I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 173

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carn (1)

It was a sudden visit, but Kaan welcomed me. 

“Welcome, Ran. It’s been a while.” 

Ben, who was drinking tea at the table, was likewise welcomed. 

“I just finished eating a little while ago. Shall I make you something to eat?” 

“No, thanks.”

“Okay. Let’s talk then. I’m going to take a nap. You’ll have something to drink, Kaan.” 

Ben got up with his car and went into the room. Asher scratched her head and asked me. 

“Want some tea?” 


“Yes. Then drink some water.” 

Kaan and I sat across from each other at the table. Outwardly, nothing seemed to have changed. 

“You must have been surprised to come. It’s not like a city, right? The academy buildings have all collapsed.” 

“Uh. That’s right.” 

“This deal happened because the demons suddenly invaded.” 

“Yes. I heard the story.” 

There was silence for a moment.

Kaan didn’t say anything, just fidgeting with the tin of tea leaves on the table. 

As I was about to open my mouth, Kaan spoke first. 

“Hey, Ran. Leah’s dead.” 

I thought about how to react for a moment, but I just put on a surprised expression. Kaan continued. 

“Even in Herewin Castle, demons invaded. Leah died while protecting Rigon.” 

“······are you okay?” 

“Me? As you can see, I’m fine. Rigon is fine, so don’t worry. He’s probably gone back to Calderic.” 

Kaan sighed. 

“So, Leah…” 

“Carn, you don’t have to talk more.” 

Even if you don’t listen, I know everything about what happened.

More than that, I was worried about his mental state. There was no need to keep talking about Leah. 

Kaan looked at me blankly and asked. 

“Yeah. How about that you have urgent business?” 

“Good job.” 

“I see. Um… would you like a ride?” 

I thought it was a while ago I just nodded and picked up the empty teacup. 

“I’ll have a drink. Shall I boil some water?” 

“No. I’ll bring it to you, so wait.” 

After that, we didn’t talk much, just shared tea. 

It was quite an awkward atmosphere because there was usually no break in conversation with Kaan. 

Yuyamuya Time passed and it was already dinnertime. Naturally, I even ate dinner.

After the meal, Kaan spoke to me. 

“Ran, aren’t we going back right away? Stay overnight.” 

“Is it so?” 

There was no need to refuse, since I had to stay close to Kaan. 

I looked at the back of the guy who was organizing and carrying the tableware. 


Kaan didn’t usually dream well. 

But ever since the day I witnessed Leia die right in front of me, I’ve been having the same dream every day. 

Standing alone in the middle of a ruined village. 

In front of you are the corpses of people who died horribly. Seeing them, he was crying for some reason.

And soon the view changes. The figure of Leah, who wrapped Rigon and turned to ashes, was scattered. 


Waking from the dream, Kaan took a deep breath. She wiped the thick sweat from her forehead and lifted her body up. 

I waited for a long time for my thumping heart to calm down, and eventually tears ran down my cheeks. 

“Ugh, black…” 

She ended up remembering things she had forgotten. 


A week has passed. 

Somehow, I ended up staying at Caan’s house.

Because Kaan never mentioned when I was leaving. 

No, it didn’t look like he was going to force it out. 

Ben also didn’t seem to care how long he stayed, so he stayed. 


I came out and met Ashelle who came to Rapid City. 

“How is your body?” 

“Yes, I’m fully recovered.” 

“I’m glad. Rigon?” 

“It’s okay. Leaf is taking good care of you.” 

I put down the worry that I had accumulated a little in my heart. 



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“Look at this.” 

Then, he took the item out of his pocket and handed it to Asher. A pure white jewel that was collected from the emperor’s corpse. 

After accepting the jewel, Asher put on a puzzled expression, then widened her eyes.

“This, this…?!” 

Looking at the reaction, it seems to be correct. 

Treasure of the White Moon. 

One of the purposes of the emperor’s attack on the White Moon in the past. 

A magic war stone that resembles their racial traits and can contain more pure magic than any other magic stone. 

Asher’s magic and energy were similar, so when he found this magic stone, he was able to figure out what it was. 

I told Asher something I hadn’t been able to say because I didn’t have the time. 

What happened in the forest of Adessa, what the Emperor did, and how he died. 

“The emperor died by my hand, and Changseong died by the hands of the 2nd Lord.” 

“······Is that so.” 

“I’m sorry, Asher. You should have tied the knot with your own hands someday.” 

Ashley shook her head.

“No. Thank you for caring. And… I think it’s okay if it’s Ron.” 


“Oh, nothing.” 

What do you mean? Ashelle cleared her throat with an embarrassed expression, and carefully took her magic stone into her bosom. 

