I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 169

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madness ignel

“Ignell, why are you fighting to die like this today?”

 Igrel sighed and said to Ignel. 

Unlike her, who looked like a mess from how many times she rolled on the floor, Igrel didn’t look like she was sweating much. 

Ignell glared at him with a grumpy face, then jumped up and attacked him.

Igrell, who lightly avoided the flying fist, grabbed her by the back of the back and slammed her to the ground again. 

“Your intention is still obvious, so your attacks. 


“Let’s stop now. Mr. Vick has been hunting red horned buffalo for the first time in a while, right? If he goes late, there won’t be any tasty parts left.” 

The moment Igrel released his hand from his shoulder, Ignel stood up and grabbed my hair. 

The two of them tangled on the floor for a while. 

“This is real!” 

Igrel kicked her down as she persisted in holding her hair and not letting go. 

Igrel, who struggled to get up, didn’t get tired of it and tried to attack again, but burst into laughter when she saw Igrel’s scattered hair. 

“Look at me! Puhahaha!”

“…Is it fun?” 

Igrel brushed her hair and looked at her pathetically. 

Then, at Ignell’s cool laugh, we all laughed together. 

“Ah, damn it. My whole body hurts from laughing. I was beaten so badly.” 

Ignell was exhausted and lay down on the floor. Igrel sat down beside him. 

“With this, 305 wins out of 305. You lose 305 out of 305. When are you going to win once?” 

“Noisy. You were born with the soul of a fighting god, so you’re so strong.” 

“When did you say you don’t believe in such superstitions?” 

Ignell looked up at the sky blankly for a moment before asking. 

“Hey, Igrel. What did you hear when you were called by the chief yesterday?” 

“That’s because I haven’t heard anything.” 

“You can fool other people, but I will never fool you. What do you think of your brother?”

At Ignel’s staring eyes, Igrel smiled and replied as if he couldn’t win. 

“Ah, yes. Got it. You guessed it anyway, didn’t you? You said you’d almost made up your mind to hand over the position of the next warchief to me.” 


“That’s a bland response. They say the brother might become the head of all the beasts in the Great Forest.” 

Even after saying that, Igrel didn’t know why she was reacting that way. 

Ever since he was little, Ignell had a stronger competitive spirit than anyone else in the tribe. 

Since he was right next to him as a brother, even if he hadn’t said it, there was no way she wouldn’t be interested in the position of warchief. 

The warchief was a position reserved for the strongest warrior among all the beastmen in the great forest. 

Ignel snorted. 

“Don’t be conceited, Ygrel.”


“Warchief? I’m not really interested in such a position. Even if you become the warchief, I will one day become the strongest warrior in the Great Forest.” 

Igrel let out a faint exclamation, huh. 

“Is that possible? I’m not just playing around while you get stronger.” 

“Of course. Shall I promise you? When I become the greatest warrior in the Great Forest someday, from then on I will be your sister. Don’t be arrogant and be respectful.” 

Igrel made an absurd expression. 

If I had to point out their senior relationship, Igrel was born a few minutes earlier than Ignel. 

Of course, Ignell had never treated him like a brother. 

“What are you going to do if you can’t keep your promise?” 

“Huh? Nothing like that. The deadline is until I die.” 

“Anyway, it’s arbitrary.” 

Igrel clicked his tongue, but eventually nodded.

“Okay. I promise. I will be the warchief, and Ignel you will be the greatest warrior in the Great Forest someday.” 

The two brothers met eyes and smiled. 


bang! Quaang! 

An explosion that resonates every time an attack is blocked. 

I took a step back, blocking or parrying the frenzied fist that flew without rest. 

If it had been my original body instead of Igrel’s, even the bones would have been pulverized into powder. 

‘This bastard, didn’t his eyes go round?’ 

The madness drove me like a monster going mad. 

Originally, Igrel’s power would have easily subdued him, but he couldn’t.

It was because the duration of the mystery was almost over, and the blow that defeated Fogwig earlier had drained his body considerably. 

······What puzzled me more than anything else was my state of mind right now. 

There was no reason to deal with Gwang-rang naked. 

Just like before, you can avoid it by leaping into space or block it with a floating screen. 

But why am I doing this? 

The emotions I feel now are excitement and elation rather than embarrassment or perplexity. 

Every time I blocked my fist, the shock that echoed through my body was exhilarating. 

I didn’t want to just block it like this, I wanted to strike back right away and hit the madman in the face. 

And I realized right away. It’s Igrel, not me. 



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That Igrel’s soul, now assimilated into my consciousness, wants to fight her one last time before it completely disappears. 

“Ignel, what are you doing!”

At that moment, the attack of madness stopped for a moment. 

It was because the other beastmen, including the warchief, had stepped forward to block the luminous madness. 

“Get out of here, you old people! Don’t disturb me!” 

I watched the scene and opened my mouth. 

“It’s okay, everyone get out of the way. Don’t stop her.” 

The beastmen who looked at me made absurd faces. 

After a hard battle, you’ll want to know what kind of fuss this is. 

However, the warchief seemed to have read the atmosphere between the madman and me and meekly backed off. 

“Everyone get out of the way.” 

So, all the intruders disappeared. 

I waved my hand at Gwang-rang, who was breathing heavily as if he would rush at me again at any moment.

“Wherever you want to jump on it.” 

Thanks to Ygrel’s lending of his power, he was able to defeat Fogwig. 

If this is his last wish, I should listen. 

At my words, the crotch was ripped apart, and the laughing mania rushed out. 

