I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 170

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Raid (1)

Saintea The Bayonter Territory, the city where the hometown of Herewyn is located. As usual, the gates of the city were crowded with people, and inspections were in full swing.

“Show me your pass or something else to prove your identity.” 

Pulse, a rookie guard, was conducting a meticulous inspection as best he could. 

Seeing him like that from the side, Seld, a senior, rolled his tongue.

“Honey, do it in moderation without a little bit of spirit. If you do that, you will get exhausted and you won’t be able to do this for long.” 

“Ah, yep! I see!” 

“You know what, bastard. But you’re much better than the suckers, so just learn the tricks in that state.” 

This time, a carriage came to the gate without waiting in line. It was not an ordinary wagon, but at first glance it was a nobleman’s procession. 

This time instead of the nervous pulse, Sheld stepped forward. 

“Excuse me. Could you please identify yourself?” 

“The parade of the Wombell family, who rule the Northern Ladrico territory! There are noble people on board, so let them pass quickly.” 

After checking the pass the driver gave him, Seld nodded with a smile. 

“Excuse me. Please go in.” 

Seeing Pulse watching the back of the wagon passing through the castle gate, Seld smiled.

“It’s unlucky, isn’t it? He’s not even an aristocrat, but he’s acting f*cking arrogant.” 

“Yes? Oh, no.” 

“If you do, some half-hearted merchant bastards come ignoring the line to be treated as nobles? You can be rude to those bastards. If you behave stiffly, they stab all the luggage in the luggage compartment with a spear. That’s also the fun you can enjoy while guarding. .” 

Then there was a commotion in the line. 

“Hey, there! What are you guys? Can’t you see the line here?!” 

I could hear people in line shouting. Sheld looked away, grasped the situation, and frowned at her. 

Some guys openly ignored the line and were approaching the gate. It was several people wearing robes. 

“There! Stop. You have to take your turn. What are you doing?” 

Despite Selde’s screams, they didn’t even listen and continued to approach.

Sheld thought for a moment that they were aristocrats, but no matter how they looked or looked at them, they didn’t look like that. 

Are they just crazy? 

“Hey, rookie. Raise the spear.” 

“Yes, yes!” 

It was the moment when Sheld held out his spear at them, who soon approached right in front of them. 

“Aren’t words like words? Keeping the order…” 

jump! Fresh blood spurted out and Selde’s body split in half. 

Pulse, who was standing next to her, stopped thinking about what had happened, and then screamed as she felt the warmth of the blood spattering on her face. 


The scream didn’t last long, and Perth’s neck fell to the ground.

The front of the castle gate quickly became a mess. 

The people standing in line screamed and scattered. 

“What, what? That bastard!” 

On top of the walls, the soldiers urgently prepared for an attack. Aiming at the bow with the string drawn, the magic was deployed. 

“Shoot! Shoot right away!” 

The captain of the guard shouted in anger. 

At the same time, a rain of arrows and magic bombardments rained down on the robed figures. 

The soldiers responded quickly, but it didn’t mean anything. 

As one of the robes waved a hand in the air, a gray light flashed and all the arrows and spells that flew in dissipated. 


At the same time, the troops on the wall were also crumbled like ashes at once. The ashes flowed down the walls in heaps.

The monster averted his gaze and waved his hand at the people who were running away. 

Like the soldiers, they were all scattered in ashes. 

“It’s low. It’s so low.” 

The monster who turned all the people around him to dust lowered the hood of his robe. 

His face was pale without any blood, and he had four eyes. It was obviously not human. 

“Again, it’s funny. The fact that I lost to these lowly things and spent that long time confined to Allterrore.” 

The monster and demon spread their arms wide and smiled. 

“It’s been a while since I’ve stepped on the land of Saintea. Kill everything in sight.” 


Ran hurriedly left from Herriwyn’s castle alone, and Kaan, Rigon, and Leah played well among themselves. 

“Leah, can I eat the fruit from that tree over there?” 

“Idiot, it’s not ripe at first glance. If you’re curious about how sour it is, try it.” 

The three of them were taking a walk in the garden inside the castle. 

Seeing Kaan frowning on the unripe fruit after climbing up the tree, Leah clicked her tongue in a pitiful way. 

“Why is he doing that?” 

“It’s because I’m curious. It’s easier to just say that.” 

Rigon sat down under the shade of the tree Kaan had climbed. 

Leah stared blankly at Rigon, who leaned against the tree and closed his eyes, then quietly sat down next to him. 

“How about staying at the castle for a week? Anything uncomfortable?” 

“Huh? Of course not. We eat delicacies every day and have fun.” 

“Then you’re lucky.”

A cool breeze blew through Rigon and Leah’s hair. 

The two of them sat next to each other, watching Kaan from above scurrying through the branches. 



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“How about you, Leah? You did a good job bringing the others along as well as me, didn’t you?” 

“Ran is gone, but.” 

“Haha, anyway, wouldn’t it be much more fun if there were more people than one?” 

Leah didn’t answer, but she didn’t deny either. Seeing her like that, her Rigon also laughed. 

“Hey, kids! I finally found something ripe here! You guys should try it too!” 

Kaan took a big bite and let the fruit drop down. Rigon accepted it. Then he took a bite of her, ate it, and held it out to Leah. 

