I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 172

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Raid (3)

······thank god. 

It was a thought that came to my mind as soon as I confirmed that Asher, Kaan, and Rigon were all right. 

The next emotion I felt after relief was anger. 

A demon with four eyes. Of the original horses, only one had such an appearance. 

This guy is probably Oxytodes, the 8th-ranked original horse. 

I teleported to Asher’s side. She was lying on the floor with Kaan in her arms. 

Kaan was unconscious, but appeared to be uninjured. 

Asher, on the other hand, seemed to have suffered quite serious injuries, but fortunately his life did not appear to be in danger. 

“······ Mr. Ron!” 

Asher staggered to his feet and shouted. 

I unfolded the floating curtain without even looking back at Oxytodes. 

However, before his surprise attack could be blocked by the curtain, Thunderstorm first fired and blocked it. 

“Where would you like to play!” 

Then the madman jumped in. Oxytodes began to deal with the combined efforts of the two lords with a firm expression. 

“I’m sorry, Asher. You’ve had a really hard time.” 

“No… I’m sorry for showing you an unsightly image…”

As if there was blood in her throat, Asher couldn’t speak properly and was giggling. Her blood soaked her floor. 

I let out a deep sigh and hugged Asher and Kaan together. 

I approached the chief of staff who was watching the battle from a distance and unloaded the two. 

“Please keep your subordinates safe during the fight, Chief of Staff.” 

“Yes, Seven Lords.” 

and Lygon. Rigon was still sitting there like a man who had passed out. As we got closer, he looked up at me and muttered. 

“······Seven Lords.” 

“Rigon. Are you hurt anywhere?” 

“Yes. But… I became a friend because of me…” 


Belatedly, he found a pile of ashes scattered in front of Rigon. This is the trace of Oxytodes’ ability. 

Wait, then maybe Leah is…? 

“······Stand back over there for now. My lords and I will take care of him.” 

After sending Rigon off the battlefield, I turned my attention to Oxytodes. 

The battle aspect was fiercely flowing. 

Oxytodes was a 95-level original horse like Madness and Thunderstorm, but there is a gap even at the same level. 

I remembered that he had a fairly high level of combat power even at level 95. 

‘Even if I do, it won’t be 3 to 1.’ 

Huge cerebral spears rained down on Oxytodes’ head. 

It spread the gray energy widely and extinguished all brain energy. 

At the same time, Gwang Rang swung a greatsword from the side as if splitting his body in half. 

Oxytodes blocked the greatsword with his bare hands. However, at a glance, it seemed that the power was running. 

Once again, a gray aura surged and covered the lighthouse, but the lighthouse did not escape. 

The blood-colored magic that swung over her whole body blocked the penetration of energy.

“······Low bugs!” 

“A worm? Talk more! I’ll pluck out its tongue before I kill it!” 

It was this side that had the upper hand, but Oxytodes held up quite well. 

There was no need to prolong the battle. He wasn’t even putting on any defenses. 

I waited for him to reveal a big gap while I pushed him with madness and epilepsy. 

And the moment a conspicuous gap was revealed, he leaped into space while covered in blood fog. right next to him. 


Oxytodes flinched and fired his ability at me who suddenly appeared. 

I opened the floating screen to block the gray light, and immediately teleported again to increase the distance. 

Thunderstorm and madness stopped attacking for a while at my action. 

“Oxytodes. For what purpose did you attack this city?” 

Yuah, I already guessed, but I asked him.

The guy raised his eyebrows. 

“Seven Lords of Calderic, do you give reasons for stepping on insects to death?”


“It’s a pity. I thought I found a pretty useful species, but I was wasting my time and only useless ones were seduced.” 

No proper answer came back. 

“Now then, let’s go to the end. Now that things have turned out this way, even if it takes time, I’ll have to kill all of you and then return…” 

“It’s done now.” 

I turned around. 

“Stop dying.” 

And at the same time as my words fell, Oxytodes’ body collapsed. 

From the moment he was even slightly exposed to the blood mist, he was not alive.

“Huh, what? Did you kill him?” 

Gwangrang withdrew his sword with a deflated expression. 

After a thunderstorm, the chief of staff looked at the corpse with a look of surprise. I moved my steps and approached the collapsed entrance. 

A city in ruins could be seen outside. 



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A mist of blood and ashes floated in the air of the city. 

Feeling my heart sink, I looked at the scene for a long time. 

Another Wonma was dealt with, but only that was saved from this terrible catastrophe. 


sorted out the situation. First of all, Asher was treated. 

Trauma was completely healed with the potion, and internal injuries were also restored to some extent. 

When she recovered, she was told exactly what had happened.

From what Oxytodes did to Rigon to how Rhea died. 

As I listened to the story, a thought came to my mind that had nothing to do with this incident. 

Leaf and Rigon, if I hadn’t saved their brother and sister, the Demons who would have corrupted Rigon into flesh. 

Come to think of it, Salgwi’s ability in the game was quite similar to that of Oxytodes. 

I thought that maybe the demon who gave Rigon strength in the game might have been him. 

Of course, that didn’t matter. 

‘······ Rather than that, Leah died.’ 

It was unfortunate. Could her death have been prevented if it had been a little faster? 

There was no point in regretting it. 

Both Rigon and Kaan, who came to their senses, seemed to be in great psychological shock. 

Kaan had been staring blankly into space without saying anything from earlier. 

“Ashhel, Rigon please. Take Rigon and go back to the Monarchy.”

First of all, Asher and Rigon were sent away right away. 

Guang Rang, Neu Hu, and the chief of staff all went their own way now that their work was over. 

Most of the castle and city of Heriwynn were destroyed, so even saying that the situation was clearing up seemed meaningless. 

