I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 175

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I thought for a while. No matter how much I thought about it, there were parts that I couldn’t understand. 

Really Kaan’s father, and Ben is him? A villain who possesses the mystery of possession and will terrorize the capital of Saintea in the future? 

But the circumstances seemed clear. 

The story of the guy who passed by the village of Azetta and disappeared in the Great Mountains of Ramon, Kaan’s gender and age, all those circumstances.

It was easy to guess why he chose Ka-Ann as his possessive body. 

Ben suffers fatal injuries to his body and is unable to build magic on his own. 

If he happened to find Kaan and recognized his genius talent. 

Then, as a possessed body, there was no reason not to covet Ka-Ann. her heart sinks 

Aren’t there some misunderstandings? Was there a mistake in the investigation? Or is it all just a mere coincidence? 

It was too cynical and embarrassing to dismiss it as such. I tried to calm down the confusion and organize my thoughts. 


If he really raised Ka-Ann as a possessed body, the situation was very dangerous. 

Even if they are not related by blood, to Kaan, Ben is like his real father. 

To him, he is more precious than anyone else. 

The conditions for using the mysteries must have been satisfied.

In short, isn’t Ben now in a state where he can take Kaan’s body at any time? 

Of course, if Ben is really the guy. 

‘······I have to check.’ 

In the end, there was no way to come up with a definitive answer unless you checked it yourself. 

I had to get Kaan away from Ben and confirm his true identity. 

Right now with no time to waste. I have no idea what exactly the process of the mysterious ability of possession is. 

If you make a mistake, Kaann’s heir’s body will be stolen. It’s something you can’t afford to relax. 

I put my thoughts together and went straight into action. 

I went out into the yard and told Kaan, who was still playing with the snow. 



“Can you go out and buy me some chocolate muffins from Lolfine’s dessert shop?”

“What? The line waiting there is very long. And why are you making me go out?” 

“Sorry. I suddenly have something to do. Instead, I’ll cook dinner tonight and cut all the firewood tomorrow.” 

Kaan looked bewildered. Because I had never asked for an errand like this before. 

Maybe that’s why he obediently accepted the request with a willing attitude. 

“Hmm, then what. Did you want to eat chocolate muffins that much? Haha. I’m waiting for you.” 

Kaan took the money I handed over and went straight out. I looked at the back and came back to the house. 

Ben was in his room. I walked slowly towards the room he was in. 

When I opened the door and entered, he was sitting at a table drinking tea and reading a book. 

“What’s up? Ran.” 

Ben glanced at me and asked calmly.


I closed the door and went inside. 

Perhaps sensing that my mood was unusual, Ben took his eyes off the book and looked back. 

I broke the silence and opened my mouth. 

“The mystery of the possession you obtained in Hallumenta.” 

I could clearly see Ben’s eye twitching slightly at those words. The emotion in his eyes was one of bewilderment and surprise. 

I had no choice but to instinctively intuit. After all, Ben was right. 

“I guess you were right.” 

Soon, Ben’s expression changed strangely. Ben closed the book and set it down on the table. 

And he opened his mouth.

“How did know?” 

He thought he would deny it, but surprisingly, he readily admitted the truth. 

“Do you have the ability to see through the mysteries of your opponent, Seven Lords?” 


“No, even so, how did you know that you got it from the Devil’s Land? 

I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed by Ben’s words. Did you know my identity? Since when? 

Ben smiled at my face. 

“I knew from the beginning that you were the Seven Lords.” 


“Because I’ve seen it once in the mountains. Polymorph can’t fool my eyes. Of course I know that Del is a warrior. I don’t think that ability is magic, maybe it’s the ability of a holy sword?” 

After a series of shocking words, Ben slowly got up from his chair.

“A hero and the Lord of Calderic, haha. What a strange combination it is. But I don’t even know what purpose you guys approached Kaan. 

I quickly regained my composure. 

“Did you want to get revenge by replacing your broken body with Kaan? Saintea?” 

“······How far did you dig up my back? What a terrifying information power.” 

Ben clicked his tongue and moved on. He turned to the sword hanging on the wall of the room. 


Ben drew his sword and pointed it at me. 

“So, what are you going to do now? Are you going to kill me?” 




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“Tell me one thing. What is the purpose of you and the hero, and what do you want from Kaan?”

I looked at Ben blankly and answered. 

“Kaan will save the world. He is not to be sacrificed for your personal grudges.” 

“… is that so? Indeed.” 