“It’s delicious. You should try it too.”

Leah hesitantly accepted the fruit and chewed on it in small pieces. 

It’s a short time if it’s short, but Leah also had strange experiences while sticking with them. 

Inviting friends to my house, touring the castle and introducing each one of them, enjoying a festival held in the city together, and sharing a fruit with the three of them. 

‘······ It’s fun.’ 

It was all strangely uplifting and enjoyable. 

Leah was no longer trying to fool herself. He wasn’t afraid to make friends. 

It’s fun to be together. All over again, I felt like an idiot. Why did I avoid and push others away? 

If I had made friends with these guys earlier… 


Then, a huge explosion rang out. The gazes of Rigon, Leah, and Kaan returned at the same time. 

The source of the sound was outside the castle. 

“······There was a sound of something huge exploding? What is it?” 

The three of them hurriedly entered the castle. For some reason, the troops inside the castle were busy moving. Even the knights were fully armed. 


Yuzu, who met in the hall on the first floor, urgently called Leah. Leah asked him. 

“Yuzu, what’s going on? What’s going on?” 

“It looks like the city is under attack. We don’t know exactly yet.” 

“What? Who dares…” 

At that moment, another explosion rang out. This time it was inside the castle, not outside.

The sound of a battle with something came from the entrance of the castle. Then the horrible screams. swimming

It was an unprecedented situation in which Li Yun’s nature was under attack. 

who the hell how? She didn’t even have time to question. Yuzu led Leah with a serious expression. 

“I’ll take care of you, young lady. Hurry up…!” 


The entrance gate exploded, and those nearby were blown away by the shockwave. 

The intruder who broke through the entrance was a monster with the body of a human and the head of a snake. 

The monster threw the head of a knight it was holding in its hand. 

Realizing that it was the head of the Knight Commander, Rowalt, Yuzu couldn’t help but drool involuntarily. 

The monster flicked its tongue and looked around.

“It’s just about to be crowded, bugs. Everyone die.” 

Asmodian. Yuzu, Kaan, Rigon, and Leah immediately realized that he was a demon. 

It was because he was exuding a strange aura unique to the demon he had encountered before. 


The knights and wizards in the hall immediately attacked. 

However, the demons began to slaughter the knights and wizards with ease, stirring the hall at a terrifying speed. 

The scales that covered his body were almost unaffected by the killing magic of the castle’s high-ranking wizards. 

“Yuz! Hurry up and take Miss Leia and get out!” 

In the meantime, the mage chief of the Herewin family, who had brought more high-ranking mages to join the battle, shouted to Yuzu. 

The wizards who prepared the battle line made up their minds and began to spread their magic toward the demons. Explosions and flashes vibrated.

“Come, lady! We have to get out through the back door!” 

“Ha, but…!” 


Yuzu, who was about to escape with Leah, Rigon, and Kaan, immediately doubted her eyes. 

The magicians exploded in an instant due to the energy that the demons exploded in all directions. 

The mage chief barely held out, but was soon caught by the demons and torn in half. 

To think that the wizards, who were no different from the top power of the Harrywin family, couldn’t earn even a moment’s worth. Does it make sense? 

The power of the snake-headed demons was overwhelming. 

It seemed that the monster could not be stopped with the power currently in the main building, at least as far as the gaju was away. 

“······Lady, move. Come on.”

Saying that, Yuzu drew her sword. At the same time, as before the island battle, a demon who approached Yuzu swung her tail. 

Yuzu was hit by the tail without even reacting properly, and was blown into the wall. 

“No! Yuzu!” 

Leah used her magic, and Rigon and Kaan also drew their swords. But that couldn’t have made any sense. 

It was the moment when the demons were about to burst their bodies whole by waving their hands like chasing away insects. 


A pure white blade of sword flew in from somewhere and cut off the demon’s arm in half. 


The one hit first let out a groan of pain and retreated. 

A new model flew in from outside the castle. Seeing that scene, Rigon involuntarily shouted.


The identity of the intruder was Asher. 

Asher, who had already dyed her entire body white, began to attack the demons without even giving a moment’s rest. 

A ferocious sword attack slashed the scales and flesh of the demon. 

The demons held out quite a bit, but they were already in an unfavorable situation, starting from a surprise attack, and soon their necks were blown away. 

cooong. The body of the demon who lost its head collapsed on the floor. 

Asher drew her sword and approached the three people who were standing there blankly. 

She was relieved internally when she confirmed that Kaan and the heir were all right. 

“How is Lord Asher here…?”

“I’ll explain later, Rigon. Follow me first. You two too.” 

The priority now was to hurry up and move to a safe place. 

What the hell happened, because the city was being attacked by demons. 

However, that was then. 


An eerie aura that sends goose bumps down your spine. Asher jerked her head toward the collapsed entrance. 

I couldn’t even feel the presence. Another demon was standing there. 

However, a monster so powerful that it is impossible to compare it to the one I just killed. 

“There must have been a fairly large bug. You were the one who killed my people outside.”

The pale-skinned demon with four eyes opened its mouth. 

Asher immediately sensed it. the guy’s identity. 

Because there was no other demon than the original demon with such powerful energy.

Oxytodes, 8th in the original horse ranking. 

A calamity that they dare not resist descended before their eyes.

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