Leah’s brother, Xian, was alive. He was upstairs in the castle and seemed to have barely saved his life. 

I reported the situation to him who appeared with a few knights and vassals with a bewildered face. 

“iced coffee······.” 

Upon hearing of Leah’s death, Xian collapsed. 

Instead, the vassals began moving to sort things out. 

Their faces were also dead. I decided to leave right away. 

There was nothing more I could do here. 

I approached and spoke to Kaan, who stood firm on one side, staring at the ruined city.

“I’m leaving, Kaan. Move with me.” 

I was familiar with her not even as Ran, but as the 7 Lords. I spoke again to Kaan, who had no answer. 

“There is a possibility that the demons even attacked Rapid City. Let’s go.” 


Rapid City was among the areas invaded by demons in the game story. 

It was only then that Kaan responded to my words. Because there was her father Ben’s house. 

“Uh, let’s go. Hurry up…” 

So, I took Caan and moved to Rapid City, where the academy was located. She put Tiyong in a nearby forest and moved toward the city. 

And the city they arrived at was abysmal as expected. 

Bodies were strewn across the streets, and soldiers carrying the wounded formed a line.

How many people died? How many people died in this raid? 

I stopped trying to say something to Kaan, who had turned pale. 

The fate of her father was unknown to me. 

Anything he said would be irresponsible. 

On the way to find Kaan’s house, he encountered a warrior. 

As soon as he found us, he could see the relief on the warrior’s face. 

It seemed that she had dealt with all the demons who attacked this city. 


Kaan hurriedly ran to her. 

“Oh, what about your father? Del. Where is your father?” 

The hero looked at Kaan, who was trembling even his body, with a pitiful look, then turned his head and said,

“It’s okay, don’t worry.” 

Through the crowd, I saw a man belatedly approaching this way. It was Ben. 



Kaan ran up to Ben. She and she fell into his arms and she finally cried out in sorrow. 

The hero and I just looked at it without saying anything. After all, he was still just a child. 


“A total of six areas were attacked, including the capital city. Their purpose was…” 

“It’s probably the biggest thing to try to gauge exactly what your condition is.” 

The warrior nodded. I sighed and looked out the window.

In Rapid City, the warriors arrived early and suffered less damage. Among the raided areas, at least. 

“The emperor is dead, Saintea is a mess, and the resurrection of the demon king is not far away.” 


“Everything is going crazy, hero. What are your plans for the future?” 

While she was in Seongdong, the emperor explained everything about the great forest. 

I had been feeling gloomy after being in this world for quite some time. 

Because there was really no answer to the situation going back. And there is still no progress in succession. 

The hero answered with a slightly tired expression. 

“Seven Lords.” 

“Tell me.” 

“While in Seongdong, there was a change in the holy sword. Two conditions for succession were met.” 


That statement took me by surprise. Are the succession conditions met? Two out of four? 


I immediately realized At that time, the power of the holy sword that Kaan used in the stronghold of the demon worshipers. 

Could it be that because Kaan met the conditions for succession, he was instantly connected to the power of the holy sword? 

[Sadness of losing a loved one.] 

[The despair of being betrayed by someone you trusted.] 

[The ugliness in human selfishness.] 

[You will have to feel skeptical about the justice you have considered right.] 

Considering the situation at the time, the conditions Kaan met were probably the third and fourth. 

To feel the ugliness of human selfishness and to feel skepticism about one’s own justice. and overcoming them.

He immediately told the warrior about it. 

“That’s what happened. As you said, the 7 Lords, those two conditions are met.” 

…In the end, just as the holy sword said, wasn’t it meaningless? 

what you’ve done so far. I muttered with a strange feeling. 

“Then it’s like half of it is left.” 


The hero blurted out his horse’s tail. A shadow appeared on her face. 

I didn’t say anything more and leaned back in my chair. 

Losing something precious. And being betrayed by someone you trusted. 

Now, as long as those two conditions are satisfied, Kaan can inherit the holy sword. 

But how? I couldn’t help but think that it was cruel. 

‘…Was Leah’s death not enough?’

It seems that Leah was not precious enough to satisfy the conditions for succession to Kaan. 

If it was natural, it was natural. The two of them had only been friends for about a month recently. 

The depth of friendship isn’t proportional to time alone, but even so, it’s such a short time… 

‘······ f*ck.’ 

I felt disgusted with myself for thinking like this. But I was just as desperate as I was. 

The attack of the demons made me face the reality once again. 

The demon king will be resurrected soon. And if I can’t inherit the holy sword, this world is doomed. 

What the hell are you talking about? What should I do from now on? 

The chaotically messed up head quickly regains its coolness with the emperor’s soul. 

I was once again ridiculed by my state of mind. 

Yes, it will work out somehow.

Nothing can be solved by rushing alone like this. First of all, do what you can. As always. 

“If there are no immediate plans, I will continue to take care of Kaan, champion.” 

“… will it be okay?” 

“You must have a lot of work to do.” 

In the midst of chaos due to the attack of the demons, even the emperor died. 

The hero had to somehow stabilize the imperial family, which would be the first thing to do. 

“If there is a conflict with Adessa, I will be able to mediate it somehow.” 

“Thank you, 7 Lords. 

Life in the academy is over, and Kaan will continue to live here with her father for the time being. 

I was lost in my thoughts and said to the warrior. 

“And change me back into my Rann form. I’d be more comfortable with Kaan as a Rann than as the Seven Lords.”


The city of Rapid was half-blocked and began to repair the damage. 

And in all that time, Kaan had never left Ben’s house. 

On the third day after the hero left, I decided to stop watching her by wandering around the house. 


There was a knock on the front door, which opened and Caran came out. 

She looked at me and widened her eyes. 


I waved my hand with an awkward smile. 

“Hello, Kaan.”

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