I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 167

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Adessa Great Forest (6)

Fragments of Fogwig rained down like cannonballs. Prisoners and fragments mixed in the air. 

Then the warchief swung his weapon. 

His weapon was shaped like a sword of the moon, and his huge sword sword cut more than half of the fragments that attacked the beastmen. 

The beastmen who were swept away by the remaining fragments defended themselves by swinging their respective weapons. 


I did a space leap. 

Unluckily, he approached the beast in danger of being hit directly by a huge mass of debris and blocked it with a floating screen. 

“Thank you!” 

The prisoner who came back after going to the threshold of death shouted that with a face that he was alive and fell to the ground. 

I immediately returned to Tiyong’s back and stepped away from Fogwig at a distance. 

There was a lull for a while, and the beastmen who landed on the ground checked that there were no injuries. 

No one appeared to be seriously injured. 

‘It’s played again.’ 

I turned my attention to Fogwig’s weakness. As expected, the damaged area was quickly restored. 

“Tch. That monster bastard, did you have this ability before?”

I saw the madness brushing away the black flames that had spread to its arms. 

Fogwig’s body was covered with black haze again, just like the first time he saw it, but judging from the energy he could feel, if he touched it, it would take a lot of damage unless it was a monarch class. 

All of the beastmen here now are the best, level 80 or higher, but is this still not enough? 

It was not easy to get on or get close to him until he was in such a state of haze. 


At that moment, Mad Rang exploded his fighting spirit, and once again single-handedly lunged at Fogwig. 

She swung her sword like a maniac, not caring whether or not the haze had transferred to her body. 

Fogwig’s black energy mixed with the frenzied red energy, and a dark red light flashed loudly. 

On the way, Fogwig broke the surface again, sending fragments flying, but he did not stop the offensive after slashing them all with his sword or bursting them with a headbutt.

Gwangrang did not easily succumb to Fogwig’s counterattack, but the opposite was true. 

Despite an attack that might have taken down a mountain, Fogwig was unmoved. 

‘It’s just a useless waste of energy.’ 

You’ll never be able to break through that on your own anyway. 

In the end, he must have realized that it was of no use, so Gwang-rang stopped his attacks. 

Having landed on the ground, Gwang-Rang nervously inserted his sword into the ground and sat down to catch his breath. 

The warchief looked at it and said to the prisoners. 

“Anyway, it seems difficult with only this power. We will conserve our strength and try to cooperate again when the elves arrive.” 

It seemed like the wisest choice in the current situation. 

In terms of pure destructive power, the power of spirits handled by elves is probably stronger.

So, when the elven warchief and thunderstorm are all gathered, all you have to do is pour in another attack. 

‘······As I said, you came.’ 

I felt a series of signs and raised my head. 

Soon, the dots that appeared from the other side of the sky were approaching at an unusual speed. 

The thunderstorm and the elven tribe had arrived. 

‘Is it the power of the wind spirit?’ 


The elves riding the Hokdi raised a strong wind and descended to the ground. 

With their level, they could immediately recognize who the elven warchief was. 

Adessa’s elven warchief, Shandra. 

Harvesting the energy of the spirits around her, she drew closer to the beast warchief.

“I heard the story from the 2nd Lord of Calderic. I brought the elites who can move right away.” 

“Thank you.” 

“Is that Fogwig?” 

The elven warchief looked at Fogwig with a serious expression. 

All the other elves looked tired as well. 

A thunderstorm standing near the elven warchief came up to me and asked. 

“It’s late this way. How’s the situation?” 

I shook my head. 

“I’ve already attacked once, but it was useless. We have to combine the strength of the elves.” 

There was no time to talk. 

After briefly sharing information with the beast warchief, the elven warchief immediately prepared for battle with the elves.

“There’s no point in leaving enough energy to recover quickly even if you get hit. You’ll have to use your full power in one attack.” 

“All right.” 

The operation was simple. 

This time, the elves pour in their attacks first, and then the beasts attack in tandem. 

With this level of power, there were plenty of possibilities. 


The Warchief summoned the Great Spirit of Wind. A goddess-like figure with her eyes closed rose above her head. 

Then, a gust of wind blew up around them, and the elves and beastmen rose into the sky. 

around Fogwig. After that, the elves summoned the spirits all at once. 

Fire spirits, water spirits, thunder spirits, wind spirits, and other spirits embroidered all kinds of shapes in the air above Fogwig.

The elven warchief created a huge whirlwind in the form of a lance, and the thunderbolt created a thunderball that compressed brain energy to the limit as before. 



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It seemed that he was going to compete in one match this time, and as the beast warchief said, he did not spare his strength and raised his power. 


And the bombardment poured in at one point. 

For an instant, a flash of light that would have blinded an ordinary person covered the forest. width

Flames explode, storms rage, brains flash. 

I watched the scene with concentration. 

Compared to previous attacks, Fogwig’s weakness was dented. 


The roar of the beastmen echoed through the deafening explosion. 

They fell into the hollow as soon as the elves’ attack ended. 

As soon as it weakens, the moment it hits the weakened body once more…


Fogwig began to mend his wounds at a much faster rate than before. 

The beastmen who were widening the cracks in the weak points dug in it were in danger of being buried by the masses covering them from all sides. 


More than half of the prisoners managed to escape, but some could not. 

The Elven Warchief pulled those who couldn’t escape from the pit with the power of the Wind High Spirit. 

However, some did not escape and were eaten by Fogwig. 

Including the Warchief. The prisoners who escaped looked at Fogwig wriggling with devastated faces. 



At that moment, a part of Fogwig’s body exploded, and the beast warchief escaped.