Ben’s eyes widened, and he let out a big laugh. 

“Your daughter has shouldered a huge burden. I’m not very happy about it.” 

With that last word, he raised his sword. 


The oldest memory is of myself trembling as I was buried among the corpses of villagers. 

The huge monster that suddenly attacked the village poured out its murderous intent and ferocity on the residents and left.

‘Here is a survivor.’ 

‘What’s your name?’ 



That is Ben’s original name. 

Ciel, who survived, was half-forced by people who did not know his identity. 

‘Huh, it’s a natural talent. To be able to handle someone else’s magic.’ 

They forced Ciel to undergo rigorous training. Rolling beyond cattle, Shien learned many things. 

How to wield a sword, how to cast magic, and how to effectively kill people with them. 

One of the darkest sides of the imperial family, a cancer squad belonging to the imperial family of Saintea. 

Ciel, who became the hound of the imperial family, killed countless people with the things she had learned and overcame countless deaths. 

‘Never show your claws, Ciel. You just have to stop thinking for yourself. We don’t know if someday we’ll get a chance to live as human beings.’ 

Upia, the captain of the cancer squad, was a strange person. 

She was a faithful hunting dog more than anyone else in Amdae, but she was also a leader who cared about the members more than anyone else. 

To put it bluntly, he never used his crew and always took the greatest risk himself. 

Ciel also owed his life to Ufia several times during his mission. 

That’s why, even while his heart was drying up, he didn’t lose anything like his admiration for her. 

‘You guys have done well so far. But I have to deal with dogs with loose leashes.’ 

One day, while returning from a mission, Changseong appeared and raided the cancer college. 

The power gap was so great that all of the members were annihilated. 

Only Ciel was able to escape through the gap created by Yupia and the other members of the crew who were close to each other at the risk of their lives.

In the world Ciel lived in, they were the only companions. 

However, all of them were slaughtered at the hands of the imperial family, less than livestock. 

‘I will kill them all, Captain. I am everything…’ 

However, with a body that is fatally injured and ruined, he cannot dream of revenge. 

Ciel wandered the continent in the body of a fugitive, looking for a way to heal himself. 

At the end of the search, I heard a rumor that there is an herb that can fix a broken magic furnace in Hallumenta, the Magic Palace. 

It was an absurd rumor without any basis, but Ciel risked his life to catch straw and headed to Hallumenta. 

And in the land of death where they arrived, there were no herbs to be found. 

But instead, I stumbled upon another in one cave. 


Mystery. The world’s most mysterious power of unknown origin.

Ciel also had a mystery that he had had since he was a child, so he reached out to the pattern as if possessed without any boundaries. 

The mysterious ability obtained in this way was possession. 

You can transfer your soul to a target of the same race and have a high affinity for yourself and take over the body. 

With this ability, it was possible to obtain a new body, even if it was impossible to repair a broken body. 

Ciel wandered the continent again, this time starting to search for the ice body. 

A new body capable of revenge, a child with a very high talent for magical powers. 

In a small town in Saintea, where I came across by chance, a terrible tragedy had taken place. 

Some mad wizard slaughtered all the villagers and was laughing in the middle of the corpses. 

Skills were nothing. Ciel dealt with it without difficulty and looked around the ruined village to see if there were any survivors. 

And I found a girl.

The child was seriously injured, but was found in time and was saved. 

‘What’s your name?’ 

‘Name… Kaan.’ 

Kaan seemed to have amnesia from the shock. 

He couldn’t remember anything about what had happened except his name. 

Ciel, who remembered his childhood and felt a weak sense of sympathy with her, took care of her for the time being. 

As a result, I had to realize it sooner or later. 

The absurd talent that Kaan has. 

‘If this body…!’ 

With such a monstrous talent, he would surely be able to reach a level that surpasses even the five stars. 

Ciel decided to take care of Kaan in order to have a more intimate relationship with her.

And Kaan, who had lost all memory, followed him like a baby bird. 


‘······Why are you your father? Don’t call me that.’ 

Since Ciel didn’t explain anything, Kaan started thinking of him as her father. 

Ciel denied it each time, feeling incomprehensible annoyance and guilt, but soon stopped doing that too. 

You can just leave it alone, why deny it? 

If he considers himself as his father and follows him, he should be able to achieve his goal in no time. 

Several years have passed. 

Ciel continued his life deep in the mountains in order to completely block any possible traces of the imperial family. 

Kaan has grown up to be a girl, quite a bit more than when I first saw her. 