“Thank you for visiting our clan’s legacy. We will cherish it.” 


“What are you going to do from now on?” 

I answered Asher’s question. 

“It’s the same as before. I will continue to be by the side of the heir. I ask for your monarchy.” 

“All right.” 

After seeing off Asher, I went back to Caan’s house. 

Kaan was standing in the front yard, looking up at the trees.

“What are you doing?” 

“······ Huh? Nothing.” 

Kaan said with a bashful laugh. 

“Hey, Ran. I’m bored. Shall we go hunting? Looking yesterday, it seems that the checkpoints aren’t too tight anymore.” 

“What kind of hunting is this all of a sudden?” 

“Ah, let’s get out of here. I’m a total expert on this side. I’ll teach you well.” 

It was only in the first few days that the boy seemed to have calmed down. 

Kaan quickly acted as though he had fully regained his usual vigor. 

Light sparring in the yard, or hunting outside the city in the forest. 

Play chess on Ben’s old chessboard, or cook and eat. 

Well over a month had passed since I had been with Kaan. 

During that time, there was no time to be bored doing various things.

But I didn’t know 

That Kaan hadn’t gotten out of some kind of anguish yet. 

Night after night, he often seemed to be unable to sleep. 

I was able to know that fact with my super senses. 

Maybe it was a nightmare, but I woke up and breathed heavily, and at times I sobbed. 

“Oh, the big one took a lot!” 

cried Kaan, holding up the net he had set by the river. 

“Let’s eat some grilled fish here.” 

“You’ve finished me. What about Mr. Ben?” 

“If I’m late, I’ll cook myself. Gather some firewood quickly.” 

My father was Caan, who said something really unfilial: to eat dinner without caring. 

In fact, looking at Ben’s personality, it seemed like I learned everything from him. They were two daughters who looked alike.

“Yeah, kill. Look at how soft it is to live.” 

Kaan munched on the fish. I looked at it quietly and opened my mouth. 

“Carn. Do you have anything you want to say to me?” 

“Huh? What are you talking about all of a sudden, that’s it.” 

“No, it’s just. They’re friends. If there’s something difficult, we can tell each other about it.” 

Taking care of Kaann’s mentality is also my role. 

I could see at a glance that he was agitated by the insinuating remark. 

“······Has it been noticed by any chance?” 


Kaan swallowed what he was chewing on and sighed. 

For a moment, only the sound of a bonfire burning echoed. Kaan opened her mouth.

“Ran, I’ve told you once before. I have no memory of my childhood. Do you remember?” 

“Uh. It was.” 

“I’ve been having nightmares a lot lately. In my dream, I’m standing alone in a ruined village. All the houses around me are destroyed, and people are dead. I’m still standing in such a terrible place, unable to move, and then at some point the scenery changes. Asmodian The scenery of the time I killed this Leah unfolds before my eyes.” 


“At first I thought it was just a nightmare. But… it wasn’t that. It was my childhood memory.” 

remember your childhood? Kaan continued. 

“Azeta village at the western end of Saintea, that small village is my hometown. But one day, a mad wizard attacked the village. And all the villagers died. My father and mother. Killed the mad wizard. , It was my current father who saved me when my life was in danger.” 

Kaan hugged her knees and bowed her head.

“······It reminded me of everything while having a nightmare. My father and mother, who died right in front of me, and the images of Leah dying, kept overlapping in my dreams. Why did I forget about it all this time?” 

I listened silently to Caan’s story. I didn’t know that Kaan had such a past. 

It was information that had never been revealed in the game. 


That Ben wasn’t Kaan’s biological father, and that Kaan was saved and taken in by him as a child. 

And the shock of losing my family came to memory loss, and Leah’s death brought back memories. 



“Do you have to go home soon? Can’t you stay with me?”


“Lea is dead and Rigon is gone. I want to see Esca too. So don’t leave you too. I don’t want to be lonely again…” 

Kaan’s voice trembled thinly. Tears welled up in her eyes. I said to that guy 

“Kaan, don’t worry, eat the meat.” 


“I’m not going back home. No, I’m not going back. I ran away. I’m fine if you let me continue to live in your house.” 

Kaan widened her reddened eyes. 

“What? But you used to have urgent business at home…” 

“It’s a lie. I have no business at home, but other urgent business.” 

He looked at me with a puzzled expression. I deftly shook the meat and took a bite. 

“… AC, embarrassing.”

Kaan also wiped away her tears and ate the meat she had been eating. 

The shadow that had been subtly cast over the boy’s face seemed to have disappeared. 


f*ck! I put the ax down and sorted out the firewood for the fan, then looked up at the sky. 

It had snowed heavily since morning and piled up in the yard. 

