I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 174

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The Demon Castle of Olterore, the destroyed central tower. 

It is the place of the great battle where the warriors of the past sealed the Demon King. 

For the demons, it was also a trace of shame that kept their god locked up for decades. 

Half of the demon king’s soul was torn apart by the power of the holy sword, and in order to delay complete extinction, the demon king sealed himself at the last moment.

A gigantic crystal pillar that stretches high into the dark purple sky as if supporting the world. 

What sleeps inside is the incarnation of the demon that was once feared and feared by everyone. 

“It’s been a long time.” 

The man standing in front of him muttered as he looked up at the pillar with a trembling voice. 

Solemn as a believer receiving baptism, yet innocent like a child opening a gift box. 

If someone saw the bizarre expression of two emotions that cannot coexist at the same time, they would have been shocked. 

1st place in the original horse rank, Azkel. 

The current ruler of Olterore, who once again seized the divided demons after the defeat with overwhelming power. 

The demons who witnessed his true power thought that he could ascend the throne without having to resurrect the demon king. 

The warrior’s body, deeply injured in the battle with the demon king, is not normal. 

If there was Azkel, the current power without the demon lord would surely be enough to devour the world.

But Azkel did not. 

All demons who uttered such disrespectful words were purged. 

He secretly and meticulously searched for and collected demon seeds, preparing only for the resurrection of the demon king. Because I knew. 

What is the true power beyond the heavens that has reached the pinnacle of the species of demons? 

Who is the god who can create their own paradise in the world and fulfill the long-cherished wishes of the demons? 

“Begin. Unlock the devil’s seeds.” 

In the midst of countless demons, including former demons, gathering and bowing their heads. 

When Azkel’s order was given, some demons moved. 

A huge black magic stone was placed next to the pillar. 

Responding to the energy of the demons, black energy began to flow from the magic stone one by one like beads. 

The marbles soon became entangled with each other and were absorbed like a waterfall towards the pillar. 

coo coo coo. 

Cracks began to appear in the pillars along with the shaking of the heavens and the earth. 


‘I’ll be back soon, 7th Lord. I’m asking for an heir.’ 

The hero left only those words and hurriedly left somewhere with a wounded body. 

Returning home, I had no choice but to remain lost in my thoughts. 

“Hey, Ran. Why do you bruise like that when you don’t eat?” 

On the other side of the table, Kaan holds a spoon in front of me and shakes it. 

I pushed the boy’s hand away.

“No, nothing.”

······There was no jaw for rice to fall over. The Demon King has been resurrected. 

That fact was the only thing that lingered in my mind. 

There was no way the hero had misunderstood something, so the demon king had really been resurrected in Olteroa. 

After the meal, I went outside the house again and walked down the street. 

just the way your feet go. The still snowy streets were pure white and peaceful, contrary to my mind, which is the confusion itself. 

The worst crisis came suddenly. No, not out of the blue. 

The hero had clearly stated that it would not be strange if the demon king resurrected at any time. 

I was just trying not to force myself to think about it. 

‘Now what?’

I didn’t feel right. It must be said that it is not possible to accurately measure it. 

The final battle with the demon king is the final story that was not resolved until the end of the game. 

That’s why I’ve never personally experienced how strong the demon king is or what abilities he uses. 

The fact that only the power of the holy sword can defeat the demon lord was constantly emphasized throughout the story. 

I stopped walking and looked up at the sky. Many thoughts come into my head and subside over and over again. 

‘Your power reaches the devil.’ 

That’s what the Holy Sword said earlier. 

The Holy Sword assured me that I could kill even the demon king with my instant killing ability. 

Of course, there is no guarantee that you can kill the Demon King. 

Even if the instant kill ability works on the demon king, the condition that it must eventually reach directly is absolute.

In addition, the Demon King will be so strong that he cannot be compared to any enemies he has ever dealt with, or to any original demons. 

But I didn’t have the jaw to stand on my own. 

Fighting him is something you have to risk your life completely. From the beginning, my goal was to survive. 

Thinking of protecting this world even at the cost of oneself? I had never done it. 

Even if the emperor’s soul erases the feeling of fear, it does not erase the instinct of not wanting to die. 

i don’t want to die I don’t want to risk my life to fight the Demon King without any certainty… 


And he didn’t want to sacrifice Kaan. I don’t want to make him go through the rest of the succession conditions. 

I just wanted to let her live happily like now. 

Isn’t it too late to inherit now anyway?

As long as the demon king is resurrected, the invasion of demons is just around the corner in the future. 

Shouldn’t I rather reveal my instant killing ability to the hero and think about defeating the demon king together? 



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If such an offer was made, the hero would of course accept it. 

The hero had always been reluctant to pass down the holy sword to Kaan. 

······ But is it really okay? 

Even if I put off the fact that my life is precious, can I really defeat the demon lord without proceeding with the succession? 

The reason why succession was so important to me is because that was the flow that flowed through the game. 

Will I be able to go against that flow and defeat the final boss of this worldview? 

Amidst the complex emotions intersecting, the conclusion couldn’t come easily. 

I started walking back home. 

Back in the yard, Kaan was building a little igloo or something of snow. 

The precarious thing looked like it would collapse soon, so I threw a word.

“Why don’t you freeze it with magic. It will collapse.” 

“I won’t use magic. Wait.” 

I left him and went inside the house. 

As I was about to boil some water for a cup of hot tea, I felt a familiar presence and looked out the window. 