“It should come out like that!” 


In an instant, the maniac reached right in front of his nose, extending his fist. 

I also hit him with my fist. 

A heavy shock ran through his arm. 

Gwang Rang bent his arms and dug inward one more step. 

Opposite hand flying from the side at the same time. It’s not a fist, but an open fist. 

The hand that was blatantly trying to grab the shoulder blade lifted the elbow and struck it off. 

After all of the attacks with both hands were blocked, a headbutt flew in, and I threw myself backwards and kicked my knees. 

Blood splashing in the air. 

Gwang-rang, who had just barely brushed the tip of his chin, stepped back and shook his head. 

It was a battle that took place in the blink of an eye. 

Gwang-rang, who licked the blood from his chin, attacked again. 

Front this time. But the movements were more varied. 

As if giving a fake, the path the hands and feet moved in the middle of the attack was messy and messed up the eyes. 

A body that far transcended its limits easily violated the universal laws of physics. 

Even one punch that seems simple at first glance contains a lot of tricks. 

The battle continued, and I could feel it while fighting through Igrel’s sight. 


Their fists crossed and slapped each other in the face. 

Me and Gwangrang’s heads turned around, and then we faced each other again. 

I chased the madness attack with my eyes and boldly counterattacked. 

After blocking, spilling, and deliberately allowing a blow, he countered with a bigger attack. 

A low kick to the calf. He immediately counterattacked with the opposite foot. 

Then, a fist aimed at the chest. He thrust his fist into her abdomen and returned it. 


I couldn’t tell if I was breathing in vain or if I was laughing. 

The madness that was about to accelerate and crash into it once again, I pulled my foot back and held on with my center fixed. 

And he threw it up and threw it away. 

She broke a few trees in her flight path before crashing into a rock and barely stopping. 

“Ha! Hehe!” 

This time it was an obvious laugh. 

With a roar of madness, he climbed up from the piles of stones that had collapsed on his body. 

I spit out the blood in my mouth and turned my stiff head. 

Although the level of physical ability is similar because I was exhausted, Igrel’s combat sense and all other aspects were basically far superior to Madness. 

That’s why I had the upper hand. 

But that wasn’t the point. 

Because it wasn’t a fight to win. 

’30 seconds.’

Now the remaining holding time is about 30 seconds. Will it be enough? 

The excitement of battle quickly dissipated those thoughts. 

Neither me nor the madman did anything to back down or distance themselves. 

As if we were fighting with cliffs on all sides, our battles took place only at close range, within reach of our arms. 

A pure body-to-body battle without any weapons, magic, or superpowers. 

Of course, I didn’t use any of the mysteries I had. 

At some point during the fight, the image of a madman overlapped with other forms in a blur. 

I realized that it was the madness of my younger days. 

It is Ygrel’s memory. 

The fist that flew into the face changed its path on the way. 

I grabbed the maniac’s hand, which was trying to grab her by the collar, and muttered as I kicked her in the abdomen again.

“Because the intention is obvious.” 

The madman giggled and shouted. 

“Then this! What is it!”

Gwang-rang lowered his stance and aimed at the bottom as if tackling him. 

I grabbed his forehead and tried to stop him, but suddenly Gwang-rang raised his head, opened his mouth wide and bit his wrist. 

I swung my arm around her wrist and threw her to the ground on the other side. 


A groan stuck in the shattered ground let out a groan. 

And then he stumbled and got himself up. 

It was an indefatigable stamina. 

‘Ten seconds.’ 

That’s all there is left to do now. 

After that, the power of Igrel in my body will dissipate neatly along with his soul. 

I pulled up all my last remaining strength. 

Bloody magic was wrapped around his body. 

Gwang-rang, who had been standing there, also lifted up his energy by raising the corners of his mouth. 

As if he had an intuition that this was the last time, he took a stance and slowly thrust out his fist.

“Come with all your might. It doesn’t matter if you die.” 

Then, me and the madman jumped in at the same time. 

Their fists met, and their forces collided. 

And a huge explosion covered the area. 


My vision returned to normal, and I retracted my fist. 

With the final blow, there was no strength in the body that had returned to its original state. 

Igrel’s soul was completely annihilated with this. 

Feeling exhausted, as if I would collapse at any moment, I looked at the madness that had bounced off to the other side. 

At the last moment, I had no choice but to open the floating curtain to protect myself. 

I really attacked with the thought that it wouldn’t matter if Gwang-Rang died. 

However, it was because Ygrel withdrew his power just before my power drove away the power of madness and swept away her as well. 

The forest was silent. 

Even the beastmen and elves who watched the battle from a distance did not open their mouths.

I approached the fallen maniac and checked his condition. 

After a while, Gwang-rang opened his narrowed eyes and looked up at me. 

“······You are the Seven Lords.” 

Confirming that she was alive, I sat down next to her without saying a word. 

It was difficult to stand up any longer. Gwang-rang asked me while lying down. 

“What did you do with the core of the World Tree?” 

I answered meekly. 

“This is the ability I have. I took Igrel’s soul and borrowed his power for a while.” 

“What happened to Igrel’s soul?” 

“Completely annihilated in exchange for ability.”

I said that and glanced at the frantic expression. 

Because it was difficult to predict how they would react. 

Fortunately, Gwang-rang did not show any hostility or intent to kill me. 

Rather, it was a face that looked lighthearted. 

“Seven Lords.” 

There was silence for a moment, then the madman spoke. 


I turned to her. And he turned his head on the road. 

The sunrise was rising in the ruined forest.

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