White smoke came out of his mouth. It’s been years since I fell to this world, but it’s the first time I’ve seen snow. 

In short, it was my first sight in this world. Nearly half a year had passed since I had been with Kaan. 

In the meantime, the city has completely recovered from the damage suffered by the demons and regained its former vitality. 

Kaan no longer had nightmares.

It just went by like nothing else happened. 


As I was moving the firewood, I averted my gaze. Kaan was smiling mischievously, holding a snowball that had accumulated over there. 

“Don’t bother.” 

“Please don’t do it, do it.” 

“don’t do it.” 

I turned my head to avoid the snowball flying back at my face. I finally threw away the firewood and gathered up the snow. 

After we had been tossing each other happily for a while, Ben opened the door and came out. At the same time, a snowball landed in his face. 

“Cheer up!” 

Seeing Kaan waving her arms in a teasing way, Ben brushed his eyes off and laughed.

“Daughter, are you going to try it?” 

The snowball fight between the two fathers and daughters, which began like that, was one-sided. Ben’s movements weren’t particularly fast either. 

Even so, he found a gap and met Kaan in the eye. 

“Oh, really!” 

In the end, as soon as the medicine rose, Kaan began to use her magic power, but nothing changed. 

This is because Ben also absorbed Kaan’s magic in the snowball and used the same magic. 

I watched the scene with interest. 

‘It’s amazing.’ 

Strangely enough, Ben had the ability to use someone else’s magic as if it were his own. 

Instead, I had previously heard that he couldn’t build mana on his own because his body was broken, but the way he controlled his mana gave an idea of ​​how great a person he must have been when he was in good health.

I hadn’t really asked about Ben’s past, so I didn’t know how he got injured to such an extent that he couldn’t build magic. 

After a fierce snowball fight, Kaan, who was the only one in disarray, laughed. 

“Father, do you want to defeat your daughter like that?” 

“Carnah, when did I ever see you as a daughter?” 

I smiled and picked up the firewood I had dropped on the floor. Then I felt their gaze and glanced outside the house. 

After organizing all the firewood, I spoke to Ben. 

“Today I will go out and shop.” 

“Shall I go too?” 

“It’s okay. You brush off the snow on your head.” 

After going outside, I entered an alley without people.

As I stood still and waited, someone soon showed up and approached me. 

was a warrior 

“It’s been a while, Seven Lords.” 

“Yes. You’re here. Why did you call me outside?” 

“If you go directly, Kaan will cling to you and won’t let you go even for a moment. I’ll visit you later.” 

The warrior said with a faint smile. 

“Rather than that, he seemed to get along well with Kaan.” 

I put on a puzzled expression. 

‘That’s right.’ 

On the one hand, I also felt that I was closer than necessary with Kaan. 

Because Ran was just a character created to stay close to him. 

So even during my academy life, I always tried to keep a certain distance. 

However, that sense of distance kept getting dull as I stayed in the same house.

······Honestly, these days I just don’t care about everything and I feel like I’ve been comfortable and having fun. 

Succession, the Holy Sword, thinking about the remaining conditions for succession made my head feel stuffy.

I know very well that the given time is not infinite. 

“How is the imperial family?” 

“It’s definitely settled, so there’s no need to worry.” 

I heard that after the death of the emperor was made official, the first prince succeeded to the throne without much noise or quarrel in the imperial family. 

It turned out that the emperor had clearly left a will about the succession. 

He has been avoiding the hero’s punishment like a loach under the pretext of various things, including the succession issue, but he seems to have finished the post-mortem before finally settling out to finish everything. 

“How are you feeling?” 

“I’ve recovered a lot. It was quiet for a while.” 

As I said before, the remnants of the demon king’s power remain in the hero’s body. 

And as resurrection approaches, it reacts greatly.

If you’ve been quiet for a while, is it okay to worry about the demon lord for a while…? 

oh shit It shouldn’t be like this. Again, the mind becomes loose. 

This time, I thought I should properly talk about succession with the hero. I ended up procrastinating again. 

They exchanged only about each other’s current situation and finished talking. 

“Why but?” 

“······It’s nothing. I have to go now.” 

“Okay. Then I’ll go home a little later.” 

It was the moment to say goodbye and part with the hero. 

soo oh 

I hurriedly turned my head at the eerie aura I felt behind my back. 

“······ Big black!”

The hero vomited blood and sat down. 

A dark aura rose from her body like a haze. 

The hero even summoned the holy sword and began to defeat the evil energy with holy power. 

After barely calming the relentless shaking energy, the hero let out the breath he had been holding back and picked his breath. 

I was stunned and asked. 

“…what happened?” 

The warrior raised his head. Her eyelids quivered. 

“The Demon King… has just been resurrected…”

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