Seeing Kaan playing alone in the yard, Ciel smiled slightly, then hardened his expression. 

He gradually felt that the conditions had been fully met.

‘······little bit more.’ 

But I didn’t use mysteries. 

Let’s wait just a little longer. If you transfer your soul to a body that is too young, there may be side effects you don’t know about. 

Years passed again. 

Kaan was about ten years old. 

Ciel decided to delay the use of the mystery a little longer. 

One year, another year, time passed. 

He kept making up reasons. But he didn’t even know. That everything is just an excuse. 

‘What color flower does your father like?’ 

‘What else?’ 

‘Tell me quickly. What color flowers do you like?’ 

‘What… Red.’

After giving a rough answer, Ciel grinned and looked at Kaan’s back as he ran out of the cabin. 

······What the hell are you doing right now? 

It reminded me of dead crew members. It kindled a fire in my heart for revenge. If it goes on like this, it will really be neither one nor the other. 

Let’s use mystery. 

After a few days, Ciel made up his mind and went looking for Kaan. 

I called Kaan, who had been squatting in the backyard for a while and doing something. 

‘Kaan, what are you doing?’ 

‘huh? Ahaha. Come here, father.’ 

Kaan chuckled and held out something. 

It was a loosely tied red bouquet. Seeing that, Ciel hesitated. 

‘It’s a present, Father. I’ve been collecting them since a few days ago.’

Red flowers, a color that is hard to find in this area. I thought I managed to collect that much. 

Ciel stood firm, then accepted the bouquet and stroked Kaan’s hair without saying anything. 

Several years passed again. Kaan was now near her age. 

Suddenly, Kaan brought a fallen man to the cabin. 

He said he was a professor at Elpon Academy. 

Then, even the Demon Contractor attacked the cabin, and suddenly the Lord of Calderic rode a wyvern. 

‘······Who is that person?’ 

Besides the mystery of possession, Ciel had another mystery from before. 

That is the mystery of the ability to visually see the soul of a target. 

The soul of the 7 Lords, who somehow felt a strange separation from the body, was miraculous. 

However, Ciel had no choice but to pay more attention to the woman who was with him than to those 7 lords. 

That’s also true, because I’ve only seen a human with such a brilliant soul from afar in my life. 

It seemed clear that the identity of the woman was none other than a warrior. 

For reasons unknown, they seemed to be interested in Kaan. 

Then, later, he even asked if it would be okay to take Kaan to the outside world. 

Ciel couldn’t understand how he felt relieved at that question. 

If it was a hero, at least it wouldn’t have a purpose to harm Kaan. 

I left the choice to Kaan. Kaan, after much deliberation, decides to follow them. 

‘······It’s just a matter of finding a new body.’ 

He did not completely give up vengeance. 

Over the time that had passed, Kaan had only become more precious. Because she is the only daughter.

However, I wanted to see him for a while before I started wandering the continent again. 

How will Kaan go out into the world, what kind of people he will hang out with and what kind of human relationships he will build. 

Entering the academy, Kaan made many friends. 

On my days off, I often brought my friends to my house. 

Ciel felt the empty part of his heart fill up. 

Even if the time came and he left, Kaan would not be lonely any longer. 



The sound of cutting flesh rang out. 

Ben raised his sword, cut his own throat, and fell to the floor. 

I stared blankly at the scene. 

Red blood soaked the floor. If you want to stop it, you can stop it. 

but didn’t stop Yes, he was a dangerous person who tried to steal Kaan’s body. 

Because I couldn’t stay still. 

But there are many questions that remain. Why did he not steal Kaan’s body until now? 

Why did he let go of the important possession, Kaan, from his hands? 

Also, why wasn’t the guy who appeared in the game Carn? 

Now that he was dead, there was no way to resolve those questions. 

I went over to the chair and sat down. And I looked down at Ben’s body. 

Could there have been another way? Should he have prevented his suicide?

I don’t know. Her mind is messed up. 

But if it happened anyway… 

In the dark room, I waited for Kaan to return. 


“Raaean! I’m here!” 

Returning home, Kaan opened the front door noisily. 

She tilted her head at the atmosphere in the house, where a strange silence had settled down for some reason, and then hardened her expression. 

‘······Smell of blood?’ 

Kaan walked to Ben’s room in a hurry. She and she opened the door. 

The envelope in her hand fell. 


The floor stained with red blood. Ben is lying on top of it. 

Ran, who was sitting in a chair, opened her mouth. 

“You’re here, Kaan.”

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