Come to think of it, the time has come for Asher to come, right? 

The contact magic tool was returned to the hero before, so Asher’s visit cannot be contacted in advance. 

I went out again said Kaan, who was carefully building an igloo. 

“Where do you keep going? Why do you go out and come in like that?” 

“Come soon.” 

Moving to a deserted alley, I met Asher.

Asher brushed the snow off her robe and lowered the hood. 

“I had a hard time coming. It’s been a while.” 

“Yes, Ron.” 

Asher asked with a puzzled look. 

“Your face looks a bit dark. What happened?” 

“It is nothing.” 

Maybe it’s because she’s been watching me for a long time, but Asher quickly noticed my expression. I didn’t say anything about the Demon King. 

We briefly exchanged greetings and told her about the current situation. Nothing much happened to her monarchy. 

“And the Umbral has delivered additional information.” 

“Among you?” 

“Yes. I followed the target’s whereabouts as far as I could, but they said there was a limit to further investigation.”

I accepted the information sheet Asher gave me, said goodbye, and returned home. 

‘Now I don’t have to worry about this either.’ 

The history of the mysterious person who entrusted the investigation to Um-young in the meantime. 

He’s a villain who will terrorize Saintea’s capital in the future, but now he’s good enough. 

Because the demon king was resurrected and the world was about to end, so there was no time to worry about these things anymore. 

However, I’ve been researching it for a while, so I’ll check it out. I sat down on a chair and opened the survey paper. 


According to the information that Umyeong had previously investigated, it was said that he was from the secret organization of the Saintea Imperial Family. 

And, being dumped by the imperial family, he had a grudge against Saintea.

– Found the past 10 years ago in Champio, northeast of Saintea. From here, the actual investigation begins. 

– A relatively reliable testimony was confirmed by the innkeeper where the subject stayed. 

– The subject’s gender is male, and the age at the time is estimated to be 30 or 40 years old. It is said that the face was very haggard with an ugly appearance. 

I pulled out a map and spread it out on the table to find the city of Champio to the west. 

– As a result of surveying the nearby villages centered on the city of Shampio, another information was confirmed in the village of Huter, east of the city of Shampio. 

– Subject is presumed to have moved in the direction of the capital city. In the villages located on the route from Champio to the capital, the villagers confirmed the information of the person presumed to be the target. 

– Investigation was temporarily suspended in the capital, but it is estimated that it moved westward based on the route the subject has traveled so far. Head west and continue your investigation. 

– Rechecked the traces of the target in the small town of Nadarita, located in the Boldot Territory to the west. Having read that far, I realized something strange and stopped for a moment. 

Because, the area near Boldot territory written on the survey paper is where Azetta Village was located.

The village of Azetta is the village that Kaan once told me was his hometown. 

By the way, no matter how much I caught the tail, I investigated the person’s whereabouts 10 years ago this far. 

I didn’t think it was too big of a deal, and I continued to read the contents, being amazed at Amyeong’s skill. 

– Check the trail in the city of Camrell, located on the western frontier. It is presumed that the subject suddenly became a companion. 

– Accompanied by a young girl estimated to be 5 or 6 years old. Investigation is impossible as there are no clues on the side of the companion. 

As I continued to track the route, new content popped up. 

‘A companion?’ 

Why are you suddenly with me? Is it a young girl too? 

I was puzzled, but there was a fact that I could guess right away.

‘Ah, could it be that he saved the possessed body?’ 

The mystery of his possession. Considering the conditions for using the mystery, the possibility was high. 

Information about the mystery of possession did not appear in the game story either. 

In the first place, he was a guy who almost didn’t exist from the revealed background. 

However, I knew because there was information about the mystery of possession in the setting book. 

In order to use the Mystery of Possession, two conditions are required. 

First, the owner of the mystery and the object to transfer the soul must be of the same race. 

Second, the possessed body must have a very high affinity for the mysterious owner. 

There’s nothing difficult with the first condition, but because of the second condition, he wouldn’t have been able to transfer his body to anyone using mysticism. 

Maybe that’s why he tried to save an orphan and raise him as a possessed body in order to satisfy the condition? 

If you take care of them like parents from a young age, you will be able to build intimacy without difficulty.

I don’t know why he went so far and tried to use the Mystery of Possession. 

It could be that you have an incurable disease in your body, or you may have suffered a serious injury. 

Or maybe it was because he needed a body with much more magical talent than his original body. 

Of course, I didn’t know why or what. 


Suddenly, I felt something odd and looked at the map. 

That’s also the case, Camrel City, who said that he suddenly had a companion. 

It was because the village of Azeta was right between the city of Kamrel and the territory of Voldot that he passed through. 

Is it a coincidence? It can’t be said… 

– Target moves back to the capital. It is believed to have continued eastwards thereafter. 

– Finally, the trail is completely cut off in a village near the Ramon Great Mountains to the east. 

Ramon Great Mountains. 

It is the mountain range where Kaan and his father have lived since childhood. 


After reading all the rest, I just froze. 

if, if If he had really saved a child to raise as a possessed body, and had raised it without moving his body even now, 10 years later… 

“I must be about fifteen now.”

jump. The visit opened with a riot. Kaan came in and shouted excitedly. 

“Hey, Ran! Hurry up and check it out! I made a really awesome snow house!” 


“Why are you blankly there? 

I blankly watched the back of the guy running out of the room.

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