I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 166

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Adessa Great Forest (5)

Gwang-rang’s voice went beyond just unpleasant feelings, and even hinted at murderous intent. 

I knew that living was not for me, so I didn’t have to sharpen my blade together. I spoke calmly. 

“The Emperor has resurrected Fogwig in the north of the Great Grove. And it’s approaching in the direction of the World Tree. It looks more like a fusion than a resurrection.” 

“So, what do you mean by that? How the hell did the Emperor resurrect Fogwig?” 

“Do you understand me? Anyway, it is still approaching in the direction of the world tree. It seems certain that the world tree is the target, but the speed is gradually accelerating, so it is unknown how quickly it will reach the world tree. That can explain the current situation. All.” 

The madman gnashed his teeth. I moved my gaze to the warchief and said. 

“I don’t think there’s any need for further explanation, warchief. We have to stop him. Gather all your forces right now.” 

The warchief, who was silent for a moment, finally opened his mouth. 

“All quiet.” 

The beastmen, who were agitated by that word, became quiet for an instant. The warchief fixed his torn pupils on me. 

“I understand what you mean. But how can we trust you?”


“The Fifth Lords come to us and say that the Emperor of Saintea is plotting, and right after that, you guys come and say that now the Emperor will destroy Adessa. But how can I not feel suspicious.” 

yea that would be it From the warchief’s point of view, this situation was confusing and suspicious enough. 

It was a situation where the Lords of Calderic suddenly came one after another, and the emperor who had suddenly resurrected Fogwig was saying that the great forest would be destroyed. 

“You want to say that this is something we made up?” 

“Even if it’s not, there might be a ulterior motive to take advantage of this situation. Since when did Calderic and Adessa become such close allies? Why are they so actively trying to help?” 

I clicked my tongue. 

“Don’t ask, warchief. If Adessa collapses, you won’t know what will happen to the continent’s power structure. This is not just your problem.”

The warchief narrowed his eyes. 

“Yes, that’s true. But I still lack grounds to trust you.” 

Oh, this kid is real. 

I know it’s an issue that I have no choice but to be careful from the point of view of the warchief, but I couldn’t help but be angry when Chinese poetry kept coming out like that in an urgent situation. 

“Hey, Warchief. Don’t spin the story round and round. So what are you going to do? If we head north right now, we’ll soon see that what we’re saying is true. Fogwig is approaching the World Tree.” 


“You have only two options. Either make us enemies right now and use our lost strength to stop Fogwig, or trust us and cooperate to stop Fogwig. Oh, three. If it’s just that you don’t want to interfere anymore, I’ll leave right away. You guys are the ones who are on fire anyway, so while you guys buy time, we’ll just have to find a way to do it more leisurely.” 

After I finished speaking, I just stood still and glared at the overlord.

My frustration and sincerity must have been conveyed, but soon the warchief relaxed his expression. 

“Okay. It looks like there’s only one option right now. Seven Lords, first of all, thank you for giving me important information. Would you like to help Adessa?” 

I nodded. 

“Now we can talk.” 

went straight to the point. 

Currently, it is not known exactly how far Fogwig has traveled from the place where he was resurrected to the World Tree. 

It was because I didn’t know how fast he could have been. 

The warchief listened to my explanation and immediately decided how to organize the force to stop Fogwig. 

If time is running out, there is no time to move large numbers of troops. 

And quantity was meaningless in dealing with him anyway. 

Even if they rushed in, the weak would be swept away like dust. All it takes is a single force as powerful as a thunderstorm. 

It was the destructive power to pierce that ridiculously tough lump by gathering strength.

“I’ll have to hurry up and send a call to the other tribes and the elven warchief.” 

“The 2nd Lord has already headed for the Elves, so there’s no need for that.” 

“Is that so? There must have been a second monarch.” 

“Yes. You will only have to tell the other beast tribes. And when the story is over, you said you will move to Fogwig, so you can move here as well.” 

The number of people scheduled to move like that was me, the chief of staff, the war chief, the chief of staff, the chief of staff, several elders, and a madman. 

“Geuk, that’s really absurd. Does that damn thing happen like this? I should have taken the insidious emperor’s throat a long time ago.” 

Gwang-rang, who was laughing, asked the chief of staff. 

“Isn’t the overlord coming?” 

“Because the overlord is away…” 

“The timing is staggering. Hey, Chief of Staff. Did the High Overlord really not know the Emperor would do this? Did he even know that something was up?”

“What do you mean?” 

Gwang-rang and the chief of staff met eyes without speaking for a moment. 

“What do you mean, our overlord is always gullible?” 

Gwang-rang smiled and looked away first. Then, this time she sarcastically addressed the warchief, she said. 

“Udakvat, do you not intend to sacrifice yourself as warchief this time to the World Tree? Just like Igrel did.” 

The warchief answered without blinking an eye. 

“If that’s the best way, you can.” 

“If it’s just words, who can’t, disgusting hypocrites.” 

“Ignel! Shut up!” 

One of the elders shouted impatiently. 