In his hand was another prisoner who could not escape. 


The beastman warchief looked back at Fogwig with devastated eyes. 

Even with everyone working together, he finally endured. 

The huge wounds that had been inflicted for a moment had been covered with another lump and were disappearing without a trace. 


At that moment, Fogwig had another reaction. 

The ground shook so violently that it began to move again. 

Its speed was so fast that beasts and elves in its path could not escape and were swept away. 


The elven warchief and thunderstorm launched their attacks at the same time. 

Thunderbolts and blizzards hit Fogwig’s body wide, but it only had the effect of slowing him down a bit.

“Don’t miss it! We have to stop him from heading to the World Tree!” 

Everyone hurriedly moved without a chance to recover properly. 

In the meantime, I was the first to pass Fogwig on Tiyong, who was just watching. 

“Tiyong, avoid it.” 

I jumped off his back and opened the floating screen as wide as possible in the air in front of Fogwig. 

There was no doubt that he might be swallowed intact, but fortunately Fogwig was blocked by the curtain and stopped moving. 

However, how strong the physical force he was trying to push was, and the shock transmitted to the curtain was unusual. 

‘I can’t last long.’ 

It wasn’t to the point of being smashed, but if you keep doing this, I’ll choke to death.

Fortunately, as the elves and beasts that followed poured in their attacks, it stopped moving again. 

“······I don’t know what to say.” 

Everyone stared at Fogwig with tired faces. 

I blocked it for the time being, but if it started moving again, I couldn’t guarantee that I would be able to stop it continuously. 

However, even the best effort will not work. It was a situation with no answer. 

With no time to eat properly, rest, or sleep, the fierce battle continued for three days and nights. 

It was a repeat of Fogwig trying to keep going, and we just barely blocked it. 

In the meantime, personnel from other tribes arrived and supplemented the power, but it did not mean much. 

“There’s not much distance left now. At this rate, he’ll reach the World Tree at least sometime tomorrow.”

The situation was hopeless. 

Everyone was exhausted, but still couldn’t find a way to stop Fogwig. 

“······Do you have any ideas? Warchief Shandra?” 

“No. It’s impossible to amplify the power of the World Tree like back then…” 

The morale went out as soon as it went out, so no one could open their mouth. 

It was because he had no choice but to realize after fighting for several days that neither his courage nor his fighting spirit at the risk of his life were meaningless in the face of his overwhelming power. 

At that time, Gwang-rang, who was looking up at the sky with blank eyes somewhere, let out a laugh. 

All eyes were focused on her. 

“Why is it so dead. Wasn’t it a forest that would have been destroyed during the Great War anyway? 


“It seems like you can’t stop that monster no matter what you do, so let’s just accept it. They’re the proud warriors of the Great Forest, right? Everyone here fight to the end and die.”

Yes, if it’s the last anyway… 

After muttering that, the madman turned around and headed somewhere. She was the direction in which the World Tree was located. 

“Ignel! Where are you going!” 

“Chief! He’s trying to move again!” 

Then Fogwig vibrated. 

Without a moment to care about the disappeared Ignel, everyone poured in their attacks to stop him again. 

‘······What are you trying to do?’ 

Having a foreboding feeling for some reason, I did not join the attack and pursued the disappearing maniac. 


“Frenzy! Why are you here…!” 

“go away.” 

Madman clenched his fists. 

The warriors guarding the entrance to the World Tree fainted from a light bounce of her fist. 

After defeating all the warriors and entering the World Tree, the madness headed for the deepest root. 

To see the core of the World Tree there. 

“······ Ygrel.” 

Gwangrang, Ignel had a brother. 

She didn’t believe in any legends or superstitions passed down in her tribe, but she did believe in one. 

It was because it was impossible not to believe in the existence of the soul of the fighting god even with his brother Igrel. 

That’s how strong Igrel was. He was the strongest warrior in the great forest.

By the time he reached the age to celebrate his coming-of-age ceremony, he had already surpassed the warchief, Udakbat, and no one denied or opposed the fact that he would become the next warchief of the beast tribe. 

Ever since we were little, we used to fight and fight until we got tired of each other, either jokingly or sincerely. 

However, Ignel had never defeated Igrel. 

To Ignel, Igrel was the only blood relative, brother, idol, and goal in the world. 

Ignell stopped in front of an orange gem covered in tree trunks. 

Standing blankly, looking at the core of the World Tree, I reached out my hand. 

“Let’s finish everything. You, me, and this forest too.” 

If you can’t stop that monster from swallowing the World Tree anyway. 

Before that, I’d rather break with my own hands the soul of my brother trapped inside this damn stone. 

Ignel grinned as he clutched the core in his hand.

“······I made a promise. Even if you become the warchief, the greatest warrior in the great forest will one day be me.” 

In the end, the promise was not kept because Igrel was unable to surpass him even before he died. 

After coming out of the Great Forest, he traveled around the continent and fought against countless people. 

Among them, there were some insignificant ones, some strong enough to make the blood boil, and even a monster stronger than Igrel. 

The world outside the forest was wide. But even so, the thirst was not satisfied. 

No matter how strong the enemy was, even the overlord of Calderic was unable to satisfy that thirst. 

The joy and excitement were short-lived, but once the battle was over, there was always an emptiness in one side of his heart. 

“If there is a world after death, let’s meet again and fight, Ygrel.” 

Ignel energized the hand holding the core.

A momentary hesitation flashed in her eyes, but only for a moment. 


It was the moment right before the core of the World Tree was shattered. 

“Stop it, madness.” 

Ignel turned his head. 

The Seven Lords were walking through the entrance of the root.

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