, all races except humans will be weeded out. 

The emperor was such a madman. 

And I know full well that his plan will never work. 

“It’s you guys who don’t know anything. Did you think that reviving Fogwig would be enough to destroy Olteroa?” 

The current leader of the Demon Tribe, the 1st rank of the Origin Horse. 

The most fanatical follower of the Demon King. 

Even during the Great War, the power of Azkel, who was hiding himself under the shadow of the demon king, is beyond imagination. 

No matter how much Fogwigg was, if they were a species that would perish with just that one, the hero would have destroyed them long ago.

“······It is we humans who win. Glory to mankind and Saintea.” 

After saying that last word, Changsung aimed his spear at us without opening his mouth any more. 

However, because of the emperor, he couldn’t avoid the thunderstorm’s attack and was seriously injured from the moment he blocked it from the front. 

The thunderstorm snorted and poured out brain energy like a storm. 

After one blow, another blow, and the third attack, Changseong could no longer block or evade the attack and was charred. 

It was a futile end. I took my eyes off Changsung’s corpse. 

He had hoped that one day Asher would be able to take revenge on him himself, but now was not the time to care. 

“Chief of staff.” 



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“Yes, Seven Lords.” 

“We have to stop that. There’s no disagreement, right? If Adessa collapses and the balance breaks, everything will be messed up.”

The chief of staff was silent, then nodded. 

“I guess that’s what it should be.” 

“Can’t we go and call the overlord now?” 

If it was the chief of staff, he could move directly to the overlord’s castle with an ultra-long-distance teleport and report the situation to the overlord. 

But he shook his head. 

“The Overlord is currently away.” 

······Even the overlord? Nothing happens. 

An overlord or a hero would have been enough to stop it. 

Of course, I also had no way to contact the hero. 

Can this monster be stopped with just this power? 

I looked at Fogwig, who was moving far away before I knew it. 

“For now, follow me.”

We got back on the wyvern and chased Fogwig. 

At the top of it, there was a part that emits a dark purple light with a faint purple aura mixed in, and I pointed to it and said. 

“That’s probably the weakness. The emperor’s body is probably buried there.” 

“How do you know that?” 

“I’m sensitive to energy. I can definitely feel where it is.” 

Of course, it was only a fact that I knew because it was in the game. 

I was the one who knew the emperor’s plan from the beginning, so after the thunder seemed to believe my words obediently. 

“Second Lord, if you pierce the lump to reveal even a little bit of the Emperor’s true body, I can definitely end his breath. Is that possible?” 

After the thunder silently glared at the dark purple area, and then summoned the spirit again. 

With a thunderclap, a huge bird figure appeared above her head. This time it was a complete summoning.

“I will help.” 

The chief of staff also created magic. 

To be honest, the level of the chief of staff didn’t seem to help much, but it would be better than nothing. 


Incomparable to previous attacks, fearsome brain energy gathered and formed a huge sphere. 

Before Thunder’s attack fell, the Chief of Staff first fired a red magic cannon. 

The magic cannon hit the dark purple part properly, but it didn’t seem to hit at all. 


Next, a flash of light covered all sides, and a huge thunderbolt created by the thunderbolt struck down.

I stared at it with my eyes wide open. 

At first glance, it seemed that the attack had succeeded in the destructive power of the thunderbolt, which destroyed even a whole area of ​​bushes in an instant.

The dark purple area was hollowed out, and even Fogwig’s movements stopped for a moment. 


However, the damaged area immediately regenerated in the blink of an eye. 

Looking at Fogwig, who started to move casually again, even after a thunderstorm let out a small sigh. 

“It doesn’t work. It’s ridiculous defense and regeneration.” 

Does the after-thunder attack stop at just that much? 

If that was the case, the power here alone was not the answer. 

The chief of staff looked at me expectantly, but I had no choice but to avert his gaze. 

don’t look at me like that 

There’s nothing I can do unless the Emperor’s true identity is revealed. 

“He’s accelerating.”

said the chief of staff. 

Just as he said, Fogwig’s speed was accelerating, not befitting his size. 

If he gets to the place where the world tree is, then it’s over. 

“I’m sure we’ll need more power.” 

“Yes. I’ll have to tell the situation to the elves and beastmen in Adessa.” 

In the first place, they were the ones who were most inflamed, so they should be able to get cooperation right away. 

“Then I will go to the elven warchief.” 

said the post-cerebral palsy. 

As far as I know her family maintains good relations with the elves of Adessa, so there shouldn’t be any problems. 

I nodded and said. 

“Okay. My chief of staff and I will go find the beast warchief.”

We split up and headed for the Great Forest to the east and the Great Forest to the west. 


During the change of day and night, they moved without rest. 

After entering the boundary of the beast tribes, we moved at a high altitude. 

It was because the beastmen who found us on the ground were able to launch an attack. 

“We’re almost there.” 

And after entering the territory of the Gonak tribe, in the middle of the land of beasts, he gradually lowered his altitude. 

Visiting in this way could have been tantamount to an invasion from their point of view, but there was no time to leisurely accept permission and step in. 


As expected, an enthusiastic reception awaited them below.

It was because the beasts were already gathered and watching us. 

Although the attack did not fly. 

“Let’s go down from here. Let’s go down, Tiyong.” 

I tapped Tiyong on the neck. 

On the ground, in the middle of the encampment of the beast tribe warriors, the chief of staff and I landed. 

In the midst of hostility pouring out from all sides, a prisoner came out and shouted. 

“Calderic’s chief of staff, and the new Seven Lords. Do you know what you’re doing?” 

The prisoners seemed to have guessed and figured out who I was. 

It’s not like they don’t know what’s going on outside. The chief of staff stepped forward before me and said. 

“I’m sorry to have to commit this rudeness, but I couldn’t help it because the circumstances were not favorable.” 

“What do you mean?”

“They say the existence of Adessa is very dangerous. We’re here to help you. We don’t have time to stay like this, so please guide the warchief first.” 

There was an uproar among the prisoners. The chief of staff spoke again. 

“I would have said there was no time for this.” 

“Please explain in detail. There is no reason for us to blindly follow your words…” 

I interjected and said in a cold voice. 

“You don’t understand the language. It’s not a matter for you and the like to judge, so isn’t it to guide you to the warchief? Or call me to this position.” 


As a result, the prisoners were talking among themselves, some of them left, and the rest continued to confront each other. 

After a while, a series of groups appeared. 

I checked the level of the huge beastman standing in the middle of them.

【Lv. 96] 

Adessa’s Beast Warchief, Udakvat. 

Even if it wasn’t, it was already coming to the seat, so it showed up right away. 

“Adessa’s existence is in danger, what do you mean? Explain.” 

As he approached, he immediately got to the point. I replied, thinking that I have a very cool personality. 

“It’s literally. Didn’t the Five Lords visit you by any chance?” 

“Yeah. I thought Emperor Seintea was plotting something sinister in the Great Forest.”

I nodded. 

“It must be fast. That concern has become a reality.” 

“What is the emperor doing?” 

“He resurrected Fogwig. The monster that almost destroyed the Great Forest during the Great War.” 

The warchief’s eyes widened, and the other prisoners looked shocked. 

Then another voice interrupted. 

“What bullshit is that? Seven Lords. Pogwigg?” 

I turned my gaze to the owner of the voice. 

Madness was approaching this way with a grimly distorted face.

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