At that, Gwang-Rang pretended to pick up his ears.

“Ignel, do it in moderation. You don’t know what the state of the World Tree is like. Even if you don’t, the power was amplified unreasonably at that time, so if you use that method, the core will be completely destroyed.” 

At the warchief’s words, Gwang Rang sneered and said. 

“Before that, your capabilities are not enough in the first place. If you are absorbed by the World Tree, will even half of Igrel’s power be of assistance?” 

“That’s also true. Igrel was the strongest warrior.” 

Looking at the warchief dealing with madness, I thought he was very patient. 

Is it because the situation is urgent? When the warchief reacted blandly, Gwangrang stopped being more sarcastic. 

‘Anyway, was the world tree in that state?’ 



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As I listened to them, I roughly grasped the circumstances of Adessa. 

Absorbing the power of Igrel’s brother, Igrel, seems to have accompanied a considerable burden on the core of the World Tree. 

In other words, it didn’t seem like a method that could be used again in the current situation.


What the beastmen soon brought was a huge bird that looked like a hawk. 

Hawk D. It was a monster that lived in the Great Forest of Adessa and was tamed by them and used as a means of transportation. 

oh oh! Tiyong roared as the HawkDs approached. 

The frightened Hokdi flapped their wings and made a fuss. 

“Hey, don’t play around.” 

Knowing that he was being mean for nothing, I slapped him on the neck. 

After all the preparations, we started moving right away. 


Hokdi was also fast, but he was worse than Wyvern, so he had no choice but to adjust his speed to them. 

That’s how Fogwig moved along the route he was going for quite a while. however······.

“······oh my god.” 

The beastmen looked at the horrors unfolding below, and burst into sighs with shocked faces. 

Underneath the traces of something huge being swept away, a black, sticky aura that gnawed all over the bushes around it. 

It was a heterogeneous and grotesque sight that was not enough to be simply described as ruins. 

I couldn’t help but harden my expression when I saw it. 

‘Have you already moved this far?’ 

The scene we are now seeing is the traces of Fogwig’s path. 

It meant he had already passed this place. 

“Warchief, how far is it from here to the World Tree?”

The warchief answered my question. 

“It doesn’t take half a day at the speed we flew.” 

It’s close… 

When the chief of staff and I started to set off, Fogwig’s speed was by no means this high. 

But it seems to have continued to accelerate while moving with its size. 

There was no further conversation. 

As if the prisoners fully realized the seriousness of the situation, they took the lead and moved along the black road. 

And, it wasn’t long before we were able to face him. 

“Looks like you’ve gotten bigger.” 

The Chief of Staff said, looking at the huge black mass that began to appear in the distance. 

It seemed to be not moving now, but it stood still in place.

I looked back at the prisoners. The impression of the madman was ferociously hardened. The same was true of the warchief and other prisoners. 

For them, Fogwig almost destroyed their hometown. 

And for Gwang-Rang, the existence that took away even his brother’s life. It was a natural reaction. 

“Looks like the elves haven’t arrived yet. Shall we hit them first?” 

“Yeah. Looks like there’s no time to wait.” 

I nodded and spoke to the warchief. 

“At the top of Fogwig, there is a dark purple part. Inside, the body of the emperor is buried.” 

“Is that a weakness?” 

“Yes. If you kill the main body, that huge disaster will disappear without a trace.” 

The beastmen prepared for battle. No action was needed right away. 

By concentrating the attack on one point, the Emperor’s body is revealed. 

“Do you know how it attacks?”

You answered the warchief’s question. 

“When we attacked, there was no special counterattack. How was the Fogwig you guys dealt with in the past?” 

“They separated the body and shot it in all directions. For now, you have to be vigilant about that much…”

“What are they still chattering about? Just kill them!” 

Gwang Rang, who drew the greatsword on his back and moved forward, jumped straight at Fogwig. 


A frenzied sword clad in blood-red blades struck Fogwig down. 

I aimed exactly at the weak point, but there was no damage. 

Gwang Rang frowned and pulled out the blade, which was only slightly stuck at the tip. 

Other prisoners, including the warchief, followed suit and joined them. 

They confirmed that there was no reaction from Fogwig even in the frenzy’s attack, and landed on his body like a frenzy.

“If it reacts to do something, you must leave immediately! For now, beware of the attack that separates the body and launches it!” 

It seemed that everyone would hit their weak points at once. Me and the chief of staff looked down at the scene, still on top of the wyvern. 

I couldn’t do much in the attack, so I thought to help the defense if someone was in danger. 


With a tearing explosion, the beastmen’s attacks hit Fogwig’s weak point at once. 

Then, this time, there must have been a slight blow, and Fogwig’s weak point was dented. 

Even more than when the aftermath struck. 

“Chief, attack again…!” 

But then something reacted from Fogwig. 

When the mass reacted uncharacteristically, I immediately shouted.


“Everyone back down!” 

At the same time, the chieftain also shouted. 

The very next moment when everyone jumped into the air, the surface of the mass that had been shaking violently exploded, shooting fragments in all directions.

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